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10 Plays That Changed CS:GO Forever

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Bet CS:GO skins on roulette: https://csgoempire.com/r/guides - Get free $0.50 to play with! These are Incredible Pro Plays That Changed CS:GO Forever. Today we are going to go through some of the craziest CSGO pro player moments, where new tactics, strategies and meta's were made, changing CS:GO History forever. ◆ CONNECT WITH VALVE GUIDES ◆ ☞ CS:GO Empire: https://goo.gl/kRERqJ ☞ Twitter: https://goo.gl/6ZAY9k ☞ Discord: https://goo.gl/ZcEiBh ☞ Twitch: https://goo.gl/Cc81H4 ___ Thanks for watching our video Top 10 Pro Plays That Changed How We Play CS:GO , if you want to learn how to AWP like a pro, make sure to watch our Top 10 Ways to AWP like a pro. Make sure to subscribe to Valve Guides. We create content on CS:GO, Portal, Half Life and other Valve related content on a daily basis and work hard to deliver the best CS:GO clips and tips so you can play like your favorite CS:GO Players.
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Text Comments (3085)
Kade Wood (11 hours ago)
"Make sure to leave a like button" 9:18 -Valve Guides
LongHair 2003 (17 hours ago)
9:17 "Make sure to leave a like button."
Jose Gabriel Villanueva (23 hours ago)
Wow that flash has a scope a barrell ammo and a dragon lore pic on it NICE👍👍👍👍
Ullr Frith (1 day ago)
- when quick swap your weapons do you press q q or 2 and 1 or use the mouse wheel? anyone?? hlp
Brownie Sundown (1 day ago)
Thank god CSGO empire let you place three bets to run up that adsense :)
Hemant Sharma (1 day ago)
Everyone does Pushing through smoke lol I disagree that that one guy discovered that thing.
farhan (2 days ago)
The kqls jump shot,he caught cheating lol
BoboHogo - Minecraft (2 days ago)
I am a s2 with no other global elite account I accidentally pulled of the sickest flicks quickscopes and noscopes I got 92 wins I hate cs go cause everyone at that level is global and everything man I still play for the plays tho
Chad Thundercock (4 days ago)
9:17 "make sure to leave a like button" xd
Morris Bonne Marcus (4 days ago)
7:10 KQLY was cheating...
M3MEZ Lv (5 days ago)
Kookly lel
Masahiro Akimoto (5 days ago)
of course I'll be confused when I see an AWP coming straight at me
1 2 (6 days ago)
Nah Coldzera Not 2 Jump 1 Knife Jump 2 Noscope jump 3Noscope jump
Arjex (6 days ago)
Best part is the betting part tbh
Didi Nguyen (6 days ago)
BBB bb6
BassasaurusRex (6 days ago)
KennyS did a great job making every noob think they are a beast sniper and should have people buy them an AWP every round.
Simba Fu (7 days ago)
Simple:I have the high ground
Wyatt Pomfrey (7 days ago)
What about shroud my guy
Juan Marco (7 days ago)
Whats the skin that olofmeister used on the tec9?
Mehdi _, (7 days ago)
What is it that no one is talking about ScreaM's deagle one shot ACE
COCKroach Esketit (7 days ago)
00:10 *wat*
Levi T (8 days ago)
thanks for the star wars spoiler zzzz
SupersternNo1 (10 days ago)
Dude people trying to Noscope (in csgo) mainly because of KennyS because he was the first one doing it regularly and successfully
I am Hiphop (10 days ago)
KQLY was cheating and got vac banned after that kill :)
Offensive Bias (10 days ago)
Fuck you for advertising gambling at the beginning of the video
Dr. Kevorkian (11 days ago)
Fanatic was not disqualified, they were ordered to replay and they forefit the match.
drmikemyers (12 days ago)
Fanatic forfeit not disqualified
Icewallow_come_ (13 days ago)
I miss the old dust 2 I use to have 26-40 FPS if I look up now I get 3-12 FPS 😭😭
No name (13 days ago)
That’s fucking gay, their just mad that they got fucked “abusing a pixel” my ass, like they could’ve have done it themselves, to bad they didn’t know it was a thing. It’s like saying anytime you boost over a wall, your abusing a pixel glitch.
