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Of Blizzard, Censorship and Fair Play

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Blizzard leads the charge against toxic players with the new Fair Play Alliance. But many more are taking a similar route, Rainbow Six Siege saw a massive ban wave due to toxic behaviour. Let us discuss the issue. theScore esports: What is TriHard? https://youtu.be/TCYydU8kzJY Follow us on twitter! https://twitter.com/ESCalationOffic
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Text Comments (284)
Angelo Bossi (15 hours ago)
So if i am black myself and i have Black Buddies i can't say nigger? ok...
The Titan Potato (2 days ago)
Ahhaha, that French joke though
86Corvus (4 days ago)
If you dont udnerstand what this is then remember, they were already banning spammers and people who in an organized fashion went out to target someone specific for abuse. What this is is carte blanche to ban any descenting opinions to the social justice orthodoxy and to stop anyone from turning the games into a hug box held upright through fear and intimidation.
86Corvus (4 days ago)
if you are saying anything negative about anyone or anything you will be labeled TOXIC and banned. Thats how fashism works...
86Corvus (4 days ago)
You are a naive idiot, you will not be deciding who is the racist, you will be called the racist and banned at the slightest inconvenience. Thats how this works...
Daniel Jensen (4 days ago)
I think it is the same rules from Blizzard that I read that it more or less ban the good/pro players and let the bad/problem starting players stay. I mean it like this: They ban a pro player in Overwatch which is a person who also are in e-sports, but letting a hacker stay in the game. I hope you get the idea what I mean
I was born with Thick Skin
Eric Parlee (7 days ago)
" they usually surrender after two rounds anyways" I can't breathe it's so funny
The Drunken Viking (8 days ago)
Ether all of them are OK of none of them are.
Gruntpocalypse Gaming (10 days ago)
They put laws on subjective ideas and insults... k guys its pre stupid censoring people for not much honestly this shit is not definable
El chamán Ají molido (10 days ago)
I am toxic as a player but with my toxic friends we have a nice time and i don't want to be banned from games just for be who i am, a toxic Chamán from Argentina
In hockey all out boxing matches are commonplace. *The NHL understands they're building up testosterone therefore aggression* _That's why they're only given a pentalty, as opposed to kicking him out of the league or arresting him for assault charges._
MEDIC ! (11 days ago)
Meanwhile TF2 Acjoevement : Make a dominated player leave the game
グレースニコ (11 days ago)
As I grew, I’m not into memes. Which I’m a non-meme person
NomminSandwiches (11 days ago)
*almost* EXACTLY MY THOUGHTS. Great video.
Bashar al-Assad (11 days ago)
Gotta love it when Team Fortress 2 has an Achievement for making a player ragequit, but Blizzard will ban anyone who is mean or shit talking to another. Also anyone should be allowed to say whatever they want on a game no matter what... 7:06 Wow the Germans and French still hate each other 100 or 73 years later.
Stellar fox (11 days ago)
7:05 holy shit i died from that
Untittled (12 days ago)
Cs go giveaway Guy (12 days ago)
Lol in Chinese Internet world we don’t have racist cucks and 12 year old screaming edgy shit
Do something (12 days ago)
lol overwatch is gay
Demo Pan (12 days ago)
i dare someone to set moonman as their profile pic
Matthew Graneri (12 days ago)
In Australia, insults are part of how we communicate with friends. I'm not sure how they might have taken that sort of problem into account
trollbreeder (12 days ago)
As the engineer from tf2 said, "Take it like a man, shorty."
Felix L. (12 days ago)
Overwatch will lose a fraction of their playerbase if they take it too far. A good example for reporting toxicity is cs:go. There i nerer heard any complaints about being banned because of that.(still a toxic community tho)
Luka Bajic (12 days ago)
Yes, there is a STASI pepe
Luka Bajic (12 days ago)
Yes, it is hard to detect insults. My friend constantly calls everyone "nigga" but none of us is black
killed_by_goodby (12 days ago)
The world's goin to shit and saying anything even slightly mean that may upset someone's fefes is now a denial of service offense. Man, for as much as we hated the COD kiddies back during mw2, at least they were allowed to speak their peace without being banned
Stupidusername (12 days ago)
you know the other day i was playing bf4 and then we encountered a known cheater who was banned in bf 3 but not 4. Within 2 minutes of the match starting he had killed 60 people with 0 deaths we had no admins to ban him so we just sat there watching his massacre His name was AARROONXD by the way
Badolf Pittler (12 days ago)
this is how to make a big mess that will make people even more toxic.
