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Batman Affleck / Batman Games – Comparison

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Comparison between Ben Affleck Batman (Batman v Superman/Suicide Squad) and Arkham Games (Batman Arkham Knight/Arkham City). Comparisons and Similarities in Fights, Batmobile scene...! Now is Batman vs Batman! Movie vs Game!! A Eternwing Fan Edit - Fan Made. Please SHARE, LIKE, and SUBSCRIBE ! ;) CREDITS: - Batman v Superman - Suicide Squad - Batman Arkham Knight official trailer - Batman Arkham Origins official trailer © 2016 Eternwing | All rights reserved
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Text Comments (125)
Aaron The Killer (26 days ago)
Ben affleck is better
CommanderCodyHD (5 months ago)
Hard for me to chose, but because Conroy respects his No Killing rule he gets my vote
dmtothrill (5 months ago)
Arkham Batman would destroy any movie Batman, Arkham Batman is more skilled all the way around and he's a lot faster and a lot more agile and his counter attacks are wayyyy more brutal than what we've seen on the big screen
Melvin Frooks (1 year ago)
This made me subscribe lol!!!
andrew southworth (1 year ago)
Out of all the actors who have played Batman, Ben Affleck is my favourite Batman and also he looks alot like the Batman from the Arkham games.
502_bryce (1 year ago)
Aflecks isnt badass hes an asshole he doesn't need to kill or break peoples limbs jesus christ
KiNg KЯ (2 months ago)
Batman is known for breaking bones
F. Revan (1 year ago)
The heroes always are remembered (Bale) but the legends never will die (Affleck).
571danu (1 year ago)
I would love to see these 2 fight, one fighter, one killer.
Malik Roman (1 year ago)
cinematic wins
Peter Holmes (1 year ago)
the movies are terrible. the actors are amazing
Oc The Gamer (1 year ago)
Kevin Conroy will always be the real Batman
andrew southworth (1 year ago)
This is why Ben Affleck is my favourite Batman. He just looks so much like the Batman From the Arkham games and his fighting style is also identical to the fighting in the Arkham Games :D
Dark Scorpion (1 year ago)
Affleck's Batman is the closest thing we've seen to the authentic, authoritative comic book Batman AKA basically the Arkham Batman. Christian Bale did an absolute shite job at portraying Batman for who he is; Powerful, Awe-inspiring, Fear inducing, Badass, extremely intelligent and an incredible fighter/Manhunter/detective. Bale completely bellitles every Awesome thing Batman is! No one can deny that the Arkham Batman/Affleck Batman/Comic book Batman could easily wipe the floor with Bale's Dork knight batman representation.
Anth Ses (1 year ago)
Dark Scorpion bat fleck was not intelligent or a good detective. Power trip loner sociopath who kills indiscriminately. Affleck cgi got the fighting right but bale did everything else better
Jye Hadrell (1 year ago)
They're 2 completely different iterations of the character lol you literally can't even compare them
Inebine. TF (1 year ago)
Dark Scorpion lol dork knight
Luke Yin (1 year ago)
Arkham Batman's a better fighter. Batfleck is older and more jaded, and is most likely past his prime (though still a way more epic fighter than Christian Bale's Batman).
Gabriel C. Arone (1 year ago)
Batman from arkahm WINS because batfleck cannot beat 8 assassins in only one night
Fart (1 year ago)
Afleck was awesome he looks like batman,fights like him,talks using a voice changer pretty cool imo and had awesome gadgets and vehicles aswell as in a universe with superheroes. Arkham batman is OP as hell he is the Batman and is a much more fluent fighter and considering that he fights meta humans regularly he takes the cake
Mustavi Sadi Aryan (1 year ago)
To be honest, Batfleck and the Arkhamverse Batman seem to be more or less identical in terms of combat.
Joseph (1 year ago)
Arkham Batman had infinitely better combative skills, and Arkham Batman used arms and legs etc. Ben Affleck Batman used mostly arms, not enough power. Arkham Batman has better combat skills and is faster and more fluid.
JPalm27 (1 year ago)
FM Joy Lol affleck batman wouldn't even be a challenge to arkham batman.
Joseph (1 year ago)
FM Joy Para demon kicked his ass in BvS plus what's with your hostility.
Fay sal (1 year ago)
Superman wait for the justice league movie, watch how batfleck fucks up the parademons... arkham bats will never get to fight alien army or slay superman
Joseph (1 year ago)
BOTCH _CARA You miss my point, legs are far stronger than arms.
BOTCH_ CARA (1 year ago)
Joseph "Not enough power" Dude, he punched a guy to the ground, even the wooden floor is fucked up. He dragged a presumably 200+lbs. guy towards him with a grappling gun, beat the hell out of Sups, and threw a crate to a guy. Doesn't that translate to "power?"
JRPG (2 years ago)
People are saying 'Affleck would win' and I know it's their opinion but I have to say... Kevin Conroy A.K.A The Batman would mop the floor with Affleck.
JPalm27 (1 year ago)
JacobP-123 That's just a fact.
axonicc (1 year ago)
I am vengeance. I am the night. I am BATMAN!!!! Yep.
LeoBrickFilms (2 years ago)
Before I watch this video, I gotta say: The arkham games were the exact Batman. But the DCEU Batman had a super fight scene that was so much like the games, but we haven't seen so much to say he's so good. The arkham games is way better than the DCEU and I also hate the fact that Batman kills in BvS.
New chanter (5 months ago)
LeoBrickFilms Bcoz supe is not a human. He is an Alien.
