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Top 10 Hidden CS:GO Bomb Plants

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You may not have known these 10 INSANELY Hidden CS:GO bomb plants.. Welcome to Valve Guides. In competitive CSGO the goal of being on T side in the plant to bomb and protect it until detonation, or, just wipe out the enemy team.. But today we are going to be focusing on the bomb plant scenario. It is important to note we only chose maps from the active duty map pool and that this is no particular order.. So this is our, top ten, hidden bomb plants. That just about does it for this video guys, if you liked the video, hit that like button, if you want to see more videos like this as they are made public, subscribe. If you want to enter in some sick giveaways, you can follow us on twitter @UltraGuides. If you wanna hang with me and the other UG members, you can join our Discord server. Thank you so much for staying till the end of the video. Stay amazing, and we will see you, in the next one. Hellcase: http://hellcase.com/en/ Hidden Bomb Plants CS:GO 10 Best Bomb Plants CS:GO Best Bomb Plants In Counter:Strike Global Offensive ▼ STAY CONNECTED! ▼ Follow Us on Social Media! ★ Twitter: http://Twitter.com/UltraGuides ★ Discord: https://discord.gg/ultra ★ Twitch: http://Twitch.tv/UltraGuides ___________________________________________
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Text Comments (476)
_ _ (1 month ago)
Ogashishi (1 month ago)
Have you guys noticed that there are only defusal maps in pro csgo? No hostage rescue maps
Fudgee Productions (2 months ago)
Now everybody knows!!
ToastNinja (3 months ago)
I already knew all of this from HS TOP. He Made this in September 2016 and yours is October 2016
beer Happe (4 months ago)
do they still work
very hentai pony (4 months ago)
I LOVE losing money!
Pre-pubescent Beta (6 months ago)
I usually plant under a ct corpse
MarioxGaming729 (7 months ago)
Cache a site won me 5 rounds xD
Andrew Steigerwald (7 months ago)
one time I died on top of the bomb on dust 2, the ct's had no clue :)
Music Boy (8 months ago)
In the last one u sed a site but u were in the b site
Hunter Ellis (8 months ago)
Thank you this was very helpful!!!
muqreez mustafa (9 months ago)
gtx 1080 : where thr fuck is that bomb? macbook: say no more
João Bulhões (9 months ago)
Here's a universal secret plant, plant it under a dead body
PlevoXCAE (9 months ago)
The Problem arent the spots at all, the most problem is they, can see the Bomb on the map and also you just need to stay in a radius to defuse.
Gaming (10 months ago)
make a new video
antonio wehbe (10 months ago)
yes the thing u talked about on #2 happende to me once and all my friends hated me for it😂
Linus Nowak (11 months ago)
What about mirage
Feuckeforter (11 months ago)
What about new dust 2?
Wyatt Romanzin (11 months ago)
On cobble u said a but it was b
Trinabh Paul (1 year ago)
Dust 1 has a hidden one too. B site u can see the Brownish gold containers lid lying on the floor plant on it
Best line ever : plant the bomb inside of it, your gross
BucketKing (1 year ago)
ah idk if hiding at non solid is good what if the enemy using a lowest graphic
L2MOH (1 year ago)
Where tc is mirage
Lol. The ct body covered the bomb and we cant def it anymore and losed
Electro[] (1 year ago)
we have the same glock :O
iXuisGaming (1 year ago)
well now add 223k people on the plants and its not so hidden
iQuick_Ice (1 year ago)
Hidden bomb spot: B
APieceOfBread (1 year ago)
I love this man, and the content was helpful. +1 sub!
