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Text Comments (375)
Berke Ç (6 months ago)
my first and only unboxed knife was m9 sapphire with only 1 chroma case xD
Julien D (8 months ago)
"500$" -___-
Julien D (8 months ago)
You should put MrBboy45 M9 Bayonet Sapphire drop ! :)
TrickyPony (9 months ago)
Great work dude! Every video is so good!
Aki (9 months ago)
#notificationsquad nice video! Keep it up bro great work!
Dennis Daniel (9 months ago)
Nice Video 😀
Just.Sebuś (9 months ago)
Fabian Schaefer (9 months ago)
Nice vid
Metallbarren (9 months ago)
황준하 (9 months ago)
i like all ak skins^^
Doktor rampage (9 months ago)
Nice vid i hope i cN get the skin
vsK ksa (9 months ago)
牙签哥toothpick gorr (9 months ago)
Hey bro can i have the ak47 frontside misty pls thanks 😬😬
Fredi (9 months ago)
Good Luck
Pun Son (9 months ago)
Nice Video
NineOut (9 months ago)
can fans play csgo w/you??
Ilgvars Apaļais (9 months ago)
hey nice XD
Jeramy Perillo (9 months ago)
Very nice video
Kyle Qi (9 months ago)
How many knifes do you have?
HotPotTiger (9 months ago)
hey nice vid man
Aoao. (9 months ago)
2:15 lol
LaCostovic Crocodilijano (9 months ago)
The cringe on the fifth unboxing is real i really hope he didnt sell that knife for 500$ :(
Michal Navratil (9 months ago)
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Neal Botha (9 months ago)
If u turkey love me u'll pick me
Aps Zy (9 months ago)
Nice video
Nickarain (9 months ago)
"its worth 500dollars" lol
Leandrie Roco (9 months ago)
Nice video m8!
Christopher Fungus (9 months ago)
lol, you have good music taste
markos ostrovica (9 months ago)
I want them all :'(
swag 22 (9 months ago)
Marius Nastase (9 months ago)
Smo kky- (9 months ago)
Bullsh*t :)
Dominos Killer (9 months ago)
Can i win one of the skin from giveaway
Dominos Killer (9 months ago)
Hi enveeh i have subscribed you 8 months later and now today im getting notification of your video. I hope i can win a knife :) thank you love you
Ghul420 YTB (9 months ago)
Hello ❤😂
The Fat Noah (9 months ago)
pleXX1_ XIII (9 months ago)
Aaric Watson (9 months ago)
I love your video dude I hope if I opened a case and got a knife you will feature me too
Charles-Antoine Breault (9 months ago)
Hey i would love to win a skin i love ur video keep going
DJ Wynx (9 months ago)
I love your vids and just got scammed of my 160$ knife. so that falchion would really help <3
Gabriel Yang (9 months ago)
can i ever win something?
M3ntosana (9 months ago)
_Robert_ B_ (9 months ago)
Very nice video
WillVP (9 months ago)
Damn. Okay okays
Niiiiiice videooo bro
Ticho Plays (9 months ago)
please let me win that falchion knife :3
ItzSnowwyYT (9 months ago)
Nice video! Pls keep going with them ! I am waiting to see who is going to win those five skins and i will be happy if i win something too!
Hadi Diab (9 months ago)
Hey man nice vid
UzZy (9 months ago)
Dope video man . lucky ppl
Mate (9 months ago)
Very nice
Mucahit Çiftçi (9 months ago)
Hey nice video
GodFun -ClashOfClans (9 months ago)
Hello very nice video thanks for every thing love you https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=434827403&token=QRwVD9jP
Alex RTMS (9 months ago)
Good luck to everyone
elwell Villanueva (9 months ago)
Hi New subscriber here!
JKgo (9 months ago)
Ich finde saphire am geilsten von ruby und Emerald
Kevin McCool (9 months ago)
Hope its me
sigh (9 months ago)
I enveeh their knives haha that was funny Jk ill stop now
Unique Limbu (9 months ago)
Hey nice video
muhd hafiz (9 months ago)
wtf that was really big win
Matthew Lisondra (9 months ago)
Michael Sawit (9 months ago)
J!anu Iulian (9 months ago)
Jakuboo ! (9 months ago)
Zak Giuffre (9 months ago)
Love the vids
DmS (9 months ago)
Ondřej Slaba (9 months ago)
nice video
KiLLFreakZ Gaming2 (9 months ago)
Hey nic
Mia Kulkova (9 months ago)
Hey! Nice
Swapnil Thorat (9 months ago)
Need one!
LeonG (9 months ago)
Lequit (9 months ago)
i want unbox this too😂😂
vNations (9 months ago)
Love your channel ❤
Bent Zwerg (9 months ago)
Flip saphire is 1.1 k worth
confidence (9 months ago)
good luck everyone
Muhammad Danial (9 months ago)
Giveaway !
Nirajan Tamang (9 months ago)
nice video!!!!
JHAO CSGO (9 months ago)
Hey!nice video
AmiGo (9 months ago)
Tosik-Tobi (9 months ago)
nice video as always <3 https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=474133311&token=NhJuKMLi
Magnumm (9 months ago)
So sick I wish I had the luck an open a knife😥 pls give me some of the giveaway my inv is so poor than a Churchmouse haha
Hatex (9 months ago)
Thank to you I won a Ak-47 Hyperbeast and now I habe a skin for every weapon but I got no knife :((
Enix lo (9 months ago)
ow well they so lucky
Im the New fanboy! :D https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=54700204&token=h60g6tEo
v1rzt TV (9 months ago)
your video was cool bro, love it so much XD
cristi ngr (9 months ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=389358207&token=_Nq9vboB Hey!Nice.
Hoennor (9 months ago)
Damn man. This channel alon with the content is insane. Thats what I personally love to watch. Looking at people getting stuff I cant usually and imagining myself in their place.
Dominik Nikolić (9 months ago)
Nice video
Cukri nie (9 months ago)
Hey,good video :)
S2p3nd0us (9 months ago)
bro week is over a week ago
VanquishAU (9 months ago)
I wish I had a recording software back when i unboxed my m9 sapphire
taivnaa (9 months ago)
Igor Luiz (9 months ago)
nice channel
ImMoses Natus Vincere (9 months ago)
Nice video collection
GamingGurke (9 months ago)
What is your matchmaking rank ?
irfan hilmi (9 months ago)
Bajigur haneut
Anas Malek (9 months ago)
Man luv the content
chaoswoz (9 months ago)
Nice Video
Zaid Rifky (9 months ago)
As Ez as that!
Justin Divotama (9 months ago)
Hey nic i want that ak skin
per mand (9 months ago)
Good luck to you All in the giveawey My trade url is in the other vids

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