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♫ MINECRAFT SONG 'With You' Animated Music Video - TryHardNinja feat Lindee Link

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►Download the song / album◄ ♦ iTunes: http://tryhard.audio/MinecraftWithYou ♦ Amazon: http://tryhard.audio/MinecarftWithYouAmz ♦ Google Play: http://tryhard.audio/SongGooglePlay ♦ Bandcamp: http://tryhardninja.bandcamp.com/album/pick-a-universe Everyone involved: TryHardNinja - male singer, song writer, lyrics http://www.youtube.com/TryHardNinja Lindee Link - female singer http://www.youtube.com/LindeeLinkMusic Rymdnisse - animation, visuals http://www.youtube.com/Rymdnisse Peter Litvin - instrumental, music production http://www.PeterLitvinMusic.com Animated Minecraft music video for my original Minecraft Song WITH YOU off my new album. You can download the album or the song on iTunes or Google Play now. Thank you all for your support of my music. ▶Lyrics & Chords:◀ http://tryhardninja.com/lyricsandchords Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more music: http://www.youtube.com/TryHardNinja Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TryHardNinja
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Text Comments (2524)
Nathan Idk (12 days ago)
RachelGames (17 days ago)
3:14 IM so sorry, but rubies aren't obtainable in Minecraft unless you have command blocks or something. And command blocks aren't even usable in Minecraft so...…….
Yayuk Wiryawan (22 days ago)
Do u even love Minecraft
Thank you for Russian subs
Ultimate KungfuMantis (1 month ago)
You remind me of my friends, there like meant to be
Family Family (1 month ago)
Hi I am your big fan
muzZ plays (2 months ago)
He was right about shipwrecks 1:07
Ron Bagares (2 months ago)
I Dont Care how Old Is This Song But I Still Loved It.... Im Still Listining.. (2018) This Song
Oscar Montero (2 months ago)
this song was made on my birthday :D thats why i liked it XD
Micaden TDCT (3 months ago)
TryHardNinja knew about the 1.13 update before it was thought of...
Morgan Mason (3 months ago)
I hope I can dedicate this to someone that loves Minecraft as much as I do someday.
Alyanah Autman (4 months ago)
This is literally the best song ever! I loved your voices they just go together good job guys!
angry energy (4 months ago)
i finally found this song i once love 4 years ago!!!
Ddawid220 yt (4 months ago)
I'm like the song
Jeff Woods (4 months ago)
this is too cute
BloodFang (4 months ago)
You can move the text bar XD
Kenny Bandit (4 months ago)
What the hack the enderdragon?!
InfamousJockey 386 (4 months ago)
Whos listening in 2018
Some Body (5 months ago)
THEY HAVE A DOUBLE BED THEY ARE TOGETHER I thought they were just friends oops
I Love Twice (5 months ago)
hi ...can you create my intro for minecraft plzzz
I Love Twice (5 months ago)
hey...ninja don't put the name of my intro put the name of my intro CJDioNSoN
I Love Twice (5 months ago)
hey..ninja that is my skin on link click that! if you make my intro for minecraft.... https://namemc.com/skin/6691710cad3efdcd
Dean Dixon (5 months ago)
Why Is The Ender Dragon Out Of The End And In The Overworld
Anita Hercegová (5 months ago)
this song is cool
Kylie JoLynn (5 months ago)
Klayse/ Клэйз (5 months ago)
Круто было девка поначалу была с клинком а мальчуган был с киркой.
Ddawid220 yt (5 months ago)
Good music:-)
Adam Jones (5 months ago)
Carrie Allen (5 months ago)
The worst song ever
I used to be addicted to Minecraft but now Roblox because I watched a YouTuber called Denis and now I am sad because Minecraft songs remind me of sad things playing with my brother finding diamonds 😢😔😖😖😞💔😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 sorry Minecraft I miss you
Brandy Johnstone (6 months ago)
That MinecraftPlayer (7 months ago)
But a bit uh........ s_u__d :D
That MinecraftPlayer (7 months ago)
Pat and jen are awesome and hilarious
Qistina Nasir (7 months ago)
what are there names?
Qistina Nasir (7 months ago)
are they really in love? they didn't smile that much
FNaFGamer 800 (7 months ago)
This is how I feel when playing with friends on roblox...
Bitch Hunter (7 months ago)
Fakin cute
I wish i could be inside this video
C Bunton (7 months ago)
I like the animations u used and how u used minecraft so now my mom knows what minecraft looks like in the game
22250jock (7 months ago)
Where do they get there skin
TiffyGriff (7 months ago)
They are not lighting torches...