Lorenzo Hogendoorn (1 year ago)
Boots (1 year ago)
earned a new sub my man
Swati Kulkarni (1 year ago)
Do one on Indian players
faye (1 year ago)
not hidden anymore
Robert Drayfahl (1 year ago)
Hellcase is horrible. I opened 2 cases on their website, after opening those cases, neither one of the skins showed up in my inventory on the website. The skins just disappeared. Bye bye money
Mercce (1 year ago)
On inferno you can also plant the bomb next to the grill
Nairda (1 year ago)
this has mad me happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gizmo Gadget (1 year ago)
Ya know people have the game instructor binded?
Zynth (1 year ago)
Players with good headphones can locate them with sound but even them might get confused at first, yet they are still able to be found even though they are not able to be seen.... you missed the Dust 2 top of boxes plant though that makes the bomb so easy to guard from a long as the CT needs to fully expose themselves in the open to defuse The bomb... quite a good planting spot in my opinion...
AcePlayz GT10 (1 year ago)
really niga dude u just following HS top lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jonas Skarum (1 year ago)
SOURAV MOHAN RANE (10 months ago)
The GE
Buskman (1 year ago)
Have you tried planting a bomb inside a corpse? It's very effective and could buy you seconds...
Jims L (1 year ago)
196hundredthousand people now know these plants. are they secret/hidden anymore?
Snowy Coast (1 year ago)
You missed one in dust at a site by doors there is a basket you can plant in the basket
Atlas Blitz (1 year ago)
on Zoo in a pickup truck thats were i hide my bomb
Bruno Duarte (1 year ago)
bindtoggle h gameintructor_enable How you like me now?
Synktra Communix (1 year ago)
Safari Mesh AK best AK
Swaguy 88 (1 year ago)
why they steal Hstop videos ?
Rohan Yadav (1 year ago)
can see ur crosshair why ..
Dashiell Byrne (1 year ago)
its cachay not cash
TheKillForYou PL (1 year ago)
polish version? please :/
Unknown (1 year ago)
Uzumaki Kira (1 year ago)
I just use my ears and press E to find the bomb it works almost every time with quick succession
Decimated Dreams (1 year ago)
1:30 They're gonna BITEZ ZA DUSTO
Xtr0n CS (1 year ago)
Fuck you valve you fackorganisationerna VAC BANNED ME FOR NOTHING I DID
Katarii (1 year ago)
inferno isnt active duty it is reveses
devin erl (1 year ago)
How dose it work
devin erl (1 year ago)
That case site is fakeeee
Gairu Senpai :3 (1 year ago)
enable game_instructor to see bomb locations
Wing_ Pics (1 year ago)
Not so hidden anymore
FrostyBlackHQ FBHQ (1 year ago)
U dont have 2 tell me about the second 1
BeTa (1 year ago)
it is called "casheeee" not "cash"
cool_ cake_man (1 year ago)
plz go sub me my name is beasty of me op
Jaco boois (1 year ago)
love all of your vids,but why don't u talk about CSGO girls?
Braeden Al-Angary (1 year ago)
What about the floating bomb plant?(on-site of dust 2)
William Xu (1 year ago)
For me? Just shoot props on top of the bomb.
NexusNC (1 year ago)
Pro Tip: Smoke yourself when planting in the open, also try to be in the corner when smoking as people usually shoot in the middle of the smoked area.
ELECTROxGAMING (1 year ago)
It alredy hapen to me i was in dust 2 and i plant the bomb on the corner were the window is just were the box is and it was a 1v5 and i was the last one that mean i was the 1 left and i died and my body was covering the bomb and we win cuse they didnt find the bomb
BrancakeZ TheFirst (1 year ago)
did anyone realize that the urban digital ddpat m4a4 was selling for $4
bombo claat (1 year ago)
Thanks for good video subbed keep it up
Jazz Yu (1 year ago)
lets not forget you can hide the bomb in the dead bodies >:)
Abraham Melendrez (1 year ago)
They changed inferno sooooooooooo
mateo (1 year ago)
MIrage plant?????????
Jonathan doesstuff (1 year ago)
If a guy dies at the site... plant it on him!
