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CS:GO - ESL One Cologne 2018 (FRAGMOVIE)

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Get 30% off Neubria Zone for Enhanced Focus, Concentration and Vision! Use code VIRRE: https://goo.gl/rWpn4V ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Frags by : aleksib , allu , cromen , electronic , ex6tenz , flamie , gla1ve , xyp9x , Kjaerbye , Magisk , dupreeh , nex , electronic , rain , s1mple , smooya , snax , stewie2k , tarik , tiziaN , w1nt3r ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♬ Song name: Group stage: Rival x Cadmium - Seasons (feat. Harley Bird) [Futuristik & Whogaux Remix] [NCS Release] Playoffs: Pronobozo - 100ft High First song provided by NCS, go support them! • http://soundcloud.com/NoCopyrightSounds • http://facebook.com/NoCopyrightSounds • http://twitter.com/NCSounds Support Futuristik: • http://soundcloud.com/futuristikofficial • http://facebook.com/FuturistikOfficial Support Whogaux: • http://soundcloud.com/whogaux • http://instagram.com/whogaux/ Support Rival: • http://soundcloud.com/rival_official • http://youtube.com/rivalofficial Support Cadmium: • http://soundcloud.com/cadmiumsound • http://facebook.com/cadmium.sound Support Harley Bird • http://soundcloud.com/harleybird • http://facebook.com/harleybirdmusic Support PRONOZOBO: ● https://www.youtube.com/pronobozo ● https://www.facebook.com/pronobozo ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ My Website: http://www.virre.gg Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/virrecsgo Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/virrecsgo Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/viRRE3 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Join my SteamGroup! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/virrecsgo ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Software used: Sony Vegas Pro 14 Photoshop CS6 Counter-Strike:Global Offensive Shadowplay HLAE Adobe After Effects CS6 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
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Text Comments (542)
Virre CSGO (5 days ago)
Hope you enjoyed the video! Also guys, please let me know what you guys want to see in the future. Any specific player? Team? Let me know!
Illuminati (7 hours ago)
pro resolutions with nades, flashed enemys...
Bork (1 day ago)
Can u do a frag movie on fragadelphia this coming august?
Adli Wang (2 days ago)
Nikoooooo from Faze Clan
Galih indra (3 days ago)
what is nrubrica actually?
maddy 17 (4 days ago)
Pros pov
Sérgio Alencar (43 minutes ago)
Perfect! What playlist? Love the musics too.
Slin Master (5 hours ago)
where is Tabsens ace?
Arizonaz (5 hours ago)
what editing software are you using
BartosH Mistrzowski (6 hours ago)
Great fragmovie bro :) Keep it up!
Watson (8 hours ago)
BIG so strong
Aleyzr CS:GO Guides (9 hours ago)
Always so well put togather! Great video!
Shady Basty (9 hours ago)
Нави топ)
вайр чмо
ThinkAdvantage (13 hours ago)
Ultra gay music...
Joni13 (13 hours ago)
This is a fragmovie we want to see! Very clean.
el G (20 hours ago)
CS:GO = skins not skills
soloman5000 (21 hours ago)
love when guys make huge plays some of the nicest plays ive seen in awhile jam packed in a nice video :) like the selection of frags also to play in the video
Some Guy (21 hours ago)
How do you make the game look so smooth and lovely?
Chawk Gaming (1 day ago)
S1mples last clip was just so insane. It was on early in the morning and I was tired and when i saw it i lost my shit
walchok cs go (1 day ago)
AMEET BARGE (1 day ago)
World Best csgo videos channel
AMEET BARGE (1 day ago)
Csgo no. 1 Videos
AMEET BARGE (1 day ago)
Coldzera spotlight thank you
AMEET BARGE (1 day ago)
Plls coldzera spotlight
BigBoyBung (1 day ago)
no edward clips?!?!?!
ducha ngo (1 day ago)
what is the name of music ???
Virre CSGO (20 hours ago)
Music name in video description always
Just Good and Sexy (1 day ago)
Electrus Simplere
Just Good and Sexy (1 day ago)
Sid (1 day ago)
bro dude please tell us how to make some of this content. because i have some of my own pro plays ike 1v5s and stuff which i want to show people
Ricky Spanish (1 day ago)
Like if I enjoyed? Don't tell what to do, toaster.
Raven Rickey (1 day ago)
Astralis fragmovie :D
Sun Shower (1 day ago)
You need to make a frag movie of S1mple whenever the major comes along and use "you don't fuck with a god" from Devil May Cry. Especially if Na'Vi win it and become the #1 team in the world.
Sun Shower (1 day ago)
Love this song.
Strafyan † (1 day ago)
Outro song name?
KrayL (1 day ago)
Software used: Counter Strike: Global Offensive LOL
Max Tak (1 day ago)
Very good, but bit less good compared to your other recent ones imo
César Sousa (1 day ago)
Best shots for me in this fragmovie are the jumping headshot of smooya 7:03 and s1mple last shot 7:54
Power&Cube (2 days ago)
Nice job ! From Poland :)
esl one (2 days ago)
OMG... That music on start... Dislike
Alexander Kim (2 days ago)
Virre,edit and music awesome,continue it please,bro)
Virre CSGO (20 hours ago)
<3 will do bro
emir (2 days ago)
Aiman Hafeez (2 days ago)
can u next time separated the match between ladders in the playoffs clip? like first quarter then semi and then final
El Mad (2 days ago)
why is flusha still there?
