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Mario Tennis Aces - The Match of the Century - Nintendo Switch

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Watch Mario take on his trickiest opponent yet – Rafael Nadal! Mario Tennis Aces serves up fun on Nintendo Switch - available now! You can now pre-order from Nintendo eShop! Learn more about Mario Tennis Aces! https://goo.gl/bcn7SA #NintendoSwitch #MarioTennisAces Subscribe for more Nintendo fun! https://goo.gl/HYYsot Visit Nintendo.com for all the latest! http://www.nintendo.com Like Nintendo on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Nintendo Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/Nintendo Follow us on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/Nintendo Follow us on Google+: http://google.com/+Nintendo
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Text Comments (4289)
Miaflorencia Gorocito (3 hours ago)
NinjaMLG420 (8 hours ago)
Did anyone saw that Mario made his song? At 2:11to 2:15
BHV Vlogs BTS (20 hours ago)
Dead Inside (2 days ago)
I wish Mario's signature was Charles actual signature
linkgame88 (2 days ago)
Rafa + Mario = epic
MrZoidy656 (3 days ago)
Poor Mario got the squeaky marker.
Ya Boi A-a-ron (3 days ago)
1:39 they want me to say it’s a me but the never ask how a you
Callie Calimare (3 days ago)
2:12 anybody notice that the squeak is also the opening of the song
xXPro ZachXx (4 days ago)
Pls nintendo make luigi appear a lot in your videos
Victorious Living (6 days ago)
The Super Mario Theme is heard at the end when Mario signs the camera!
Ludochris (8 days ago)
Cute and Awesome
Interesting Vids (8 days ago)
wow the ar is so good
eventlesstew (8 days ago)
So Mario’s Signature is his Cap?!
MegaBeatz (9 days ago)
Anyone else hear the McDonalds theme in the signature
Eki Zuzaeta Inza (9 days ago)
Pero madre mia nadal que haces aqui compañero!
superjeffylogan 724 (12 days ago)
How he do dat Mario theme song
Sage the Hedgehog (13 days ago)
2:12 I just noticed..
James11 258 (15 days ago)
These comments be like 85% 2:12 Mario theme song reference 12% Mario wagging his finger 3% excited over the actual game
James11 258 (6 days ago)
And that’s the full 101% of the comments, great job
W. D. Gaster (6 days ago)
And 1% being the list of percentages!
P4R4PP4 (15 days ago)
Increíble! ☺
Vincenzo Scannella (19 days ago)
I wish the movie was like this
Paangwin Gaming (19 days ago)
2:12 Aw come on I just washed my screen
roflcopter31337 (20 days ago)
challenging decisions should be availabe in FIFA Games OMEGALUL
Mike FP (25 days ago)
I am glade to have take a small part in this ad. I grown up on this video game.
Cpencer Benson (26 days ago)
Hcddggddfugthgrrty That’s Americal of you Samantha
Jax Picklez (27 days ago)
Sergio Benavides (27 days ago)
Poor Mario😞
Not So Boy Genius (28 days ago)
1:02 When you spend all night working on homework but the teacher says it’s actually due the next day
rubito xulo (28 days ago)
!!!Vamoooos Rafa!!
Pong James (28 days ago)
It's Rafeal Nadal the world number 1 in Mario Tennis Aces!
Master Unboxing Dude (28 days ago)
2:13 don’t draw on my screen! 😅
Rojelio Espinoza (28 days ago)
cos. DCS VDS? So .sca £~
Sandro Filice (29 days ago)
Martha Santiago (29 days ago)
Hsley Hammontree (30 days ago)
Patricia Moldovan (30 days ago)
Wendy Vargas (30 days ago)
Oooo si mario y tu novia peah
08Bonbon (30 days ago)
Lmao 1:02 mario is like "Not-a in mah house boi."
Supreme naruto Bape (30 days ago)
Let me tell you about
Tatiana Rivera (30 days ago)
Der Äärik (30 days ago)
Nintendo i love you
Alfie TheSonicFan (1 month ago)
0:33 the minute Mario starts cheating with his Mario abilities 0:44 he is cheating again 0:51 help *I'm joking plz don't hate me I like Mario just as much as other games*
Zaru (1 month ago)
Waluigi time
Jackelyn Infante (1 month ago)
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almierae (1 month ago)
1:06 talk to the hand, binch!
almierae (1 month ago)
okay so maybe we need a movie like space jam, except this time it's about tennis and with nadal and mario characters ;D
Micah Kennedy (1 month ago)
MARIO be like, “You mortal humans...”
tom (1 month ago)
OreoDoggie (1 month ago)
Is tennis really that dramatic? Lol.
