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Text Comments (279)
Enveeh (12 days ago)
Damn what happened with my intro xDDD sryy!!!
Another good n' quality vid! Nice mate! More vids power Enveeh!
godwin paunel (12 days ago)
godwin paunel (12 days ago)
yeah it's okay :D , were he to watch a full video not the intro only
LuC!FeR (12 days ago)
but we can understand what you said xD
shubham vartak (12 days ago)
this is really odd i thought i open 2 pages at same time
Jacko (1 hour ago)
I really hope I can win that knife! Love you’re videos keep up the great work Enveeh!
Abdillah Falih (16 hours ago)
Nice Bro..!
Abdillah Falih (23 hours ago)
Leon Bothmann (2 days ago)
Reaktion vids are allways nice
wupperpfeife (6 days ago)
Nice video
Luka Vidic (7 days ago)
despaaaaaacheeetosss https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=388971603&token=M4yvmEIA
SKUNKY MONKEY (7 days ago)
love your videos..thanks <3
Dylen Netscher (9 days ago)
Junhee Kim (9 days ago)
Tomáš Zámečník (9 days ago)
Nice video :)
IuliaNNN * (10 days ago)
Nice bro
Arbër CsGo (10 days ago)
GeorgeCoolest (10 days ago)
Those guys at #5 😂😂
Guillimoya (10 days ago)
Nice video, the intro is funny ! XD
G2 Mikser (10 days ago)
hej loł men good video
Fosky (10 days ago)
Amazing vid
Another good n' quality vid! Nice mate! More vids power Enveeh!
astrid (10 days ago)
Great vid
Aloisius Play (10 days ago)
nice vid :D
isaac ramirez (10 days ago)
Oh god.
Lou1se - iwnl (10 days ago)
Seth lyssens (10 days ago)
Can i pls win i am restocking my inv i lost alot
Datis (10 days ago)
Good vid
Jonas transport (10 days ago)
Ghosty 1166 (10 days ago)
Great video mate!!😋
Kurniawan Hidayat (11 days ago)
I hope i won this skin
J0K (11 days ago)
hi ns
arnav mishra (11 days ago)
Ur intro got dammed lel.
amirul aiman (11 days ago)
Nice vid
MIŁŁEV xD (11 days ago)
Fortnite Medusa
Natsume Nishiyo (11 days ago)
Nice Vid Dude you do a great Job
Morphine Dreams (11 days ago)
jenk1ns (11 days ago)
hope for knfe :))
MFC (11 days ago)
Whats up man
Buynaa Deleg (11 days ago)
Tomas Kavalir (11 days ago)
Daniel Irvine (11 days ago)
Nice video!!
sssfgg nffhhf (11 days ago)
i want win ❤️❤️❤️❤️
ICEtea556 (11 days ago)
Its insane how much effort you are putting into your re-uploads cunt
ALEX (11 days ago)
good intro
Flitch CS (11 days ago)
My head was like Whaaaat??! At the inrto HAHAHA
Andy Gaming (11 days ago)
Nice video https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=860400355&token=CTqGu--m
chunseong c (11 days ago)
i wish i can win the skin
LalRique (11 days ago)
nice vid
Gia Minh (12 days ago)
Ú ù
RASTAM GAMING (12 days ago)
New giveway..... .... but where is old giveway winner .......hope i win new giveway
RASTAM GAMING (12 days ago)
Old giveway winner?
RASTAM GAMING (12 days ago)
Giveaway winnersss??????.?..???
Deepali Shirole (12 days ago)
like on every video abd subed
Dj Gamer (12 days ago)
medusa is so beautiful skin
Jayden Peyper (12 days ago)
Levan Matthew (12 days ago)
ITS Time (12 days ago)
Yes Medusa better than dragon lore
Joaquin Llanillo (12 days ago)
Nice intro lol
Damien Tack Shin (12 days ago)
took me 10 sec to get it that there was an overlay for the intro xD
Trove Quest (12 days ago)
Nice vid
初文辉 (12 days ago)
nice man
Mike Josh (12 days ago)
Woaw nice!
LuDi GaMeR (12 days ago)
daaamn , dat intro
히포 (12 days ago)
Kyle Deniell Cabauatan (12 days ago)
Very nice xd xd
Uuganbaatar Buyankhuu (12 days ago)
Meduasa drops
Reontoy Gaming (12 days ago)
nice skins
Fre4ks (12 days ago)
That intro tho
Victor Piani (12 days ago)
omg !!!!!!! >:
Johannes Wehrheim (12 days ago)
Oh god I dont even have ONE awp skin
Mister Why (12 days ago)
Yeah boiii
kys (12 days ago)
that intro haha, wellp i keep trying to win a give-away :(
Kan Kerbero (12 days ago)
Sweet Medusa
Enenra (12 days ago)
Nice vid lika always!
Pakdar Fortnite (12 days ago)
I love your TOP
BAJRANG PANDIA (12 days ago)
Gg my fraaands...
PhilX Gaming (12 days ago)
Intro is the best. 😂
Florza (12 days ago)
im broke
Souhail Dakir (12 days ago)
Hope i win ❤
Eragon (12 days ago)
i m here !!!!!
Heydar GD (12 days ago)
VIGNESH PILLAI (12 days ago)
Medusa Medusa Medusa..❤❤❤❤❤
John Kenneth Gawat (12 days ago)
Nice vid
CS:GO LoLL!PoP (12 days ago)
Awesome ...I Love it,❤
Jorn van der Vegt (12 days ago)
I want to win
SlyFreaky (12 days ago)
Good luck in the contest everyone !:)
cj concepcion (12 days ago)
Alexander Tavera (12 days ago)
oh i lost another giveaway what a surprise
no0b al1eN (12 days ago)
last one wtffff nerdiee lovee LOL haaha
Xelium36 (12 days ago)
I know the last guy lol
MegaDZ (12 days ago)
nice vidio dud and nice intro xD
Jozo Jurić (12 days ago)
FD Gaming (12 days ago)
Nice bro keep going
warblades cz (12 days ago)
Gg ez best skin Is medusa
G0oMeR 553 (12 days ago)
Ahh I fall asleep
Qc Soloza (12 days ago)
Luckiest people
Migle Ugianskaite (12 days ago)
Nice vidio more and more please
Craft AGogo (12 days ago)
Please m'y bro I never won à FUCKING giveaway!!!
Falcon Valinor (12 days ago)
Nice vid man
Nikshep hegde (12 days ago)
Lucky people
Salih Letić (12 days ago)
Notification Squad! 😀
Eclipse W0lf (12 days ago)
This is pretty damn cool man but giveaway I will someday win
Sutan Novandri (12 days ago)

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