Arjanator (7 months ago)
I think Batman killing in BvS was part of his arc. As shown in the movie, Batman only starts killing after Superman's existence is made known to the world, hence the "Good men turned cruel line" by Alfred. Batman is angry and only when Superman sacrifices himself does Batman go back to his no killing rules hence his "We can do better, we have to" line at the end of the movie. His arc was apparently going to be complete in Snyder's Justice League where he feels that the only way he can atone for breaking his no killing rule is to die fighting the same way Superman did and the League convinces him to fight along side them, but the audiences and critics wanted less darkness and more jokes, so Warner Bros. delivered it.
barry 234 (1 year ago)
every representation of batman killed
LeoBrickFilms (2 years ago)
Nice video. Think you should've used some Arkham City gameplay though, it's the best of the series. :)
Alterate Awful (2 years ago)
the whole movie is bassed on the dark knight returns . if u were a batman fan u should know
Navajo Predator5 (2 years ago)
Spectre Prime (2 years ago)
Batfleck, total badass. Badass batsuite Badass batmobile Badass batcave.
jericho turbo jones (1 year ago)
Badass cowl Badass gauntlets Badass boots Badass bat symbol Badass voice Badass batjet Badass training Badass combat moves Batfleck, total badass
Robby Frank (2 years ago)
That was extremely cool! Well done!
Eternwing (2 years ago)
Thanks :)
jared skully (2 years ago)
This is the batman on screen that weve always wanted
Jason Strom (2 years ago)
I am so happy Afleck pulled this off and they did him in this way. Perfect, and I can't wait to see more.
SMBComix (2 years ago)
#BatfleckForever. All I'm sayin'. Batfleck and Batwest are my favorite Batman portrayals in live action. For animation and video games, well... nobody beats Tom Kenny.
SMBComix (2 years ago)
+Nick Becerra Yeah Batman: TAS is pretty damn good.
Nick Becerra (2 years ago)
+SMBComix Lol, well Tom Kenny did voice The Penguin in 'The Batman'. A show kinda like Batman: TAS but no where near as good there for it has no reason to exist.
SMBComix (2 years ago)
+Nick Becerra Actually Kevin Conroy was who I meant. x.x Why the fuck did I say Tom Kenny?
Nick Becerra (2 years ago)
Except Kevin Conroy
serritslev17 (2 years ago)
Arkham batman would kick ben afflecks ass!! No offence I love Batfleck
K J (1 year ago)
Well, he clearly would. He has infinite respawns, he can beat anybody.
wolverineiscool (1 year ago)
+serritslev17  pretty much the same universe, same combat skills , same moves, same gadgets etc, its not vastly different
serritslev17 (1 year ago)
The same version of Batman? no they aren't.
wolverineiscool (1 year ago)
they're both the same
serritslev17 (1 year ago)
I couldn't agree more dude! :D
Damien Shum (2 years ago)
Great video, by the way, what's the music in the end
Eternwing (2 years ago)
Thanks :) it is "Two Steps From Hell - None Shall Live"
정정재민 (2 years ago)
I think Ben Affleck is win.
JPalm27 (1 year ago)
정정재민 Lol not in a million years.
Caroline Spencer (2 years ago)
batman arkham knight. Im Sorry
axonicc (1 year ago)
Braeden Scott ummmm yes
Braeden Scott (2 years ago)
Caroline Spencer umm no
memes k (2 years ago)
it maybe just me but the arkham batman is better
I like both
Dave Curry (2 years ago)
Best Cinematic Batman ever.
Snehil Shrey (1 year ago)
+Emperor Psycho Sucks to be you
Pre Retcon Beyonder (1 year ago)
Emperor Psycho bale is the worst
barry 234 (1 year ago)
Emperor Psycho bale is the worst ever evnen clooney was better
Emperor Psycho (1 year ago)
nah, Bale is still the best cinematic batman ever to me
Danny SJ (1 year ago)
qwe6348 just stop
EDITニック (2 years ago)
Answer: Both are AWESOME
Mickphilfred Vlogs (2 years ago)
BVS took more inspiration than I thought
Eternwing (2 years ago)
Me too, I was surprised
HAMZA KHAN (2 years ago)
Twitter bought me here, and I'm glad
Eternwing (2 years ago)
Thanks ☺
HAMZA KHAN (2 years ago)
Will do 😊
Eternwing (2 years ago)
I'm glad for you! ;) Thanks for your comment! Think of sharing this video on th social networks! :)
nawzhen (2 years ago)
Ben Affleck make a legend
nawzhen yeah
Spectre Prime (2 years ago)
nawzhen i agree too. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Eternwing (2 years ago)
I agree ;)
James Bui (2 years ago)
Well, at least one of them isn't a murderer.
Explosomation (1 year ago)
James Bui They changed his personality in suicide squad sort of
CJ THEREALNINJA (1 year ago)
James Bui so throwing people in a fuse box running people over in a batmobile and blowing up ammo caches and weapons in their faces isn't murder im clearly talking about arkham batman he murders just as much as Affleck
Fariz Fathul Hakim (1 year ago)
Dude, Arkham Knight Batman killed gang member with batmobile. He just run over them with batmobile. Just play this game, it's easier that way. Lol
Predicament (1 year ago)
+Alex Beamer who knows, I guess we'll find out
Alex Beamer (1 year ago)
+- FreeFlow - nobody that ive seen talk about this topic ever considers that 1) maybe the joker is just as good/better than batman, or 2) joker and batman hadnt met up after jason todds death (presumably when batman started killing) and before supermans (when batman stops killing)
Matches Malone (2 years ago)
Awesome edit! And Batfleck is a beast! He's hands down the best cinematic Batman.
光秀武 (2 months ago)
Batfleck is brutal and awesome just like Arkham games, i love it!
BucketOfBupkis (1 year ago)
I would never want to get in a fight with him even if I have a bazooka and a tank
Eternwing (2 years ago)
Thanks ! Yes I think that too :)
Great comparison!
Eternwing (2 years ago)

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