HakJobTM (12 days ago)
Maybe instead of punishing descent, they should reward compliance. Maybe give those who exhibit good behavior a certain amount of premium currency on a set schedule? Give them a special role or capabilities on their profile (that aren't gameplay-related, obviously)? That way it would not only reduce the level of dickheadery but also give back to the community.
Shiny (12 days ago)
How can Blizzard ban memes? They don't own Twitter or meme pages
TheLastKalos (12 days ago)
Does Overwatch have a vote call system?* It may help this situation. I haven't played it in a year I I don't remember.*
O h n o
general Fatboi (12 days ago)
I hate germans that's why i always rush (B)erlin
Dovah Cheese (12 days ago)
DJ Thorn (12 days ago)
Dovah Cheese Meh i fear this one is actually Huxleyite (Brave new world)
SuperBrassBender (12 days ago)
Dovah Cheese underrated
Ademar The second (13 days ago)
We live in a world where evreyone is basically a political correct fucktard
Potato Gaming (13 days ago)
Geiler akzent :D/Nice Accent
AnOldRetiredElephant (13 days ago)
I once got banned from a bf4 community server for saying "niBBa", not even with the Gs, just with Bs.
I dunno man, a racist can be pretty good on your team for psychological warfare when you're going up against a 5 man brazilian team in CSGO
K0mrade W0lf (13 days ago)
Normie industries...
ArdentParagon (13 days ago)
Using ai and keywords to ban people for speech, the most subjective thing in society is idiotic and dangerous.
Commander Vex (13 days ago)
I disagree, no matter what they say, they shouldn't be banned for what they say
UniDigit (13 days ago)
To be fair, you are the Crowbcat with a german voice. With a better upload schedule too.
RavenKStudios (13 days ago)
Who is Crowbcat?
SHEPHλRD 1337 (13 days ago)
7:10 die guten alten deutschen memes xD
VACationLover (13 days ago)
fcking_nigr has been banned due Toxic Behavior. Jeez i wonder why :/
VACationLover (11 days ago)
Stellar fox (11 days ago)
because he was black?
LingFox (13 days ago)
I don't get why a game developer should go that off topic, and rather than fixing the game's errors start adding some political rules. Also, when people act like this, only empowers those words, as people will want to use them even more. At this point, people should literally be spamming them, in order for those to lose their meaning
Ichmag Bäume (13 days ago)
Offizielle Spielserver haben sich einfach so ergeben wie französische Armeen
Franciszek Moszczuk (13 days ago)
The blizzard has surely locked up normie-of-the-year award for 2018,lmfao
Sam Miller (13 days ago)
ESC this was a very good video, thanks!
KontrAdmiral (13 days ago)
Virgin overwatch vs Chad Team fortress2
Stellar fox (11 days ago)
good shit
Maximilian M (13 days ago)
I'm a shithead and one who makes remarks like your France surrenders joke constantly. But only where it belongs in a private voice chat or in a csgo server where the community is fine with it. But for me the loss of community servers is a huge thing though I have to say if someone speaks like german cod youtuber elotrix this might be unacceptable on a official server but I think for community servers or private games these things should be allowed to an extent. I mean in general the loss of community servers like in bf or ow has shown that we lost a fair bit of control over the products we purchase. But than there is a different topic, look up what xQc has done and been banned for from owl I personally don't known if that's the route I wanna see esports go down the.
asa_147 (13 days ago)
not even on a csgo chanell i can't escape rainbow six siege?
RavenKStudios (13 days ago)
Where is the problem?
IMCAL (13 days ago)
Banned for posting pepe memes outside a game? WTF IS THE WORLD COMING TOO?
Genocide (13 days ago)
the obvious solution here is that everyone will just use discord and never use in-game chat, I already do that anyways
Individu λambda (10 days ago)
Same, the few times I tirn ingame chat on, I remember why I turned it off in the first place. I actually have it on in some games, but these are old comunity run games, where you can avoid the annoying poeple and the poeple who think you're annoying can avoid you too.
SpeedsMcRonalds (12 days ago)
Genocide Shit, people have been doing that since Teamspeak and Skype. I haven't used in-game chat or voice in a decade.
