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A Great CS:GO Update - CSNN #1

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Sponsored By DreamTeam - Ultimate Teambuilding Platform Join beta today https://goo.gl/zbmJsm Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VNN Today on Valve News Network, we take a look at all the events of the last four weeks in the world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. I understand I did not report on the largest story of the last month. I want to explain that I have rewritten this video 6 times with this story in mind, and after many conversations with Electra, we decided not to group it in. Sources : http://blog.dota2.com/2018/01/dotatv-streaming/ http://blog.dota2.com/2018/02/the-spring-cleaning-2018-update/ https://www.polygon.com/2018/1/30/16952248/counter-strike-global-offensive-dragon-lore-skadoodle-skin-sale-opskins http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1297709134 https://www.polygon.com/2018/1/25/16932086/dota-2-esl-facebook-twitch-ban https://twitter.com/IceFrog/status/958912324030554113?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pcgamer.com%2Fdota-2-is-moving-to-a-bi-weekly-update-schedule%2F http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1295494370 Music By HOME : https://soundcloud.com/home-2001 My Social Media : Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/valvenewsnetwork/ Waffler Weekly : goo.gl/Fm28Ge
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Text Comments (322)
Julian Graf (8 months ago)
Oh, look. another Nuke Update.
Greenhourglass (8 months ago)
What was the "largest story of the last month" you didn't report on??? I get that sometimes it makes sense not to wanna draw attention to something, but considering VNN is like the only good Valve News channel i watch, I'm kinda tired of missing out on the BIGGEST news... like, that's kinda your job, dude.
Joseph Upton (8 months ago)
2:00 he took this long to get to the update. smh
pSyk (8 months ago)
I wish there was a rip-off website that would help me find teammates... :/
T2000 (8 months ago)
PSquiddy (8 months ago)
When making a CS:GO video, please don't have DOTA take up half the video.
michael korec (9 months ago)
Video starts 0:27
Ep Jose (9 months ago)
Trololo artifact is looking good.
Snekcharmer (9 months ago)
3:18 rip terrorist
Jcat675 (9 months ago)
Why the fuck was canals updated no one plays that map
manTa Beats (9 months ago)
Stop aiming at the floor
smokey (9 months ago)
Shit dude why dont we have a TF2 dream team
Mutaito Sensei (9 months ago)
In the meantime... The Team Fortress 2 team has gone silent for weeks at a time, and no noticeable update has happened since January.... Who saw this coming? Everyone? Okay.
Seth (9 months ago)
No 3KliksPhilip link in the description? Boo
Peter Gill (9 months ago)
Seriously? Facebook? I didn't even know Facebook had a livestreaming service and quite frankly don't care in even the slightest. Even if I were more into watching eSports (I do like watching them but don't do it regularly) there is no way I would watch on Facebook.
Aimeran (9 months ago)
Great honoring for adding more useless stuff instead of fixing the problems. CS:GO needs to be fixed and VAC needs to be improved. Too many cheaters especially on higher ranks.
Rendell Imbang (9 months ago)
Kai_Land (9 months ago)
Where is 3kliks?
burnt f1ames (9 months ago)
damm i sorry but you suck at csgo
Oremoose (9 months ago)
"please don't leave" wow
Forgotten Syrup (9 months ago)
you should really report on what's happening in tf2, because it's losing like 1000 players a day.
Forgotten Syrup (9 months ago)
planning on reporting on the missing ELo anytime soon?
Mandalore The Proud (9 months ago)
So I first listened to HOME Resonance recently and now 2 you tubers i'm subscribed to used their music.
C (9 months ago)
I really miss story games from Valve
IVAN HD (9 months ago)
Add vertigo plsssssssssss
Gabriel Giddings (9 months ago)
Omar Youssef (9 months ago)
Can you please put pro matches or get someone to get your gameplay because it not only annoys me but many people because its just bad (no offense) Just constructive Criticism
Mozrow Drops (9 months ago)
The Valve post shower and Speculation King is back
bryson titus (9 months ago)
the crosshair placement is not always at head and it makes me angry
Omar Youssef (9 months ago)
lilblueballs thinking the same it started to annoy me
Mark Horejsi (9 months ago)
Why tf am I getting polish nationalist ads
ryanzz6 (9 months ago)
How do you get the cross-hair he is using in CSGO?
