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Green Tea Icecubes Removes Suntan, pimples,acne, Skin whitening, dark spots, blemishes

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Welcome to Beauty Recipes. We provide you home remedies for health, skin, hair and all beauty problems. This green tea ice cube will give you crystal clear spotless and flawless skin, removes pimples, acne, dark spots, blemishes nd suntan. Helps in skin whitening and bring natural glow to your skin and corrects uneven skin tone. Disclaimer : These contents or videos are only intended for informational purpose.Any information associated with these videos should not be considered as a substitute for prescription suggested by beauty, diet and health care professionals.Viewers are subjected to use these information on their own risk.This channel doesn’t take any responsibility for any harm, side-effects, illness or any health or skin care problems caused due to the use of our content or anything related to this. Please always remember, products that work for me, may not work for you, always try & either get a sample or test them out before buying if you are unsure. If not, you don't have to use the exact same products as me, you can always use similar products or your favorites instead.
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Text Comments (90)
Uni Taru (19 hours ago)
Can it be used for pigmentation??
Zarina Rahman (17 days ago)
Should I apply it before going out in the sun or after coming back?since you said it prevents tanning?
Rishita kumari (1 month ago)
Will it make our skin glowy...?
Aishah Syed (1 month ago)
Does this get rid of pores and acne scars to ??
Naima noor (2 months ago)
Din me ek bar use karna hai?
Ayesha Noor (2 months ago)
Can I use Lipton green tea??
Noni Macaroni (2 months ago)
I didn’t prepare the green tea. I just put the actual green tea with hold water and froze it.
Lisa Sharma (2 months ago)
Can I use tea powder
Asharaf Ak (3 months ago)
plz upload the remedy for dark circles
عيدة العنزي (4 months ago)
Thanks so much
Vidya Neelavara (4 months ago)
Green tea face pack how many times use per day
Hasan Ali Raz (4 months ago)
Does it work???!!
EllOhhVeeE33 (5 months ago)
For normal skin can use this?
Pooja Sharma (5 months ago)
It works like magic. I was suffering from pimples for one year and using green tea ice cubes for a month cleared my pimples permanently and it never came back.
Naima noor (2 months ago)
Pooja Sharma
Naima noor (2 months ago)
Pooja Sharma
Naima noor (2 months ago)
Pooja Sharma din me kitni bar use karni hai 🙏🙏🙏plzzzzz reply
Pinki Rai (3 months ago)
Pooja Sharma really it cleae your all acne.
its a good thing that green tea icecubes have benefits cause i have some in my freezer just forbeating but now i can use it for other ways yayay
Gracia Andinny (6 months ago)
day 1 : make my face red like tomato bcs i have sensitive types. but i notice a few difference between my active acne and my scars
Gracia Andinny (6 months ago)
day 3 : i notice that my forehead really clear up ( just leave a scars on in ) , my scars on the cheeks fade day by day, not instant
Gracia Andinny (6 months ago)
day 2 : i have a lil red pimple bcs of the mask but its okay, it will b gone in no time
Maira Habib (8 months ago)
Can we use Lipton green tea bags???
Maira Habib yes dear
Kashfa Amaan (8 months ago)
Can we wash it off before applying other skin care products? Plz help
Whatsapp Vedios (8 months ago)
lipton green tea is healthy for skin or not??
Whatsapp Vedios dear u can use any green tea lipton is good
Noor Mughal (9 months ago)
Can I rub the ice cube directly on my skin
Noor Mughal yes
Gundamaiah Annamaina (11 months ago)
Can I use tea bags for this ?
Arati Sardar (5 months ago)
Spicy Feroxee (6 months ago)
Gundamaiah Annamaina yup I did
Ciarah Brookes (1 year ago)
I use these except I didn’t add the mint When I’m done using the cubes I eat them, its just so healthy Thanks for your natural remedies
Yaj Yaj (1 year ago)
Can we use this cubes on morning before apply cream and on night continue with (milk+honey) cubes??
leonard kavuku (1 year ago)
write the prescription
Mehak Mehra (1 year ago)
Can i use tea pack ?????
paulo adame (1 year ago)
Can i use lipton green tea for this??
