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How to make a shortcut for mame games and add them to steam.

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When the screen shows my mame running, the video does not show how it runs on my pc. The emulator runs in full screen on my monitor but the video capture programming was locked in to 1080p so that little game box came up on the video. I promise on your pc it will run in full screen or however you have it. Sorry about the blurry. First time in a while I used obs to record so I wasn't paying attention to my bitrate. If there are any other question you guys have, let me know in the comments and I'll get back to you soon as possible. You can also message me if you have questions and I prefer that method because I can def get back to you a lot faster since it's easier to zero in on the question you guys ask. Enjoy!
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Mike Kazban (5 months ago)
Thanks so much! Funnily enough I came here to add the same game as you did in the vid
Norrum (11 months ago)
Thank you for this video! It worked :D
MachinelfWOW (1 year ago)
Ice is dead. Dont waste 2 hours of your life before you realize this. But this video per se is good
wouter vandenbussche (2 years ago)
why does it Always go to this menu from mame instead of lauching it? http://flatfootfox.com/generated_img/2011/Screen-Shot-2011-10-01-at-10.22.10-AM-970x728-b16620.png Thx for tutorial!
Ryan Barber (2 years ago)
Two questions: (1) Do you really have to create the shortcuts and add them to steam? You've demonstrated how steam does not import the shortcut properly, requiring you to copy and paste the actual target. Is there a way to simply add this info (target and source) on the fly in steam, without creating a shortcut? (2) Does Ice work for MAME? My guess is there is a way. But I wonder if it's more work than it's worth. This maybe the simpler way. Thanks for the help video and thanks in advance for any reply to these Q's.
PsychoSi (2 years ago)
+Ryan Barber Ice does not work for mame unfortunately. But as for your first question, yes you can just create a shortcut on the fly in steam. I just wanted to be able to have an executable file for the roms that I can activate from my desktop as well as from steam though in retrospect it makes more sense to just build the pathway in steam first and click create desktop shortcut from there. However you would still need something to build it off of since you can't just add a black shortcut to steam. Hope this helps.
Lee Spire (3 years ago)
Thanks man so helpful in useing this short cut to make a cabinet in anarchy arcade
recoil2stronk (3 years ago)
hello hello im wondering how you did the castlevania symphony of the night shortcut for me it doesnt even work.I typed this C:\Users\penis\Desktop\espxe\ePSXe.exe ''C:\Users\penis\Desktop\espxe\Catlevania Symphony of the Night\Castlevania - Symphony of the Night.cue but it doesn even load the espxe. plz help
PsychoSi (3 years ago)
+PsychoSi Wow I just saw that it worked for you lol. Sorry for all the info after. But at least now you have a link for ice. lol
PsychoSi (3 years ago)
+PsychoSi here is the link for ice. http://scottrice.github.io/Ice/
PsychoSi (3 years ago)
+PsychoSi If this all fails then I suggest downloading a program called ice. You can then use this to add the games you want by following a tut online. Just type it into youtube and a tut should come up showing you exactly what to do. Ice is a great program and works great for emu's across the board. The shortcuts for emu's are a bit harder than mame to customize a shortcut for cuz they read in different languages and this program does the hard work for you.
recoil2stronk (3 years ago)
+PsychoSi thank you my friend it finally works <3
PsychoSi (3 years ago)
+PsychoSi Also in the start in section make sure to delete the \" at the end.
PsychoSi (3 years ago)
No prob man.  Drove me nuts trying to do it. lol
Almason (3 years ago)
Thanks man, it's working great.

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