Omar Youssef (9 months ago)
ryanzz6 go to game settings you will see crosshairs just change it to static
Skunk Nipples (9 months ago)
coolhotdude69 (9 months ago)
Number 15, Burger King foot lettuce The last thing you'd want in your Burger King burger is someone else's foot fungus, but as it turns out that might be exactly what you get.
Ian Hoopes (9 months ago)
Also stfu
Ian Hoopes (9 months ago)
Burger Kink Foot Fetish
Joshua Durisseau (9 months ago)
Dota is more important than CSgo
flying zambie (8 months ago)
LCore wanna hear a joke? Csgo perfect world numbers.
Mehmet Tekeli (9 months ago)
I still want my mp5sd. That's all. Still waiting..
DrIvanRadosivic (9 months ago)
After WEAPON IMPROVEMENT CHANGES, new weapons will be a thing.
SPaMuRai GRaNaTaBRu (9 months ago)
Can't wait for co-op modes to be added! But where is my suppressed MP-5?
DrIvanRadosivic (9 months ago)
does it need improvements or getting good at it? Also, turns out that you should have shot the dualies from standing position for maximum accuracy. And R8 revolver is cheaper. CZ and R8 might need a "buy ammo for it" options. tactical shield would be great for CT.
SPaMuRai GRaNaTaBRu (9 months ago)
Buff Galil.
DrIvanRadosivic (9 months ago)
SPaMuRai GRaNaTaBRu Probaby going to be added after WEAPON IMPROVEMENT UPDATES.
Minesonic (9 months ago)
No Adiós? Dislike.
Nicolas (9 months ago)
Moba = cancer
DrIvanRadosivic (9 months ago)
riv4lm4n Nah, fantards are.
José Couchet (9 months ago)
man i dont like D-O-T-A
Franspai (9 months ago)
No adiós? Unsubscribed
Fucking Hermes (9 months ago)
No dijo adios :(
NPC 07091822 (9 months ago)
roBPert CS:GO (9 months ago)
source 2 pls valf
Lubie Placki (9 months ago)
Mtpelaaja FIN Why? Source 2 sucks.
Yelldow (9 months ago)
hey vnn remember that time you were gonna link that 3kliks video in the description
Sir CoCoNUT (9 months ago)
The nova is even more of a sniper now. Hell yes.
roBPert CS:GO (9 months ago)
every vid you make is made at night.
lolmikes (9 months ago)
if you upload one more going live on twitch video i am unironically going to unsub okay
Red J Studios (9 months ago)
Who else watched him make this on stream?
Despon (9 months ago)
..No audios? Valve really are running their community.
Despon (9 months ago)
DrIvanRadosivic (9 months ago)
Despon Nah Valve's lack of structure and low amount of workers is a problem.
Jamie Martin (9 months ago)
Abrupt ending is abrupt.
Tamas2020 (9 months ago)
Finally, someone I know that uses the aug
Stream Sniper Studios (9 months ago)
Skip to 0:30 to remove stupid sellout add
Amy White (9 months ago)
Does TF2 has some... Twitter account where the dev team can communicate like this? Could be great to have something like it, even if they only post memes
Spork (9 months ago)
"killhouse" cod 4 anyone?
Schwanzus Longus (9 months ago)
btw the 3kliksphilip video isnt in the discription lol
Schwanzus Longus (9 months ago)
would be great if you just hire someone who does the gameplay in the background.. it annoys me everytime ^^
Citrus (9 months ago)
You should have talked about Jesse Cliffe's arrest
ArdentParagon (9 months ago)
In the dream team ad you sound like you want to die
Stephen (9 months ago)
So, dp ypu still make TF2 news videos or is there just nothing to go on right now.
Spork (9 months ago)
Stephen nothing rlly going on rn probably since tf2 is like tyler's favourite game
Jyubeii (9 months ago)
3kliksphilip video not in the description?
Lime Twist Animations (9 months ago)
Where is the link?