Nick YM3 (14 days ago)
Where's Shroud?
reddypops (15 days ago)
This list is hilarious. You're making all this stuff out like its revolutionary, it's really not. Pushing through smokes. People started using them as walls in cs:go because they clearly never used smokes properly in 1.6 or source and carried that lame ass shit over to GO. This was never the case in source or even 1.6. It goes to show how bad game sense is these days if people cant read a game to realise if nobody is shooting at you, move forward. "Quick scopes were easier in 1.6"... as if nobody has done a quick scope since 1.6. That style of awping was VERY prominent in source. KQLY's jump shot. Really? Revolutionary? That's literally the first jump shot anyone who ever played cs will make. It's literally bread and butter counter strike peeking that corner. Taking a shot is part of that peek if you're seen. That simple awp flash thing was retarded. It may have been a good strat if the idea was to try use the awp to maybe shield some bullet dmg, but the fact that GO players would be dumb enough to mistake an awp for a flash really says a lot about them. A video like this just highlights how much the counterstrike community has regressed with game sense and creativity. It's hilarious to think that it took a guy walking through a smoke grenade to blow peoples mind and change meta. The game really is fucking shit, and it kills me to say it. They've ruined Counterstrike. The CS:GO pro scene has to be by far the worst skilled generation of players yet.
ツaurorium (15 days ago)
ummm, i think we are still throwing awps over walls lol
Speedy Gonsales (15 days ago)
So since Simple's double-noscope, there is an art on the wall on Cache. :D I understand now.
lol kennys founded the quickscope in csgo huh
Vinny Gamin (17 days ago)
Except Kqly was using hacks in that scene(3) :/, he manages to track pash through the bottom level of the wall then just magically jump and end up on his head shooting literally right when he jumped. It is a historic event that wont be forgotten but keep in mind that its an impossible shot to hit without using aimbot or hacks of some sort. U can try this a thousand times and probably just get a body shot.
Lamcis Fark (17 days ago)
Vinny Gamin it's not impossible, watch 3klikphillips video about it, there's a 20-30% chance to hit that shot
Oxiclean Bleach (18 days ago)
Just watch every shroud play then.
N2OJason (18 days ago)
Is it weird that I did almost everything without watching any cs vids? Weird. :| (I didn't do all those awp things)
mineshafter (19 days ago)
I got a double no scope in cs:s
Asad - (20 days ago)
What is changing here same shit
Leviathan (21 days ago)
fake flash??? wouldn't label it that as Nitro didn't look away, so he wasn't fooled. Probably just stunned by it
Jc Barlos (22 days ago)
ElectricityEra (22 days ago)
Speak for your fucking self about loving the Cold play, I almost cried...
Zesty Zukinni (22 days ago)
What is Pixel lock? Just got the game yesterday so I’m new
Jonah Handers (24 days ago)
Plz don’t press read more I told you not to But this means you’re brave You’re almost done Or maybe not Ok, I’m tired 😓 now ,plz plz leave a like I’ve never gotten any
Raquel Montano (24 days ago)
On kqlys clip why did he put in the commentater saying “oooh! Kenny”
Raquel Montano (24 days ago)
I’ve actually done that no scope it was inspired by him so I tried it and got lucky it wasn’t that hard
Destroyer19786 (25 days ago)
How is shroud not here
chaz wozza (26 days ago)
What’s with the in built wall hack game so of cheaters now it comes as standard?
chaz wozza (24 days ago)
Lamcis Fark ah thanks not played since the early days
Lamcis Fark (24 days ago)
chaz wozza it isn't wallhack, that's what the audience sees but not the players themselves
CaZzus (26 days ago)
littlered1403 (26 days ago)
Is this game fun
SJ (26 days ago)
5:14 Guardian looking for dem Seized eyes...Seized knows he fucked up and doesng even look. Aye!
