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CS:GO - Knife tactics

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UPDATE: without armour you can kill people with a single primary and secondary attack, since instead of 34 and 55 damage, you do 40 and 65 instead. I apologise for getting probably the most important bit of this video wrong, but in my defence the only difference this will make will be in competitive mode during the pistol round and you're probably best off just thinking that they're wearing armour any way. I got the damage values from HERE since... well, it's CS:GO's WIKIPEDIA. Everybody knows you can trust wikipedia! But obviously not in this case since it's wrong. http://counterstrike.wikia.com/wiki/Knife How to win a knife fight! What's the point in spending hundreds of dollars on a knife if you're just going to fail miserably in a one-on-one? Become elite and take on the WORLD! 0:00 - Intro 0:15 - Fire mode combinations 0:50 - Best way to win 1:07 - Range difference (Primary VS secondary) 1:43 - Tactics in a battle 2:37 - Damage values / armour / location 2:55 - Attacking from BEHIND! 3:13 - Money bonus and conclusion Music from HERE: https://soundcloud.com/darandall/they-are-alive Check out my channels: ● 3kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/3kliksphilip ● 2kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/2kliksphilip ● kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/kliksphilip Other information you might like: ● Website: http://3kliksphilip.com ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/3kliksphilip ● PC Specs: Intel 3770K, 16 GB RAM, Geforce 670 2 GB.
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Text Comments (538)
lemonny3663 (15 hours ago)
You spelt nife wrong.
Eyal282 (3 days ago)
bot_stop 1
Marcus Mitchell (4 days ago)
But sometimes two left clicks does < 45 damage. Is this because if distance?
Aidan Janssen (7 days ago)
CS fencing
Yuri Tarted (12 days ago)
Knifing is not the biggest insult in cs go being zeused it
AzozGamer 936 (27 days ago)
Does this work on cs 1.6?
El pete McKuin (1 month ago)
Im a dick cuz i get dm and start stabbing 4 fun?
Run, jump, spin
Blazerodie345 Gaming (1 month ago)
Thanks man really help me😀😀
Rosela Alvaro (2 months ago)
thanks for the tactics now i allways defeat my cousin and i hope that the next vid. is about the player,s tactics
Benedict Anims (2 months ago)
It Could Have Been Easier If You Typed Bot_Stop 1. Typical 3kilksphilip
Henrique Reis (2 months ago)
Sometimes when I do 2 primary hits and 1 secondary the enemy stays on 3 HP. This happends all the time. Does this depend on what part of the enemy you aim?
NeoAgricola (2 months ago)
but why when i left left right do i deal 97
Mateus Souza (2 months ago)
Zac (3 months ago)
if you play pvp in minecraft. You will nail it
Daunt Nicholas (3 months ago)
This needs an update, now armor does make some difference when knifing. Without armor, you can kill a person with a single left click and then a right click.
DblackBarrel (3 months ago)
Sometimes I click primary 2 time and secondary 1 times I get -97
G G (3 months ago)
I was plantning the bomb then there comes one using the five time and then i jump and no score him
ATG ANSHU (4 months ago)
Use sv_cheats 1 then bot_stop 1
MLG guy LEGIT (4 months ago)
Knifes damage changed in 2018 februery update
ICantWanTap (4 months ago)
0:43 I thought he would no clip into the floor or fly up
Ananas ei kuulu pizzaan (4 months ago)
How many bots are killed in this video???😂
Gabert dane (4 months ago)
1:49 that name looks familiar
abdulrahman saied (5 months ago)
try cs 1.6 knifing and feel the pain
WatuMeister (5 months ago)
1:49 is this a reference that Tori Black (pornstar) is hot?
dellort tog uoy (5 months ago)
1:48 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 IQ
coolkid18751 (6 months ago)
Can I use these skills in TF2, too?
thedinoboi ptf (6 months ago)
The back stab works on TF2
Beta 63 (6 months ago)
So... if you can Matador stab, you can easily dominate, right?
Fox Hunt (6 months ago)
You can light attack and one heavy to kill enemies without armour :P
Dupajasio Pierdzistasio (6 months ago)
aB (7 months ago)
If u are knifing at the legs it will take more than 2 primaries and 1 secondary. Please try.
OmniV (8 months ago)
Wrong: Tasing is the ultimate insult
you lied to me its 3 frontprimary and 1 secindary
Anonymous (8 months ago)
2:35 best noscope in CS:GO history
Brickman (9 months ago)
MilckyCow (9 months ago)
why didn't you just made a new video retard...
LukeyDM (9 months ago)
2:35 is amazing!!!!!
