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Trade your skins here: http://www.flashytrades.com Codes + Social Media : http://www.MattCS.com http://www.hellcase.com (code: MattCS) 0,40$ http://www.csgolive.com (code: MattCS) 0,40$ ► My website: www.mattcs.com (all social media links) ► Discord! - https://discord.gg/Er6e4ap
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Text Comments (182)
Bram e (2 months ago)
Like the video = never get scammed
Adeed Hafeez (4 months ago)
quartz cobalt (6 months ago)
Its called a ip proxy
Peter Acioli (7 months ago)
So many people in Denmark, min hjem!
BlackPain - CSGO (7 months ago)
like da vidio nevar get scamd
Tru Cker (7 months ago)
RIP Lil Peep :(
mohamad (9 months ago)
intro music name?
lexyflexy (10 months ago)
U should make a website called ILoveScamingLittleKidsCuzIHaveNoLife.com
Andy Short (10 months ago)
"You cant really get an erection out of the scammer" - MattCS 1:04
MattCS (10 months ago)
lenny face
Patrix (10 months ago)
0:21 croatia wtf ? btw the worst club in the world
Japieeh (11 months ago)
What did it say at 0:25
Intro song???
NightBot (11 months ago)
Outro song?
Tuneto (1 year ago)
Hajduk split in deathmach! 1:17 pogledajte
Mineldo Albania (1 year ago)
Stooney437 (1 year ago)
But Matt.... In Skype you can ddos people too, i heard that once (No Offensive) #ImAfanBoi
RaYze (1 year ago)
what is the song at the end?
Gusteliss Dzeusas (1 year ago)
You trade your karambit 603 for 597 nice profit bro
Mark Kachowski (1 year ago)
joining groups like hellcase and csgo atse are great ways to find scammers as well
Reign (1 year ago)
funny how he says you can't pull ips on Skype when you can do that with task manager lol
yushi suzuki (1 year ago)
guys report this impersonator http://steamcommunity.com/id/CollectingKnives02 trying to scam me
Dragon whales (1 year ago)
E3.14C (1 year ago)
Your website is visually beautiful :)
Random User (1 year ago)
Does this method work on all popular steam games?
Hunt 3r (1 year ago)
intro song ?
Elite Clash (1 year ago)
Warrio - Mortals (feat. Laura Brehm) [NCS Release]
Remee Yeoman (1 year ago)
hey matt why do you have the unturned logo as your profile picture
Lord Butts (1 year ago)
Yeah like the video and never get scammed
Wezza (1 year ago)
Matt which rank are you? DMG?
P4ro (1 year ago)
Weeza hes gnm i think
Imperial LP´s (1 year ago)
You could ask for a telephone nr or an id to ensure the scammer is 18 :D
azox. (1 year ago)
what is the first music ? at 00:00 intro song.
Elite Clash (1 year ago)
Warrio - Mortals (feat. Laura Brehm) [NCS Release]
ZonyPony (1 year ago)
azox. thanks I wasn't joking
azox. (1 year ago)
lol nice joke 1967 joke
ZonyPony (1 year ago)
azox. jk
ZonyPony (1 year ago)
azox. darude sandstorm
Zer0 (1 year ago)
You can find out a persons ip with wireshark on any voice-chat program so youre not safe on skype and discord except if your using a VPN
ThE1337b0t (1 year ago)
Song name of intro?
Elite Clash (1 year ago)
Warrio - Mortals (feat. Laura Brehm) [NCS Release]
ThE1337b0t (1 year ago)
Darude - Sandstorm
the widow maker (1 year ago)
The awkward moment when you just got scammed by a fake admin out of like 55 dollars
thonk man (1 month ago)
basically me, but i had a m9 bayonet gamma doppler fn
Bagels (1 year ago)
Are you actually gn3v
KylersOnYT (1 year ago)
Wait so if I use the code then I can open a free case?? Matt please tell mehh
KylersOnYT (1 year ago)
I subbed btw
Jens Olsen (1 year ago)
i love ur vids
Mr.Danger (1 year ago)
Matt why do you have my picture in your thumbnail?
