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fifa 14 gameplay|demo|max graphics|on gt 610

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fifa14 demo gameplay on gt 610 pentium dual core E5700 3.0GHZ 4 GB RAM msi geforce gt 610 2GB
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Text Comments (6)
lo voy a probar y haber que tal
Subham Ghosh (5 years ago)
It is lagging
Lasha Xoriashvili (5 years ago)
swrafi sirbilis dros burts dzaan win agdebs danarchens araushavs orives chaviwer ro gamova
toro sopromadze (5 years ago)
verc me davamugame ro chaviwere cota xans vitamashe da wavshale :D ise PES-i mirchevnia amas
Sarkie Of Astora (5 years ago)
amis dedac ra es fifa xo ver davamugame
toro sopromadze (5 years ago)
kargia sagol

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