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[5/5] Top 50 Players in CS History

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Top 50 Players in CS History Created by Austin Townley Special thanks to Duncan Shields, Josh Geha, Joe Piazza, Ryan Bonner. Music: "Loop 1 Action/Thriller" by Alxd https://soundcloud.com/alxdmusic/alxd-loop-1-action-thriller is licensed under a Creative Commons license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ "Epic Trailer Music 2" by Alxd https://soundcloud.com/alxdmusic/alxd-epic-trailer-music-2 is licensed under a Creative Commons license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ "Skyward" by Alxd https://soundcloud.com/alxdmusic/alxd-skyward is licensed under a Creative Commons license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Text Comments (5727)
Ппоо Пррии (3 hours ago)
김영조 (2 days ago)
핵이잖아 개색기
Yar Muhammad (2 days ago)
Suleman live from karachi cs 1.6 player
Jerry Mercado (4 days ago)
This was my early 20's addiction. I used to smoke pot and play this till 3 am. GOD I miss those days.
Mohsin ulhaq (4 days ago)
guyz where is sk spawn?
You need to see https://youtu.be/yTu1ODceGn4 If you want to know something about great players And https://youtu.be/jAzR25QARaE
SicraN (8 days ago)
We want CS 1.6 pro scene back!
caitama punch (11 days ago)
We still play this game with my squad
Jacker jack (11 days ago)
see that edward usp wasting too many time to kill them and enemies are noob to kill him in 5 sec
Jacker jack (11 days ago)
i dont understand that wallbang and too many bullets to kill someone and too slow hand i can tell i am 10 times better than them
MCARLOS1 (11 days ago)
Cogu > Forest
gordAn freeman (11 days ago)
neo with cheats, it's obvious, the sight is very noticeable!
5:20 сжег читы)
Cookiezi (12 days ago)
wicked sick
Skorsik (12 days ago)
Old neo come back
Naikon,Xeqtr,Knoxwille from eoL ???
No recoil???!!😒
How if you play with me You can't kill me😂😂
CynicalSpheres (13 days ago)
what a shame to go from 1.6 to cs:go.. stuck with over powered pistols, picking between a silences m4 which sucks, or the m4a4, movement feels like shit. What a shame.
Edward (13 days ago)
best 1.6 player spawn
I can do quick and multiple headshots with Desert Eagle and AK-47 and AWP And M4
Vulcs (14 days ago)
They can be using wall hack. Spectators list dont show that.
Maverick (14 days ago)
where is nothing
puck off (19 days ago)
still play this game like 10 hrs a week. This is the best game ever, period. There are more than 20k ppl still actively play per day as of now.
CİO Alpi (20 days ago)
Adamlar makina gibi calisiyor aga.
Alexandru Ionut (20 days ago)
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FURKAN İNCİ (22 days ago)
Türkçe olsa keske
Dimitrios Nikolaidis (22 days ago)
► "Thank you Heaton"
Tusher Deb (24 days ago)
I miss this game vershion vry much :(
Neo aim bot
Ethan Huang (25 days ago)
Paulo Ferreira (25 days ago)
what about spawn man ?
Akshar Gohel (25 days ago)
this game was released in 1999 still one of the greatest game
3err0 (26 days ago)
nothning special,.anyone can play like that with enough practice
Johann Lescano (26 days ago)
What a Wonderful world (26 days ago)
Ахуеть. Какие же старенькые хайлайты. Я ещё в школе от их кайфовал (10 лет вспять)
Johny White (27 days ago)
А где мой: " Сосац уродцы сосац"?!
Санёк Юрич (27 days ago)
There is no "Russian butcher" Bacause pindoses dont know him! He is the father of CS 1.6!!!!!!! Yor navi = shit! Butcher =BEST! Serega rulit!
anis akram (27 days ago)
Top 50 player i just see 10 players
Jessie Gipaya (28 days ago)
The fak aimbot aiming to the wall then fire without seing the enemy lolll
Coffeerelic 3357 (29 days ago)
I bhop in 1.6 before with d.eagle and im beast (but not a pro never be)
Dachi Gamcemlidze (29 days ago)
1:26 cheat
GamE FreaK (1 month ago)
heard nothing is best player in cs 1.6??
