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Minercraft: Skywars Fail!!!

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Yow guys its CSBOY or CantosGaming here... i just upload this freaking clip...im so mad about what happen.... This video is suppose to be a gameplay video..i decided to play skywars,and then this happens... this is suppose to be 15 mins long.. Haahaha...great fail though.. xD..
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Cloak (1 year ago)
20 cps there boisss
MC/CS Cantos (2 years ago)
Sige Tnx
Karl Lemuel Garcia (2 years ago)
Kailan po ito magiging cubing channel?
Karl Lemuel Garcia (2 years ago)
+MC/CS Cantos Sige Subscribe na ako
MC/CS Cantos (2 years ago)
+Karl Lemuel Garcia malapit na may inupload na akong isa tuloy tuloy na yun.

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