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Should bots in CS:GO be better?

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I don't think I'm qualified to answer this question, but this video investigates the reasons for and against, you're free to come to your own opinion on the topic. 0:16 - The sad reality of bots 0:35 - Why so bad? 0:59 - Can't they at least be less disruptive? 1:23 - What to do about it right now? Check out my channels: ● 3kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/3kliksphilip ● 2kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/2kliksphilip ● kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/kliksphilip Other information you might like: ● Website: http://3kliksphilip.com ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/3kliksphilip ● PC Specs: Ryzen 1800X, 32 GB RAM, Geforce 1080
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Text Comments (838)
pepo Audi (3 days ago)
Do bots on dust2 deathmatch cause lower fps than 100 on i5 i have stuters with bots
Spychopat (10 days ago)
OMG, that duel starting at 0:53 turned me crazy !
Ardi Qose (14 days ago)
You want good bots? Play CS 1.6
DSK (2 months ago)
left Turkey
color red (3 months ago)
Kothen HR (3 months ago)
If they made bots better for just offline for workshop maps would be great.
Night (5 months ago)
God the 30 seconds of bad play is so distracting I can't hear what's going on
Nerk (5 months ago)
Bots in cs go should be like bots in EFT
sidewaysfcs0718 (5 months ago)
here's a solution, make the bots way better and disable taking control of them Why isnt this so fucking obvious for valve?
Metal (6 months ago)
In css when i said "follow me" lol all my team is following me
Milo milk (6 months ago)
Bots have feeling too :'(
Nigga King (7 months ago)
css bots are elite dude
Zahir Bakri (7 months ago)
1.6 bots is godlike lvl
Keiserzinho (7 months ago)
Imie Nazwisko (7 months ago)
00:00 No I don't, that's why I watch.
Aron Jade Abejaron (8 months ago)
Topaz' Reality (8 months ago)
That Turkish Insult tho. As a Turkish man having much better English than Turkish, even I can say that is one hell broken Turkish.
Lord Klefedron (10 months ago)
just.. like... if a player leaves it should spawn an advanced bot and if a player gets kicked it should spawn a rubbish bot, or like based on how the player was performing it spawns a bot of similar skill level... there are so many ways to fix it, its not rocket science
Pão (4 months ago)
the actual fix: put 1.6/Cz bots instead of CS bots... that could be insane
Zancrow Ice (11 months ago)
They could use 2 types of bots, good bots after a leave or ban and bad bots after a kick
Edgar Salazar (11 months ago)
BOTs are good on deathmatch, ever noticed that?
Cr33pr33p (11 months ago)
Why do I have 1-4 ping in an offline server?
szymi kowalski (11 months ago)
great adv 30 seconds cant skip
Cpt Link (11 months ago)
Best bot in csgo is Bot Useless
Offenburg (11 months ago)
wtf your video title was translated into my native language (german)and when i clicked it the normal english title came back.who translates the titles?😀
TheTyphoon365 (11 months ago)
Holy shit is that a gold Krakow pick'em trophy?!?! The whole thing was such an upset! Seemingly everyone did poorly, idk how you made those crazy calls but GG man, and good job. _Damn_
sandypickle (11 months ago)
The competitive bots are the ones that are unbelievably terrible. The ones in death match, however, are completely insane. They prefire everyone and have the most annoying movement. They dink people immediately as they walk around a corner.
Burak Baggins (11 months ago)
Philip did you just google translate something to turkish involving: -a gun -seduction -hospital -loyalty -program ¿
Tropical Fruit (11 months ago)
There's a simple solution with both. Make them equal to ranks so they are able to do something when you loose player. On face it they have decent bots. If the bot is sneaky peaky like and you won't notice him a short burst into your back will bring you down. Or sometimes they finish you off when you're low on hp. They are still bad but I can live with bots like that.
Anlex (11 months ago)
And why don't volvo just do it like when someone disconnects an "expert" bot is added and when someone is kicked a "normal" bot is added? (This should not encourage kicking bad players)
the bots should be on hard/expert difficulty if he is there because the guy it's replacing got disconnected from a crash. i think the bot should only be on easy difficulty is if the guy it's replacing was kicked
vinyl combine (11 months ago)
A bot start spraying at us for no reason
TheDuckAcadamy (11 months ago)
PLEASE do an updated pistol guide!!!! tbh its really relevant, considering the dual barettas got a price drop i was wondering if the p250 is even relevant anymore. same thing with the r8's improved fire rate and reduced price. also if i should switch to the cz like a lot of people or get used to the changes to the 5-7 and tec9???