Boris Bumlord (9 months ago)
f o r g o o d n e s s s a k e
kyogre groudon (9 months ago)
Left left right gives me 97 in 3 sometimes...
Sphential (10 months ago)
Sometimes I wonder Why I watch these videos
[FuZion]Mcpixel97 (10 months ago)
dude the best is a secondary attack then the 2 normal hits all you have to do is hold mouse 1 and chase the guy
Deny (10 months ago)
0:00 Next to the "geting killed by a zeus tazer" of course.
Deny (10 months ago)
Anyways cool video.
Deny (10 months ago)
Also about the description telling that the cs wiki is good.... yea you can fuck off on that one its shit. Even that would be a compliment to the wiki saying its shit. I need to think of a better insult.
p00nh0und (10 months ago)
Sooo information - I 💓. Awesome video
Gal Plays (10 months ago)
But what about the 2 left clicks one right click 97-99 damage hell thing that happens to me once every week :P
Spoopmentor3000 (11 months ago)
"Secondary fire" *Enemy dies in fire*
TacticalBananas (11 months ago)
Backstab for the win
Serious Spike Sam (11 months ago)
Indiana Jones can also survive a nuke. I would rather not test that on myself.
31 337 (1 year ago)
1 primary and 1 secondary can kill an unarmored player, I believe
mc bad robot voice (1 year ago)
You could just shoot them
Shukri Ajed (1 year ago)
ThrowJohn (1 year ago)
1:50 Tori Black playing CS:GO?
JonatasAdoM (1 year ago)
Bots have feelings
Kenny Zhang (1 year ago)
sick noscope
jaydon Porter (1 year ago)
Kill him
TGS Plays (1 year ago)
why is the title estonian for me, tho before it was english...
Z-Twinturbo (1 year ago)
2:32 lol dat HS xD
_dieser paul_ (1 year ago)
If I Do the "best" tactic i always hit my Enemies for 97 in 3 hits... what am I doing wrong?
Netts (1 year ago)
You're swinging the primary attack and missing it the first swing. The first swing does more damage, so you got to hit it.
Exilja (1 year ago)
Arx Deero (1 year ago)
Arx Deero (1 year ago)
i know he did i just dont get it why talk 4 minutes about this shit
Netts (1 year ago)
He just did... Secondary from behind and two primaries and one secondary from sides or front, just make sure to hit the first primary swing.
Rogan Adams (1 year ago)
I like how he says ''haha now try escaping come that!"
LegitAlex (1 year ago)
1:48 When you in the battlefield, you trip, and you fall. CT: "OH SHIT" T: gg noob.
Jedidya (1 year ago)
a simpler guide left click kills in 5 slashes right click kills in 2 slashes backstab left click kills in 2 slashes backstab right click kills in 1 stab left click has longer ranges than right click after u equip the knife, there is an invisible timer (at least for me) before u can attack with the knife
CzaRus _The_Sniper (1 year ago)
How much time did you need to get that no scope in 2:35 ?
BABY CARL (1 year ago)
"Knifing is the ultimate insult in csgo." Wrong, the Zeus.
Hazel Bourget (1 year ago)
People on ESEA wonder how I do it. Shrekt.
iiWolfZz (1 year ago)
Lettuce (1 year ago)
go in console and type bot_stop 1
suchakree laokom (1 year ago)
2:35 WTF!?!?!??
Lordi (1 year ago)
just press lmb 2 times and then rmb
Greedy (1 year ago)
the only time I used knife it was when I ran out of bullets and I rushed to the guy with my knife and I killed him with a secondary attack this feeling was soo satysfiying...
Froster YouTube (1 year ago)
I managed to do a matador stab (TF2 Tricks) on a CT when we are knife fighting earlier.
Froster YouTube (1 year ago)
+DA HEN Actually, not really. Because i mostly lose in a knife fight unless if the enemy is caught off guard.
Clawrid (1 year ago)
+Froster YouTube lol that means you have good stabbing skills
Froster YouTube (1 year ago)
+DA HEN Maybe, but somehow i manage to do it tho.
Clawrid (1 year ago)
Froster YouTube dosen work in csgo
TheBigBallsTheory (1 year ago)
The annotations X'D.
