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Half-Life 2: Episode Two G-man Scene [Heart-to-Heart] (1080p)

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!! SPOILER ALERT !! Half-Life 2 - Episode G-man Scene, or better known his 'Heart to Heart' Video details: * 867.58mb * 1920x1080 * Highest settings available * Audio: 320kbps INFO This is the very popular G-man scene in Half-Life 2: Episode Two. During the Vortigaunt Rite to heal and save Alyx Vance from the Hunter attack in the beginning, G-man stops time again to allow you in another dream-like realm for a heart to heart. He talks about how he saved Alyx Vance from Black Mesa and what she is worth to you (and probably to him too). Also he says he is going to extract from you as some small repayment ode to your own survival. Finally he whispers a well known itle from a chapter from Half-Life: Prepare for UNFORSEEN CONSEQUENCES. After that, Alyx regains strength to stand-up and continue, still with her wounds on her back and story continues. I find this to be the best Gman scene ever created! Perhaps this can change when Episode Three comes out. Happy watching! TEXT: Gman's Words : - Doctor Freeman. I realize this moment may not be the most convenient for a heart-to-heart, but I had to wait until your friends were otherwise occupied. - There was a time they cared nothing for Miss Vance...When their only experience of humanity was a crowbar coming at them down a steel corridor. - When I plucked her from Black Mesa, I acted in the face of objections that she was a mere child and of no practical use to anyone... I have learned to ignore such naysayers when, quelling them? was out of the question. - Still, I am not one to squander my investments...and I remain confident she was worth far more than the initial...appraisal. - That's why I must now extract from you, some small repayment owed for your own survival. - See her safely to White Forest, Doctor Freeman. She may require more care than was previously the case. - I wish I could do more than keep an eye on you, but I have agreed to abide by certain...restrictions? - Mmm. Well... Now, Listen carefully my dear. When you see your... father, relay these words: 'Prepare for unforeseen consequences.' My Computer: - Windows 7 Premium - CPU (Processor) - Intel Quad Core i7 860 @ 2.80GHz - GPU (Graphics Card) - ATI Radeon HD 5870 (1Gig) - Memory - 4 Gigabite (2x2gig) - Soundcard: ASUS Xonar D2 - Monitor - SyncMaster B2230 (Full HD / 70000:1 Dynamic Contrast / (1920x1080)
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Text Comments (711)
DanusMinimus (4 years ago)
doctoooooorrrrrrrrr freeeeemaaannnnnnnnnnnn
Mehmet Tut (1 month ago)
Dont you ever love gman or else,i will hate your channel. Maybe i will do worse. https://vortijunior2450.deviantart.com/art/Vortigaunt-Junior-Concept-Art-744188863
Mehmet Tut (1 month ago)
You love Gman,Gordon Freeman and his friends i will kill you.
BitterVoid (3 months ago)
This part is why I'm here lmao
DanusMinimus (5 months ago)
Ha 3 years after and I got pinned <3
Raymond Wiggins (6 months ago)
0:35 "doctoooooorrrrrrrrr freeeeemaaannnnnnnnnnnn" time
lambda (4 days ago)
Seeing the Gman inside of Black Mesa during this cutscene honestly blew my mind the first time I saw it.
ProgrammerGaming (17 days ago)
Me: HEAL HER QUICK! *vortigese* Yeeaaa Doctor Freeman...... Me: Oh no...
Riga T. (27 days ago)
There was a time when I believed Episode 2 was the pinnacle of story-telling in games. Almost 8 years on, my opinion hasn't changed. Notice how everyone, *everyone* in Half Life has character. Gman, Barney, Kliener, Eli, Magnusson. This scene alone gives depth to Alyx, Gman, even the Vortigaunts. It was rare as hell to see a cutscene in Half Life, but damn when they happened you knew shit was going down.
djk629 (1 month ago)
one of gman's better speeches. still, wth are there dead vorts in the elevator? a gift from gman; the ones who died from "a crowbar coming at them down a steel corridor'?
Savage Bacon (1 month ago)
at 1:16 this looks like a more simplified version the anomalous materials Lobby
Mehmet Tut (1 month ago)
this is the guy who killed the gordon freeman and his friends, Vortigaunt Junior. Also, he is the killer of Gman. https://vortijunior2450.deviantart.com/art/Vortigaunt-Junior-Concept-Art-744188863
Mehmet Tut (1 month ago)
Gman let me tell you something fuck your mother why dont you stop ruining fucking entire half life story. Why dont you die in the videos ? But yes vorti junior killed you already.
