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CS GO - Find Out What Skins You Can Get In Trade Up + Condition Easily! (New Simple to Use Tool)

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In this CS:GO video, I show off a new useful tool to find what csgo skins and what condition of the skins you can get if you do a trade up. I will be sure to use this in future trade up videos. My Twitter: https://twitter.com/OG_McSkillet Trade With Me! https://goo.gl/g7WkUQ Home Skillets Steam Group: http://goo.gl/8AVC8b Music: Mac Miller - Nikes on my Feet (Instrumental) (No Hook)
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Text Comments (176)
AwesomeKidsGames (1 year ago)
what if i dont want to buy the skins first how do i check? :/ I guess the old way still?
Diggy Hazard (1 year ago)
But how do you find skins to put into the trade up with the float value you want?
2142ordbok (2 years ago)
If i put only BS skins from one collection and only FN skins from another collection will they meet on the middle and give me a FT, or will it give me a FN skin from the FN collection and a BS skin from the BS collection?
2142ordbok (2 years ago)
+Max Olson Np bro
Max Olson (2 years ago)
+2142ordbok Awe that's awesome! Thanks man
2142ordbok (2 years ago)
+Max Olson Found out, they will meet on the middle :) just use a trade up contract simulator on for example csgo.exchange :)
Max Olson (2 years ago)
Someone please answer this
Ahmed 3D (2 years ago)
Says no math included in the first video includes percentages.
ArmenSur (3 years ago)
i should have seen this one earlier, I bought 10 urban rubbles fac new to try to get a p250 whiteout fn, it's a low chance to get it, anyway i do the contract and holy shit i get the p250 but it was minimal wear. 0.10 fv. I did not think you could actually get a mw if all your 10 items where fac news. rip
Im1LetterShor (3 years ago)
Is there a way to go about doing this without having the skins? The tradeup I have in mind involves 10 of the same skin in FN condition, but does that necessarily mean I will get an FN skin in the tradeup? It's quite a pricey tradeup so I don't want to purchase the items and find out it will not work.
RippleNipple (3 years ago)
where do you find your steam id?
Felix Sun (3 years ago)
Can anyone confirm this actually works with no risk of a loss?
Internet Posting (3 years ago)
McSkillet: Is it possible to craft a FN for ones that don't exist?  I noticed that supposedly an FN Brightwater would have a .7 minimum float, and the lowest float Minimal Wear version of the skin also has .7 float. Could I get 10 perfect float MW and craft a FN one?
MadsenGaming (3 years ago)
Can i check what condition skin i will get before i buy the weapons for the trade up?
Steelix (2 years ago)
+The Gaming Potato Where??
TheBoredGamer (2 years ago)
+MadsenGaming Where?????
MadsenGaming (3 years ago)
Matt (3 years ago)
It says in the vid
MadsenGaming (3 years ago)
Yeah that would be nice :)
Dezzy7 (3 years ago)
Hey, I was looking to do a trade up contract but the gun i am going for has a float value for FN in between 0.06 and 0.07. if i put in all FN skins with 0.01 float value will i still get the FN skin or do i need my average to be in between 0.06 and 0.07
kaZ (3 years ago)
+CS:GO Skin Spotlight total float value of all the guns you put in should be less than 0.015 or something insane like that. just get REALLY high ones, im talking 0.002 or something
Denzaay (3 years ago)
How to find market item  float value ?
Linkzy XVI (3 years ago)
it says Error loading inventory
Octolon Entertainment (3 years ago)
Is there any way to calculate the trade up chances without having the skins in my inventory? I want to get my hands on the HyperBeast and would like to have a pre-buy-look at my chances. Hope you can help me out. Keep up the videos!
ajdcustoms (3 years ago)
Is there any way to see what the wear outcome would be without having the skins?
Henri Mark (3 years ago)
Hey guys so I want to do a flachion trade up but I haven't bought the necessary skins yet since I wanted to know the condition prier to buying them so I know which conditions to get. Does anybody know a simple way to do that?
