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PUBG IS BIGGER THAN CSGO. - Battlegrounds News

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Battlegrounds has surpassed CS:GO, and vaulting is almost here! My Discord ► https://discord.gg/dqRYmG3 For more awesome PUBG content, click here! ► http://bit.ly/2rGisA0 ---------------------------------------- THANKS FOR WATCHING! If you enjoyed the video, SUBSCRIBE! Click here!►http://bit.ly/1yfFzQ9 ...and follow me on Twitter►http://bit.ly/1mC83iX ...and get TubeBuddy to make YouTube BETTER! ► https://www.tubebuddy.com/Meraki ...and if you're a content creator like me, join the Curse Network! It's my personal favorite after dozens of hours of research. Click here!►http://bit.ly/MerakiJoinCurse
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Meraki (11 months ago)
Come chat with me and find people to play with in my Discord! ► https://discord.gg/jzGyv8Z ...and get TubeBuddy to make YouTube BETTER! ► https://www.tubebuddy.com/Meraki ...and follow me on Twitter! ► http://bit.ly/1mC83iX ...and if you're a content creator like me, join the Curse Network! It's my personal favorite after dozens of hours of research. Click here! ► http://bit.ly/MerakiJoinCurse
raj naik (23 days ago)
Cs go is for pro players
halil ibo (3 months ago)
CS:GO♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡PUBG FUCK
pro100znakk 34 (3 months ago)
PPG gavno!
matix bro (4 months ago)
PUBG the best game
Zoust (5 months ago)
Csgo cant be replaced
HeyItsRitzy (6 months ago)
Now it’s like 3 fucking million
skerr (7 months ago)
CS > PUBG lmao
RWD Driver (6 months ago)
skerr Nah, Matchmaking is pure platinum shit and community is toxic.
Dozin (8 months ago)
"csgo has been around for 17 years" but csgo is only 5 years old..?
perforators (9 months ago)
2 million now and 15m copies sold...
THESlovz1 (9 months ago)
fack csgo
Shadow Shroud (6 months ago)
And fuck pubg
Shadow Shroud (6 months ago)
Fuck you’re English
imptodec (6 months ago)
go learn eng
FUCK TOP LIST (9 months ago)
Playerukown s battle grounds is popular game
lol lol (9 months ago)
Pubg is more toxic than csgo
RWD Driver (6 months ago)
How? 😂 You are just shit in it.
THESlovz1 (9 months ago)
lol lol yup
FinKeepeli Gt (9 months ago)
Cs is best
Potato (9 months ago)
Atleast CS:GO has originality.....
Gazzy (9 months ago)
In my opnion, CS will never update. Since 2011 there hasn't been a single damn graphics or game update. Same shit. PUBG in a couple months is already more popular than CS.
Koctail Games (6 months ago)
Ok I'll let you be.
imptodec (6 months ago)
İts you who is it You dont understand a fuck from Game Engines/Graphic Cards/Optimize
Koctail Games (6 months ago)
You must be fucking retarded tbh...
imptodec (6 months ago)
1200 euro and 70 fps in medium????? scammed.......
Koctail Games (6 months ago)
I run it 60 fps.. Your pc is just shit.
daniel damti (9 months ago)
Csgo is better hands down!
2f4uReActiON (10 months ago)
I may leave csgo too. Europe global is too much cancer with the russians and the cheaters every now and then. The thing that worry me most (besides russians, we should kick them to their own server) its that if a guy cheats in global, most likely other people will cheat too, like they are in preparation for this if happens.
Vapey (10 months ago)
You forgot CSGO China also has players that arent counted on the steam charts
Vapey (10 months ago)
No, everything is on there except for China because they use a different launcher. PUBG at this point is still bigger then CSGO for now though, I just wanted to point that out.
Vapey (10 months ago)
Meraki it's EU as well. But China uses a different launcher
Meraki (10 months ago)
+Vapey really? So is this just US?
BluBeary (10 months ago)
Doesn't anybody notice that he said csgo is 17 years old. It's only 5 years but cs has been around
Manu Deadskinmask (10 months ago)
900k Peak :') Rip Csgo, that happens when your community, anti cheat and everything else sucks I'm an ex csgo player with 3000+ hours and I'm pretty sure I won't go back to csgo
M-A Ateş (3 months ago)
Manu Deadskinmask He means how can u still live with so many Hours playing(No Life or something)
Manu Deadskinmask (10 months ago)
Rudderator lol 3000, or 3k, didn't even notice my mistake
Rudderator (10 months ago)
Manu Deadskinmask 3000k hours??what... How are you alive?
Vapey (10 months ago)
Manu Deadskinmask "rip csgo" PUBG passing it doesnt make it dead lol. Also the steamcharts dont count CSGO's chinese playerbase which is only brand new.
Manu Deadskinmask (10 months ago)
WizardTot Sure every game has hackers but a game is dead to me when there's more HvH than legit MMs lol
Jankinga (11 months ago)
good videos keep up the great work
Meraki (11 months ago)
+LAT Predators thanks man! I will!
xd Xayhsa (11 months ago)
Thanks for the news!
Meraki (11 months ago)
+Xayhsa you're welcome man!
you cant outrun my gun (11 months ago)
Your a bit late but still a nice vid :) Btw what do u think of DayOneNoob his channel?