Kalpo Saadman (27 days ago)
i did a double noscope several times
Raged MattFlix (27 days ago)
Raged MattFlix (27 days ago)
gazara88 Tr0LL88 (27 days ago)
wow they so pro until forgot to pay montly feed for hax there is lot people that repeat all stuf this ''PROs" do it and is not hapen if u dont have a litle smal powerful cheat in your pocket so stfu pro my ass have bether aim at toilet than your csgo skill NEWBIES :)
Zach Savage (28 days ago)
Their crosshairs are aimlocking
TOXIYEL (28 days ago)
Fnatic is my favourite team
Galactic Gaming (28 days ago)
Why are you watching this watch fitz
Sandeep Yadav (29 days ago)
What's the benefit of throwing the AWP?
ToastNinja (1 month ago)
Why i always seeing Coldzera Jumpshot in every CSGO Guides Videos?
Drakendor123 (1 month ago)
Sooo what's the difference between a quickscope and a noscope? I know the difference technically but.. explain to me.
Potato_aim_ 47 (1 month ago)
Yo hold up, let me through my AWP over fence
iiRed_ (1 month ago)
Only hacked tho
GwiiXy (1 month ago)
Tec-9 meister
Those damn S1mple plays always spook me.
Maxwell Gaines (1 month ago)
How does throwing a weapon over the wall do anything’s I don’t understand
TimeForAReview (1 month ago)
good awpers noscope all the time the fk r u talking about 1% chance of success....noscoping is easy af
Lamcis Fark (17 days ago)
TimeForAReview So you played a bit of old CS 1.5, 1.6 and source back in the days and you immediately thought that things are the same for CS:GO? Lul, it doesn't matter from when you have been playing, cuz your statement is false nonetheless, if you even touched CS:GO a bit, then you'd know that noscoping in this game is complete rng and doesn't follow a certain pattern, they're completely random, meaning that if you noscope someone who's significantly far from your position, then you either have aimbot or got lucky, you just watch the pros highlights a bit and immediately thought that noscoping is EZ, OMEGALUL, I bet that you're the type of dumbass who watched ScreaM's highlights and thought that aiming in this game is EZ, Lul you have no idea what you're talking about dude.
TimeForAReview (17 days ago)
Lamcis Fark lol. I played CS since 2001. Won cal-m one season...lel. Google me: Blake Burton no limit :/ Esea top 20 for a while :/ smfc on avg on go. I repeat. noscoping is ez
Lamcis Fark (29 days ago)
TimeForAReview you clearly don't know anything about CS
TimeForAReview (1 month ago)
its not like these were the 1st people to do these things. just the first to do it with so many people watching
Steve Wright (1 month ago)
fanatic wasn’t disqualified, ldlc also cheated so they were asked to redo the second half, but fanatic withdrew
Ellivlok23 (1 month ago)
What irks me, is when simple threw the awp wasn't the first time we saw a player use a gun as a distraction.... swag used a glock as a fake flash against kennyS back in 2013 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QzM_2pdH1Y
RT HJ (1 month ago)
Like the video. Hate you for promoting gambling. I subscribe and unsubscribe. Well, at least you get 1 view.
Fran Bass (1 month ago)
Coldzera is another aim hacker, see scream ban, this is the same shit. Time to time
Lamcis Fark (1 month ago)
Don't talk about the pro scene if you don't know shit about it
XFanmarX (1 month ago)
You guys get impressed at a guy doing 3 clicks with an instakill weapon down a slim hallway? It wasn't even good, the other team was stupid enough to just walk forward the way they did. Wow. Really game-changing. CS:GO comp sure isn't one big joke or anything.