Limited (3 years ago)
but how will i know the float value of the skin in the market? because i dont want to buy a bunch of skins and then see if they have a good float.. and end up getting a field tested gun..
TheMLWP (3 years ago)
buy a knife
Slowest (3 years ago)
Hey, I was just wondering how to know the condition of a skin you are going to trade up before you buy the required skins on the market. I really need help with this because I am going to be attempting to trade up to a FN ak47 black laminate and I'd really appreciate some guidance - if anyone wants to help me with this add me on steam my user is firef1y and I'm the one from canada
McSkillet (3 years ago)
+Fyr3line I wouldn't try to trade up for anything with a 0.06 float min (like the black laminate) since it is nearly impossible. You have to have a total float value in the trade up of less than .135, so you would have to hunt down really low float bizon carbon fibers to do it.
RYAN PUTNAM (3 years ago)
looking for some help. looking to trade up for the hot rod. do i need to have either min wear or fac new for the duelist or bulldozer to get the hot rod? or can i put in battle scared and have it give me the hot rod?
Manzo (3 years ago)
a friend of mine did a full ft trade up and got a fn skin how is this possible?
McSkillet (3 years ago)
+Ellie Last Easily possible if the outcome skin had a float max of around 0.40 or less
LummyTum (3 years ago)
Or you could just do the math xD
Welho (3 years ago)
so how to get FN skin ?  what condition skins you need
idkaname (3 years ago)
+harry schon Minimal Wear
Harry Sch (3 years ago)
All FN I guarantee it
McSkillet (3 years ago)
PROOF THIS IS LEGIT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpvz0yYZclk
Nepata1 (2 years ago)
+KennyS I know it's been awhile, but see what the skins are going for on CSlounge and similar sights. You'll get a pretty clear idea of what their worth.
suhas a (2 years ago)
+McSkillet Dude.. I used 5 FN five seven silver quartz and 5 FN sawed off origami. How the heck did I get 0.09 float MW m4a1 S atomic alloy ? :|
Freddie Lewis (2 years ago)
+Sahar1SHere™ OPskins or Bitskins, or anyother marketplace
Hanzo Factory (2 years ago)
+McSkillet but how do i know how much my skin is worth if its more then market price?
manyfails (3 years ago)
Could they make that without having the item just the math for prebuyer etc?
Diogo Afonso (3 years ago)
If you trade up 10 P90 Trigon you have 50% chance to get an AWP Asimov?
Cristian Hohbein (3 years ago)
Good video, but in my opinion I found the tradeup simulator to be more helpful, mainly because you dont have to own the skins to see the percentages.
Cristian Hohbein (3 years ago)
+DaMasterChief111 good point never thought about that
Lord_CheezBurga (3 years ago)
+Jo Mama Yeah, but the skins you own will probably have different float values to the ones on the tradeup simulator
hicilo72 (3 years ago)
This guys sounds like a nice guy but how he replies to some of the people who watch him, it really seems like he has a high ego...
McSkillet (3 years ago)
+hicilo72 I see the first 2 comments displayed I was a little harsh, but I was replying to someone accusing me of sub botting. Then some other guy saying he wasn't interested in skins on a skin video.
TheProGuy100 (3 years ago)
i realised how many skins fnatic on csgo are actually lower ranked.... most of the people i saw that always fck with skins are low ranked :/ i used to be a skin guy too but as my rank increased i find that skins are ..... useless
Arciino (3 years ago)
Is there  way of doing this without having the items yet ?
Chris Jordan (3 years ago)
Can u plz do more underrated skins video
Malik Richardson (3 years ago)
Wow Cs go exchange is an awesome trading tool, nice video and keep up the good work!
Titan Giuliano (3 years ago)
Can I make A Video About Your Channel You Are amazing And it Would be Fun To Do
Actually Trying (3 years ago)
I traded all Factory New skins and got a Min Wear. WHYYY
d3xtron (3 years ago)
huntsman blue steel or bayonet stained?
