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CS:GO Graffiti Update Explained

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Nintendo News Network : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZxOEoO7GKlAqRJJl3bGxag?&ab_channel=NintendoNewsNetwork Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VNN Today on Valve News Network, we take a look at the newly released Graffiti Update to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and how incredibly greedy Valve is being with this new feature. Not only is it exploitable, but it also is treating sprays like skins and hats.
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Eli Malinsky (1 year ago)
I the old days of CS and CS:S sprays were just a normal feature available to everyone for free and without limit. Why should anyone pay for this now?
Mew Bird (1 year ago)
Fuck it. Since the graffiti update i can't get a skin while leveling up.
CorkScrewDood (1 year ago)
Guys. This is expected. This is EA and Ubisoft we're talking about.
Kolpo (1 year ago)
"B-but guys valve is great!!!1 Their games are all super good and fun! GABEN IS THE SAVIOR OF PC GAMING EVERYONE!!!1"
cockroach (1 year ago)
greedy fucks
TigerKirby215 (1 year ago)
Unboxed sprays? Copying Overwatch much?
John McClane (1 year ago)
1.6 and CS:S press T boom theres your skin. CS:GO whoa whoa whoa whoa... guys... just buy our spraypaint over at valve headquarters so you can blow us off and get us rich.
Hunterman SK (1 year ago)
So happy i bough css and not csgo
LordVader1094 (1 year ago)
I liked the days when the devs cared about gameplay instead of adding skins and microntransactions. Long live the original days of CS:GO, with no skins or sprays.
USMC7100 (1 year ago)
PAID FUCKING SPRAYS LADIES AND GENTS, WHAT IN THE FUCK? can you say greed any louder than paid sprays. take me back to the CSS days. lets all leave CS:GO and go back to CSS. please.
Dr. Oktoberfest (1 year ago)
Overwatch's in-game items are free. Csgo's items cost upward of $0.03-$1000. Overwatch is 60$ Csgo is 15$ Overwatch has ass Csgo has...... Damn. Overwatch wins
Pootis Mun (1 year ago)
money hungry
Codakose (1 year ago)
What I like about this channel is Tyler covers all Valve news, without being a kiss-ass.
GXD (1 year ago)
RainbowCloud Radio (1 year ago)
we want free sprays and thet not run out :((((
Eq Beatz (1 year ago)
you took footage from anomoly and not crediting him dude. also you dont even know whats been updated in csgo stop half assing shit bro.
espurrfecto (1 year ago)
their best.
Chris Coma (1 year ago)
At least people don't spam goatsee and anime tits at every corner. Sprays always were awful idea in CS. Market and cases? At least there won't be goatsee, anime or CTmodel sprayed somewhere you don't expect. Limited uses? At least people won't spam them. There is some tech issues (windows mainly) with sprays which are fixable, but other than that who the fuck cares. No one cares and no one bothered about sprayes. People just need to hate stuff in the interwebz as some form on conformity to get acceptance. That's just immature whining, don't like it - don't use it. Vote with your money.
A2Zandimakemusic (1 year ago)
nice music by mindthings
2rad4rio (1 year ago)
i would be fine with the sprays but LIMITED TIME USE like why?
KingOfDance (1 year ago)
I don't even play cs go and I'm offended
pornhubhatesme (1 year ago)
valve knows we are going to eat up anything they put out. Hell they would make us pay for literal shit and we would buy it!
RVN gorronegro (1 year ago)
I hope TheWarOwl headshots himself
Sh00peh (1 year ago)
But you gatta admit. Every csgo player from ages 8-27 is unboxing until they get that "rekt" spray. "Nobody can make profit from gambling except us." ~Valve.
Games and Other Stuff (1 year ago)
I'm not surprised where valve is going on a game that is mainly relevant because of micro transactions and virtual skins
Gamer (1 year ago)
why limited use tho?
SlenderSmurf (λ)³ (1 year ago)
more $$$ for valve
zim boy (1 year ago)
if valve want more money they just need to make halflife 3
Ada (1 year ago)
It's weird how a lot of people dislike this (me personally), but the majority of the toxic cs:go community is eating this shit up.
SheamusCurtis (1 year ago)
Holy shit you are a cry baby.
AnimeFanFTW (1 year ago)
How is he a cry baby? Being angry at Valve for making sprays into microtransactions is completely justified, you idiot.
2Fat2Furious (1 year ago)
fuсk valve
Duuqnd or 7mario6 (1 year ago)
Couldn't they just use the Half-Life 1 Multiplayer method? In HL1 you could choose sprays from a list and since there weren't custom sprays, you couldn't exploit it.
