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So... I Finally Played CS:GO...

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This was a very.... fresh experience? Hope you all enjoy this new type of video! ★Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarcoStyleNL ★Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/MarcoStyleNL ★Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/MarcoStyleNL
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Text Comments (460)
George2 Dillon (17 days ago)
xd its casual
ABn Wolfzz (24 days ago)
Fucked em up boyeeeeeez
unknown Soldier (1 month ago)
Holy shit, that is my division dream match! Widdz vs Marco! Let’s go baby!
yunggothh (2 months ago)
Eter Wael (2 months ago)
... stick to the division :-)
SHARK PLAY (2 months ago)
i would love to play with you if you want my steam name is BlueFISH5
WildWill4 (2 months ago)
Do rust
leandro dutra (3 months ago)
wow! running and shooting!! hahaha i was eagle two in csgo... cant believe you're hitting all those headshots running!
SeaRapt0r (3 months ago)
More plz :) :D
Wild Jezus (3 months ago)
Maybe you didnt understand the gun mechanic, no wonder. But your aim was super good.. you could outaim like 60% of the player base right off the bath. Super fun video tho :D
Marcus Eriksson (3 months ago)
cs cs marco vat ar you plaing
Ding Dong (4 months ago)
Why do all euros sound like they are mentally disabled?
hr1meg (4 months ago)
Is the Division only played by Russian assholes?
Vladimir Zatopek (4 months ago)
We wait you in Division 2 ;)
de kemphaan (4 months ago)
Senator A (4 months ago)
Please back in the division us needed ✌🏻🙏🏻😔❤️🌹
Senator A (4 months ago)
Hi and thanks for any amazing movie please build the bandshe class I can’t find this build in your Chanel any bitch have but I just trust your build common Marco ✌🏻❤️🌹
Luis Castro (4 months ago)
0:43 I see Dead by Daylight, PLAY IT
firesoups13 (4 months ago)
Marco’s “style” = God Tier ! Awesome video
Daniel Katzman (4 months ago)
When you buy armour and then helmet...
TF2levi - PixelHive (4 months ago)
8:23 the best :D
Broly 92 (4 months ago)
oh my God. You're too silver This guy got killed by a bot. Please don't ever use an AWP. Listen to me, CS: GO ain't your thing. Aim so bad. you can't shoot a chicken. Close your game man, close your game.
Fatima Abdulla (4 months ago)
For the last week me and my friends see more and more players using multi build sets striker/Predator, nomad/predator, etc!!!!
Marcello (4 months ago)
Marco! New Videos?
Game 4 Life (4 months ago)
Where are you Marco not seen you play division in a while
WolfFrags (4 months ago)
Uh... you escape a dead game im to another dead game. Y tho?
MarcoStyle (4 months ago)
I played once, for fun.
SRGshadow (4 months ago)
to late bro the game is a piece of shit now to many hackers and stuff i have playedover 6,5khours in csgo. supreme and around 8 out of 10 is against hackers
Jaymee Beredo (4 months ago)
Play Fortnite
Milad Golshan (4 months ago)
There's a famous saying "If want a headshot in CSGO aim for the ankles". It's a special kind of a game OK!!!!! it needs special care.
Tài Thành (4 months ago)
"My game crashed" haha, can u keep make the funny video like this :))))
Dark AtrixM (4 months ago)
Marco can you make a non classified/ninjabike build. I know they can't complete to the God builds that are classified but I'm really curious to see what you have to say. By the way please play more CS:GO this was hilarious.
STDShifted (4 months ago)
Hey Marco, I hope you do read this, but I know the division may not be as fun as it used to be, but like how you do your "test" videos, I want to know, if you grind the clear sky beginning, is it possible to get 3000-5000+ kills within 8-12 hours a day? I'm trying to go for the reaper Patch but man it is so boring just killing enemies for hours on end without even putting a dent on the commendation.