Dave (1 month ago)
B-RAD (1 month ago)
3D | Rambo!??
El Grillo (1 month ago)
Good times...
Daniel Onisifor (1 month ago)
Legendary game , come back part of my life :(
Countt (1 month ago)
This was the shit back in the days
Alex Balcu (1 month ago)
Where is sedan?
Fwzi Kurdistan (1 month ago)
I am better than them all !!!!! 😂😂😂😂 I hope .
khalid filali (1 month ago)
his voice is calming and also nice music
Victor Mo (1 month ago)
i m выебу
Crazy Awper (1 month ago)
You guys missed SpawN - he is a legend when it comes to 1.6
Reyaan Shaikh (1 month ago)
predatortaipan (1 month ago)
Old but gold. But where is Jonny R. (Jonas B) from mouz?
Evan Dreemuur (1 month ago)
I used to have sniper legend reflexes like that. It was pixel perfect!!!
Decopro 3 (1 month ago)
All have aimbot noobs eat my cock
Leon Kennedy (1 month ago)
15 years GG
Rishav Ganguli (1 month ago)
Ahhh...cs1.6........the cs that didn't have laser beams and 1 shot headshot pistols
rock lee e (1 month ago)
Ah old good cs 1.6
Dani vagyok ! (1 month ago)
Where are KennyS???????
Hero4 GoPro (1 month ago)
Most inteligent player is markeloff case closed ...
He is hacker 🖕 fcuking hacker man
LatisARG (2 months ago)
eLemenT, Heaton, Potti.. ahhh so many memories of mi childhood
nothing (2 months ago)
Luke Wilmoth (2 months ago)
Too bad csgo is dead, thanks for nothing valve.
Fdo birse (2 months ago)
And spawn? Wtf
Müjdat Kendirci (2 months ago)
All is hack
DeadSky 3DY (2 months ago)
putaclic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elmaz Mametova (2 months ago)
Сух is good players!
BestMan (2 months ago)
Edward is better than them all
LEGEND 25 (2 months ago)
Fuck COD CS 1.6 and CS Source is the best!
Stanly Nulai (2 months ago)
PianistaMiskoV (2 months ago)
Neeeooooo <3
George Argi (2 months ago)
Nostalgia.. I still play thia game though.. Few off us enjoy this game those nights after an exhausting day you open that cs 1.6 and play 5v5 with old friends drinking beers and laughing for few hours.. We are about 30 people in Greece still playing it..
Heber Ruth (2 months ago)
ser (2 months ago)
7:45 NO recoil for m4a1
chang jeff (2 months ago)
Best game for clan match ever
Budai Corneliu (2 months ago)
My top5 is 1.F0rest 2.markeloff 3.get_right 4.neo 5.zeus
ErEfia al Medvedi (2 months ago)
Justin Reyez (2 months ago)
that pistol work...
flavio oliveira (2 months ago)
FNX is the god
Usman Usman (2 months ago)
Half of them has no recoils
Haise Joke (2 months ago)
James Huffmar (2 months ago)
for me Get Right is the best & smartest cs player ever
Steven Bruce Flores (2 months ago)
Casey Howe (2 months ago)
No spawn...
Francisco Fteites (2 months ago)
Son una mentira! Podes tener mil años jugando al cs y nunca vas a llegar a jugar asi! Chiteros...
luan borges (2 months ago)
ASPX are cheating to join in the list
Sonic Miner (2 months ago)
Why am I not in the list?
Rage ! (2 months ago)
Element hacker
سارا الحنونه (2 months ago)
سارا الحنونه (2 months ago)
George Catalin Nicuta (2 months ago)
There was few more excepțional players from eolitic and aaa
Heaton use silent AIM too, L O L! ! ! :D
4:32 - That is no recoil, lol! :D Is NR allowed?
JJ (2 months ago)
why this wideo does not have I as number one? shit list
Life is one, but CS is 1.6 !!!

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