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Hard News 08/12/11 (Battlefield 3, Rage, Counter-Strike Global Offensive)

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Today on Hard News you'll have to have Origin for Battlefield 3, Rage has its own take on used games, more Counter-Strike is announced, and Epic Battle Axe. Battlefield 3 Requires Origin, Even Retail - http://bf3blog.com/2011/08/origin-required-to-play-battlefield-3/ Used Copies of RAGE Locks Single-Player Content - http://screwattack.com/blogs/ScrewAttack-News/Used-copies-of-Rage-missing-content Valve Announces Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - http://www.vg247.com/2011/08/12/valve-announces-counter-strike-global-offensive/ Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook! Facebook - Pro Jared and http://www.facebook.com/OfficialSA Twitter - @ProJared and @ScrewAttack
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Text Comments (617)
anoname (6 years ago)
2:10 Are you fucking mad down show people the INCORRECT Footage of Counter-Strike, this footage is From Counter-Strike: Online is a Free MMOFPS game that is hosted in Korea you nobhead, show the REAL FOOTAGE!
IronMaster777 (6 years ago)
nintendo on nintendo
bluemidgetguy (6 years ago)
zilver HD (6 years ago)
nintendo should never release their games on other mobile devices.
3Jargons (6 years ago)
Why not? All it can do is make nintendo more money?
AdamKepsProduktions (6 years ago)
They should NOT release their games on other devices. If they do, that will make me a sad panda.
menerRus (6 years ago)
youtube.com/watch?v=fmjm_B5fAT8 official trailer cs go
Malone Barnett (6 years ago)
i was watching super mario sunshine instead of th chick talking about game news
Twiztedgoalie (6 years ago)
Nintendo doesn't need IOS or Android. The minute a Pokemon game gets made, the 3DS is selling 20 million more units over night. The stock will bounce back. people are being too reactionary to this.
8ChaoYin8 (6 years ago)
1:01 not funny...
GeorgeMazur29 (6 years ago)
I dont kare if it id=s 4 ios cause it is a nintendo game
sonicblast19 (6 years ago)
@Bob0p Well to be honest before getting Assassins Creed 2 on XBOX 360 I first played it on PC and even with it's DRM protection it still was a very complicated method of playing that game pirated, and I managed to do that. I didn't like the game then, but after I bought it on XBOX(to continue my story after AC 1) I hated even more and sold it. To be honest I am afriad of hacking my XBOX so I and some other people are afraid to hack their consoles, but on PC there's no consequences.
Imassassin90 (6 years ago)
@thbebokg1 No I just thought it was funny.
Neko Vermillion (6 years ago)
Mah Boi, Nintendo games on non Nintendo systems are fail.
MellowMink (6 years ago)
What happens when Rage stops being sold at stores new? What happens once Xbox Live eventually closes down? What happens if the player does not have an internet connection? This is why it's a bad idea.
Mr. Some Gamer Dude (6 years ago)
(more to add) its like buying a book. lets say the book has 300pgs (lets say $60 new $40 used -20pgs, & 30 used -100pgs) . buy it new you get 300pgs. buy the same book used. you get 280pgs and have 20pgs you might pay to get those pages back. or have 200pgs and the 100pgs that is ripped off is the climax or the middle chapter and must pay 120% more than you pay buying it used. .and i can see there loosing money from used games but it not good for the consumer ethir.
Mr. Some Gamer Dude (6 years ago)
i hate online passes and taking away feature from used-games. not everybody could afford a new game. so they buy used ones enstead. it decrease of # of games used/new sold. so guess what people would do. they will not buy the game. wait till the $ drop (all the way where game $ would be if used) then buy it that way. or alot people wont buy a game that has online pass required &/or games that must get new if you want %100 of the game (- add-ons) enstead of %80 or less. in my opinon its stupid
BAILEY RALEIGH (6 years ago)
AirsoftLife (6 years ago)
sparkytrick (6 years ago)
Game companies should stop pressuring people to buy their games new. I know, they don't make money off of second hand games, but like it or not, that's how a lot of people get their games. Making it hard to get cheap games for the consoles is just going to make more people turn to mobile devices and shy away from the console experience completely.