Bird Enthusiast (1 year ago)
graffiti update explained: valve wants to make more money
A Performance Artist (1 year ago)
I think if they are really heading the Greedy way, heh well, Valve can still empty some 10 years olds' pockets. If I was in need of money surely I would add such thing into my game.
Durt (1 year ago)
I miss the old inferno
VinoV (1 year ago)
so i can pay now for a feature that will entertain me for about 2 sec max. ?
Victor Popov (1 year ago)
"we are running out of money, these hookers and coke aint gonna pay for themselves" "fuck it, just make people pay for something that was always free"
Sambobadger (1 year ago)
How to fix Sprays: 1. Disable them in competitive (now we don't have to worry so much about people thinking a spray is a head or whatever)2. Remove limited use. Fuck that shit.
Viking the Mad (1 year ago)
Man, why does Valve hate sprays? First TF2 makes it so nobody can see other people's sprays and now this.
Viking the Mad (1 year ago)
+Szymon Wilczyński Oh dear not porn. Not in this rated M game on the internet with full voice and text communication.
Szymon Wilczyński (1 year ago)
"Because porn." -Some Valve employee
Rhapzody Kairu (1 year ago)
And people complained about Overwatch's lootbox system
QurttoRco (1 year ago)
This just highlight the amount people are fucking cry baby's now. 1st People have asked for spray and even suggested limited usage thing. 2nd CSGO is almost f2p as it is. Or would you like paying 60$ a year plus dlc? Say what you like but valve is company that wants to make a profit and in order to do so they need to be selling thing 3rd have been a part of every CS and people have been using them to get a competitive advantage. 4th complaining that free sprays are uglier then the paid counter parts is just stupid, especially when expensive sprays are actually worse at fooling the enemy.
YarksieYax (1 year ago)
I dont care for Valve anymore. This is disgusting.
Antarata (1 year ago)
Cool sprays should be unlimited but cost $1 to buy a case (no key) and drop for levelling up and there should also be player-like sprays to confuse enemies with very limited use.
Antarata (1 year ago)
They could fix it by making the cases a drop only option that you don't have to buy, and also make your sprays work for a certain amount of time (a month for example). The creators would receive a cut from online marketplace trades (percentages of cut from how rare/good the spray is) and valve would take only half of the community revenue.
Posh C*** (1 year ago)
and now, new inferno
Why CSGO is not a simulation? For example, CT or T can not prone, can stick you gun into a wall, and can still fire without hurting yourself. OK, now what's most important! Why CSGO is not as balanced as CS1.6? 1.AWP is over powerful, we old CS players all know AWP in CS1.6 is Axed compared to CS 1.5. There's about 0.5 second time lag after you scope in and fire and during this lag time, you can not fire, no mentioning accuracy of your bullet. AND, it is much easier to prefire accurately, you simply press the opposite move direction button and fire, it's so accurate that you can kill T sniper in Dust_2 mid gate if you are a CT sniper. BUT in CS1.6, this quick stop and fire is much difficult to master though I know how . You press the opposite move direction button and fire, opps, it missed the target in CS1.6. In order to be accurate, you need stop for 0.2 second after you pressed the opposite moving direction button. This also Axed the AWP in CS 1.6 . 2. The Rifle is Axed so AWP is enhanced in CSGO because You can not wallbang through most obstacles or even if you can, the damage is so little compared to CS 1.6. SO in this way, The AWPER fires and missed the target and hide behind the obstacle, you as a rifleman can not shoot him, all you can do is wait and shoot when enemy AWPER appears and aim at where the AWPER could appear. Remember that it takes the AWPER only 1 bullet to kill you! In CS1.6, you can shoot the AWPER even if he hides behind obstacles. So the AWPER requires much more competence than that in CSGO. THIS is the MAIN 2 reason I choose rifle more than AWP in CS1.6 but in CSGO , I pick AWP and can push like rifle man, I can also kill enemy if I encounter enemy in close quarter combat. Just scope in and fire, clicking right button and then the left button of your mouse alomost at the same time or in quick succession.
Regolith (1 year ago)
yeah why the fuck did they change all the gun sounds? they were fine the way they were
Hank Fistgun (1 year ago)
Starting to get pretty annoyed at Valve now. Tyler, (or Mr VNN, not sure what to call you), could you please bring more attention to TF2 Classic or something? I wanna go back to having good source multiplayer games. Not this current trend of "PAY US LOTS OF MONEY TO RUIN THE GAME'S ART STYLE" we're in now. Granted, I think CS:GO looks a hell of a lot better than TF2, but the business practises on display are just as annoying and I'd rather not play in a virtual world that is constantly reminding me of those business practises.
