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Stewie "THE TROLL CRIMINAL"!! Forget About Summit1g! ELEAGUE Major Funny MOMENTS - Twitch Recap #238

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(ad) Checkout CS:GO Magic - Crash Gambling Website https://csgomagic.com Stewie "THE TROLL CRIMINAL"!! Forget About Summi1g! ELEAGUE Major Funny MOMENTS - Twitch Recap #238 Thanks for watching. Drop a like👍 and leave a comment 💬 if you enjoyed ❤️ Check out my other channels: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmg_H03t2CDtQabOYjGJy5Q https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCErAc1Z8r0zcRHdI3j0GYnw FOLLOW MY OTHER SOCIAL NETWORKS: TWITCH: http://goo.gl/qz33Rp TWITTER: https://goo.gl/zBt1CQ FACEBOOK: https://goo.gl/HppR47 STEAM GROUP: http://goo.gl/uG7aPr Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com
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vLADOPARD (10 months ago)
Thanks for watching <3 Drop a like👍 and leave a comment 💬 if you enjoyed ❤️ Don't forget to enter ★ Huntsman Knife | Ultraviolet GIVEAWAY https://gleam.io/wlFTm/-huntsman-knife-ultraviolet-giveawy
Damien Tack Shin (10 months ago)
nice highlights :)
Tobdaze (3 months ago)
steel has several disabilites.
Alti Max (4 months ago)
6:32 can u guys give me a link with his config pls rly enjoyed it PS:also give the resolution pls
Triple X - eFear.LT. (4 months ago)
Motorcu Gençlik (6 months ago)
7:51 aim hack?
Ебать сизд в флипсах
Vojta Havran (6 months ago)
Deethane? xd
mTyaS CS:GO (6 months ago)
How deethane get there xd
In the last clip of pimp he was killed by a hacker
Ionut Petrache (7 months ago)
That intro gave me cancer
Alex Jansson (7 months ago)
C-FORCE Lišák (8 months ago)
4:27 DeeThane Is the best Czech csgo player <3
isra (8 months ago)
1:26 2+2 is 4 minus 1 is 3 quick maths
Erangpangeran najy (8 months ago)
Stewie the boss
Pandee Trinh (8 months ago)
Ej i from czech
Noel (8 months ago)
4:44 Tamás bazdmeg ne bassz föl xD
FAZERAZOR (8 months ago)
lil trash (8 months ago)
Mymmy (8 months ago)
5:27 that aimbot
BROCCOLI (9 months ago)
Adam Děkan (9 months ago)
4:28 🇨🇿 lol Czech youtuber
TobiFifa 1892 (9 months ago)
0:27 who is this? So whats her Name?
Last song please?
CSGOcashMoney Kennyisgod (9 months ago)
10:09 is that bhop the guy who hacks and makes online tutorials of how to do it??.? Or is that the fake bhop
ZdeilsSk- LOL (9 months ago)
4:45 SK/CZ ? :D
jan stavinoha (9 months ago)
Omer Neyse (9 months ago)
Mmm hello
Br3t (9 months ago)
4:27 Deethane CZECH POWER!
Luca Then (9 months ago)
Copy on superstitum
Beast Beast (9 months ago)
celes (9 months ago)
stewie is hella hot
Vihkol (9 months ago)
Intellectual Criminal (9 months ago)
that inro
lil trash (9 months ago)
Akash Maurya (9 months ago)
eřikk (9 months ago)
Esport is bullshit
White Dragon (9 months ago)
https://www.wtfskins.com/roulette code: gotsome
Call me Ryze (9 months ago)
4:06 i think he just took my soul!
Johannes (9 months ago)
Yo saw that guy almost falling on the stairs that was super funny. I mean he didn't actually fall but it was still fun guys right.
ryanfrawley7 (9 months ago)
that last clip was insane! and he even trolled before he did it, like he had no chance but he still believed lol
N9ne (9 months ago)
O dis is definitely de wae
Harrison Tompkins (9 months ago)
4:38 Forehead Level 100
iansarsenal (9 months ago)
Can anyone tell me the intro song?
Nightcore Antonio (8 months ago)
i wanna know too :(
SaLaManDer Let'sPlays (9 months ago)
what happend between GuardiaN and their coach ?