Ha Dinh Thi (1 month ago)
the 9 fnatic
berran (1 month ago)
5:54 kennys getting csgo'd
INEEDMONEY (1 month ago)
I pushed smoke way before Stewie...
Ziya ESMER (1 month ago)
I had the privilege of watching Coldzera’s play live and I still can’t believe how insane it was
Arkardu (1 month ago)
Dizzzy101 (1 month ago)
Why is KQLY's play so impressive didn't he get banned for cheating ?
Michael Mercado (1 month ago)
Fnatic did not get disqualified they conceited because of the hate and the pixel violation was not included in the rules in the tournament they forgot to put it in but good thing they conceited tho
Weeb (1 month ago)
*olafmeister is the 3rd columbine shooter"
tjlrig (1 month ago)
that 4 awp tactic is bullshit, THEY COPIED CASUAL DUST2 PLAYERS!
Rizky Andra (1 month ago)
what about ScreaM's one taps?
生活ゲスト (1 month ago)
i was only 20 years old I loved GabeN so much, I have all his games I pray to GabeN every night before bed, thanking him for the games i've been given "GabeN is love" I say, "GabeN is life" My roommate hears me and calls me an elitist I knew he was just jealous of my devotion to GabeN I called him a peasant He rages and leaves the room I'm crying now that people can be so stupid I sit next to my PC and it's really hot Something is moving towards me I feel something touch me It's GabeN I'm so happy He whispers in my ear, "this is my wallet" He grabs my wallet with his powerful hands I'm ready I open my wallet for GabeN He starts taking the money It hurts but I do it for games I can feel my finances flying away I try to resist the urge I want to please GabeN He roars a mighty roar as he fills my library with games My roommate walks in GabeN looks him straight in the eye and says "Come join us" GabeN jumps out my window GabeN is love, GabeN is LIFE.
Andrew Ruibal (1 month ago)
This game sucks
Sead Ragibovic (1 month ago)
i pulled of a double noscope once
Eyal282 (1 month ago)
Ap? You mean "Awap"
thatswhyudie (1 month ago)
inbreed my dick changes the game
Oza Tuna Tepiroglu (1 month ago)
Get right changed everything about Smoke. No one use to push through the smoke or wait next to the smoke and get right introduced this aggressive/defensive smoke play. İt wasnt stewie who introduced these smoke plays acctualy it was get right back then when csgo came out a year after (2013-2014). Players already knew these smoke plays but Stewie really is good at utilizing the smoke perhaps he did not create it , get right did. Big mistake their sir.
snigersnegl (1 month ago)
lol fnatic was NOT disqualified, as the rules for the event did not forbid pixel boost. fnatic withdrew themselves.
V J (1 month ago)
Ok I'll leave a like button for ya (9:18)
Bryce Harper (1 month ago)
As 1.6 player I can assure you that these plays were going down on pub servers in the early to mid 2000s. In fact, there was almost nothing innovative in those plays.
Fernando Maluenda (1 month ago)
Fnatic wasn't disqualified. A rematch was announced and they forfeited. Prob to avoid the controversy
Eunoia (1 month ago)
Promoting a scam site in the first 30 seconds and I stopped watching.
avengerpat (1 month ago)
What about kennys 360 jump shot on cobble stone
Romie Everwill (1 month ago)
Actualy i almost never saw someone throwing awp, or rifle for fake flash. But pistol, yeah pistol TONS OF IT
Kacper Pawinski (1 month ago)
What about snax pistol round vs Navi
derpy gamer (1 month ago)
you know roblox... thers a CB:RO game like CS too and i use quick scope alot if i mean alot its ALOT
JackoTJK (1 month ago)
Ahh the fake flash. I don't remember a pistol being thrown deter me from 1 tapping an awper. The awp "fake" did nothing to nitro, s1mple just out shot him

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