Hazefanatics (3 years ago)
Thank you 4 the tool its really nice
ExtremeGaming (3 years ago)
McSkillet could you do a trade up using this method to get an very expensive fn? (like mp7 whiteout or something similar to that)
Scott Furey (3 years ago)
I think it's time to change the profile pic... ;)
Deividas Kantakevicius (3 years ago)
Top 10 best looking battle scarred skins/ top 10 expensive ugly skins do one of theese please :) you are amazing
Droidz ~ CSGO (3 years ago)
Mcskillet you should start to expand ur channel a little bit, since u do Skin type videos, maybe you could start doing other tutorials aswell. It might expand ur fan base :)
Dressie CSGO (3 years ago)
been here since 500 subs i feel special :)
CJS (1 year ago)
damn, i've been here since 50k
Dressie CSGO (3 years ago)
Whaq (3 years ago)
+Dressie CSGO Me too :D
Maltazar (3 years ago)
Btw Skillet, I found a skin that only changes brightness when it gets more worn. Desert Eagle | Heirloom. Only changes brightness of the iron and the gold.
JK (3 years ago)
Sweet vids man there great af and fast, grays on recent trade ups lately i myself have made loads of profit thanks to you. Keep it up
Nordhy (3 years ago)
Hey man look at this inventory : http://steamcommunity.com//id/thafak0r/inventory/ Its just insane !
Kevin07 (3 years ago)
yea hi7 em high check his videos
Nordhy (3 years ago)
no ? sériously ? xD
Kevin07 (3 years ago)
+NordhyFX | NEW CHANNEL !!!! he already did that
CINNAMONSTIX (3 years ago)
If anyone has any skins/knives they don't want plz give them to me <3 Steam name is Counter Strike:Gerbil Offensive
DonPataya (3 years ago)
+Wiz Sure let me donate you all my Knifes that i dont need to you..
StichMk (3 years ago)
bro i love your videos thank you for helping me for cs go skins you teached me everything about the skins about cs go i bought the game from watching your vids keep up the good work man and thats it :D
Fraser Craig (3 years ago)
Good video
Aunt Jemima (3 years ago)
Why dont you have a knife foreskin?
FSQ (3 years ago)
Great video m8 keep it going
Wyatt Wren (3 years ago)
I am just here every vid been here since like 400 to 500 love u :D
forrest4e2d (3 years ago)
Yeah this might just be a tad bit easier then the other tutorial! :P
HA_mc_NUTTY (3 years ago)
I got a fn skin from 10 mw skinz 2 times?
McSkillet (3 years ago)
+Jakob Brown It doesnt matter. What happened to him was completely predictable by the formula since the the outcome would be the income float halved for his collection
Jaklly (3 years ago)
+HA_mc_NUTTY I don't see an upload.
McSkillet (3 years ago)
+HA_mc_NUTTY Did you actually use the tool? Stop putting words in my mouth saying the condition will be the same because according to the formula it is quite the opposite. If the average float was minimal wear and then the condition was halved since max float on sun leo is .50, then it would easily be factory new. Nothing special going on here.
ツMy name is josh (3 years ago)
HA_mc_NUTTY (3 years ago)
Yommorow ill upload the footage
MrVipitis (3 years ago)
It should show what outcome is profit and what outcome is loss. And by percentages and stuff.
Freddy (3 years ago)
For how long are you trading doe?
Rubio (3 years ago)
oh shit, so many subs :D
Blaki (3 years ago)
i dont want to hate, but its kinda a misleading title, i mean this doesnt show u the skin u will get, just the possible ones, but still the thing with condition is useful :P
Dressie CSGO (3 years ago)
+Nikola Bl Skins its not skin :)
Motion (3 years ago)
McSkillet (3 years ago)
+Nikola Bl The title doesn't say it shows what skin you will get. It says what skins you can get. That isn't misleading at all unless you misread it.
gg wp nab team (3 years ago)
Me : I lost my flip knife today :C Random guy : Have you tried to look under the fridge?
RocketWill (3 years ago)
+gg wp nab team Have you tried to look under the fridge?