Jaska V (11 months ago)
Yeah but csgo has 10million unique players a month
Jay Sin (11 months ago)
Honestly PUBG gives me kind of a nostalgic feeling like im playing a shooter from the golden days of the late 90's to early 00's. CS 1.6 and rogue spear ladders on gamespy. Maybe its the shit optimization forcing me to play on potato settings. Maybe its not.
Black Knight (11 months ago)
I feel the only way to actually say that pub g is bigger than cs go is to have cs go released the same day as pub g.
WizardTot (10 months ago)
Black Knight *_Y O U M A D B R O ?_*
Jens Robot (11 months ago)
Yo brahs chiiiiil
Black Knight (11 months ago)
you sound.... mad... I didn't even like the comment.. you mad bro?? you mad?? bro is mad. bro is sad that bro is mad.
you cant outrun my gun (11 months ago)
U retarded? Liking ur own comments?
Black Knight (11 months ago)
well pub g has a third person mode... I wouldn't call it a third person game. I never play in third person since the update.
Black Knight (11 months ago)
you need to slowly pull out a gun.. load it. aim at your head. pull the trigger slow. because u have autism.
you cant outrun my gun (11 months ago)
Black Knight its still a third person game, not because u dont play third person doesnt mean its not an third person game. Grow up
Udit Deb (11 months ago)
hey do a Surfing video of pubg. Like we die even if we touch the ground .For ex . touching the hill and falling smoothly like surfing, and still die . Plz do 1 PLZZ
bdpSovietafr0 (11 months ago)
Taking my attention off of competitive overwatch for sure. PUBG is the game the community needed but didn't know it needed
Matthew Zellner (11 months ago)
Pubg is a very casual game
Nethrex (11 months ago)
CSGO has been around for 17 years?!!??! :O I must be older than I thought since I pre-ordered it back when it was being released... lol ;) Anyways, great video!
Nethrex (10 months ago)
Plantaegon sorry if that came off as a bit offensive. No such thing intended :)
Nethrex (10 months ago)
I am aware, I was simply making fun about him accidentally saying "csgo" instead of "cs" "... has been around for what... 17 years"
Meraki (11 months ago)
Hahahaa Thanks mate :)
Metronic (11 months ago)
Juicy News
Meraki (11 months ago)
+Metronic 🍓🍓🍓
Sensei Dekkers (11 months ago)
Dekkers: Notice me senpai Meraki: *this is me noticing you*
Meraki (11 months ago)
+Sensei Dekkers this is me noticing you
滅天 (11 months ago)
cool Now hold it for 20 years GG
Madvic (8 months ago)
no it wont idiot
you cant outrun my gun (11 months ago)
滅天 it will
Sacred (11 months ago)
Hi Man just wanted to say, your content is amazing please keep it up, I would also like to play with you sometime please dm me on twitter with your steam - @SacredOnPC
2OP Mataron (11 months ago)
I am late.Sorry master :C
Meraki (11 months ago)
+2OP Mataron HOW DARE U
red button (11 months ago)
I subscibed you man, nice videos. But please make the endings of videos shorter. Believe me, it will be better for everyone :) keep on
Meraki (11 months ago)
+red button I'll look into it!
Bill Hill (11 months ago)
Early on you said that csgo and PUBG aren't similar to you which in mechanic atmosphere not really but they're both tactical shooters which is what I think is drawing in the csgo crowd
2OP Mataron (11 months ago)
I think its drawing in the CS:GO crowd more because PUBG is something new. CS:GO was released 5 years ago and it got old. People got tired of same gameplay and just wanted something new.
Meraki (11 months ago)
+Bill Hill I totally agree!
Rafał Teresiński (11 months ago)
i enjoyed the video
Meraki (11 months ago)
+Beb Bebech thanks :)
Igor Antonovich (11 months ago)
Wow.. Really?
Cooperate (11 months ago)
Meraki (11 months ago)
+Justus thanks man!
iLaKzi (11 months ago)
Any idea where to find patch notes?
Alfred Ehrlin (11 months ago)
Wow... Thats neat...
Interritus Gaming (11 months ago)
Best youtuber eva to bad senpai will never notice meh. D:
Interritus Gaming (11 months ago)
Omg my life is complete. :D
Meraki (11 months ago)
+Interritus Gaming consider yourself noticed
The Fallen Bansko (11 months ago)
BAAL2 is a tournament where german streamer and youtuber played and it ended yesterday (its the first event in PUBG so i thought its nice to know)
Anton (11 months ago)
good vid man <3
Meraki (11 months ago)
+Anton Thanks man!
Oliver Williamson (11 months ago)
No it's fucking not
venK (11 months ago)
it is you knob
Salt Dog (11 months ago)
Oliver Williamson mad
Wilfrat (11 months ago)
damn i only thought it was fastest growing
Djuraz (11 months ago)
holy fuck im early
ArmoredUn1corn (11 months ago)
Awesome vid, always first witht the good news <3
Meraki (11 months ago)
+ArmoredUn1corn Thanks man!
VadeGunner (11 months ago)
waat ? it is ??
VadeGunner (11 months ago)
dammn ! this is BIG news
Meraki (11 months ago)
+VadeGunner Yeah!!

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