RonPaul08 (13 days ago)
You have a good point about dedicated servers, but admittedly what you said about having to mute someone ground my gears a bit. This whole stuff about "harassment" and stuff online has gone the way of the MeToo stuff where the "victim" can do no wrong. If you don't like what someone is doing, you can mute them or even turn off all communication and play inside a little bubble. If someone is too lazy to take about a minute out of their at least hour long play session to do that, then clearly it must not be that big of a deal to them. You can turn off the game, you can CHOOSE not to use the forums. Online "Harassment" isn't a one sided problem. It's incredibly easy these days to shut yourself off from people and go into an echo chamber online, and to me anyone who wants to "sanitize" the "toxic" people on the internet are people who want the public sphere to conform to them rather than the other way around. tl;dr: nut up or shut up. If you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.
Takeshi (13 days ago)
Blizzard please, TF2 has a acheivment for ragequitting an enemy. Just ignore or mute the idiot and carry on.
Kyros Droztamyr (13 days ago)
Well, it's a kotaku article. So by definition it's going to be shit, and it's subject is going to be too. Blizzard is a joke.
yologuy929 TM (13 days ago)
Ew Overwatch
Maximus0451 (13 days ago)
I'd prefer if toxicity was handled on the local level. But, with more games using dedicated severs instead of community servers, it's hard to let the community decide what is toxic or not.
Kontraxt (13 days ago)
Got banned on LoL for calling a person noob everytime I have spoke to him. Had previous offenses, but this was the final one. Like what the fuck.
Ich Du (13 days ago)
In Rainbow six i started using the word "friend" instead of "son of a bi***" It's now even more funny than before and i can swear as much as i like in the chat. It's totally okay like this :D
D Pup (13 days ago)
multiplayer games are normie garbage
Keyboardstalker (13 days ago)
How am I even supposed to respond to something so blatantly ignorant and stupid?
Christian Müller (13 days ago)
D Pup what about co-op games?
Windoge 10 (13 days ago)
they're taking away free speech, eh?
Stellar fox (11 days ago)
guess who pays for the servers and gives them profit? the people who they're banning because they are not allowed to talk after they paid for the content.
Keyboardstalker (13 days ago)
"they're regulating what i can say on an online game whose servers they pay to keep running. they may as well be LITERALLY burning the constitution!"
Sturmgewher88 (13 days ago)
Like for the French joke 😂 But seriously, censorship is a slippery slope.
Šimon Kovařík (13 days ago)
i hate german servers on battlefield 1 they all use gas granades
Engineer Skalinera (11 days ago)
Bashar al-Assad your military recently dropped some gas themselves, didn't they?
Bashar al-Assad (11 days ago)
**[Holohoax Intensifies]*
Engineer Skalinera (12 days ago)
[holocaust intensifies]
SpeedsMcRonalds (12 days ago)
sprf (12 days ago)
Just like they did in great war
NC5AMS! (13 days ago)
Päpe XD
x99 (13 days ago)
I think control of language and censorship and all that should be in control of the playerbase, as it always has been. Of course with Blizzard, epic and most of the other companies who agreed to this program servers are run by the companies themselves, which complicates things. Nonetheless I will always lean towards freedom of speech over censorship. Most modern, developed countries have freedom of speech and I think that is for a reason. So yeah, good video as always. Danke!
Absolver (13 days ago)
Instead of taking memes with a pinch of salt they took them with a whole salt mine
GreenTea (13 days ago)
It's true that dedicated servers are lot more controllable by the players, i use to be an admin on a cod2/4 server. I'd like to think we kept things clean and fun back then
cssqueezy (13 days ago)
in the french version of CS:GO you can only vote to surrender
MEDIC ! (11 days ago)
_we have you surrounded at least from this side!_
cssqueezy (13 days ago)
ikagura surrender, we have you surrounded
ikagura (13 days ago)
Shut up
cssqueezy (13 days ago)
hitler just wanted some nice baguettes
FlashVincent10 (13 days ago)
cssqueezy French has 17 words for surrender
dink donk (13 days ago)
I have something to say... Penis
sprf (12 days ago)
dink donk haha benis :)))
elliot lemon (13 days ago)
Well, i think the sexuality and the context isnt really all that relevant. I mean, its still a offensive word, if you want to call each other ”faggots” in a ”playful” way, Then do it in your own chats. Someone may find the word triggering due to past experinces with the term or similar. But that doesnt change the fact, that its purely a degenerative term. Which, honestly, lets be honest where, we dont really need in our language. Arent we past the point of mocking people by calling them gay? Even If you dont necesarrly mean anything by it. Shouldnt we try to get rid of dumb phrases such as ”wow, Thats pretty gay” instead of just saying ”Thats pretty stupid/lame”. Ill be honest, bad words slip out of my mouth when i get triggerd. But Then i say it for myself, and never Would i share that with the rest. Swear words are what ever. No one cares. But terms such as faggot, or nigger, should not, no matter the context really be used. But by all means, go and have the mouth of a insecure 13 year old. But please not in public. Thats for your own best aswell. When i say no matter the context. I mean in a reasonble context that ever could appear while playing a video game.