Stup ID (9 months ago)
2:40 Was just going to open the description xD
Butter Butt (9 months ago)
Csgo sux.
Steven (9 months ago)
Butter Butt literally every community hates furries.....
Butter Butt (9 months ago)
Wow. What a good community.
Steven (9 months ago)
Says the degenerate furry
Butter Butt (9 months ago)
Lubie Placki Well, i don't agree with your comment.
Lubie Placki (9 months ago)
Butter Butt must agree with the furry CS:GO is a game for pedos
Anon Anonson (9 months ago)
You forgot the link to Philip's video
Alex_Gabi004 (9 months ago)
2:23 look in the chat 😂
Muhammad Ilham (9 months ago)
We need a dream team of new csgo
DrIvanRadosivic (9 months ago)
Muhammad Ilham Nah Valve needs to get Dream team for hiring more people for all their games.
Kerian Halcyon (9 months ago)
I still find it funny that people are trading real cash around for what is effectively a PNG file mapped onto a digital model that took about 5 minutes to make - its only resale value being an RNG system that dictates when you can acquire it from a loot box. Fucking ridiculous.
Tom Jackal (9 months ago)
2:40 you lie
Nier (9 months ago)
Video starts 0:27
Peter Opahle (9 months ago)
Where was my "Adios" ???
Nobody Reads My Comments (9 months ago)
Nuke received the worst update so its not a great csgo update. They removed everything unique Nuke had and now they are trying to make it oversimplified boring bare bones map cause pros can't play on it. It was fine the way it was and now its a shit map.
Steven (9 months ago)
Nuke was a pretty bad map. So much corners to check and so much verticality. Imo it's a mess of a map and needed some work
Lubie Placki (9 months ago)
Nobody Reads My Comments Darn, CSGOtards are really entitled.
Daniel (9 months ago)
I just got back into this game, it's more fun than I remember it being back in 2015. :)
MLG Quikscoper (9 months ago)
Haha I saw this being made :) Like if you did too
TheSupV (9 months ago)
why is csgo still alive
The fuck is this ? (8 months ago)
Becouse its cs..
Xander Niles (9 months ago)
TheSupV It's the most unique high skill ceiling game. CSGO still growing. If you don't like it, that's your opinion.
Rastla (9 months ago)
ask GlaDOS
Mr. _ (9 months ago)
I knew that you meant that Source 2 is killing Dota, but I was asking in what way. As for the viewers, the peak number of viewers was around 10, 935,730.
Lubie Placki (9 months ago)
Brilliant Behemoth I meant that Source 2 is killing Dota. and using views as a metric? even peak viewers would be better, all a view means someone opened the stream for 13 seconds.
dauxanh 64 (9 months ago)
the counter strike dev is so fucking disconnected! all they do is listen to Gayben took community made weapon skin, pay them a few bucks and make mad profit!
Stephen Angelico (9 months ago)
You forgot to say adios at the end!
kevin_nahuel2010 (9 months ago)
Stephen Angelico *A R E O U S*
CityWokBesitzer (9 months ago)
What about making a New Day of Defeat game?
Greenhourglass (8 months ago)
Valve supported the making of Day of Infamy. I don't think they're gonna do it, NWI already did it for them and it was fucking fantastic. Go buy it.
T-1000 (9 months ago)
CityWokBesitzer HL3 and DoD2 would be awesome
DrIvanRadosivic (9 months ago)
New story focused games would be great, as would new stuff in general. Imagine if Valve made a alternate history Diesel punk WW1 game. Gete me exited.
kevin_nahuel2010 (9 months ago)
CityWokBesitzer day of infamy...
Mehitwith axe (9 months ago)
Tom Mason your english too
Domanto Kakc (9 months ago)
Its a shitty game overall so who cares if it gets a skins upxate and shotgun buffs
DrIvanRadosivic (9 months ago)
Lubie Placki Actually the gambling sites are third party. Which is awful. AndValve should work on COOP and singleplayer games again.
Lubie Placki (9 months ago)
DrIvanRadosivic An the reason they don't want to work on HL3 is infinite money they get from CSGO fuckers getting kids into gambling.