MrGamer _ (3 years ago)
+gg wp nab team lol
McSkillet (3 years ago)
+gg wp nab team lol
RoyalCSGO (3 years ago)
Arcade Player (3 years ago)
Nice video
FatNoob (3 years ago)
Great video, love that AWP name "Get Hyper" ;)
ParodyKid (3 years ago)
How do u get a Smiley (Symbol) in your Youtube name???.. ?
de3nnie (3 years ago)
Magoogers (3 years ago)
I subbed idk how many subs but it was like a month or something
Jack Roycroft (3 years ago)
Guys should I get a bayonet blue steel or gut knife marble fade,what's your favourite out of them?
mert yaroğlu (2 years ago)
Personally I HATE Gut Knife... But Marble Fade is. DOPE
Derrick C. (3 years ago)
Soooo bayonet blue steel the gut knife looks like a newborn shit all over it
Wyatt Wren (3 years ago)
The gut knife its fucking dope
Freddy (3 years ago)
+Jack Roycroft ^Bayo Blue Steel if you wanna trade up - Gut if you prefer it and wanna stick to it
gg wp nab team (3 years ago)
+Jack Roycroft bay blue steel but gut knife marble fade is good aswell tho your opinion but i prefer bay
Azual (3 years ago)
you really sound like xcodeh
banjoskip (3 years ago)
I subbed when you had 7k. And that was about 3 weeks ago. How you grow so fast I have no idea.
isbittenner (3 years ago)
McSkillet, if you would like to play csgo with a big fan, im dmg and would love to play with you
Alex the Liberator (3 years ago)
I just came across this channel randomly and subscribed an hour ago and now theres already a new video. :D
Red09 (3 years ago)
good job m8. thanks.
TehHoly Nico (3 years ago)
Just sayin you miss spelled "tool" in the description, you put "took"!!
ricobeijum (3 years ago)
McSkillet (3 years ago)
+TehHoly Nico I haven't even messed around with that for pc and I don't own a mac so I wouldn't know. Sorry.
Wyatt Wren (3 years ago)
The answer is don't use a Mac ezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz rext.exe
TehHoly Nico (3 years ago)
Np man, btw, a few videos ago of yours i commented asking on how to install a font in cs:go for macbook pro, and you didn't answer, i've been trying to install one for like 2months now but no one knows how to install it for mac.. please help me (if you know)
McSkillet (3 years ago)
+TehHoly Nico Thanks for letting me know. I see I made a typo
old channel (3 years ago)
Good god you're growing quickly! :O
Alain Serhan (3 years ago)
you have a nice channel and 10k is not bad lol i subbed even though i dont like mc :p
old channel (3 years ago)
+The Lebanese Gamer some people do youtube for fun :P like I upload daily and get no revenue.
M4d Alex (3 years ago)
+The Spy plox... 1. Dont use csgo MM ranking as an argument.. 2. I just wanted to ask a question :)
M4d Alex (3 years ago)
+McSkillet ツ CS:GO I saw your videos as recommended, browsed your channel and then wanted to ask "why bother with trading so much". I asked because I was never a trader, always went for the PvP.. sorry to bother you ^^
Alain Serhan (3 years ago)
you're right ... this is why he should save himself by doing a twitch channel to get him some money before retiring :p
KurtPlaysGames (3 years ago)
thats badass
777 TooTurnt (3 years ago)
awesome video. really useful lots of people will watch it.
Handtuchwerfer (3 years ago)
Nice! Thx
iBoynator ッ (3 years ago)
German? :]
RoyalCSGO (3 years ago)
crown (3 years ago)
+leonfi PvP alles klar
Ruiner Wankler (3 years ago)
+iBoynator ッ nein
LaMonnster (3 years ago)
McSkillet (3 years ago)
+Anthony L yeah
LaMonnster (3 years ago)
+Anthony L nice video though lol . this tool is really useful
Alex Regan (3 years ago)
amar sembi (3 years ago)
awesome vid man!
Max (3 years ago)
First lel

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