SilverDragonGamin NL (7 months ago)
poor dragon :(
Mythical Fang (8 months ago)
This the song i think of when my girlfriend and I play this 😍😊
Angel stokes (8 months ago)
I ❤ this and Minecraft
Angel stokes (8 months ago)
I love Minecraft and this song
Zylo Zee (8 months ago)
He sounds like a professional singer! he is so good
DEF4STER (8 months ago)
Doses good)
Oxyme (8 months ago)
Awww the dragon is so cute when hes looking at that toooooorrrrrchhh 😆
Gamer_ PT (8 months ago)
tu es Chinesa ?
Zahira Magallon Obeso (8 months ago)
AWESOME that is all i can say, it is to awesome i am speechless
Erien (9 months ago)
Me and my friend LOVE this song. I just took 12 minutes to copy this to my phone and send it to my friend. Like really, Great job! (This is kinda me and that my friend in this song) (: <3
Oxyme (9 months ago)
I love this!💖
Christina Atischand (9 months ago)
a Long time now I've grown this music has changed of what to be
Kacey Lynn (9 months ago)
i love you gis
Rhea Balachandran26 (9 months ago)
Nice voice
Andre Henrique (9 months ago)
2017 anyone
Robin Reeves (9 months ago)
Play mincraft it's so lit
Robin Reeves (9 months ago)
The best tho thumbs up if you agree hehe
supergamer leaf green (9 months ago)
que maluco son muy malos
Ayumi Taco (10 months ago)
Awwww this is sooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!
Lia Sikorova (10 months ago)
Lia Sikorova (10 months ago)
TryHardNinja in my brother
Soffuiii Rock (10 months ago)
awww babe soooooo cute
CHrafter06 Channel (11 months ago)
nice song
ExiledBlade - JayAndrew (11 months ago)
I like this song!! 2017!! Its so Gooddddd!!! Notes,Lyrics and Animation ... And theyre Voices WOW!!!!
ExiledBlade - JayAndrew (11 months ago)
I like this song!! 2017!! Its so Gooddddd!!! Notes,Lyrics and Animation ... And theyre Voices WOW!!!!
Aoi Sakura (11 months ago)
i know this was 2 years ago but this is still awsome i love it
Angela Renee (11 months ago)
Take it off
Angela Renee (11 months ago)
Shake it off
ShadowXX (11 months ago)
BUTT SEX (11 months ago)
I want die
Amarrisa Tomasouw (11 months ago)
I like this song
Diana Fox (11 months ago)
Ender Dragon in cave? 😐
Dust (11 months ago)
Heh love and fight!!!
Nhon Le (11 months ago)
ender dragon in a cave ???
Jhon RDP (11 months ago)
its stupid the ender dragon lives in the end
Misty Wolfie (11 months ago)
i have a boyfriend that plays and he always sings this song to me :)
fazkia dinar Zahra (11 months ago)
I already see many of your music videos and that was AWESOME!!! DEFINITELY SUBCRIBED YOU!! THIS IS SO COOL!!!
Łøst&Trapped _ (11 months ago)
Algoy the terrarian (11 months ago)
super song;-)
Bat man (1 year ago)
Is this has originall song?
Kelsie.Vlogs (1 year ago)
I love this song it's so kachy
Galaxy Kitty (1 year ago)
You and Lindee Link are just so awsone in singing, I like you guys' voice tho. By the way, I'm jealous.
EnderGirlGaming (1 year ago)
While listening to this song, all I could think of is me and my big brother, we stand together and nothing can get between us
Giraffe On A Unicycle (1 year ago)
TryHardNinja, you are INCREDIBLE! You and Lindee Link sound great together, and the lyrics, song, and animation of this is sooo AWESOME! It's such a cool song, and so are all of the others that you have made! You are FANTAZMAGORICAL! Like if you agree!!!!!!
Fox Girl (1 year ago)
I was just going through Minecraft songs randomly and here I am
CreativeGirlzZz meow (1 year ago)
female minecraft singer is also Toriel in stay
Narwhal Love (1 year ago)
William Huynh (1 year ago)
Can't believe its an original
poor enderdragon ....
benjamin (1 year ago)
aceconsultants phils (1 year ago)
super good 😄😄😄😄☺☺👏👏👏👏😁😁☺☺😄😄😊😊😊😊😊😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
aceconsultants phils (1 year ago)
Braden (1 year ago)
This reminds me of my friend and I when we played together all the time
Bailey Cluff (1 year ago)
love it
NiCOLAS 7 (1 year ago)
Julian Zhang (1 year ago)
The Ender Dragon. It's a mother to be, and she's hiding an egg. She was the last of her kind, so you have just brought a species to LITERALLY the brink of extinction.
Hailey l (1 year ago)
good animation
So good!!!!
Nora Leyva (1 year ago)
l love it
no one Care's (1 year ago)
so cool
Cyleigh Cluff (1 year ago)
Im 1.1 M subs

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