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When Shroud Used to Play CS:GO

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Text Comments (855)
YCT ShadyStan (29 days ago)
*"When Skadoodle used to play CS:GO"* - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLjRfR9tuc8 && Hope you guys enjoyed it, let me know more "When" videos you would like to see! If you got a Spotify, Follow my playlist!! - http://spoti.fi/2lt5tU0
anuj upadhyay (3 months ago)
YCT ShadyStan when ScreaM was in g2 please I beg❤❤ I love Adil❤❤
LeadSir (9 months ago)
YCT ShadyStan I
BambamLFC93 (11 months ago)
For a name like "ShadyStan", I didn't really expect you to have such whack autotuned inaudible ear cancer as your intro. Outro is almost as bad.
ScorpioN (1 year ago)
YCT ShadyStan u have the cringest intro ever
S3mpx YT (13 hours ago)
I would love too see him one last time playing Cs, cuz I started playing becouse of him but I cant be the next shroud , I got bad equipment and no skill
Mathias Hamre (1 day ago)
5:50 he just killed his mate just9
Lukáš Pavlovský (1 day ago)
he s the best Gamer so far
iVE Gaming (2 days ago)
0:59 Lit!!!
Tot Slayer (4 days ago)
His name was peekaboo at the end. That death was ironic
Thomas Wepfer (4 days ago)
Cancer outro
KOMANG SATRYA (8 days ago)
King of Pistol Round
KOMANG SATRYA (8 days ago)
King of pubg
cm cc (8 days ago)
lol cheter
prvZ (9 days ago)
Can somebody pls tell me what de fux is moE sayin in 1:40
Tyrece Lamell (9 days ago)
Shroud sus asf that’s probably y he stop playing he was a hacker?
_ MlgSly (10 days ago)
ermm 4:26... is that humanly possible
The Kadju (10 days ago)
it's like he was able to do what ever he thought of. xD
Neoklis Demetriou (13 days ago)
tbh if I somebody reported him and I was overwatch I'd ban him.. it truly looks like he has wh
Technical Prasenjit (15 days ago)
Shroud Vs Forsaken?
MaStEr Evo (16 days ago)
Shroud = Reddit clips
Red Dominator (17 days ago)
7 fucking ads
Uzair Latif (17 days ago)
Why does him team always sound like 12 year old girls?
Dioross Orozco (18 days ago)
Good to see shroud smiles and laugh again unlike back then when hes still in C9, he barely smiles and laugh due to pressure and stress they giving to him.
Mighty Rush (20 days ago)
Make "when shroud used to play pubg" now that would be a sick ass video
sebbex (20 days ago)
10:25 new AWP
Bruce Albuera (21 days ago)
He stopped playing PUBG. He already streams and plays BLACKOUT.
ShaNky (23 days ago)
8:20 stewie aimlocked shroud ????????
Paulo Azevedo. (24 days ago)
0:48 WTF?!?!
서종현 (24 days ago)
Dude I fokin love you Shroud❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
進撃の13號 (24 days ago)
I was watching Forsakens cheating , and then....
Saygın ZÜNBÜLOVA (25 days ago)
Nerf shroud pls
Game or every Day (26 days ago)
or too pro
MadTerrier (26 days ago)
Better than forsaken's Aimbot 💪
Lord DarknessCs (26 days ago)
Aimbot use shroud
Fake Social Dynamics (27 days ago)
Shroud is a hacker everybody,look at this hacker.
RemU (29 days ago)
6:24 I miss the old SSG sound
Anarchon (30 days ago)
shroud makes it look so easy, total talent
CosmoKotik (1 month ago)
the king of reddit <3
Fikri Abi (1 month ago)
2:33 LOL
sjaak de wit (1 month ago)
i think if shroud uses cheats, he will be in disadvantage
King Kun (1 month ago)
Anyone that sees this comment, shroud is back to play CS now but probably not as much as he used to. Still if you see his first game, still fucking amazing. Once a legend, always a legend.
HMB PEBEJ (1 month ago)
I miss shroud
C.I.A (1 month ago)
Im miss Fat Cuq.xD but for real though
C.I.A (1 month ago)
11:25 look at shrouds hands and mouse he flicks fast that why hes king of reddit and Aim!!! "O
Thanglallian Vualnam (1 month ago)
I love all the, 'Hello reddits'
eeriest (1 month ago)
thanks for ordering the same clips everyones seen 4713894 times in a different sequence NICE
Raiq Gamingg (1 month ago)
Wanna know Shroud's secret? FATCOCK
Yash Wardhan (1 month ago)
That shot won't happen again 5:56 That was the best shot. Not even scream can match that level
kartikey satyarthi (1 month ago)
He is the one who is truly made for gaming
Suprewwe :3 (1 month ago)
knife em for reddit
XCaliber (1 month ago)
Juneao Alfred (1 month ago)
that is insane.. well.. i was his teacher after all.. in my dream.