Cousin Vinnie (1 month ago)
Have we considered the possibility that these surreal moments with gman aren't him manipulating the physical plain, but rather manipulating Gordon's mind to see all of these things? That would explain how you see gman almost everywhere. It's possible he's not some omniscient god-like being that can break the laws of physics but is merely manipulating Gordon's mind to think he is. This would explain how he was able to mentally program Alyx to say what she said to her father. How Eli was able to hear those very words being whispered into his ear. How the Vortigaunts were able to hold back his influence in Episode 1. I don't think Gman is a supernatural being, he may very well be an illusion, manifested by some sort of mind-altering force, controlled by an unknown third party.
Tarak Biswas (1 month ago)
In EP3 G-Man can reverse the time and can save Dr. Eli or Vortigaunts can make a save to Dr. Eli.
GamingReviews (1 month ago)
Hmmm... no 😆
TheGreen Banana (1 month ago)
why are there dead vortigaunts in the elevator?
Václav Fanta (2 months ago)
Best cutscene in the history of game industry.
InfiniteDarkMass (2 months ago)
Great quality! And wow, 8 years ago? Some nice equipment you had.
1:15 black mesa mmm
Foxtrot 117 (2 months ago)
G-man : See her safely to hwite forest, Doctor Freeman
Alpha Tubitron (3 months ago)
*Prepare..., for Unforeseen Consequences...*
GMAN is an alien. That's the reason he speaks with the range of vocabulary he does. I think he exists throughout space and time which is why he can travel through portals and suspend Freeman in limbo. The Vortugants have the power to disrupt him but when they are occupied, he can beat their telepathic abilities.
TheFlodyo (4 months ago)
Rise and shine fellow fans, rise and shine..not that i dont wanna make episode 3 well...lets just say i get alot money from steam, and i have all the offers in the world, so wake up fellow fans and forget about the franchises. ~GABE NEWELL
Rufus Rafus (4 months ago)
Hands down the dest G-man moment
Salad Spinner (4 months ago)
This is even more sublime when you realize this is technically only the 4th cutscene in the entire Half Life 2 saga.
GmodPlusWoW (4 months ago)
I do wish we had more characters in gaming like the G-man.
You mean randomly inserted for no reason because someone at Valve smoked crack?
TheSyndicalistDragon (4 months ago)
Gabe Newell… I realize this moment may not be the most … convenient for a heart-to-heart, but I had to wait until your Fans were otherwise occupied. There was a time they cared nothing for Half Life 3, when their only experience of games was a Steam… sale coming at them down a steel corridor. When I … plucked them from their CS:GO skins and TF2 hats, I acted in the face of objections that they were a mere child and of no practical use to anyone. I have learned to ignore such nay-sayers when quelling them … was out of the question. Still, I am not one to squander my investments, and I remain confident they was worth far more than the initial … appraisal. That's why I must now … extract from you some small … repayment … owed for your own survival. See half life 3 to them safely, Gabe Newell. I wish I could do more than keep an eye on you, but I have agreed to abide by certain … restrictions. Well now, listen carefully, my dear. When you go announce Artifact,remember these words: "prepare for unforeseen consequences".
NicolBolas2 (5 months ago)
A voice that is almost inhuman
Josh Ladin (5 months ago)
I like gman’s voice.
Principal of the thing (5 months ago)
prepare for unforeseen consequence- ah!
John Case (6 months ago)
Valve has come forward since they have no plans for Episode 3 or Half Life 3 and revealed GMan is actually God.
Michael Biland (7 months ago)
I love the music at 2:58. It helps to solidify the tension of what's just happened.
pie189 (7 months ago)
I just got high for the sake of listening to this zoinked
Beans&Egg (7 months ago)
Nobody gonna mention that this is the first time we see Gman without a suitcase?
Flash (8 months ago)
This scene is soooooooooooo well made. It looks so amazing!
SciMan3010 (8 months ago)
The entire script cause why not: DRRR FREEEEMMAANN... i Realise this moment might not be the most...convenient for a heart to heart but i had to wait until your friends...where otherwise occupied. there was a time they cared nothing for miss vance. when their only experience of humanity was a crowbar coming down at them in a steel corridor. when i plucked her from black mesa, i acted in the face of objections that she was a mere child, and of no practical use to anyone. i have learned to ignore such naysayers when quelling them was out of the question. still. I am not one to squander my investments. and I remain confident, she was worth far more than the initial appraisal. that's why I must now extract some small repayment owed for your own survival... see her safely to white forrest Dr.Freeman... I wish I could do more than keep an eye on you...but I have agreed to abide by certain......restrictions. Well, now listen carefully my dear. When you see your...Father. Relay these words.... Prepare for unforeseen consequences...
