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Lelik Bolik (6 years ago)
people, please, give me music from startup bot.stop@mail.ru pls
Indra Pratama (7 years ago)
i need english language, how to???
IIoNamDe (7 years ago)
I want to play Zm3 .... like your video T_T
IIoNamDe (7 years ago)
I can't change ZS to ZM3 ... Please help me T_T
Sean Aguiar (7 years ago)
Zapeth (7 years ago)
@ameerasfa You can just launch the cstrike.exe and start a server. Most of the chinese named files are not needed for playing it, only useful are "warehouse editor" (to edit the weapons) and "game options" (where you can define what gamtype you want to play on what map etc, without the need of the normal cs menu). also a tip: google translator can proove very useful ;)
Lorah (7 years ago)
@ameerasfa he dont talk chinese lol and dont read :D
Ameer Asfa bin Azhari (7 years ago)
Could u make a tutorial what to click at NST folder, Cause i can't understand chinese. Please help.

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