Jindujun (2 days ago)
wth was that last play, amazing!
Jiro Andrei Gonzales (2 days ago)
swish41 (2 days ago)
Love IT as always !
Krico Japanese (2 days ago)
ChrisJ oskar😚😚
Denis Belfort (2 days ago)
S GOD (2 days ago)
What sky u use in your movies?
Mercer Pringle (2 days ago)
Honestly who needs Neubria Zone when you can just take adderall
Peter Ferenci (3 days ago)
GuardiaN usp ace?
leonardolimanto10 (3 days ago)
wow cool video bro
Benjámin Kiss (3 days ago)
It is always worth to wait for your videos because they are always so sick. I often watch your videos twice as well :D <3
VerySeriousUser (3 days ago)
First song was kinda bad. Awesome display of skill, though!
Liam Wiles (3 days ago)
Cromans clutch was mental, beaut of an ace and all on 11hp.
DevQuantum. (3 days ago)
Will you update the kill feed to Panorama style?
TEFilms (3 days ago)
Editing is good as always, really wasn't a fan of the first song though. The second song I've heard a hundred times but I can let that slide!
Muhammad Ilham (3 days ago)
Smooya caught cheating confirmed 7:05
Sonik711 CSGO (3 days ago)
Awesome edit!
imDeaDshoT (3 days ago)
best channel to motivational csgo videos
X BOY (3 days ago)
Thats why i love your videos and frag movies 💗💗👌
Zheka Leporskiy (3 days ago)
8:05 - 8:20 Track name please.
jhong otero (3 days ago)
Related Addict (3 days ago)
I like the videos but tbh it’s getting kind of repetitive and the same thing every time. I’d like to see you try a different style of editing or something
KillerFrost (3 days ago)
Ты топ!!!) Virre
villelani (3 days ago)
god allu
Paulo Jorge (3 days ago)
amazing edit bro ;)
Sparkles (3 days ago)
Sick! As always.
Virre CSGO (3 days ago)
Thanks mate!
YodaimeHokage164 (3 days ago)
tabsen 2 pistol aces?
Defrauxche (3 days ago)
Nice music, it would be delightful if you could make a playlist of all these music
Jakub Młynarczyk (4 days ago)
5:15 that song fits so damn good man it sinks in, flawless
CLN The Almighty (4 days ago)
Awesome editing bro really clean, any chance you could share the font you used for the player names?
Shantanu Parmar (4 days ago)
A great video as always. And the new awp reverse scope animation back in mirage was nuts bro! Hats off! :D
Virre CSGO (3 days ago)
thanks so much!
UNsTabLe NewBie (4 days ago)
which software did u use to record ?
Virre CSGO (3 days ago)
MarcusW CSGO (4 days ago)
I'm from the steam group. 4Head
Nezar Chahdi (4 days ago)
what viewmodel do you use for these edits?
Great video
Dirk Mahler (4 days ago)
Nice as always dude but i miss a few HUGE highlights from BIG. For example TabseN 4 shots 4 kills usp or Gob B 1v2 retake clutch on inferno. But youll be forgiven^^
HongZhe 328 (4 days ago)
wtf the ad
Andrey Onix (4 days ago)
Music please?
MlkNeutro (4 days ago)
How do I put this texture in the sky?
MlkNeutro (4 days ago)
K S Z (4 days ago)
zerkje frag movie
zim (4 days ago)
we dont need to hear commentry on every clip zzzzzzzz
galip abay (4 days ago)
0:48 duvarda cyber yazıyor
Zack Diehl (4 days ago)
Delicious video. Now I’m waiting for videos of the delicious strategies they used
srN (4 days ago)
great video. but you missed some nice actions by BIG :)
Voblix (4 days ago)
How do you watch these plays on cs
AssaSSin (4 days ago)
Qualtt (4 days ago)
3:33 that dab tho. Keep it up Virre
Highlights CSGO (4 days ago)
How press two like?
Ganesh Bhatt (4 days ago)
What do you want ...A nice music....Nice Editing... most important Virre Magic...Great Job did bro...You are always the best Video Maker ever...Lots of love Bro <3 #virrearmy <3
BrouD (4 days ago)
Tundra (4 days ago)
damn that last frag tho, nice edit virre that 2nd songs bring back memories
FREAM (4 days ago)
228k subs)
TheProphet (4 days ago)
Fuck navi fuck simple
Morpheus Neotrinity (4 days ago)
sorry but i dont rlly like that one. first song is cheap to me and nothing from tabseN who had a great tournament too. instead trigger-bot s1mple gets hyped again and again, even tho his aim-assistance is so obvious :)
Lavundi (3 days ago)
you must rly be bad at csgo or never seen him live if you think that is a trigger on a live offline tournament. This guy just has a random playstyle what nearly noone can expect. And he just has a talented skill and some lucky nice frags
meat rubber (4 days ago)
such an annoying song made this video almost unwatchable
Stevie 9wk (4 days ago)
great edit as always
pera enisa (4 days ago)
BIG was so strong wtf
Walker (4 days ago)
Zeeshan Qamar (4 days ago)
Bro i LOVE you. I am facing some life problems but your videos and CSGO help me to releif stress.
Khaliyd Fuller (4 days ago)
Ibrahim Farooqui (4 days ago)
Flamie, Smooya and Rain are BEASTS!!
Henkka :D (4 days ago)

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