Apollo LIVE (8 months ago)
The weirdest thing about all of this is the fact since Gordon doesn't speak, he can't tell anyone about what he just saw lol. Unless this all happens on an sub-conscious state of mind? who knows... fuck I want Half Life 3 so badly haha
Chris sims (9 months ago)
The real travesty of not having Episode 3 is the fact we'll never hear Gman again.
Nordom Modron (9 months ago)
Best scene in video game witcher 3 is shit
ThatRandomMapper (9 months ago)
,,Half Life and the number 3 together? Ha Nice Joke'' -EA 2017
InsaneEnergy (9 months ago)
I believe this is the only time in the entire series (except for some moments such as the ending scene of HL2 or the opening of Episode 1) where total control is removed from the player. Even the Combine Advisor segments allow you to look around.
African Prince Okoh (9 months ago)
G-man is the type of character who would turn your game into a creepypasta when you least expect it.
SrBill (9 months ago)
Este Gman con voz en ingles es mas burlon
pedwiik (9 months ago)
The sound design in this scene is absolutely PERFECT.
apokAlypse (9 months ago)
3:23 *pulls out revolver* "Well, time's up, bitch. You had your little reuinon speech, time to die."
Ser Auden (9 months ago)
Rip Half Life 1998-2017
Mega Cat (10 months ago)
Why do I find the way he says Crowbar funny?
TrackManiaFtw (10 months ago)
I love the way he pronounces the word "restrictions". Just perfect
Gustavia (10 months ago)
One of the best cutscenes ever
kakluS (10 months ago)
"When their only experience of humanity was a crowbar coming at them down a steel corridor"...I love that sentence
desperate. (10 months ago)
"Doctor Freemannnnn"Oh fuck no
Канал Alnair'а (10 months ago)
Several moments nobody notices: 1. Gman pauses when saying "friends". Mere sarcasm and despise of everything warm and good? Probably. Or... maybe the idea of friendship or love almost hurts him because he never had one? This is supplemented by: 2. Gman pauses when saying "father". Does he simply despise humanly bonds being a cold cruel manipulator he is? Actually, his voice sounds more like pain or grief to me. My theory he had no parents and therefore he envies Alyx to almost physical pain? 3. His voice breaks when he says "quelling" and, even more so, when he says "restrictions". Either he is infuriated and mad that there are things he has no control over, or he is scared to shit of the consequences should he violate said restrictions? And the coolest thing: 4. Look how gman becomes way more handsome and human-like when he says word "humanity". As if his true shape is something of a reptiloid or don't know what, but he can assume a - fairly - human appearance at his whim. I guess that's what he pulled at Black Mesa talking to various people. P.S. I really can't see Dr.Breen on the screen when he says "naysayer." I have no idea where you people got this from :)
RemixedVoice (9 months ago)
It's a distorted image of Dr. Breen; in fact, it's the exact same image you see during water hazard in HL2 on the breencast screens: http://combineoverwiki.net/images/5/58/G-man_breencast_animated.gif
Alien Tree Guy (11 months ago)
Just imagine it. It's E3 and there's a surprise conference by an unknown. The scene is black and everything, and you just hear that "Doctor Freeemaaannnn..." the the HL3 symbol lights up on the screen. Just think of the absolutely incoherent explosion that would occur within the gaming community.
Satans Fetus Legs (11 months ago)
In all seriousness, it seemed to me like as each episode passed, each monologue, Gman refrained from his usual behavior of being helpful sometimes, and a hindrance others, and just went straight down the path of evil. I believe he was fully responsible and expected the fate of city 17 and anyone who couldn't get out, and it kind of goes without question that he's responsible for (SPOILER) the fate of Eli. Whatever his intentions are leading up to, (if they lead to anything), we can be sure it's something malicious, or greedy.
Satans Fetus Legs (11 months ago)
el negro (11 months ago)
0:25 Oh, look is Abe from Oddworld! Man he's old af, and what happened to his second eye?
DrHotelMario (11 months ago)
The first time it happened I nearly shit myself
TheMCJarhead (1 year ago)
Why is that elevator filled with vort corpses lol.