Keyboardstalker (13 days ago)
LingFox so let me get this straight. You come up to me unsolicitedly and tell me I have no arguments and can only throw insults, then when I ask you what I'm arguing against, you continue to put forth no argument and then simultaneously try to dismiss and insult me by calling me a "13 years old?" Then you have the gall to tell me my ideals are twisted while STILL refusing to put forth any position or argument even though you were the one who started the discussion in the first place? Then you try and tell me to use "unbiased sources" even though I never said what sources my opinions came from, nor what my political ideals are? Lmao I gave you an opportunity to prove me wrong but I'll be damned if this isn't EXACTLY how I expected you to respond.
LingFox (13 days ago)
Keyboardstalker this is not a chat, and you know that. Just because I'm not replying doesn't mean I have left this pathetic excuse for an argument, try to grow up a second. Now, I have to get back to what I was doing, which was pretty much more important than proving some 13 years old wrong on its own ideals. Your ideals are twisted anyway, and writing anything is wasted until you see it for yourself. Get out there and find some decent unbiased info. There is not a single side (nor political ideal) that is worth a damn nor defending, all of them are just a bunch of people just trying to get on top of others. (both anarchists and non).
Keyboardstalker (13 days ago)
LingFox That is, if your plan was not to try and start an argument I never asked for and then proclaim yourself the victor when I don't accept.
LingFox (13 days ago)
Keyboardstalker you still haven't brought anything to prove any kind of argumentation. I rest my case.
Keyboardstalker (13 days ago)
LingFox and your arguments stem from a baseless appeal to free speech despite not really knowing what free speech means.
TheAkrillion (13 days ago)
Do whatever you want inside the game, but when you ban someone just because they posted something you disagree with somewhere not related to your game, then that's wrong and there should be consequences.
Grimmer (13 days ago)
For me competitiveness in any type of sport is tight related to trash-talk. Doesn't matter if you are playing football with friends, doesn't matter if you are popping heads in CS with randoms and so on. We see banter even in chess...
Grimmer (13 days ago)
What did you said about comment section you pity german piece of Wurst? /s I still love you though KappaPride.
Marvimaker ll (13 days ago)
The only time you should interfere with communication is , when people throw a game. It is all we "need". Do not put an unnecessary leash around your neck.
Marvimaker ll (13 days ago)
"No OnE NeEdS rAcIsTs In GaMiNg" what is this even supposed to mean? If you say stuff like that , do not ask why you will get censored.
Kaiz The Monster (13 days ago)
Milomand99 (13 days ago)
Pixels (13 days ago)
Isn't League of Legends and DotA one of the most toxic games ever,and yet they don't have any rules or "union"
Pixels (13 days ago)
Oh no I never said they should have one Im just wondering why people need "safe space" in video games when they can mute others
Keyboardstalker (13 days ago)
Those games are prime examples of why rules like these should exist. Those games have no rules like these and they are fucking cesspits. These rules don't say you can't criticize someone who's playing poorly, they are there to create an environment where people can feel more comfortable playing the game, and to make it more fun for everyone. I fail to see why this is a bad thing.
Pixels (13 days ago)
The French ban people all the time in Gmod
Chiewie 016 (13 days ago)
Truth be told, im the type of person who trolls the enemies, in a hilarious and friendly way.
zioplys man man (13 days ago)
really good video man, you hit the point exactly
Arroys (13 days ago)
i don't know if other people do that as well but with my friends we oftentimes call ourselves with insults either IRL or in game, because it's funny and we don't mean to hurt anyone in our group. Among those insults we have a lot of "discriminatory" ones but they tend to not being representative to the person or the group targeted and that's why it's funny : using an offensive word to say something that isn't. And if for whatever reason i want to really insult my friends i use words that actually portray them or something they identify to in a bad way. Now tell me, should doing so be a reason to get ban from any service ? if it was on a formal conversation ok but there, i can't see what's wrong ...