Owen Bracy (1 year ago)
Fuck me, you CS:GO players are spoiled. You guys play valves cash cow, something that gets care. TF2, While I love it to bits gets a tiny team, of people who feel like it's their obligation, not their pleasure.
BobbyM747 (1 year ago)
Valve: We need to get more players and money, what ideas do you guys have? -Half Life 3? No. -Scream Fortress 2? No -Fixing hitboxes in TF2? No -Add weapons instead of hats to TF2? No -Make a new game at all? No -Add anything to a game that adds gameplay value? No -I think we should charge people for sprays? Genius Idea! We will get right on that!
Nicolas (1 year ago)
Abusing spray was part of cs 1.6 and source, those who complaint about the potential abuse in go are figurative babies.
Rolen Dorsandoral (1 year ago)
I thought it was just a call back to the old source games like CSS and CS respectively. Haven't played CSGO since before the update though.
rojamb (1 year ago)
You should have tldr'd this to "The CS:GO devs would like more money, so they added a feature that adds more problems that will go on for at least a week until they are fixed"
Sanjuro86 (1 year ago)
They seem more concerned with finding out how to squeeze more money out if their players than producing quality game content. I'm a bit worried at this point about the future of Valve, especially Steam since so many of my games are tied to it.
Storm934 (1 year ago)
Things Valve should fix: -The stuttering in source games introduced with the steampipe update -Fixing the matchmaking in TF2 -Fixing the jiggle bones in TF2 -Fixing their fucking awful support! -Stop trying to be greedy fucks like EA -Add quality control to the workshops so we get less shitty FNAF dupes -Make actual games instead of shitty hardware like the steam machine Fixing the MVM not allowing you to exit the reconnect tab Things Valve instead fixes (Ruins): -Adding more microtransactions -Fixing their steam reviews that weren't even too bad -Ignoring their other games for Dota 2 -Allowing awful shovelware to be sold on the steam store
Szymon Wilczyński (1 year ago)
So can You now explain how are you doing to fix all issues that You had listed here.
Caleb Brandt (1 year ago)
How did you make the intro?
AlbertoBC7 (1 year ago)
You can make it with any decent 3D animation program like 'Blender' (it's free) and patience (lots of patience if you haven't done anything like it before).
Magical Cunt (1 year ago)
Paid sprays in overwatch, Nobody bats an eye Paid sprays in csgo and everybody loses their shit I dont get you people
AnimeFanFTW (1 year ago)
Big difference is sprays in Overwatch last forever. CSGO Sprays only last for 50 uses.
Sursurk (1 year ago)
Why can't you use your own fucking sprays, FOR FUCKING FREE just like in the old games??? Fuck you Valve.
Cablecar18 (1 year ago)
And people still think Valve is going to spend money making any new games?
Rakinjo2 (1 year ago)
So Valve are greedy? Boy, I didn't see that one coming..
Oh hey for once tf2 isn't getting all the hate
Rhosigma Etheross (1 year ago)
This is part of the problem of continuous updates to a game without balance issues. This started with MOBAs like LOL and DOTA, but that's part of their game architecture (maybe not, I don't play them, but it looks like it;) CS:GO was absolutely brilliant at launch, the shooting felt amazing, the movement fluid. Now jumps are jittery, this sprays fiasco, and the recoil patterns are changed every so often and nobody got time for that. This has also happened in GTAV:O to a certain extent, the driving mechanics are something that they've fiddled with and their tamperings range from interesting to 'why can't I powerslide anymore'.
filmtoaster (1 year ago)
I still respect Valve, because they listen to criticism. They stopped paid mods because of the backlash, so they might do that with this. Who knows? Valve has been listening lately. I hope for the best.
AceTheDragon3 (1 year ago)
First they break TF2's spraypaints, and now they add limited spraypaints for CS:GO? Time for Overwatch...
Fitzgerald Krox (1 year ago)
Killing another fanbase before outsourcing the development to the community. I answered your question.
Wafftop (1 year ago)
I heard the "THIS IS MY HOUSE" when my team won a round, so maybe its like those random voice clips that play sometimes like the chicken one from Inferno
Legitimately Olie (1 year ago)
I play TF2, and the graffiti idea is T R A S H
el bee (1 year ago)
wow nigga i fucking love nuts
MääähRL (1 year ago)
valve is not good anymore, the good times are over. hl3 unconfirmed forever.