DrIvanRadosivic (9 months ago)
Lubie Placki Nope, csgo is not why hl3 is canceled. Valve's work on what you want policy and lack of workers and lack of structure is the issue. Plz fix this valve.
Lubie Placki (9 months ago)
LCore Max server size is 32 people, so still enough :^) Besides, about 1/3rd of that were bots which didn't even play any servers and were turned off recently, so TF2 got kicked from top10 players, still don't care, that is actually good news. Third, source on 300k players on TF2?
Lubie Placki (9 months ago)
LCore How is it dead? I can still find a server with human players and play with them, that's not dead. Second, TF2 is hardly my favourite game. It's just not child abusing, HL3 cancelling garbage like CS:GO is.
conE (9 months ago)
Inb4 Paid matches
TheOneDan (9 months ago)
Caleb Klusaw (9 months ago)
Yay dota news!
PSquiddy (8 months ago)
In a CSGO video.
Catpowerdog (9 months ago)
Caleb Klusaw only one like lmao
SnareGG (9 months ago)
FMPone, the hero we need but dont deserve
SnareGG (9 months ago)
ArfJason (9 months ago)
An important message to all the insane people in the comments whose brains have been affected by severe dota exposure: He's not hating Dota. He's saying people who came for a CS video might not care about Dota. It's a joke. About how the video talks about dota. The CS video. A gag. A goof.
Lubie Placki (9 months ago)
Marlon Cebo 7.07 was the best update in years, opinion invalidated.
hadeed malik (9 months ago)
Hey Im just very happy he covered some Dota news :)
DrIvanRadosivic (9 months ago)
You are aware Valve has the infamous Valve time and a work on what you want policy as well, right?
Marlon Cebo (9 months ago)
Lubie Placki We had some great patches and support up until after ti7. They also had majors before that. Dota 2 may have been in a cash cow state but there was some effort up until ti7. The past 6 months have been pretty bad though. 7.07 jumped the shark.
Lubie Placki (9 months ago)
Marlon Cebo Accepted now? Dota has been lying abandoned since 2015
Zem01 (9 months ago)
The live stream was lit
Stalin the Soviet Santa (9 months ago)
Still sheit game.
Lubie Placki (9 months ago)
Takeshi Shouldn't you be getting underage kids addicted to gambling?
IzranZzZ (9 months ago)
Gorgeous Bobs n Vagene wrong video fool
Takeshi (9 months ago)
Sorry, this isn't a DotA 2 video.
Bananananas (9 months ago)
Did you make that sponsor animation? They suck but this one was kinda well done, relatively
Flaringcomet (9 months ago)
Really don't like this mainstream hating on dota
DrIvanRadosivic (9 months ago)
T-1000 All multiplayer games are new mines for salt and toxic materials, DOTA 2 is just one of many examples.
T-1000 (9 months ago)
Chris Bloor addiction is not entertaiment
T-1000 (9 months ago)
Flaringcomet and I really don't like the whole dota 2 mainstream. Cancerous game with cancerous ommunity.
DrIvanRadosivic (9 months ago)
Chris Bloor Well new Valve games with Campaigns would be really apreciated.
Chris Bloor (9 months ago)
Loving the "dota is the death of valve" Its their most successful game, cs:go is also climing up there. Story games like hl2 don't give people 2k ~ 4k hours of entertainment of events to go to and watch.
Ze Plague Doctor (9 months ago)
Inotorious Uploaded 2:23
Majora 320 (9 months ago)
You forgot to post the 3kliks video link...
Greenhourglass (8 months ago)
he also forgot the outro. unsubbed
Catpowerdog (9 months ago)
Buddhist Cow I love your name
Purple Sky (9 months ago)
Thespikedballofdoom (9 months ago)
Flaringcomet (9 months ago)
Loving the Dota biweekly updates, we'll see how that goes.
DrIvanRadosivic (9 months ago)
Nope, lack of motivation for new games and Valve time and the "work on what you want" policy is the issue. Valve needs to hire more people, get project managers and public relations managers, get a structure and get several dev teams working on some new games that have single player.
Stashmaniac (9 months ago)
Kevin, you are stupid. Thanks for reading.