Royal Tueur (4 months ago)
Rainbow six siege is a far better game than this shit, because: 1. Soo many hackers in this game 2. Newton died after seeing the physics of this game 3. A 'sane' person would not sit for 30rounds of same repeatative shit.
p7272 (4 months ago)
Just hands and a gun looks so old when compared to Division.
Stoney Chumley (4 months ago)
Id love to hear your opinion or brief rundown after each new game footage you upload.
fat boy chase (4 months ago)
Spent 2 hours in Xbox dz no people rip division
ManiacKnight (4 months ago)
Csgo is ded too...
Josh (4 months ago)
it averages like 200k lol
Gulag Gunner (4 months ago)
"Eeeeaasy Marco Easy Marco" that fucking guy.
SOWALAHIN Bhuyan (4 months ago)
nice marco
Scottish W00F (4 months ago)
Dude you gota try Warframe it's big on numbers
Cruz Ramirez (4 months ago)
lol good stuff man
KILLJOY (4 months ago)
Hey Marco! Long time no speak. I wondered if you could contact me on Twitter, I have something you may be interested in! :) Hope all is well & nice video btw! Splendid.
Jo Khoury (4 months ago)
it's the first generation of what the division became, we thought it would live to Tom Clancy name when it comes to warfare, but no, it is Counter Strike; that's what i keep telling to all the players i meet in this game.
P3KK (4 months ago)
You should play Defiance or Warframe, I think you would enjoy it.
Tristan Durose (4 months ago)
Don't do it, you'll get the aids.
2042Third (4 months ago)
Run-gunner, in ca go that s the legend
Ross Cutting (4 months ago)
Made me lol alot. I quit division ages ago. But still enjoy you and widdz content alot. Can you both play r6 siege
Mister K (4 months ago)
Ross Cutting He made a few videos playing R6 already ^^
Charles Van Noland (5 months ago)
lol shooting while jumping in the air (look at how huge your xhair became, you're not going to hit shite like that!)
Balistic Ri0t (5 months ago)
Fortnite???? :) :(
Joker (4 months ago)
tbh is not so hard to aim in Division, Fortnite or Pubg is much harder to aim, and yes u right but u need inteligence to build fast and good , watch Sypher for more. also you need to calculate your building to get into a good position and than to kill, Ninja said that he didnt had more than 10k viewers until he played Fortnite than he goes to over 100k viewers, im not a Ninja fan, but hes a good player like Sypher, Dakotaz, Tfeu, Myth, Dr Lupo and many others : )
Mister K (4 months ago)
Joker 2008 Why tho.. Fortnite is the weirdest shooter I ever played.. it‘s not even a shooter really. It‘s more like a competitive building game, since good building is more important than good aim
Joker (4 months ago)
it will be a very good choice if he plays Fortnite, at the moment the most popular game on Twitch
Joker (5 months ago)
"Eazy Marco EAZY" LOL XD love the funny accents in Division haha Fragzy voice is pretty funny and in the same time annoying tho, Sleepy voice also pretty autistic like fragzy XD lol Fragzy should play in Harry Potter movie, his voice it fits perfectly
Osama Nouh (5 months ago)
Nice man you have a long way to GE😂😂😂
XM15_ (5 months ago)
shooting is terrible in CS:GO. lol.
Mister K (4 months ago)
XM15_ Yeah it‘s so bad that it‘s the most competitve FPS. lol
Diamond Ace (5 months ago)
The start is too funny. Glad you're playing other games man.
Michael Krenciprock (5 months ago)
What are your PC specs?
UDC Maximus (5 months ago)
glad to see u playing other games because the division is outdated,, but cs go bro sucks sorry for saying this but its boring ,, fortnite awsome rainbow six segie and league of legends and pubg,, fk cs go bro im sorry but im not fan on it ..