Neel Ghost (1 year ago)
0:34 Absolutely the best and most unexpected Gman interaction in all of the half life series. Holy shit it gave me chills lol
StrongAdel (1 year ago)
"some small repayment owed for your own survival" "some small *repayment* owed *for your own* survival" Is Eli's death the repayment?
Coyote (9 months ago)
monkr wont 468 (1 year ago)
I would watch an hour-long G-man speech if I could
Dankest Memes (1 year ago)
Holy shit, he was where the Borealis was in Judith's message.
Dankest Memes (1 year ago)
How it feels when your teacher talks about your grades.
GLaDOSCake122 (1 year ago)
Most memorable video game scene in history.
GamingReviews (1 year ago)
Eiri (1 year ago)
are we just gonna ignore all those dead vorts at the end?
MrBoBoTom (1 year ago)
Henry Black (1 year ago)
*_"Doctor Freeman. I realize this moment may not be the most convenient for a heart-to-heart, but I had to wait until your friends were otherwise occupied."_* G-Man apologizes for interrupting Gordon in an inconvenient time, but he had to do so because it was the only time where the vortigaunts (friends) were not paying attention to his presence (the way he laughs at the word "friends" suggest that the vortigaunts may not really be trying to help you after all. Or maybe it's just strange to him how they went from enemies killing eachother to friends helping eachother). *_"There was a time they cared nothing for Miss Vance... When their only experience of humanity was a crowbar coming at them down a steel corridor."_* Back in Black Mesa, during the resonance cascade, the vortigaunts cared nothing for Alyx. They would have killed her if they had the chance. *_"When I plucked her from Black Mesa, I acted in the face of objections that she was a mere child and of no practical use to anyone. I have learned to ignore such naysayers when quelling them was out of the question."_* When G-Man decided to save Alyx, his (presumably) employers did not approve of it and wondered why he did it. They tried to stop him from doing it, because they saw no use in saving a baby girl. He has learned to ignore these kinds of people, but he still relies on them and cannot completely ignore them. *_"Still, I am not one to squander my investments... and I remain confident she was worth far more than the initial... appraisal."_* G-Man is not a person who wastes his resources and investments, he remains confident that Alyx is still worth a lot more than what his "employers" thought she was worth back at Black Mesa. *_"That's why I must now extract from you some small repayment owed for your own survival."_* (SPOILER ALERT) The only reason Gordon is alive is because G-Man saved Alyx back at Black Mesa. Had G-Man not saved Alyx, Gordon would have been dead at that scene in HL2 when he first meets her (the metrocops knocked him out), so because of that, he wants some repayment for saving his life (killing Eli is the repayment). Eli is no longer of any use to G-Man in stopping the Combine, so he will have him killed. *_"See her safely to White Forest, Doctor Freeman. I wish I could do more than keep an eye on you, but I have agreed to abide by certain... restrictions."_* G-Man wants Gordon to make sure Alyx gets to White Forest safely. He would do more if he could to help them, but he is under some sort of restrictions set up by presumably his employers. *_"When you see your father relay these words: Prepare for unforeseen consequences"_* [to Alyx] When you see Eli, tell him that there are some unexpected consequences Very interesting speech which tells us a lot more about G-Man and what his intentions are.
Paulo Sergio (7 months ago)
I really don't believe that the Vortigaunts are lying or something like that because in Half-Life 1 they were in a totally different situation, first they were enslaved and not entirely thinking by themselves, adding the fact that all the resonance cascade "incident" happened kinda sudden to everyone. So even if they weren't being affected by Nihilant influence I don't think it would be so easy to understand what was happening at that time. Now everyone understands that if they fighted each other it was only because the combine made them fight, and that the Combine are the real problem. Humanity didn't killed the Vortigaunts, Gordon did and only for survival. The American Soldiers did as well but, they also killed humans, so it's not like they were going into war against the aliens and after 20 years I think the aliens knows that. So I believe that all the events that happened in Black Mesa are in the past, both for humans and Vortigaunts.
BlueShit199 (1 year ago)
Love how he doesn't say anything straight forward and you have to listen closely, and think about it.
Burak M. Kılıç (1 year ago)
Dude, WTF?! Is that a pile of Vortigaunt corpses in the elevator? What the hell did you do? :v
StarDUST285 (1 year ago)
is gman is a good guy or bad guy or both?