ZoomlessDude (1 year ago)
When I first saw this, I thought that you get to customize the maps you are playing in with sprays. Oh well. Thanks VNN for clearing this up for us. Good thing I am not playing CS:GO. Payed sprays.... Hmpf.
רן אטש (1 year ago)
that stupid because valve like ubisoft,in the beginning they make good game than they make stupid update or games what happened valve with stupid things
Lonke (1 year ago)
The year is 2035, a new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive patch was just released, you no longer buy the weapons with in-game cash, you instead have to purchase omni-crates for about 2 bucks a pop that contain everything from stickers and sprays to weapons and ammo. The weapons and ammo have a drop chance of about 6% and kevlar/helmet 4% while the stickers have a 75% drop chance and the common one-color sprays 15%. New boots, name changes and rocket launchers are also possible crate drops, but only from the more expensive omni-crates that cost 8 bucks. Queueing up for matchmaking costs $10 but you can buy passes that are valid for 10 games at only $25. If you want to play on VAC protected servers however there is an added fee of $5. Custom maps are sold only as 2 minute passes, so if you want to play any custom map that'll be $5 every 2 minutes. The Valve headquarters has been sealed with soundproof materials and the glass replaced with one-way mirrors so there's no way you can see what's going on inside. Nobody has heard a single word from anyone at Valve for the past 12 years, and we're unsure if they're still alive in there. Steam is still up and functioning, although it hasn't been updated for 15 years.
Fitzgerald Krox (1 year ago)
You forgot to mention that HL3 was cancelled due to developers running out of ideas for microtransactions.
Kiwinias (1 year ago)
I will prabobly trigger someone but can someone explain to me whats HL1 and HL2 story (I never got to play these games) And could they possibly release HL3 soon?
ghostboy1225 (1 year ago)
any source game besides dota 2 and csgo has sprays for free
thesilverw0lf (1 year ago)
Saw this coming from 2012.
Shane Smith (1 year ago)
Sprays are monetized. Sprays. Valve, you are no longer the company I fell in love with. You've changed for the worse and I'm starting to think not even Half-Life 3 will make me like you the way I used to
Alejandro CM (1 year ago)
Fuck Valve, greedy fuckers!
MegaKosan (1 year ago)
Just give us CS:S sprays and disable them in competitive by a cvar.
pgp555 (1 year ago)
honestly if valve makes graffiti unlimited uses, it will be enough for. also no graffitis in competitive
Ringo Doom (1 year ago)
well, by selling the sprays valve can control which sprays will be shown in game. that way we will have less porn sprays and stuff. thats a good thing. but limited uses and exploits? wtf valve?
Bartosz Skorupa (1 year ago)
One use crappy stock spray? Wow. Out of everything, out of all limited use items from TF2 or CS:GO this is by far the shittiest one. Heck, that title by me was given to "duel minigame" cos "duels - who cares, they are broken anyway" but at least duels could be fun. But paid sprays? In games that always have custom spray system? I want to seepeople using custom spray system in TF2, L4D2 and CS to spray same pictures that those "limited sprays" do.
LANLAMPAN (1 year ago)
i dont understand what the problem with you guys are? paying for cool sprays makes sense, and paying for mods was option for modders to make some Money. these were all good Changes. But thanks for complainng the gaming industry backwards to the shitage.
AnimeFanFTW (1 year ago)
+I like turtles Nice grammar, mate.
I like turtles (1 year ago)
AnimeFanFTW Do you have brain?
AnimeFanFTW (1 year ago)
+LANLAMPAN Yeah, so companies can scam people out of their money. How much of an idiot do you have to be to not realize this?
LANLAMPAN (1 year ago)
+AnimeFanFTW oh thats why all mmos released the last couple of years have gone from p2p to f2p.
AnimeFanFTW (1 year ago)
+LANLAMPAN You fucking moron. Did microtransactions exist back when gaming first arrived? No. They didn't. Games don't depend on microtransactions to succeed. The only reason they do exist is because of Free2play games, and the gaming industry decided to try to get as much money from the customer as possible, by putting microtransactions into retail games. And games like Undertale, Binding of Isaac, and so many other indie games have no microtransactions, and are insanely successful. Before spouting bullshit, actually state facts, moron.
Anne Isopod (1 year ago)
What a waste of time and money. Valve is falling from their high horse. FREE SPRAYS FOREVER.