Arroys (13 days ago)
that's what i had planed to do ;) but for real i'm not getting to the point to say horrible things, i just say stuff that can be a bit edgy but not much ;)
Keyboardstalker (13 days ago)
M.iste.R oof I didn't read your reply before posting the second comment. Well either way it's probably a good idea to be more careful about this kind of thing if you want to avoid the risk altogether. Maybe start using discord to talk to your friends?
Keyboardstalker (13 days ago)
Another thing, a general rule of thumb I use is to treat other players in online games as if I'm speaking to them in person. I cannot think of any good reason to say horrible things to people even if it's "just a game."
Arroys (13 days ago)
i may have misspoke, i never got ban for it because most people are intelligent enough to figure out when i'm harrassing them and when i'm just joking but i just don't like the idea of a company listening to my conversations and deciding weather i'm bullying someone or not ;)
Keyboardstalker (13 days ago)
Well not everybody you're going to play with in game is in your friend group, or is going to understand the context, so maybe you should be more careful about what you say to other people anyway.
LegitLoadingScreenS (13 days ago)
The only reason why this is happening is because of the media blowing shit out of proportion all the time and them wanting to group all gamers together as a whole. The media made this happen, not toxic players.
LegitLoadingScreenS (13 days ago)
Game companies would never take the time to moderate a game unless it decreased sales, parents who watch the news and think video games are evil because some 40 yr old dude said the n word in a 4 year old cod trolling video won't buy the game for they're kids because they think everyone is like that and frankly its stupid, the media trys to ruin everything it doesn't like, the internet, video games, movies, people, anything that gets them a "good story" can be defiled and slandered because it makes them money. The media doesn't care about gamers all they care about is ratings and money not the people they're reporting on.
Doom Maker (13 days ago)
I really love when people start talking trash. I just have a good laugh.
Der Saupreiß (13 days ago)
These people don't have morals when it comes to making money. They wouldn't care, if it wasn't for that small (((elite))), telling them what they have to do, so they can keep sucking on the jewish teat that is capitalism. Only nourish those who obey.
Noah Dugan (13 days ago)
Look at this edge blaming the jews
Th3Bon3hunter (13 days ago)
Einen Spieleentwickler kritisieren —> Studio Wildcard (ARK) aka. Oh wenn was funktioniert dann ändern wir es wenn was nicht klapt —> DLC „wow“ + ark is einfach ne salzmine ( rassismus , ddos, cheater ) auf ist gefühlt alles verbugt „ its not a bug its a feature „ und trotzdem spiele ich es
Th3Bon3hunter (13 days ago)
+ der franzosen witz hat mir einfach den rest gegeben
Wario64I (12 days ago)
Overwatch - permabans you for being mean TF2 - has achievement for making the enemy ragequit
Individu λambda (10 days ago)
I have much better time in TF2 and in Overwatch, the poeple I meet in TF2 often are cool dudes you have a good time with, the poeple I meet in Overwatch often are angry kids who keeps on ruining everything. In TF2, you can be bad, get some tips and have a good time, in Overwatch, you make a mistake? Mass report, insults, death threats, rage quits... this is why I don't play Overwatch that much, I enjoy the game, but learned to hate it's player base, same with CSGO, it's one of my favorite games, but the players just makes me want to go on a rampage, always yelling at each other unnable to take a loss. I might need to grow a thicker skin, I understand that, but they need to calm the fuck down, it's just a video game, your girlfriend wont dump you if you win 16 to 10 instead of 16 to 9.
Cuddly poetatoe (11 days ago)
MJ777 no, it’s when I’m in the middle of a game that the guards come in and drag me into the cafeteria to eat with the other inmates
MJ777 (11 days ago)
Cuddly poetatoe after a pyro dominate you yoy go eat because you felt angry and sad about it right?
Bashar al-Assad (11 days ago)
Enough proof why Team Fortress 2 is better.