T Hassan (11 months ago)
Bots shouldnt pick up bomb and should always camp. Apart from that I wouldn't change them to much.
Grumpy Man (11 months ago)
I'm not even ranked and I play better than bots. Like 10 times better than the bot. That is literally how useless they are.
MilkMan. (11 months ago)
that was the worst translate ever yeah i know we are salty af but still that was the worst translated swear i ve ever seen in my life pls stop using gugles tronslatos ... just ask me to translate :D keep up the good work
Ahmet Mert Doğan (11 months ago)
Rush B : Annen silahın ucundan baştan çıkarılır! Hastaneye gidin ve sadakatsiz program olmadan iyi ol.
Emma Andersson (11 months ago)
"It would encourage players to votekick abusive or badly behaved players" Shouldn't that be encouraged? Or is harassment okay?
MjQrtin (11 months ago)
0:52 that was so painful to watch!! I wanted to rip my eyes out.. o_O
Nisse (11 months ago)
>Working bots would encourage kick-abuse Isn't this why Valve already has the competitive cooldown there for people who kick too much? Sounds like more arguments from workshy Valve employees. (Not that Valve has employees.)
_ bb_ (11 months ago)
Hi.I'm from Russia.You are so awesome, I'm subscribed)regards from Russia
Fresh (11 months ago)
how is that one guy in the gameplay clip that bad at CSGO
Fabian Nilsson (11 months ago)
i need to say that i weigh very little
6agenthawk (11 months ago)
how to older multiplayer online games' (like call of duty, halo 1/2, battlefield 2 and etc) hit boxes hold up to csgo ones? is it a nostalgia factor telling me "call of duty had the best hit boxes ever, i never missed or experienced hit box lag and it was true and accurate to the in game models!" have hit boxes gotten too complex with time? did we really have it so much better back then? also does F.E.A.R. count as an older multiplayer online game? because that would make me feel really old :(
Taraza Marian (11 months ago)
Elite bots from cs1.6 are better than 50% of all players:).They camp,snipe or plant if they "feel" it's the time.Any other opinions?
SlapMeBabyGirl (11 months ago)
simple, csgo is goin shit every update. that is why i stopped playing it.
BOSNIAN GAMER (11 months ago)
What was that at 1:10 , was that someone playing with his fking feet wtf!
Sun Tzu (11 months ago)
Lol the start
hl j (11 months ago)
Every game bots are like this, bad.
keep bots the same but make them drop the bomb if they ahve it, lose rounds because the bot pushes with the bomb and drops it in open space, CT just camp around bomb.. fucks up the rounds, make bots drop bombs.
Jesse L (11 months ago)
They should listen to you when you tell them to fucking stay back. That’s all I ask.
family friendly pg clean (11 months ago)
Ashton S (11 months ago)
Play offline Inferno comp with Expert bots. It's pretty fun to practice entry fragging and holding sites
Mos'ab abumarzouk (11 months ago)
It's the csgo open ai project , they just took the input of Russian server games
nvmcomrade (11 months ago)
0:10 true black speech from LOTR
Chris Qiao (11 months ago)
Wtf what cancer was that mp7 spray
CatWise (11 months ago)
TriedButDied (11 months ago)
why dont bots have aim bot?
GReedy (11 months ago)
Why you used (tried to using) Turkish language for ragequiter?.. Every German sh!t rages in my game with no reason!
EveryThing At Once (11 months ago)
I edited the botprofile and my bots are like really good right now! Specially the snipers, i did their reaction time low and few changes and vìola!
QneTap CS:GO and more! (11 months ago)
amk türk cikti qweqweee
qq# (11 months ago)
0:36 nice shot!
Ömer Akın (11 months ago)
ahahahahahah TURKISH LOL!!!
HTG (11 months ago)
Add Bot experts Xd
VirusZNM (11 months ago)
Can anyone report to Valve that it could be great to have an option to play only with people with similar hours like yours, or just to add an option to check one checkbox "play only with people over 1000 hours in game"... Please.
IceGhostKnight (8 months ago)
How would game know how many hours everyone else has? Pretty sure steams hours dont work like that.
Titanos (11 months ago)
what is the viewmodel plese ??
Chuck Norris (11 months ago)
they should improve bots, but they should also disable that a bot joins if you votekick someone, so that you cant abuse it.