Doug Johnson (6 years ago)
Nintendo should make there own moble devise called nintendphone or too shut everyone else up and keep nintendo characters on nintendo devices!!!!!
sorasnobodiexiii (6 years ago)
welp guess ill get the ps3 version of BF3 then if i ever do
John Doe (6 years ago)
Mario belongs on nintendo systems! As do the rest of Nintendo's characters and franchises.
Imassassin90 (6 years ago)
@thbebokg1 And if you look closely near his computer monitor you'll easily see a cup from Mc Donalds
ACG 501 (6 years ago)
Mortal Kombat in the background! :)
Chuchuca (6 years ago)
SpardaDVLKing3 (6 years ago)
1:02-1:06 and this is why Jared is the RAPE MASTER!
dunnobutwayne (6 years ago)
adn an exhaust gauge on the new CS would be awesoem^^
dunnobutwayne (6 years ago)
and Origin takes jsut as much ram and cpu as STEAM!!
dunnobutwayne (6 years ago)
BF§ FUCKE YEAH!!! finally some good mp shooter!!
unorthodoxJ (6 years ago)
Epicbattleaxe would not be as bad if he didn't do that damn retarded greeting I'd hate to see such respectable things like Zelda released on medium home mainly to things such as Angry birds. Honestly there's already apps for people to get such classic games on their phones, and they STILL buy them from Nintendo. Nintendo's continuing legacy is due in part to the many fan boys that love it, don't betray their loyalty
SteamMonkey115 (6 years ago)
Bunnyhopping disabled smart ass lol CS wooow
undeadbobop (6 years ago)
@sonicblast19 Um no they don't people only just pirate games on pc, there is piracy on every platform. DRM is a tool used to prevent piracy. There is other forms and methods of anti piracy methods.
Chuchuca (6 years ago)
iamironpenguin (6 years ago)
I will murder someone if Nintendo puts they're games on a smart phone or iPod touch............................. I'm serious.
If Nintendo games come out on anything other than a Nintendo device, hammers will be thrown.
guy0Npage38XBL (6 years ago)
Zeldas Champion (6 years ago)
It should only be on Nintendo hardware. Seriously how stupid are these investors? They will lose money from hardware sales if they do that. That's why Microsoft invest so much in exclusivity in order maintain people buying ONLY their systems.
cybersonic8472 (6 years ago)
Nintendo should not port key games to IOS as this would shoot them in the foot later on in 3DS life. They also should not ignor this market. They could make new cheep IP's like Popcaps does, stuf like angry bierds and bejewled, as well as releas a limeted number of nes remakes for cheep. The real thing that will help them is to also make inexpencive dowlodable games for the 3DS to compeat with the Istore.
Xajora (6 years ago)
Nintendo on a non-nintendo console would release a wave of subpar games. Those subpar games, while temporarily boosting Nintendo's stock, would be more of a problem than a solution longrun.
Flumpor (6 years ago)
Nintendo could Launch their Titles onto XBox 360. I own both the XBox and PS3 and I think that the Controller of the XBox just would be more fitting for Zelda or Mario because it is on par with the Gamecube Controller (which is the best controller anyways) and Graphics don´t really matter if you play a Nintendo Game so the Hardware of the PS3 isn´t needed.
simon de vine (6 years ago)
nintendo on any other console than the one's with it's name slapped all over it. Sounds to me like a good idea, not only will this give emulators a run for the their money so to speak, it would give more people a way to play mario and metroid on the go other than having a game console on them as well as their phone. So it does make sence to have it all on one thing, 1 question to come out of this who will they go into talks with apple for the iPhone or microsoft for the windows phone 7?
poetmanifest (6 years ago)
Nintendo, going the way of Sega?! No wai! lol. I have been waiting for this victory for a very long time..... I mean, uh, Nintendo is going multi-platform, or bust? O.O;
hoptop77 (6 years ago)
i dont mind the big n releasing games on other devices but only if those devices have buttons. the touch does not work for all games just like motion controls do not work for all games. you would think developers would know that
john zimanski (6 years ago)
mortal kombat was always annyoing to me.
hoptop77 (6 years ago)
@Impact2us you should watch the show its fuckin epic
UrLaoBei (6 years ago)
I think they should be on iphone, follow the times :)
Ziroana (6 years ago)
no offense to anyone, but i skip past the axe attacks, its so redundant. i just wanna see jared, being all fine while he tells me news :)
Conor Kinsella (6 years ago)
Id love to play super mario on iphone!!
