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He Scammed $100,000 in Skins & Went to JAIL!? (Biggest CS:GO Scam Ever)

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Text Comments (23421)
CGI filming (3 days ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=365209003&token=S7g_W98q send me an offer for my ak-47 frontisde misty min ware renamed(4 stickers)
Megumin (10 days ago)
can I still win the giveaway?
Riptide (11 days ago)
One hell of a face reveal
Gicoland (13 days ago)
Just kill yourself and you cant go to jail MINDFUCK
Linus Skoglund (27 days ago)
i still love you <3
Mother fuck (1 month ago)
selfish murdering piece of shit
AquaHops (1 month ago)
He went to jail and you went to grave. Fucking psycho...
Kid Crumple (1 month ago)
He lost $100,000 and killed 2 people!?!? (Seriously, this was murder)
r0yal (1 month ago)
Rest in piss you stupid cunt
RaisinCookieGaming (2 months ago)
Good job bitch you killed a twelve year old
Dream (2 months ago)
$100.000 inventory and ranked as silver...
Ryo Yoake (2 months ago)
+Ralof007 I'm guessing that you have nowhere left to stand with your argument that he murdered them?
Ryo Yoake (2 months ago)
+Ralof007 by definition murder is going out with the intent to kill somebody. If you looked into this more than what you see at face value you see that others have mistakenly gone on the wrong side of that highway because of how it was layed out. Something I didn't mention because at this point all we have to go on is family and friends words. He was suffering from a mental illness (not currently stated) so if he survived he wouldn't have likely gone to prison as long as we could prove his mental illness caused it. Instead he would have been admitted into a psych ward and been treated. So I feel plastering the word of murderer onto him is unfair (I had no idea who this person was before this so this is coming from a totally unbiased point of view) I want to briefly touch on the murder part again. You could only claim murder if he specifically choose to hit that car because of something that they did to him because you can't have murder without a motive to kill that person. I am not by no means defending him. To me it is unfair labelling him a murder when his isn't. Why? Because all we will see is people saying this is what games do they make you murders. This will be ammo for people trying to destroy games. When the facts are he could have had a mental illness what caused this. The possible fact of being on drugs (however there's no evidence for that available to us).
Ralof007 (2 months ago)
He drove in the wring site of the street so he murdered them
Ryo Yoake (2 months ago)
+Ralof007 I'm sorry but that is irrelevant to this comment. What this person was pointing out didn't need the context of what happened. I'd like to add saying murdered 2 people isn't correct as I doubt he intended to kill others. We don't know without seeing all the facts. At this point in time with what we know it would be classed as manslaughter or death by dangerous/careless driving.
Ralof007 (2 months ago)
Pure Gaming the youtuber who made this video is already dead and murdered a woman and her child ( not joking Google it )
魅影Phantom (2 months ago)
He killed 2 innocent people & went to hell
T spiegs (2 months ago)
Wow the underworld of nerdy gamers, and the thing's they'll do for video games is sick/ needs to be looked into.
T spiegs (2 months ago)
I wouldn't doubt it if he drove a car into oncoming traffic, it wouldn't surprise me. Seems like a wierdo..
Ralof007 (2 months ago)
T spiegs the guy that made this video is already dead and he killed a woman ( not joking Google it )
w a n k e r b o y e (2 months ago)
He Killed 2 People And Went To Hell ?! (BIGGEST SUICIDE EVER)
Bax Jab (2 months ago)
this piece of shit killed a couple innocent people being a bitch Plus he fucked up traffic spoiled asshat that needed to die
David c. (2 months ago)
Were not innocent. They were illegal. Should they have died no. But they deserved to be sent back.
EL1AS (2 months ago)
Rest in peace :(
davey - bgames (2 months ago)
R.i.p rot in pieces
J4nnis (2 months ago)
May he rot in hell
Your Mama (2 months ago)
KaZyy (1 month ago)
Look he might have killed others and put some in a a hospital but he was fucked up in the head. Like for real
Reversed Tracks (2 months ago)
hell no rest in hell man killed a family
Yung :D (2 months ago)
Rest in Peace man :,(
Jonathan Yaghoubi (2 months ago)
Don't give me that Rest In Piece shit. Murdered Mom daughter. You wouldn't be saying if that was your Mom or sister
bottle pepsi (2 months ago)
Legit1 you kid , are the most retarded person I have ever met. Why be a fan of him , he’s DEAD. He is a SUICIDE BOMBER (sort of). It’s like saying RIP to nazis dying after gassing 6 million Jews. The fuck? How would you feel if the people who died was YOUR parents or maybe you? Fuck off kid , I hope you get run over by McSkillet in hell bitch.
Legit1 (2 months ago)
Henry Thomas why are you watching this video
Henry Thomas (2 months ago)
Legit1 you call them haters when he killed a mother and a 12- year old daughter, can you imagine what this has done to the husband now? He’s lost his love of his life and his baby now. What do you think he will do know, this is a chain event. Not to mention he put 8 others in the hospital.
BlAckH0le (3 months ago)
Once I got scammed out of a Stattrak AWP Hyper Beast FN. Gave up on skins entirely after that...