Zenon (1 year ago)
i ve watched all your trolling video it so funny
Veexx Gaming (1 year ago)
5:33 This Profile tryed to Add Me today XD
Enter Posthuman (1 year ago)
scammer. scammed my bayo doppler p2 --- http://steamcommunity.com/id/CommunityAdmin-FlawedVision/
Damian Ureche (1 year ago)
Matt , what is your VPN??
Paolo (1 year ago)
dray borja (1 year ago)
"you can't really get an erection from the scammer"
Max (1 year ago)
You can get the ip from a Skype call really easy. For Example I got the ip from my friend by using wireshark and I did that because I wanted to troll an Indian tech support so tested it xD
Gillian (1 year ago)
get their trust, make it look like your falling for it, press ready trade, deselect it, "say hi to youtube" is the usual formula but this gets pretty old, you only want to see the dumb scammer in these vids not the actual trolling
Riley The wolf (1 year ago)
your iP can still be taken from skype
YoungGunPlays (1 year ago)
I bet you all the dislikes on this video are scammers...
Stone Welle (9 months ago)
or people that don't like mattcs
The Flader (1 year ago)
Matt comment pls just found ur channel more trolling videos plssss!!!!!! Love the vids
iSanctuary (1 year ago)
16700 Subs Lekker Man!!
patet001 (1 year ago)
Skype is also peer-peer use discord, they pride themselves on it being near impossible to get an ip address
"If you can get them into skype or discord they can't get your ip" Skype is the easiest way to get someone's ip.
slumptd killz (1 year ago)
They can still get ip on Skype even if you don't add or talk to them they just need your name
James Pythom (1 year ago)
hey,i found a big exploit on ur site. pls send msg on steam it can make the site offline, I cant rly tell you how I do here cuz ppl gonna use it. u can delete me right after Ill just show you  http://steamcommunity.com/id/EWRWER12312/
Daniel Souza (1 year ago)
I got like $5 scammed... Than I scammed the guy that scammed me a Hyper Beast haha
LuX (1 year ago)
Daniel Souza lol
Godwin (1 year ago)
What plugins do you have to see if they are banned
HiDDeN (1 year ago)
yo what does flashytrades give you???
Mark Hill (1 year ago)
Got a scammers number 1 (646) 494-5167 it's the government grant scamming scheme blow his phone up have fun guys
quartz cobalt (6 months ago)
Mark Hill alu snackbar time
Kees T. (1 year ago)
Hinterino Salterino (1 year ago)
hey how about you make the video about the new CSGOGETTO.com scamming bots.Ive got like 10 invites from them so far.
WaturDzn (1 year ago)
luckily, the number of scammers has died down by a lot recently
Xryin / Deus (1 year ago)
Everytime I clicked on the "+" on hellcase... nothing happened
Xryin / Deus (1 year ago)
Got scammed so long ago and THEN you make these videos Kappa kms
Xryin / Deus (1 year ago)
Dislike never get scammed?
Xryin / Deus (1 year ago)
Ro0b0 (1 year ago)
Kenneth Dallo You must be fucking retarded to get scammed on Steam.