Lubie Placki (9 months ago)
kevin_nahuel2010 Whatever you say, keep buying skins.
kevin_nahuel2010 (9 months ago)
Dota sucks its the reason we're not getting any new games (artifact's a copy paste not new)
Bologna Boy (9 months ago)
Yeah I'm not too sure they're gonna keep up with it
Peep Azure (9 months ago)
I have 2 essays due and 1 power point due tmr but I am still on youtube...
whatda134 (9 months ago)
i said "i watch youtube videos WHEN i study" not "i watch youtube videos WHILE i study"
Peep Azure (9 months ago)
never thought that it was cool, I am just saying it because I found it funny how I am still able to let myself be browsing youtube
Peep Azure (9 months ago)
btw I did not say it because I think its cool ;) I just found it funny how I can be so distracted
Hazzmati (9 months ago)
toiletpoopprankgpnewronggonesexualkillmealready lmao you can't watch youtube video's when you're studying that means you're not studying at all. Stop trying to pretend you can do two things at the same time
Chiewie 016 (9 months ago)
Some videos makes me so excited, yours are one of them. :D
The Lemon Squeezer (9 months ago)
I'm starting to hate the goddamn sponsorship
ytlum (9 months ago)
0:56 and 1:07 sick crosshair placement edit: the entire video is full of amazing crosshair placement
Cesar R (9 months ago)
pure botata gameplay. actually awkward to watch.
Harald L. Lichtenburg (9 months ago)
Yes because VNN uploads his vids with gameplay as his focus
Günter v. G. (9 months ago)
He has 190 hours in csgo. I'd call it normal.
ytlum (9 months ago)
Lubie Placki yeah he is no dsp
Lubie Placki (9 months ago)
At least he's not blaming the game for missing where he wanted to shoot
Knox Crichton (9 months ago)
Great Video! I always like to see CS from a perspective of someone where it isn't all they play.
YOONERO (9 months ago)
Idk why people hate dota
DrIvanRadosivic (9 months ago)
Mr Abd Alghafoor Alboray Actually, the issue is Valve time aka Qualuty over quantity and "work on what you want" and low amount of workers. We need Valve to go from no structure to a structure and have more workers.
Lubie Placki (9 months ago)
They're prejudiced because it's not a rooty tooty point and shooty game and because it allows them to shift blame for killing Half-Life 3 off their games while continuing to blow thousands of dollars on skins.
TheRealLittleBIGhead (9 months ago)
Yurnero Bot I can't believe how vehemently and unironically people are still blaming it for any or all of Valve's shortcomings. Once again, you've got to be really ignorant to think that.
alexbdinside (9 months ago)
Mr Abd Alghafoor Alboray but that's wrong, 1 because valve doesn't work like that 2 if you really want to find why valve stops doing single player just look how much efforts they put into VR, please if you don't know how valve works or where valve is now with their projects don't say stupì bullshit and watch some others VNN videos, please
Rage Killer (9 months ago)
people hate dota so much because it's the reason that make valve stop making singleplayer games and stop caring and Neglecting TF2 and CSGO
Takeshi (9 months ago)
Remove Nuke and add Canals to Active Map pool, ez work for Valve.
Eduardo Pacheco (9 months ago)
If they add Canals we could have drops from that map
kevin_nahuel2010 (9 months ago)
Canals is better tho.. I only like the 1.6 nuke
Bill Joel (9 months ago)
removing maps from the map pool has no benefits. if you dont want to play a map dont select it
URANIUM (9 months ago)
Takeshi Nuke is better after the recent update. There is no hope for Canals it sucks.
DrScaphandre (9 months ago)
I'm so happy Co-Op Strike was brought back and is now an official gamemode. I hope we get more missions soon.
techsimmons (9 months ago)
Yes I'm just confused when you say it is an official game mode. It is not official if you have to download and mess around to get a game going.
DrScaphandre (9 months ago)
techsimmons That's because you gotta redownload them from the Workshop since there's no dedicated Co-Op Strike mode yet. Did you not watch the video?
techsimmons (9 months ago)
I can't find the missions in the CSGO client.
Thomas Carrino (9 months ago)
Plz stop with that dumb echo

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