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[5/5] Top 50 Players in CS History

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Top 50 Players in CS History Created by Austin Townley Special thanks to Duncan Shields, Josh Geha, Joe Piazza, Ryan Bonner. Music: "Loop 1 Action/Thriller" by Alxd https://soundcloud.com/alxdmusic/alxd-loop-1-action-thriller is licensed under a Creative Commons license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ "Epic Trailer Music 2" by Alxd https://soundcloud.com/alxdmusic/alxd-epic-trailer-music-2 is licensed under a Creative Commons license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ "Skyward" by Alxd https://soundcloud.com/alxdmusic/alxd-skyward is licensed under a Creative Commons license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Text Comments (5666)
NemanjaGames 42 (17 hours ago)
Element hacker
George Catalin Nicuta (2 days ago)
There was few more excepțional players from eolitic and aaa
Heaton use silent AIM too, L O L! ! ! :D
4:32 - That is no recoil, lol! :D Is NR allowed?
JJ (2 days ago)
why this wideo does not have I as number one? shit list
Life is one, but CS is 1.6 !!!
Gucci Bay (2 days ago)
Still miss those days where 32 players server all full, keep pressing retry to get into server
Marcos macstinz (4 days ago)
All cheat
Mansu Riven (4 days ago)
Fnx > Neo man.
Carlos Guevara (7 days ago)
Lol people saying they hack, they record their own demos and upload them and some of these are aftually from LAN tournements
Rajko Dulkanovic (7 days ago)
ivanovic ivanovic (11 days ago)
Thats why i didnt go to school
daniel johansson (13 days ago)
heaton is #1
PKNC 3 (13 days ago)
plase markeloff awp model link !
Antonio Milovanovic (16 days ago)
The Georgian Gaming (16 days ago)
aWp ShNiK :> M1[Q]ELA SaNTa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQHFVZJrgQg&t=246s
JTsuits (18 days ago)
God I miss grinding this game on Cal and Cevo 😢
Nash Iverson (14 days ago)
JTsuits u can download it today
AdRiåNø BàLá (18 days ago)
Tava usando hack sem duvidas
Artem Glushchuk (18 days ago)
Where is starix ?
hee hee (19 days ago)
purvesh pawar (20 days ago)
Gedora 13 (23 days ago)
half of them have wh
Kerem Onder (25 days ago)
Where is the Spawn you jackass ?????? are you insanemotherfucker ?
LTF gamer Dz (26 days ago)
Subscription refund thnx
Deadstreat (27 days ago)
I want those fast reaction like those esports guy
PaRKE! (1 month ago)
Ricardo Vargas (2 days ago)
Jogou muito no fim da era 1.6
Have you seen how I play cs If you see me then I will be on the top of this list
FCB FTO (1 month ago)
0:34 watafak gg man
Sebastian Patrikios (1 month ago)
Dude why Neo? .....
HyperLazy (1 month ago)
the test
ferd fecifer (1 month ago)
like a aimboter
Pasha Defragzor (1 month ago)
I've been playing since cs beta, when it was a mod for half-life. And I wanna say that old times was way better. It was a pure passion to the game, there was a very low money tournaments, but it was a real passion of teenagers to the game and a very hard times for my family TT a drama
György Antal (1 month ago)
What about KODIAK? He's not even on this list? That makes the hole list unlegit ... cheers
KossoTivi (1 month ago)
Neo <3
TheBurningBacca (1 month ago)
Fire In The Hole
Crimson Desired (1 month ago)
notice how they all crouch corners with ak's No skill trash smh Edward was good though
arnevonjensen (1 month ago)
Neo nr1 ? Bs. Potti and heaton are nr1/2 and pls take out those newbies from top 10 that is get right and forest. This is all time. Not the local retard club standings
AlexGameTV (1 month ago)
Where is kennyyyyyyyy
Svajunas Melenis (1 month ago)
Can someone explain me how they shoot through flashes like it's nothing?
Master Footdscdw (1 month ago)
Mr.По (1 month ago)
Spawn was my favorite !
Belgrade Ghost (1 month ago)
Number five is the aim hack
GamingIsNotCrime (1 month ago)
Anyone plays Cs 1.6
isaac marambio (1 month ago)
And n0thing ....and Spawn???? Why not?
KTPlayz (1 month ago)
At 10:12 that guy has no recoil did you see?
Bla Fil (1 month ago)
1# Kalimero 3.0 # Kali Army
Andrew Spears (1 month ago)
Ksharp not being on here is gross
Slobodan Mitic (1 month ago)
Your pronounciation makes me sick...