Izzy Taft (1 month ago)
Really want to buy this, or just be friends with someone that has this console !
Paula Kirkland (1 month ago)
KashyKJ (1 month ago)
Nintendo X Nike...
L'AE86 du Mont Akina (1 month ago)
Nice little touch at the end
Miyuki Endo (1 month ago)
Oh my god the Chain Chomp is a player now
Habibrajput (1 month ago)
Sombrero dog (1 month ago)
Space jam: the game
Migue Sanchez (1 month ago)
Gaming Freak (1 month ago)
At 2:12 when their drawing with the marker you csn hear the mario theme
samuel lancaster (1 month ago)
Rafa is best
Migue Sanchez (1 month ago)
Migue Sanchez (1 month ago)
Yeison ramirez (1 month ago)
Donde se L
Elodia Orozco (1 month ago)
Hehe mario still has hat hair...
RickyPan *relleno* (1 month ago)
I just bought the game and there is not Rafael Nadal. The character will come in form of DLC or something?
Leonardo Dal Bello (1 month ago)
Wait.. im the only one to hear mario bros music?? 2:11
marc steenkiste (1 month ago)
Leonardo Dal Bello yes
Creeper Nova (1 month ago)
2:13 nice touch Nintendo
WuPiDu (1 month ago)
Mario cheated with that last move. They shouldn't even let him play the SWITCH after 🤓
Baconator / Red's ALT (1 month ago)
A plumber VS a professional tennis player man I wonder who will win
olivia magaro (1 month ago)
bahah his signature is the mario bros theme tho i wonder if luigi’s is luigi’s mansion themed
WAYNE WHITCOMB (1 month ago)
No paper Mario? I was,hoping for him badly. We don't need 3 castlevania reps. Paper Mario should have replaced 1 of them
Paul Brinson (1 month ago)
Q. A
Dowell Boys (1 month ago)
You can't deny that Mario is the best tennis player in history, fictional or not. You also can't deny that "Swing Mode" is the hardest thing in the known universe to play.
Hunter Estabrooks (1 month ago)
Oh Ca Mii! (I like the Wii U more than the Nintendo Switch!)
Sergio Robles Aguirre (1 month ago)
OMGGGGGGGGGGGG el mejor final del universo ctmare.
Ilhan Dogan (1 month ago)
Ist das heftig
Jesus PLAYZ (1 month ago)
I ❤️ Mario's signature
Bastu 43 (1 month ago)
Like si te diste cuenta de que al final aparecio la cancion de mario
Swathi Srikanth (1 month ago)
Dd r.c frg5grz do s,z,DC ytt byvyjrhybybubuji
Swathi Srikanth (1 month ago)
David Leon (1 month ago)
we need more nintendo commercials like this. like mario having a personality like this made me like him even more
Tracy Philipchalk (1 month ago)
at the end marries signage sounds like the mario theme song
Waluigi 4Life (1 month ago)
Waluigis here
sorry im mean super mario galaxy 3
do super mario galaxy
roccofan 777 (1 month ago)
I really wanted Mario to win
Sobia Khan (1 month ago)
I subscribed!!!!!!!!!
Louidjy Bourgeois (1 month ago)
C quoi l'ider de maitre la musique de mario pendant la signature
Madelen May (1 month ago)
I relly nead a nintendo switch
Francisco Barba (1 month ago)
Pastel Ze Weirdo Fox (1 month ago)
I have the game!!!!!!
Alex Parent (1 month ago)
would like to hear an interview from Nadal how it was to do this
rivo 26 (1 month ago)
- @ ' ' @ 82
Schoolboy34 (1 month ago)
Who knew that you can do the mario theme with a couple draws
Drawing Studios. (1 month ago)
Me gusta ver como Nintendo engaña con los gráficos :v
Wassik (1 month ago)
0:53 That face
AxelRad (1 month ago)
1:39 he’s animated like a Disney character here
Galaxy-eyes Gallade (1 month ago)
Jonathan Kvasnes (1 month ago)
No waluigi no buy
Darth Distortion (1 month ago)
...Waluigi is part of the roster
spooky (1 month ago)
TOP GOD TIER COMMERCIAL! This made me want the game even more! ~
spooky (1 month ago)
So I bought the game and it has replaced my play time between Mario Kart and Splatoon 2 by like 70%
mario 345 (1 month ago)
Mario beats sonic in sports why?? cuz mario has played MORE sports than sonic
I don’t play tennis with left arm like the guy against mario

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