DJJOOLZDE (1 year ago)
I think they should make weapon skins take damage depending on how many times you drop them (on purpose/on death) during matchmaking, which will slowly end up taking a factory new finish down to the eventual vanilla finish. That way those skins will also be of 'limited' use and require all these csgo idiots to purchase more useless digital items. (Coming from someone who plays CSGO, has skins, and has never spent a real cent on them)
Mehmet Tekeli (1 year ago)
Gaben We won't sprays We want bug fixes and Half Life 3
Brothers9303SRB (1 year ago)
2:27 Green? Half life 2 Opposing force 2 CONFIRMED!!!!
Кэтишкэт (1 year ago)
RIP Valve 1996-2011 1. No games 2. Greedy as fuck updates 3. Tiny amount of useful updates 4. Terrible customer support 5. VR focus, which is great. But no games = no use for VR. 6. SteamMachines are shit, SteamOS is useless, SteamController is... meh. Valve today is not Valve of 2011. Portal 2 was a masterpiece, and Dota 2/CSGO are just moneymakers. TF2 - barely playable. They should have released HL2:EP3 in 2009. But they didn't. And I can't trust Valve of today to make ANYTHING related to Half-Life universe, because they will 95% fuck it up. Only good thing they are doing is updating Steam.
Zenkho (1 year ago)
You guys know that with custom sprays people would mostly spray pornography on any wall, right? I don't see Valve bringing this feature back over to CS:GO. Still though, this whole update is a mess.
Social Experiment (1 year ago)
money, money is where they are coming from.
Roy Orbit (1 year ago)
I remember first seeing beastiality porn in a spray on CS:S. I honestly couldn't give a shit. They should be permanent tho.
Roy Orbit (1 year ago)
and let's not forget the AWP on the ground spray. And the one that looks like a CT or T on the wall. I understand not being able to allow people to upload the custom sprays completely. However: 1. There should be default free sprays. 2. They should be permanent
VulpineCat (1 year ago)
I love how VNN goes from really really in love with valve a year or so ago to now being like "Ugh, Valve is at it again, with their TF CS:GO Bad practices."
ThaPug (1 year ago)
First we got skins, then kids, then russians that are now a meme, then we got new footsteps sounds, then we got a massive wave of hackers, then we have the revolver wich almost nobody uses now, then we got ugly giant new gloves, then we got new weapon sounds wich are stoled from GameBanana and now sprays wich are memes, can't have custom spray and have to pay for spraying 50 times. Thanks Valve, hope you add hats, taunts and more dead community maps and a OP MP5.
Squirtleawesome (1 year ago)
Wow valve is so greedy xD original comment
MaKerL1fe (1 year ago)
I can only agree, valve is nothing but some fucking sons of bitches hungry for money when they are the richest company with simplistic video games... CSGO is nothing but a new betting website, only multiplayer, full of ragers. TF2 is a free video game that supports pay 2 win. Dota 2, same as tf2, half life 2, AN AWESOME FRANCHISE which was dropped and forgotten 8 years ago, and l4d2, the only video game of valve that is both multiplayer, fun and DOES NOT HAVE MICRO-TRANSACTIONS, and supports workshop arts, you can have all the workshop items you want, for free, not like csgo, where somebody makes a skin, and boom, might have the opportunity to get 25% of the money spent on it, or just time waste because valver supports the same artists mostly from fear of not being copyrighted...... fuck this bullshit company, the only thing they are good at anymore is maintaining steam and that;s it... in rest their games, unless l4d2 and cs 1.6 and css and half life franchise are nothing but bullshit valve keeps making it worse and worse with every update and ignores the community.
Mayoto (1 year ago)
Wow, and I thought that korean MMO devs are greedy
Jean Traduções (1 year ago)
I know this sucks, but... people will stop complaining about it after a week or two. They know people are going to bitch about it, but it's temporary anyway, they'll still fill up their assholes with a shitload of money in the end. And seriously: if you're gonna waste your money on this... please reconsider.
Mr.crowley (1 year ago)
I heard one of those bot sound files play after my friend defused a bomb
Walter white (1 year ago)
valve shit
Paradox Gaming (1 year ago)
I just joined CSGO and literally have 1.5 hours in it. I don't see the appeal. It seems too generic, like COD but with more skins. What I love about TF2 is its originality, like rocket jumping, sticky spamming, etc, as well as the core concepts of an FPS. What makes CS:GO so popular?
Main Fighter (1 year ago)
I don't care about the fact they are paid, we already knew they would be if they were ever readded. I'm pissed about some of the exploits and the fact they are limited, they shouldn't be limited.

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