Cuddly poetatoe (12 days ago)
I gave so many people that achievement cuz i had to go eat dinner ;-;
JanKaszanka (13 days ago)
Overwatch is mostly the breeding ground of the cancerous playerbases, play TF2 instead
Bashar al-Assad (11 days ago)
400 hours ain't shit kid, I've been playing since 2011 and have 5,700 hours.
Stellar fox (11 days ago)
hahaha keyboardstalker is such a funny meme man, goes over the comment section saying free speach shouldn't be allowed in games and insulting people for fun and now trying to start flame wars with overwatch>team fortress 2. calling you a 12 year old wasn't enough because you are clearly younger
mrtannzr (12 days ago)
Casual isn't so bad most of the time. same goes for community/surf/trade servers. But OW always has that comp mind set.
Keyboardstalker (12 days ago)
mrtannzr I agree though csgo is way worse than anything
mrtannzr (12 days ago)
Keyboardstalker its better than overwatch and cs;go. If you don't pick what your team needs In overwatch, ohh boy.
- Russkiy - (13 days ago)
Its like that one person who tried to say that "GG" was derogatory and that blizzard should ban its use
jellyray (13 days ago)
i think that unless you are not harming your team (team kills) or hacking or saying something way outta control than you shouldnt be banned since you paid with your hard earned cash
Mulch (13 days ago)
7:04 nice joke ;)
PokemonLyle (13 days ago)
I personally don't think its okay to say racial slurs and homophobic things, but I don't think people should get in trouble if they do say those things.
DancerPrancer91 (12 days ago)
LingFox tfw the tl;dr is longer than the actual post
ikagura (13 days ago)
But we need to shut them down then
ikagura (13 days ago)
LingFox (13 days ago)
PokemonLyle exactly. Not only that, but people getting falsely offended and wanting to censor those words only empowers 'em.
PokemonLyle (13 days ago)
LingFox If people stopped giving power to words that'd help make things progress a lot more, people getting offended makes progress and stuff even slower as the more power something has the more itll be used
GEDLES (13 days ago)
On the one hand im legitimately concernerd about companies or even governments (like recently in canada) trying to controll what people can or cannot say. Of course every case is different and it does depend on the context, but generally this is an attack on free speech, especially if the rules are not very clear and they can ban people just because of their opinion or because of a joke, like you mentioned. However, when it comes to video games, the developers or publishers obviously control the rules of their own game and it is their right to ban people for whatever reason they choose to. We are not entitled to their games and if they choose to only tolerate a certain behavior, they can do that. They are not hurting anyones rights, because all they are doing is banning people from Their own service or game. Just like someone can ban you from a game of football if you shout abuse at everyone, these developers can do the same thing.
nope avi (13 days ago)
What kind of budget Reinhardt is that?
LetsPlayKeldeo (13 days ago)
For all I know there arent French servers that arent owned by germany :P
Spike 126 (13 days ago)
"Toxic" is just a term used by developers to make vague rules so that they can ban people who play the game how they don't like.
King The Son (10 days ago)
JC a bomb
SuperBrassBender (12 days ago)
That is correct JC.
God Awful Content (12 days ago)
These words of truth..
Bernhard Helle (13 days ago)
If this bullshit continues to grow, our freedom of speech could be gone in a few years...
Bernhard Helle (13 days ago)
LingFox #freedankula
Sam Miller (13 days ago)
What are you talking about? We have free speech!!....unless your white straight male or an atheist
LingFox (13 days ago)
Well, in Britain you can no longer make nazi jokes nor joke on nazis.
Bernhard Helle (13 days ago)
Very true, but just look at all the mentally ill "social justice warriors" that have already made changes, because everyone is scared of them for some reason. They are getting more and more, because mentally ill people need attention, obviously crying like a baby isn't hard and gets attention. If this does get even bigger it could really harm humanity.
x99 (13 days ago)
The games that pull shit like this are the games that don't last long. They are only doing this, the companies; to try and seem "cool" and "nice" and to fit in with society. However, the games that have stood the true test of time- Cringy as some of them may be- are Team fortress 2, _minecraft_ , and many others- and these games have never failed to continue our true freedom of speech or freedom to regulate ourselves without intervention. Do not worry, while some games will censor us, there will always be other choices- and even if every notable gaming company you know today descends into this trend, the gaming community itself will learn to program and make its own games. We are strong
Buddy! (13 days ago)
It just doesn’t make sense how they would do it. Btw greetings from Austria!
Kyros Droztamyr (13 days ago)

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