Mr. Tempex (1 year ago)
you can alsa make a trickstab like in tf2 which one shots with secondary
Mr. Tempex (1 year ago)
DA HEN its scoot
Clawrid (1 year ago)
Bora Kayacan I like the profile pic
WILDFIRE (1 year ago)
I once did 2 light stabs then a heavy and it did 97 -.- then they tapped me with a tec-9
Lampy the Lamp Lamp (1 year ago)
WILDFIRE (1 year ago)
Lampy the Lamp Lamp I think I know what I did wrong, I swung before I reached the guy which lessens the damage after the first swing
Lampy the Lamp Lamp (1 year ago)
WILDFIRE if you miss the first knife with a light stab, it causes a "recharge" with your damage that makes your clicks do 22 and then 21, plus the 55 after
WILDFIRE (1 year ago)
xScreamRo I stabbed the body
Martin Kadak (1 year ago)
why u are ling why u lie ommm in this video
Hardstyle Bulgaria (1 year ago)
Dude better make a new video !
MrNmid (1 year ago)
Upvoted only cuz of the zombie comment.
OdYsSeY (1 year ago)
if this is true then how come on 1v1 servers, when its a knife round, I have hit them 3 times for 97? but other times i can kill them with 3?
SKUMBY (1 year ago)
Sam Rudd just hit them with 2 secondary, its a half second slower but it can't fail
buster779 (1 year ago)
+Axel i forgot the sauce ;c
Axel (1 year ago)
source ? sound interesting
buster779 (1 year ago)
Sam Rudd first primary attack deals 34 and any other afterwards 21 so if you miss the first attack stop attacking and let it "recharge"
Nova_VFX (1 year ago)
Really? Because When I try this i hit someone for 94 in 3
Jeon Jeongguk (8 months ago)
Get a karambit it’s sharper
Ifcknhatemylife (1 year ago)
the left one does more damage on the first hit so try to not fail the first hit and it will be good and btw if he have no armor the first left and 1 right will be enough
Darth Revan (1 year ago)
Primary have longuer range.
bladesociety (1 year ago)
Non CS player here, just checking, primary strike is saber grip, secondary is icepick?
AsrieltheMeemurr (1 year ago)
soggypugtato (1 year ago)
2:35 WTF just happened
Dillon Scott (1 year ago)
how did you get to play with at pornstar @1:48
Mooshroom (5 months ago)
Michael Craven (1 year ago)
Best things about this video are the annotations
Succ (1 year ago)
to bad for my mobile
Robert Gordon (1 year ago)
Can I get a percentage chance of that awp shot hitting again
Kokly (1 year ago)
I do 2 primary 1 secondary and I lite them for 97 every tim.
mangosdangoes (1 year ago)
Thats because if you hold down the light attack, the amount you do decreases the more you continuously swipe. Start attacking only when you close enough.
Kokly (1 year ago)
I do 2 primary 1 secondary and I lite them for 97 every tim.
TheHrishikesh99 (2 years ago)
2:35 That no-scope tho...
Dr. Phil (2 years ago)
No zeusing is the ultimate insult in csgo
ItsEldo (2 years ago)
+Not Cheating decoy explodes, smoke doesn't, that's my point
Not Cheating (2 years ago)
+Its Eldo decoy*
Dr. Phil (2 years ago)
+Its Eldo true
ItsEldo (2 years ago)
ItsEldo (2 years ago)
Nah killing someone with a smoke does
Mr. Smiley0389 (2 years ago)
What if they're moving?
Johnnyclue Less (1 year ago)
Mr. Smiley0389 shoot them
Johhny Riinvagir (2 years ago)
What is the name of 0:39 map ??
Unteroffizier (2 years ago)
No problem
Johhny Riinvagir (2 years ago)
Unteroffizier (2 years ago)
Its a map he made, de_elysium
X Ray (2 years ago)
0:40 torture start
Jacob Hill (2 years ago)
If you left click the head with the knife, you can then right click to finish them off even at full health and armor. Why does no one know this?
Qu4ckL0rd - (2 years ago)
That doesn't kill if you are in the front. If you are in the back it works, but you can just use secondary attack once, which is faster.
Tatskaari (2 years ago)
Hmm, I have been knifed many times in the front and dies in 1. I guess it's either lag or that my "back" starts while they are still in my FOV.
dizon el loshar (2 years ago)
1:48 Tori Black ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
marc2427 (2 years ago)
2:20 esea much?
Madmonkeyz (2 years ago)
I was dying at 2:06 xD
Vercx Vercc (2 years ago)
That tori black bot tho ^^
khan dave (2 years ago)
so the combo is: 2 primary 1 secondary for the execution, right?
EviL_2mc (2 years ago)
No problem, m8. hfhf
khan dave (2 years ago)
+EviL_2mc thnx ^^
EviL_2mc (2 years ago)
+khan dave Tip: Hold both mouse buttons, then release the left button right after second strike, for fastest possible combo. BOOM! ;-D

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