Oğuzhan Güleç (11 months ago)
lol nice translation with google philip
Snan (11 months ago)
How about differentiating? When a player gets kicked by votes: The resulting Bot will be bad. If a player gets kicked by the console (for teamkilling, afking, etc.), the bot will be a little better. This eliminates the danger of abusing the vote-kick function, whilst making very toxic players less of a horror. (by "a little better" I mean things like: Either the bot listens to ingame calls more often, or has slightly better aim, or only buys to up to the highest amount of money spent by all of his mates etc.)
Xander Niles (11 months ago)
bots should be set to hard for competitive too (like casual/ar/demo)
FluffyCat2422 (11 months ago)
*reads title Rhetorical question or ????
TheKoris68 (11 months ago)
but its very weird that when i play on very hard bots they are harder than on mm
Cryptic Bore (11 months ago)
Press the stay command while standing still and they always obey
JerrieYT (11 months ago)
No. Expert bots are op af they will wallbang,prefire,and HS when someone jumps
PaddeSan (11 months ago)
Make them better and put in a command to force the bots to drop weapons.... Bot: 13000$ Players: 200$
Just flying by (11 months ago)
Hard and expert bot are good enough, but instead they always giving us easy bot
cs go is a dead game
NivX (11 months ago)
Youre wrong if you say bots will never be able to be as good as an mg1 even with updates . Look at the Rainbow6 bots aka terrorists in terrorist hunt , put it on realistic mode and theyll rip your face off right when you peek .
tomss (11 months ago)
phillip whats your thought on the CZ75 after the tec9 and five seven reworks? Alot more pro players seem to be using it nowadays especially on the T side
Portgas D. Ace (1 year ago)
Deatmatch bots are wayyy better
RossenX (1 year ago)
POD(Ping of Death) Bots back from pre-steam days were the shit. You could barely tell them and players apart, they played objective they had camp points, goals, usually tried to stick together and back off if they are being overwhelmed(Provided their waypoints were good). Ah... The dood ol days.
Max Colletti (1 year ago)
I always thought that there should be two types of bots, a bad one if you kicked your teammate, and a good one if they disconnect.
diegradebanane (1 year ago)
Play against some bots on the only headshot valve servers... and you WISH that you get a bot in your team. Scream v.1.1!
Riseau (1 year ago)
If Valve made bots that bought defuse kits I would be fine with them
I2obiNtube (1 year ago)
2 day ban for all infractions
blue_hills_43r (1 year ago)
We need an unranked competitive mode where player can drop-in or drop-out mid game.
Krankenji (1 year ago)
Anyone played Rainbow Six Vegas 2? The bots in that game were crazy!!
K̊n̛̘̙̚e̗̚eˮ (1 year ago)
How about substitute players? Queue with 6 players and have the extra player watch until someone wants to switch/afk/disconnect so there would be 12 players connected, 2 substitutes. Might be more trouble than it's worth, though.
milky chance (1 year ago)
0:48 ok that play was nice
iKELL (1 year ago)
bots are horrible but the prefires they make....oooh boy.
Ozan Köksal (1 year ago)
As bayrakları as as
HadriAn (1 year ago)
I wanted to point out that your points scored during a game will reward you ELO even if you leave and never rejoin! How do I know? I ranked up after my team won a game I left before the end! I was smurfing during that game and had ~30 kills so I'm not sure if it registered the win or my kills. [Edit : or both] I don't know if it's true with being kicked too but if so then it's not really a bad thing if you can kick someone who's performing poorly so you can get an "advantage". But to be fair 80% of the time it's just a boosted account playing with a friend so you can't kick him anyway...
Free items (1 year ago)
RomuX (1 year ago)
1:00 That guy is as bad as the bot
TheGooseLord (1 year ago)
U should take control of the bot xD thats the idea.
Ryy FromSteam (1 year ago)
They are already Good af in deathmatch servers...
Vhaen (1 year ago)
I was just thinking of this yesterday
Catman (1 year ago)
a bot that follows orders when a player leaves and bot that doesnt care when you kick the player that would be pretty nice
Ekin Fuat Eymirli (1 year ago)
if you want i can translate what that rush b guy said: "your mom will be shot through the tip of the gun! Go to hospital and be good with a program without any trust." Yeah what he said was weird.
mrcomp (1 year ago)
I don't even play cs:go, yet I still watch these videos. They're good.
Pão (6 months ago)
CS 1.6/Condition Zero and Source bots are way better, they always do a headshot, they crouch fast, and can kill multiple targets easily. CS:GO bots: 0:54 - 1:27
Major Sunset (1 year ago)
bots can already counterstrike, something the majority of players will never be able to achieve.

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