C lehto (5 months ago)
Watching this after ~year.. Still having some giveaway? :))))
C lehto (5 months ago)
Julius The Shark (6 months ago)
Lol Silver 1
Kim Bech (6 months ago)
I got scammed 3500$ not from cs but from pubg. I tried everything to get them back. But steam dont give back anything. I just wish i could do anything to get them back. It happend 23 of april this year one Day before my birthday yippi. =(
PRGaming Zone (6 months ago)
i love you bro https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=395326674&token=RX3jLpXO
leobrzl (6 months ago)
Who cares lol skins stupid... Mckillet, u should make some real videos instead of these dumbass skin videos. What a shame that gaming is being exploited by idiots like you who just want to take advantage of people and support gambling and these ridiculous. Stop making money by hyping this disgusting fad. U r supporting child gambling and much worse by talking up CS skins that in reality mean nothing to no one... or should mean nothing since it literally is nothing. You should be ashamed of how you make your money. All your viewers need to wake up and realize this is a waste!
Laurence Pascual (6 months ago)
can you get arrest if you scam.stram.account.and they real.you in real.life
Ian Loh (6 months ago)
He deserves jail that trolly douchebag
Flurpen (7 months ago)
What about Phantom L0rd
David Dank (7 months ago)
Once I almost got scammed. The trade said that they need to confirm that my knife was real (I wanted to trade on CSGO Lounge).
ryan francis (8 months ago)
SplinteR (8 months ago)
thomas063h1 (8 months ago)
BIG BANANEK (8 months ago)
Sakisak (8 months ago)
neggy _ (8 months ago)
neggy _ (8 months ago)
Sub Seven (8 months ago)
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Harry (8 months ago)
Un gars sympa ! (8 months ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=130219596&token=Y0NuqfEL LEt's believe for once
jürgen kara (8 months ago)
antonie constantin (8 months ago)
RazvaN , (8 months ago)
Lol this scam happened on my birthday :)))))))
Cryppablezx (7 months ago)
Uhm. I don't think you shouls be happy about that xD
victor sundberg (8 months ago)
lodewyck berghuys (8 months ago)
Shofurlong (8 months ago)
Damn giveaway on such high tier things! Great guy!
Woydd (8 months ago)
Wow, damn didnt knew that before now... https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=401464302&token=lwKy-0p9 and yea i would like a skin ;D
Jack Butcher (8 months ago)
Griffin Games (8 months ago)
נדב שמואל (8 months ago)
good video
PeanutIsOriginal (8 months ago)
Ya Boi (8 months ago)
9 9 (8 months ago)
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Lqrve (8 months ago)
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Josh Yap (8 months ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=277111508&token=mdGg74OkHey McSkillet love your vids :)
Suike (8 months ago)
Oto Akhaladze (8 months ago)
Yusuf Kamacı (8 months ago)
CS JINXX (8 months ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=140536422&token=o2E13mAU Please send... -_- Im watching you!
Norwix (8 months ago)
Fast Pro (8 months ago)
Lots Of pro and other player on counter strike are ask too much money for skin and gun and knife and gloves and there are website at are asking too much money as well that because that what the pro paid for them as well.Some off them are way too much money and counter strike should make so counter strike sets the money or price for each item. I play it as well in uk and online part of game it good game and lots nice people that play it.i only play as a customer not as a job if did as job it not your money it people you work for.🇬🇧 it need a up date from counter strike that pro went jail he paid too much for skin as well he did not doing any.
Inot (8 months ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=299840350&token=0POOKCxM i like it
Unlucky :D (8 months ago)
Guy Jr (8 months ago)
Flames Xu (8 months ago)
Why can’t the scammers who have scammed me go to jail
han (7 months ago)
cause you're insignificant
b t (8 months ago)
WhisperShot (8 months ago)
Because either you didn’t get scammed or u were an idiot with shit skins
BBORIS (8 months ago)
stfu english major yu gey
The1Nael1 (8 months ago)
you used the plural as in scammer(s), are you dumb enough to get scammed more than once?
João Duarte (8 months ago)
Ryan Reo (8 months ago)
Edgars (8 months ago)
That dude is just standing there with 2 random chinese guys how is that an arrest
Archan P (8 months ago)
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Klua (8 months ago)
Barry Bettell (8 months ago)
Nathan Pappo (8 months ago)
Tahmid Hossain Ishmam (8 months ago)
Did I won papa ? https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=6124205&token=Qjxdh9JG
Fikri Ramadhandi (8 months ago)
nick ratgen (8 months ago)
Kenneth Yap (8 months ago)
black coon (8 months ago)
real (8 months ago)
Kokayyne (8 months ago)
Gordon Chen (8 months ago)
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Olan Der echte (8 months ago)
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HOMER (8 months ago)
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BjõrneBoi (8 months ago)
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Kylo Ren (8 months ago)
YelloW 7 (8 months ago)
António Santos (8 months ago)
XO (8 months ago)
McSkillet is Technoblade confirmed
BillUrBro - Minecraft (8 months ago)
Pedersen (8 months ago)
JAMAKIANWAFFLE 9 (8 months ago)
do u fake giveaways
Ewan Von Hindenberg (7 days ago)
+The Great illusionist because he killed 2 and went to hell?
The Great illusionist (2 months ago)
He doesn't do givaways anymore
Azertic (8 months ago)
JAMAKIANWAFFLE 9 (8 months ago)
Azertic I'm not condemning him I was just asking?
JAMAKIANWAFFLE 9 (8 months ago)
Azertic I'm just asking
SimplyDanielSub :p (8 months ago)
Zymanis (8 months ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=294900364&token=JPThBSKe never lucky, am I ? :D
vXanderz (8 months ago)
I want a knife
MercuRee (8 months ago)
nqkav stranen (8 months ago)
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Doge (8 months ago)
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Gable L. (8 months ago)
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DramaTic ReBel (8 months ago)
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Tadeáš Letko (8 months ago)
Miguel Pico (8 months ago)
Great video bud :D https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=218261419&token=Dc3L4fpB

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