Daniel Withrow (6 years ago)
Not to knock Steam or Origin but if I remember correctly Valve required you to run Steam to play Half-Life 2 on the PC.
Mr Smidgens (6 years ago)
3:57 skip axe attacks
thejerseydog (6 years ago)
To be fair, I remember Valve forcing everyone to use Steam with Half-Life 2 back in the day. The argument could be made that EA is just following precedent.
John Doe (6 years ago)
1:00 Awesome!
sonicblast19 (6 years ago)
@Bob0p Actually Nintendo licensed products for PC back in the 90's,but if they release on PC I doubt they will have a better market than on Smartphones,because on PC most people just gets the games pirated,while on Iphone for example as on normal consoles not many people take the risk of brking their device in order to hack it. On PC every game can be easily played when a crack comes out,hell already Wii and DS games are played on PC.
GreyFox23 (6 years ago)
Meh, bunny hopping in CS isn't so bad. At least your hit box stays accurate to the body. Ditto for Halo. COD on the other hand... So fucking stupid...
undeadbobop (6 years ago)
@sonicblast19 Um please read it again, I was pointing out that it does not matter if they do or they don't the best thing they can do is release it on pc platforms because of opportunity. There is more computer base users than phone users. More people have computers than smart phones so it would be a better market. Their competitors as I pointed out would not receive anything and nothing would change with relations, nintendo has done this in the past on pc.(in the 90's)
Tagiomaki1701 (6 years ago)
They should release the catalogue...it could kill the company to not follow suit and join the devices people are playing; Between FB, iPhone and Andriod as well as their lower and lower sales figures, whatever it takes the get the company back up will save the investors alot of sweat.
fuccboi (6 years ago)
The Rape Master says: YOU WILL LIKE THIS!!!
Daniel Clark (6 years ago)
I like Axe Attacks...:L
Ronnie Miranda (6 years ago)
if it is a matter of life or death yes nintendo do it. ):
Ron M (6 years ago)
couchpotato2222 (6 years ago)
@Ronnie7X i'm just saying
Giddyma0 (6 years ago)
If the nintendo catalog can be played on other machines, why would i ever buy a nintendo console or handheld?
AnthonyTheAwesome500 (6 years ago)
yea nintendo bring mario and zelda on the ps3 and 360 and the wii console pointless HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
AmazingNoobman (6 years ago)
The nintendo games sell the consoles, so if there are other nintendo games on other consoles then their consoles don't sell well.
Link0320 (6 years ago)
@ModelOmega There's a Pokemon rhythm-based game slated for release on the iPhone and iPod touch...
TheSethcast (6 years ago)
the day that zelda is on my phone is the day that... gaming dies?
ModelOmega (6 years ago)
I'll eat crow if any Nintendo franchise appears on other devices.
Bradley Ngan (6 years ago)
I don't mind having to run origin in the background as long as I don't have to give over any credit card numbers or money
StevesJobs (6 years ago)
Core (6 years ago)
lol'd @ bhop joke.
runsfromsnake (6 years ago)
i wouldnt be surprised if nintendo made their own smart phone
BlerdOtaku (6 years ago)
I think Axe Attack isn't bad just misplaced within hard news. It should be it's own video. But I do think it's redundant to ask us to sound off about a subject when if we find the subject interesting, we're gonna sound off on it anyways. As for Nintendo, they won't do it. Nintendo is a loner company. They don't want to depend on anyone else.
Merlin ORKO (6 years ago)
Counter Strike
King Harkinian (6 years ago)
Nintendo's old games on smartphones? IT'S ABOUT FRIGGIN' TIME!
lollmaoroflhahaa (6 years ago)
No one ever looks at axe attacks -_-
ILostMyOreos (6 years ago)
Tablets and smart-phones have the MOST FUCKING BAD CONTROLS EVER. I'd pity anyone who would want to play any console games on them.