StrapticZ (1 month ago)
https://cs-bet.weebly.com/ just sharing this new bet
Involker (2 months ago)
“black hole means hole in the black” best logic
The Blitz (2 months ago)
Gabanatora (2 months ago)
6 ads in less than 15 mins of video. I'd rather watch tv at this point ffs.
L7 Tacxen (2 months ago)
TheDarkPlayer 225 (2 months ago)
the good old days. I was watching shroud since 2014
Øvērlørđ (2 months ago)
Omg i slowed the beginning od the video and wtf how?
SuperCrips (2 months ago)
0:00 9:30 same vid
Dom Julien (2 months ago)
shroud hecker confiremed
Jiří Jacko (3 months ago)
you are insane :)
Daniel Watson (3 months ago)
the second to last clip proves shroud is crosshair placement god
Deutscher Patriot (3 months ago)
at 8:37 u can see shroud is hacking! he dont look of his monitor but makes a headshot! wow low man!
JE PASCUAL_08 (3 months ago)
What does REDDIT mean???
hins (3 months ago)
why is it that stew is always on glue sticks when paying with Mike?
Djentleman Community (4 months ago)
this guy is not human
Uta Sy (4 months ago)
I like shroud before....and now i hate shroud...he blame the game and regrets csgo team
WolF (4 months ago)
11:18 i really hate it
Long Shot (4 months ago)
Shroud a baller
Nizahe Ⓥ (4 months ago)
I can't belive this is even possible, WTF.
Arief Rahman (4 months ago)
what crosshairstyle that shroud use ?
Aans12 (4 months ago)
5:05 man wtf?
ITeazZx Gaming (4 months ago)
reddit sucks....
FadedAdvice (4 months ago)
I just wish he played like he did on his stream and wasn’t that inconsistent on actual Pro matches
QuinnGamer (4 months ago)
1:15 that melody
Joonas Hämäläinen (4 months ago)
Every clip there was someone who shouted "reddit"
sh4de (4 months ago)
"You know why they call me Stewie? I'll show you." *Dies as he pushes the smoke*
박려온 (4 months ago)
I miss shrood or shrimp
Koji Singga (5 months ago)
lol if you're bad people call you noob, if you're good people call you cheater
Rubén Rojano (5 months ago)
Intro song?
Clorox Bleach (5 months ago)
Why is he wearing a worker headphones in the thumbnail.. 😂😂😂
David Phillips (5 months ago)
Seems like aim bot legend dude is literally have to watch him in person
Hypodonix HP (5 months ago)
7 ads nice.
Merp (5 months ago)
I love that awkward laugh when he does something insane. Everyone is screaming Reddit and shroud is just like "heh heh"
Michael Ou (10 days ago)
just another day for him LOL
EXB BSP (5 months ago)
Men shroud is still reddit king even his on pubg but going back at cs
Phantom Assasin (5 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oiif4kjIQl8&t=58s wacth :D
ad1 (5 months ago)
irrelevant now
JeVe (5 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oiif4kjIQl8&t=3s may be the same?
Как песня из интро именуется ?
Phantom Assasin (5 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oiif4kjIQl8 miss him soo much
Jhon Paul Bagsik (5 months ago)
2:30 why are they throwing the gun's guys? I saw to much plays like this im a newbie😅
Omar Contreras (5 months ago)
i miss him so much bro :(
dps (5 months ago)
Kntrtn (5 months ago)
When CS:GO used to be a real CS:GO that much better than now, before
The Dark Neon (6 months ago)
i like the old sounds
mio mia (6 months ago)
Everyone becomes a hyped black guy crowd whenever plays like this happen.
ginozk1 (6 months ago)
1:23 that laugh tho
MultiSamRen (6 months ago)
i just like his laugh..
sm1le lnd (6 months ago)
that fake flash on cache lmao! :))
Bryan Alarcon (6 months ago)
the aim was far the crosser was far from the enemy how did it hit?
Driftkon (6 months ago)
Tiny Mighty (6 months ago)
He is going back to CS:GO

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