RUSH (9 months ago)
Where is nothing cloud9
Krismeister (9 months ago)
2:00 that jacket is about to explode
crosskoyamayandayıtugay (9 months ago)
6:22 best of refleks! Xantares
fav5308 J (9 months ago)
1:49 hello warowl
Alp Irmak (9 months ago)
I really enjoyed
Ya Boy Pigz (9 months ago)
RI (9 months ago)
honestly think pimp is on coke
MrAndo504 (9 months ago)
9:20 Confucius say "man with hand in pocket, not necessarily looking for handkerchief"
LaserChing (9 months ago)
8:00 Ryan nigahiga lookalike
Poptartracer (9 months ago)
That was a brilliant Plant @4:27
Bethlee Ebon (9 months ago)
0:18 who dat girlll
pekryFPS (9 months ago)
Třista íkvé plent
jonas games (9 months ago)
omg cz stream deethane ? lol 4:27
akimboo (9 months ago)
I didny know flipside had a CSGO team
Nightcore Antonio (9 months ago)
vLADOPARD bro pls tell the outro song :)
Noodles (9 months ago)
Where's "skadaddy"
Parker Kopp (9 months ago)
The eleuague this year has been pretty good so far. Also, G2 6-0 lets go
-Xey- (9 months ago)
4:38 It's not that fucking funny. Calm down lmao
Bryce Breen (9 months ago)
2:10 flamie's getting excited
Nick WK (9 months ago)
4:46 - 5:08 *WTF*
Jamapher Losaver (9 months ago)
Such type, many avatar, so slick
Niklas Viljanen (9 months ago)
that video was funny as hell
DanSamoylenko (10 months ago)
7:15 isn't that that one big YouTuber ??? What's he doing playing cs go haha
sundby (10 months ago)
why apex :(
Royal x Beauty (10 months ago)
Love Karrigan!! ❤️
Lopiky (10 months ago)
DeeThane je pán kdo je Čech tak čau
MCDaveCZ (8 months ago)
Ahoj xd
David Kaczmarczyk (8 months ago)
čus hej teš wtf jak to že je tam dee
TobineK_ (10 months ago)
Lopiky taky si rikam co tam dela Dee :D
Luca King (10 months ago)
ez math? qwik maths.
Picwars (10 months ago)
Nice Video doc
Javier Marmolejos (10 months ago)
h3x (10 months ago)
I reported elige after this.
ploppboj (10 months ago)
JasonR is so abnoxious
Jyotesh Singh (10 months ago)
10:13 when all in the world luck is with you 1st gets collateral 2nd kits dropped infront of bomb
a.b.c. (10 months ago)
He did have a kit to begin with though.
scr1pty (10 months ago)
Matheus nunes borba (10 months ago)
4:03 when she says "we need to talk"
Ep zAp (10 months ago)
Seized so trash lmao xd
rEk kEr (10 months ago)
Ты все-таки российский поэтому что эщкерее
Amogh Prakash (10 months ago)
love ur vids keep it up bruddah
Nasty (10 months ago)
1:31 whats he using in his hand? hand warmer?
Lachlan Trescott (10 months ago)
Nasty a portable aim🅱️ot
venom (10 months ago)
6:32 Wha??
venom (10 months ago)
oh yeah right I totally forgot about that.
Inadequate Cunt (10 months ago)
venom It was his teammates molitov, and in whatever third party mm service he was using team damage was turned off.
33shin33 (10 months ago)
There's no way a professional CSGO team can be so terrible as FST in this qualifier there should be a matchfixing investigation, I really mean it! if you watch ibuypower on the finals u'll see FST did a much better job at throwing the game.. not even close
Gesser (10 months ago)
where do i send a clip to you?
Orbed (10 months ago)
How do you hear what the pros are saying in-game? just wondering.
Derek :DDD (10 months ago)
Man, can somebody explains me the 9:40 joke?? cya
justaixo (10 months ago)
He worded it quiet poorly cause his english is probably not so good.. basically he said „ OMG it‘s uhh, s1mple, yes?“ Meaning like: wow it‘s actually s1mple cause he probably never played with him before.. xD hope this clarified it a bit
Derek :DDD (10 months ago)
thank u :)
BOOM BOOM (10 months ago)
it’s simple
BOOM BOOM (10 months ago)
Derek :DDD He said that he is s1mple and then he asked if he is s1mple
Derek :DDD (10 months ago)
Man, I feel so amazing people from all over the world playing RANK S w/ rank s players... that's so incredible!!
4:45 Czech Army
Derek :DDD (10 months ago)
Nexus (10 months ago)
GuardiaN likes to flick but doesnt like his titty flicked
josE;* (10 months ago)
filip (10 months ago)
DeeThaneeeeee :D :D
Magnus Käärik (10 months ago)
6:32 wtf
Roko Loncar (10 months ago)
Its not 1g when you kill someone with molotov,1g is when u kill yourself with molotov
Narka Linzorara (10 months ago)
JaHmesTCG (10 months ago)
Sean posted about the handshake and said sorry he just didn’t see him and was focused on packing up his stuff
onexff (10 months ago)
3:41 holding shroud back?
ArkFighter104 (10 months ago)
Piddy Shroud isn’t in the clip
onexff (10 months ago)
Piddy (10 months ago)
oskar prahl i dont know whats your problem its definitely shroud...

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