Charli3 Do2t Su4f (1 year ago)
rise and shine mr fremam rise and shiiinee
Slenderminion (1 year ago)
I just realized the *other* reason as to why G-Man is so creepy. If you don't pay attention to it, you won't realize it. Normally in Half-Life, control is never truly taken away from you. You can always at least look around. Not when this guy appears. Those are the only times (aside from the intro scenes) when control is completely taken away from you.
The_Grand_Secgend (4 months ago)
holy shit
Hedphelym (1 year ago)
This scared the shit out of me the first time it happened
Scout 1032 (1 year ago)
This was strange. It makes me feel bad for alyxx she was nothing in half life. Until gman changed it. And he all of a sudden cares. And can't do anything cause of his own restrictions
Thales Vidal (1 year ago)
i came from the future to say that half life 3 is released, Gordon and alyx find the borealis, the alpha advisor kills her, Gordon finds Chell and old parts from glados and use it to defeat the advisor
dangerale (1 year ago)
Everything about this game, the art work, the sound design, the voice overs is just perfect.
Xezian (1 year ago)
doooooctor freeeeeemaaaaaan
This proves that the g-man has morality
TheAtomicLemon (9 months ago)
Does it? Saving Alyx made a lot of difference. It led to Gordon surviving/escaping being captured by Civil Protection, making the uprising and the destruction of the Citadel possible. It might have been solely pragmatic. The 'rational' thing to do. I doubt the G-man has our conventional sense of morality. I believe that to him (or it?) humans are a means to an end. As easily as he'll save someone, just as easily will he let someone die. He is, for all intents and purposes, the Chessmaster. ...and those eyes tho.
StarDUST285 (1 year ago)
the sacred 3
Jimmy Lander (1 year ago)
wtf is in the elevator tho...
#dead channel# (1 year ago)
why are there dead vortigaunts everywhere
Thales Vidal (1 year ago)
i dont trust the Vortigaunts, i still think they will betray gordon and the rest of the allies
Jimmy Lander (1 year ago)
The improvements to his face, facial expression, lighting, the color of his eyes - it's so amazing compared to HL2. And the whole new level of immersion and atmosphere is just sooo amazing.
SidTheSquid (1 year ago)
I get chills down my spine everytime I hear this
yoshu (1 year ago)
Prepare for Unforeseen Consuquences. ITS fuckin bothering me everytime
AGenericAccount (1 year ago)
how can valve even pick this up again without pissing off the majority of us?
Dinkleberg Gaming (1 year ago)
I want to know why there are a bunch of dead Vourtigaunts in the elevator...
Yuri on Edge (1 year ago)
Fuck Valve for abandoning Episode 3.
anth0ny (1 year ago)
Josh JeanJacket Jaeger i want to see a game with Shepard again.
Mike Wright (1 year ago)
A "chance" though
Gabe just confirmed that there will be a new intellectual property in the Half-Life universe.
Mike Wright (1 year ago)
Justin Bieber makes a cameo at the teaser of Hl3
GamingReviews (1 year ago)
Never say never!
This proves that gman has morality.
Lucius Veritas (1 year ago)
Does it? We he may have done it for his own sake.
KingGodzilla™ (1 year ago)
im not even sure if the gman is good or bad, maybe neither, hes just mysterious thats all ;3
He acts strictly for his own interests. Much like Petyr Baelish from Game of Thrones. Funny how Breen is literally a puppet of the Advisors, and G-Man strictly speaks the words of his Employers. Both are ambassadors in the strictest of senses.
UnfortuneLess (1 year ago)
By how he is acting, yes, yes he is neutral.
Aerthael (1 year ago)
He's neutral.
KingGodzilla™ (1 year ago)
Hm i guess so, we would just have to see if half life 3 ever comes out, then we would find out more about the G-Man
UnfortuneLess (1 year ago)
No he is both. And neither.
Gman's speech made me wonder about the extent of the Vortigaunt's alliance with humanity when the fight against the Combine. From what we see the Vorts seem to idolize Freeman a great deal, for he freed them from The Nihilanth. I suspect they forgave Freeman for slaying so many Vortigaunts during the Resonance Cascade. As for the rest of humanity? I think they may just see us as allies of convenience. Not really malevolence so much as pragmatism.
Badmecha007 (1 year ago)
I just love that long, drawn out dooooooctooooor Freeemaaaaaannn....
Horny Fruit Flies (9 months ago)
DoooooooooooooctoooR FReeeeeeeeeeeeeeemaaaaaaaaannn...