Jellie Beany (1 year ago)
Hi Valve Guides. I know you're from Plymouth. I know everything. I am ILLUMINATI!!
tim rodgers (1 year ago)
dude i litterally cant stop watching ur vids i saw one and now i have watched about 25 strait
Daniel Janson (1 year ago)
young dagger dick (1 year ago)
Stop promoting scam sites. If you're stupid enough to waste your money on any of these case opening sites, you should just put it through your head. "it" being a bullet. On Hellcase for example, the knife case is 85$ and once you look inside, 95% of the knives in there are below 85$. And don't think "Oh, I'm gonna be lucky because i'm special". You're not, kys.
Gnar Bot (1 year ago)
on #3 there is similar rock on the other side of the truck!
Kroch Ligmeov (1 year ago)
Helcase is a scam
SINDI (1 year ago)
What do you edit with?
СанРайз (1 year ago)
Stole from HS Top
Nicolai (1 year ago)
All the Inferno Plants are useless cuz we have the new Inferno now xd
Somedude1343 15 (1 year ago)
You can just plant the bomb under a dead player that won us the round
First Last (1 year ago)
Recycled content..
CBJSniper (1 year ago)
Rest in peace old inferno
Draugr_the_Greedy (1 year ago)
R.I.P the inferno plant
Kalbee (1 year ago)
Okay the reason Hellcase is a scam is because unlike Valve Hellcase actually owns the skins that you unbox on their site. Valve give no fucks what you get from a case cause they get your $2.50 no matter what. If you spend $7.50 on a case on Hellcase and you unbox a $20 dollar skin Hellcase loses money. So you will rarely make profit on Hellcase due to them not wanting to lose money.
Decibyte (1 year ago)
I plant the bombs in CT bodies
Why? (1 year ago)
hellcase scammers fucking won and they sent a trade link with nothing...
HikariNeso (1 year ago)
why is the a site of dust not here?
W S (1 year ago)
Does that case site accept British pounds or not
B3nDaHuman (1 year ago)
I hate it when people 1. Aren't original 2. Can't speel 3. list things they hate 5. Can't count 6. Fish for likes 7. Fake read more *Read More* 8. And fish for likes Like if you agree!
DarksideOrbit (1 year ago)
It was on purpose. Everything was actually.
Uaua Auaua (1 year ago)
BenTheHuman // Pixel-Art And More! Did you know you spell 'spell' wrong?
Mulksky 11 (1 year ago)
please no
Person Guy (1 year ago)
Wait, on cobblestone A site you can plant the bomb on a plant??!?!?!?! My life is complete
Smudge (1 year ago)
"It's important to note that we only chose maps from the active duty map pool" #2 AND #9 Inferno. Currently not in active duty group, and was NOT in the active duty group at the time of upload.
Smudge (1 year ago)
+Thomas Haack Don't you mean the reserves duty group?
Walter Lannister (1 year ago)
He would have recorded it before it was placed In passive duty
Fortnite Trending (1 year ago)
NexusSpacey (1 year ago)
I have a good inferno plant (rip inferno active duty) you can plant it and with a simple smoke no one can see you plant or stop you planting. It is a bit on the weird side on defence but it works. Comment under this comment and i'll try and find time to show you
IgVipers TheFirst (1 year ago)
You people need to learn that Hell case is not a gambling site it's a business site there is a change you can make profit there is a chance you won't. Learn the difference between a gambling site and business site
Cris Simpson (1 year ago)
Why did u reupload this?
Pehmo (1 year ago)
100% copy of HS TOP video, uploaded some days ago
Knightmare (1 year ago)
If you're in a clutch bomb defuse, press Alt+F4 to quick diffuse.
Fudgee Productions (2 months ago)
Nice try, but i didn't do it because i know what it does
Mohamd Neekzad (8 months ago)
Knightmare lol
sirhenry0 (1 year ago)
why not say fuck you skin websites, gambling taught to just kids.

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