WilHiteWarrior (6 years ago)
Wow... EA is in love with their origin thing arent they? I wonder if they jack off to the logo at night. Too bad it sucks
Soongi Poongi (6 years ago)
faaaaaaark axe attacks is so boring -_-
Eternal Yoshi (6 years ago)
@XenovannHellwolf Problem is this could screw Nintendo out of the casual market, which is probably a burning bandwagon anyway. The casual market makes up the majority of their audience for home Consoles since much of the traditional and hardcore gaming market got fed up with the Wii and Nintendo and moved on. The casuals could be so satisfied with the iPhone Ninty games that they don't need to buy the Wii-U and it's games is an example of what could happen if they went through with this.
shreyas kumar (6 years ago)
Best CS hacks, scripts and mods at gamelabz.in
primetimesuspect (6 years ago)
this dudes a cornball
xzenecaryan (6 years ago)
@xzenecaryan he'll dominate the game!
darryl malloy (6 years ago)
@TheMimeGogo all i can say is "wii u" :D
Gogo (6 years ago)
hmmm... I think Nintendo, hands down, has some of the most notable video game IP in the world... But as a company, they've been losing their competitive edge because of their overbearing insistence in trying to control the industry from a hardware point. They lost that chance when they blew their deal with Sony ages ago for the (what was it?) the 3DO. I think they should just accept that they lost the hardware war to this age's change in technology.
xzenecaryan (6 years ago)
don't let seananners know about counter strike!
sonicblast19 (6 years ago)
@Bob0p Yeah but I was pointing that why should Nintendo put their headpoints, their identity characters on their competitors platform? Android is owned and made by google and is an open Source freeware OS for Smartphones.
sonicblast19 (6 years ago)
@majorianmask actually iOS and apple do not destroy gaming, dumb buyers do
undeadbobop (6 years ago)
@sonicblast19 um no its not like that at all. 1. when you release games and have it for sale on a personal computer platform the platform companies see $0 from you and have absolutely no rights to your games unless deals are made and help is done in the process of making said games/software 2.Iphones are owned by apple. Androids are also not owned by nintendo, two massive holes in your stand point. 3. Linux would not get them much and many distro's are owned by companies as well. FreeDos = clos
MrLintRoller (6 years ago)
Nintendo stop being so stuck up, and release your catalogs of games to iphone ,andriod mobile devices!!! Fuck i want to play some Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Metroid, Mario and Zelda while listening to some sweet Pink Floyd!!! I will gladly pay 10-15 dollars maybe even 20 for Nintendo games on Ipod!!!! Fucken do it!!! You wont regret it!!!!
LASH (6 years ago)
Theres really no point for Nintendo not to do this. People go app crazy and once they get Mario waved in their faces theyll buy buy buy. Making money off barely responsive games..this is where Nintendo excels. (wii-wiiU, DS-3Ds)
Alex Arango (6 years ago)
What happened to all the cool games where it didn't make sense but still are played today? Gorilla riding an Ostrich to go fight off a crocodile pirate that uses beavers as an army? Italian Plumber eating a feather then flying to save a princess that is being held hostage by a giant turtle. Com' on war games are getting old!!!
SolidSnake684 (6 years ago)
Fuck no leave nintendo on nintendo hardware. I'm glad the president (dont know how to spell your name) of nintendo is on my side.
RONSTAR08 (6 years ago)
wow it seems nintendo is going downhill like sega but its all there fault,, i think nintendo characters should stay on a nintendo product if they allow there property's to be on anything else then why not just unify all the 3 major players (Sony, microsoft & nintendo) to one console it would be the be all to end all, think about it there have be a super smash brothers melee brawl with all the greatest characters better yet CAPCOM Vs THE WORLD the possibilties would be endless.
Herwan Shah (6 years ago)
3:57 to skip axe...
BreakingBenjaminAWSM (6 years ago)
I think Metroid would be pretty cool if it were on something with higher graphics and better gameplay
SinisterPain (6 years ago)
wooo BRENT!
tonysonartanim (6 years ago)
sub zero wins. FATALITY
eHR (6 years ago)
@ShadowWolfRising yeah thats why the only cool games in america are the originals
stewieisthelord (6 years ago)
@canadianeh24 Thanks, it's so fucking akward

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