Gabriella Moore (1 year ago)
no, that's soda
Hasna Ha (1 year ago)
should i wash right after the application of cubes
Beauty recipes (1 year ago)
+haseena pa yes
Hasna Ha (1 year ago)
can i skip mint leaves
Beauty recipes (1 year ago)
+haseena pa yes
ria chakraborty (1 year ago)
after applying and massaging should I immediately wash my face with water?
Kimberly Piedra (13 days ago)
No just leave it to your face let it dry.
Masira Shaikh (3 months ago)
I also want to ask that question
Ali Khan (1 year ago)
can we use daily plz reply me
Beauty recipes (1 year ago)
+Ali Khan yes
Ravi Ravi (1 year ago)
plz make a vedio for hyper pigmentation
Niki salvi (1 year ago)
i hv usd ur potato ice cubes dam gud
cotton candy (1 year ago)
please tell me can we apply it for 5 to 6 hours?
Beauty recipes (1 year ago)
+cotton candy no, use only 1 or 2 ice cubes daily.
shruti paliwal (1 year ago)
can I use it for dark circles
Draken Love (1 year ago)
shruti paliwal yes
hasmitha reddy (1 year ago)
eagerly waiting for ur reply
hasmitha reddy (1 year ago)
can we use three or four daily as i have so many pimples and acne scars on my face
Beauty recipes (1 year ago)
+hasmitha reddy yes
hasmitha reddy (1 year ago)
it can be used in any age group if u have severe acne
Beauty recipes (1 year ago)
+hasmitha reddy yes
aftab rehmàn (1 year ago)
does this really work? how long will it take to treat severe acne on nose? to treat it fast how many times should it be used in a day? plz do reply
Girish Gupta (1 year ago)
very nice
Beauty recipes (1 year ago)
+Girish Gupta thank you:-)😊
Tairica Brown (1 year ago)
Good ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beauty recipes (1 year ago)
+Tairica Brown thank you 🤗😍❤☺:-)
Ukhra Ayub (1 year ago)
plz tell some remedy for black heads
Reshu Mujavar (4 months ago)
i tried an got rid of black heads........... use that 5 to 6 times repeatedly then u can remove them...
Ukhra Ayub (1 year ago)
Thank u .. Jazak Allah.. i will try
Beauty recipes (1 year ago)
watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPPiHzipnCo
Ukhra Ayub (1 year ago)
Beauty recipes which video?
Beauty recipes (1 year ago)
+Ukhra Ayub watch my latest video on aloe vera gel. It might help😊:-)
Sk Nusrat (1 year ago)
green tea bag use kr sakte h?
Beauty recipes (1 year ago)
+Sk Nusrat yes
monica benson (1 year ago)
Proven to Work Even If You Have Very Severe Acne HEREPA. com
Samina Sarfaz (1 year ago)
can u tell about ur cream..shampoo and all.
Beauty recipes (1 year ago)
yes, i will soon make a video on that
Samina Sarfaz (1 year ago)
Samina Sarfaz (1 year ago)
Beauty recipes 😊
Beauty recipes (1 year ago)
you :-)
Dipila Parekh (1 year ago)
How i will get green tea leves sorry please suggest me
Beauty recipes (1 year ago)
they are easily available in grocery store or food market
Dipila Parekh (1 year ago)
What is green tea leafe
Yasmin Farah (1 year ago)
Dipila Parekh search on Google it's very beneficial to your body you should be drinking it anyway.
Charmi Vala (1 year ago)
Beauty recipes (1 year ago)
+vala charmi thanks a lot🙂❤☺:-)
Faryal Safi (1 year ago)
What's the method like a week or some days how many times shall we use it
Beauty recipes (1 year ago)
+Faryal Safi nice to hear that❤:-)
Faryal Safi (1 year ago)
Beauty recipes thnx u are so helpful and that really works my face is now free from all kind of spots
Faryal Safi (1 year ago)
Beauty recipes thnx I wanted to ask that is there anything to remove spots from my face just In a day
Beauty recipes (1 year ago)
+Faryal Safi you can use this daily
Bandana's Kitchen (1 year ago)
Nice recipe video , plz check out my channel dear by click the below link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgEAyW3f9lGnKzTCLXjjKDw?sub_confirmation=1

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