ECHO.EOW.50535 (1 year ago)
Dooooooooctor Freeeeeemen
Elrobertosuperio (1 year ago)
p-man and dr pee man
SLOTH SSHH SHH (1 year ago)
gman in real life = thomas de maizière
Kontraxt (1 year ago)
Barney is gman guiding you to survive so he can buy you that beer that he owed ya !
KZANG3 (2 months ago)
Cekala Studios technically you did hear it in Gman's voice because barney and gman shared the same VA
IC3 B0MB (8 months ago)
Cekala Studios (8 months ago)
"About that beer I owed ya!" Imagine that in Gman's voice.
DiamondKnight39 (1 year ago)
Are you still mad that Gordon threw the can at you instead of the trashcan?
Randomchannel (1 year ago)
epic words
repizify (1 year ago)
Whatever you say you gotta agree G-man know how to make an entrance
GamingReviews (1 year ago)
Unbeatable performance I would say :D
TheMrkio MX (1 year ago)
1:18 If you stop the video you will see something amazing
RemixedVoice (9 months ago)
Jee Zed (10 months ago)
TheMrkio MX I see a vagina.
SupaL33tKillar (1 year ago)
ArmsDealer OfYoutube it's the Gman referencing Wallace Breen.
cockroach (1 year ago)
Eli K (1 year ago)
1:20 I don't know if this was intentional or not, but the gman in the background's movement was delayed.
GamingReviews (1 year ago)
Not sure where both are being used, but both different models in the cutscene are seperate, because the one fading in the background is higher detail (more polygons and better lighting setup for normal map). Basically the one in the chair is just for world view purposes, the other one specifically for cutscenes and close-up action
Eli K (1 year ago)
gman_high.mdl and gman.mdl? I know they're seperate, I just couldn't tell what the real difference was.
GamingReviews (1 year ago)
Well, I know from the files (I'm a Source Engine level designer) that both models are different. It's very possible that both animations can desync, since they are independent of each other. First time I noticed this in the video :D
name1799 (1 year ago)
"...their only experience of humanity was a crow bar coming at them down a steel corridor." I love this part so much. Too Spooky.
Mehmet Tut (1 month ago)
Oh yeah ? Let me tell you something, someone kicked the gman, freeman's, Alyx Vance, Barney Calhoun's and Gaben Newell's ass they all dead. Who is that guy, who did this i am not saying a lie, but i know who did. Vortigaunt Junior who have became the god of valve and also the killer of the Alex Mercer and James Heller. He have also told the truth to the SGT. Mitchell. You love Gman, i will come and hit you a keyboard pretty hard to your face. This is the story of itself https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1330000463
TARINunit9 (2 months ago)
And making the scene more profound, G-man holds it against you far more than the Vortigaunts ever do
The Imperial Combine (2 months ago)
Love how the Gman just reminds Gordon about the black mesa incident
TheJas20 (9 months ago)
BlueShit199 You just can't not do it since its officially cannon
BlueShit199 (1 year ago)
Sometimes when I play Half-Life 1 I do kill a vortigaunt with a crowbar thinking of G-Man's words.
Michale Barney (1 year ago)
Geez, this guy's creepy
Puffie40 (1 year ago)
I noticed the gman chuckled a little when he said 'friends', and then its like he had to explain why he thought referring to the vorts as friends was amusing.
45calGunslinger (1 year ago)
I think he finds the very concept of 'friends' amusing, Vortigaunt or otherwise.
ratfoot (2 years ago)
All I want be it E3 or just out of my speakers is to hear Dr. Freeman and see that 3
Michał Wojteczek (3 months ago)
Buraz93 (7 months ago)
Staraptor is ugly! Imagine that, screen goes to black, then you hear "Doooooctoooor Freeeeeemaaaan" or "Rise and shine mr. Freeman" and then 3 logo appears... RIP Internet
Matthew Mickiewicz (9 months ago)
ratfoot its notvhappening :c
GamingCasing (1 year ago)
Maybe in 300 years or so
SolsburyHill22 (2 years ago)
Is the G-man a friend or a foe?
please show me the word of my commment where its point im an asshole ?
anyway that borealis ship still frozen in arctic waiting for freeman to explore her
^^^ you can"t take a joke lol
VrrVolcano (1 year ago)
Unseen consequences, that's more like it.
"prepare for unforseen consequences" he's referring to half life 3 never will released
Miguel Zavaleta (2 years ago)
What's wrong with your gravity gun? It looks like crap.
Nasty Fresh (2 years ago)
The g man scene fans were wanting to see
GamingReviews (2 years ago)
+Quinton Fresh Exactly!

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