Elam SAMP (1 month ago)
i love this video
cs go gamer (1 month ago)
nb 0 and the legend and the god of all cs series is phoon he is just the god
El Arevalo (1 month ago)
Lavinius Marusky (1 month ago)
imi zice lumea jupan
Tatu Eugen (1 month ago)
Old but gold... i them all :(
AXL_13_420 (1 month ago)
i used to play with some of these guys, good competition...
Kudribas (1 month ago)
Ааааа на нахуй👌🏿😂👌🏿
Ninja Ripper (1 month ago)
Ryan Bonner lol
Heitor Matheus (1 month ago)
RobaNN and Spawn.
xᴇʟᴍ (1 month ago)
i miss 1.6 & source :/
Kha Zix (1 month ago)
Kiedyś to było kurłaaaa
marios karipidis (1 month ago)
l hear so many of you saying "l miss good old cs"... Why? What's wrong with csgo? l have 4k hours in csgo and l think its greater than ever after some mechanics & bugs getting fixed and a few guns being nurfed or optimised it got awesome... Meta is OK too.. l mean csgo looks great to me!!! Buuuut l never played 1.6 or any of the other cs platforms.. So whats so special about those and these days??
enigma mist (1 month ago)
Look at Markeloff's Awp. Best ✓
MRR'Dancer Miracle (1 month ago)
mod peace (2 months ago)
i think Forest should #1 but Neo is still a good choice. Forests game play was better to me.
Brian Vargas (2 months ago)
top 50 campers
Gabriel Babau (2 months ago)
Where is sedan?
Vishnu Sanker (2 months ago)
Where is spawn??
AYWEX (2 months ago)
Nice aim
Mazahaka #_# (2 months ago)
Cyx best of the best
Mazahaka #_# (2 months ago)
Markeloff is stupid
magicciaw (2 months ago)
This game was terrible, I'll never understand peoples' obsession with it. COD 2 was better, even, as far as gameplay is concerned
Tony Samayoa (2 months ago)
Some of these are a total hack
Waqas Akhtar (2 months ago)
in their primes it would be neo, get right, n0thing, spawn and f0rest this game takes 100x more skill than csgo and source.. and all the games today its fucking sad
Djordje Kocic (2 months ago)
And these are pro players. Hahahahahahha, each of them has scripts and various other hacks.
Haku (2 months ago)
Spawn and markeloff ever.
Miro SlaW (2 months ago)
With hack
ZaliX00 Production (2 months ago)
Ivan S (2 months ago)
ohhhhhh nostalgy!
TedForceGaming (2 months ago)
There 10 legend players
Brainstorm (2 months ago)
Cs go “pro” kids wouldn’t last a second with this legends....
Jimlad (2 months ago)
watching this years later... how can you miss SpawN! in his prime he was the best ever, passed over the torch to f0rest.. but then there was zet as well!
Markeloff n1
F15K F15K (2 months ago)
errr What about me ?
Luka Vranić (2 months ago)
ovi ljudi su ubijali botove sta je ovdje zanimljivo
Where is spawn ????he is the best ever too!
Anrī Šefanovskis (2 months ago)
pfff noooobsssssss (dont give me any fucked up comment here alright its a joke lads)
lsnazr (2 months ago)
Nobody was as good as neo.
Milos YTツ (2 months ago)
all cheater to cheater
JACK LIVES HERE (2 months ago)
Neo was god. Kabal was also great player. I had opportunity to play alongside Mephisto and meet with Potti. Mephisto was maybe one of the most unpredicted players. Ah, great old days... Reminding force tears in my eyes. :( Now, wife, kids... I still take round or to every week on some public servers. Love to hear them screaming "cheater!!!" :D Greetings from Poseidon.
Tugsuu Gsg (2 months ago)
Thereway Chanel (2 months ago)
Where is kodiak??
Intice (2 months ago)
周政龙 (2 months ago)
Kris Tve (2 months ago)
Played cs 16 since i was 7...
ViviK_ (2 months ago)
How did they aim?....cs' scope is broken
MABUS SUBAM (2 months ago)
Why do people always run around with a knife equipped? I don't get it..
abdeljabar Baitiche (2 months ago)
all noobs
Marioabelto (2 months ago)
They dont have recoil. Its skill or cfg?
Enigma El (2 months ago)
My guys are better .....if we were not born in iran. 😭

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