Dicelz (5 months ago)
can't wait to see you playing overwatch ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Behind The Scenes Gaming (5 months ago)
Fucking peopleee up, fucking peopleee up, fucked him uh.. I died.. fuck
iRecoveriez (5 months ago)
Lmao I remember when I used to play Halo Wars with you now you playing CSGO and stuff now on ur Channel good times man. -SOV ouhhkillem
FPV DZ (5 months ago)
Marco please play bf1 you will like it
SRS Shred (5 months ago)
csgo .. yeap , your player doesnt get better , you get
KillaMajeri -nl (5 months ago)
Sy Ky (5 months ago)
Division is dying? I am gonna die too then...
Rawrshuga (5 months ago)
I eagerly anticipate your trial videos of anything in the ARMA III world. XD [Given your playstyle, stay away from anything in the Rifle class and go for SMGs/Shotguns. Or maybe an AWP/pistol combo could be good for you.]
Arnold Cranium (5 months ago)
Andromeda Bimatara (5 months ago)
Play more csgo :D I like you video :D
yykoo#rap#hip-hop#kotka (5 months ago)
I am sure I would not have enjoyed this video without subtitles,just saying... Thanks Marco this was really fun to watch. GG :):)
LX3addict (5 months ago)
Refreshing to see you play another game! Good clean fun. :D More please!
Rabbit (5 months ago)
I wish I could like this twice xD
Malek Alshammri (5 months ago)
play more fortnit shit in 2 month you get 1 million subs :)
Malek Alshammri (5 months ago)
all of them kids XD
Woods Taylo (5 months ago)
MrVikingmead (5 months ago)
That was fantastic. Played CS 1.6, makes me want to try CS:GO after seeing this. Also very funny, I hope to see you enjoy trying more games in the future.
George 84 (5 months ago)
play PUBG next😁
Selvin Mateo (5 months ago)
Good Times lol
Xero (5 months ago)
Hry marco, do you want to play escape from tarkov? I need teammates =) respond to this comment
Feral_ (5 months ago)
"Finally a weapon that actually shoots where the crosshair is" bullets where above crosshair, he was just aiming at their dick...
hahaha this shit was hilarious!!!!!
Master Jay (5 months ago)
Omg. Go back to division please. This sucks.
Dark RunneR (5 months ago)
Well at least Marco will not go rouge in csgo
Ivo (5 months ago)
You should try Escape from Tarkov next.
Anthony Jay (5 months ago)
i rather watch u play SixSiege ^^
ARN0NYM (5 months ago)
Lol hilarious
Mitch9003 (5 months ago)
That was a really funny video :D Thanks Marco :)
PrDeathProof85 (5 months ago)
Marco try pubg
Alex Parkinson (5 months ago)
Ohh I got one, fuck I died. Had me in tears every time.
P. Dilla (5 months ago)
Wow. Cs go, so stupid
Florida Man (5 months ago)
“Fucc you” *Spits*
pleasefeedtheanimal (5 months ago)
Looks kinda boring imo.
slavedemise (5 months ago)
Why didnt you use your Tac link.... :)
Mark Bosters (5 months ago)
Waarom ga je niet Fortnite spelen Marco?
Marcel M (5 months ago)
More more more ;DD pls i need more of this shit :D never laught so hard while watching a video ;D
OggeLizer (5 months ago)
Try ark :) hehe
thereal_smokedog 365 (5 months ago)
Plez no cs it’s terrible ;-;
Low spec Pc (5 months ago)
Marcel _211 (5 months ago)
ItsF4t4l (5 months ago)
Leon Kotulla (5 months ago)
Dude you have to try Overwatch
The72 Inc (5 months ago)
Throwing the bomb for bait ended me haha
Aluzman 16 (5 months ago)
To be honest. This game don't even come close to the fun and intensity that THE DIVISION have. But it is nice to see or play other games. Hahaha
Elliott Garner II (5 months ago)
Bringing my marshmallows...
LaMar Collins (5 months ago)
"Something for the highlights!!" 😂😂

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