Xryin / Deus (1 year ago)
AP3 (1 year ago)
Lol that same exact guy added me lol
Kaan Yaman Topçu (1 year ago)
You are the best of trolling scammer :)
Fa1l3n (1 year ago)
dude almost every day i get scammers thta ask me to sell my items to them :P
Masum Ahmed (1 year ago)
lil peep <3
* ROCKYRAFTY (1 year ago)
i know a ez way to get ip from skype
diogosousa60 (1 year ago)
Nice glock you have there 😊😊😊
JamesCanadian Gaming (1 year ago)
I identify as a swiffer wet jet
sentiss (1 year ago)
What do you mean by "Boy's and Girls and People who dont want to be missgendered"??? My gender is actually Attackhelicopter and there are many with the same gender and how do you dare not listig it up???? If you where to do it again im gonna sue you. TRIGGERED
Mathias Johannesen (1 year ago)
welcome to m'new video
NotKrypton (1 year ago)
You can get ips form Skype as well
Chario (1 year ago)
Blorp they didn't fix it, just harder to get the right one :P
Shreyas Pranesh (1 year ago)
NotKrypton you're a creep
Ro0b0 (1 year ago)
H U F S Wow you're so cool
malicious (1 year ago)
Blorp I can get ips on steam csgo skype discord teamspeak pretty much anything
Koen Morre (1 year ago)
since i got my primal saber FN i get more and more friend requests
WebbstR _ (1 year ago)
01:05 erection hahahahah, no but seriously these vids r doing gr8 dude :*
DenDanskePanda (1 year ago)
Where did you get that intro please Tell me
Mohammed från 4A (1 year ago)
2:16 You could easliy get someones ip through skype and discord too.
Áron V. (1 year ago)
error 404 (1 year ago)
Matt, Csgolive is the best Case opening site, never deposited on site just made a random expensive case, then after 24 hours i checked my affliates i have 64$ i checked all my cases and a guy opened 3 time of my cases, i went all my money in covert case and went up to 102$ some random guy gave me 7$ item to withdraw, yes i gave back 7$ and gave extra 3$ to thank him
Blorp (1 year ago)
You're an idiot
Esel (1 year ago)
I got scammed,now im trolling the same exact person who scammed me xD
psadfwveg (1 year ago)
Outro song?
Mike Nodder (8 months ago)
xd lil peep witchblades
psadfwveg (1 year ago)
Willem Dekker (1 year ago)
Sponsored by ZuRi? :O
VanishFN (1 year ago)
Matt I luv ur vids :)
Sasha Horsthuis (1 year ago)
I ALSO DID IT to funny
Henso (1 year ago)
"like the video = never get scammed" oh wow didn't got scammed OMG f*ck it works!
Henso (1 year ago)
Matt that's going too far. Like Far Cry. ok I'm gonna hang myself bye cya
MattCS (1 year ago)
+Henso 😏
Tenzki (1 year ago)
Idk why but im getting Friend Invites from scammers everyday
PyrottE (1 year ago)
I sure would like to scam for the free skins that you can get, but on the other side you feel bad about it, and also, everybody will hate you... So i will try to not scam, ever. not that i have, i never did but i want some skins man...
Tyrone (1 year ago)
ThePinkChicken (1 year ago)
mattCS best videos inspiration for mine <3
zoey (1 year ago)
lil peep ❤
Jack (1 year ago)
I found a scammer today, he wanted to trade an m9 bayonet Doppler fn for my bayonet freehand fn but I obviously didn't accept since the m9 Doppler costs more than my bayonet
NeoTric (1 year ago)
How is that a scam if he is offering a more expensive skin?
Jack (1 year ago)
And he only had 3.5 hours on cs and had a dlore 2 medusa and more than 100 knives
Tomohox (1 year ago)
I just trolled one yesterday :DD
KLICKTRICKERS (1 year ago)
i once trolled a guy for an entire Month, he was so fucking Mad after i told him that i don't wanna give him my Fire Serpent :D
Tenzki (1 year ago)
Krum3L (1 year ago)
hello im a admin from youtube.. give me all your money i give back no scammerino.. jk
Fitzwolf (1 year ago)
+MattCS can u make a video where u tell us how to make a vpn
CrankyGamer (1 year ago)
Pure Dexterity (1 year ago)
This video isn't even a how to troll video, its literally a how to find scammers video.
MattCS (1 year ago)
The trolling is all up to your creativity and I can't shove that in your hands ;)
Nerden (1 year ago)
Juanito (1 year ago)
Juanito (1 year ago)
before 10000 views

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