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Text Comments (306)
Raulillo (2 days ago)
Por q todos los q donan le donan a gente q ya tiene cuchillos y buenas skins y no a nadie que no tenga si quiera skins
Nikola Sheva (11 days ago)
Ye they getting skins im getting scammed :(
Elliot Nordström (1 month ago)
I love ur ytchannel! Ur da Best at top csgos!!
Yash Verma (1 month ago)
awesome site
Yash Verma (1 month ago)
UnicornAL (3 months ago)
I am so unlucky :)))
Ahmed Alvi (3 months ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=166169439&token=S_bLuMlX ( if anyone want to donate anything please donate me thank you)
Ahmed Alvi (3 months ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=166169439&token=S_bLuMlX ( if anyone want to donate anything please donate me thank you)
OzeYHS (3 months ago)
Pasha Biceps inventory link? Pls i look he inventory
PUBG ARMY (3 months ago)
Enveeh ist deutsch
Pratik Tirodkar (3 months ago)
Can anyone gift me some skins please 😌 https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=483904522&token=AZx0qb6Y
Kajus Barpsys (4 months ago)
second one is cringe.all of them are
Matthias Rothe (5 months ago)
warum schenkt er so nem hurensohn kind so ein knife 1€ donation hätte voll gereicht
Matthias Rothe (5 months ago)
alleine sein inv 100000% mamas kreditkarte heutzutage werden die kinder immer assozialer ich hab damals in dem alter mit gassi gehen rasen mähen mir ein knife gekauft
Overtaking (5 months ago)
Kommst du aus Deutschland ?
Javier Hagendijk (6 months ago)
bruh dat nederlandse kind gelijk
Echavarria156 (6 months ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=287416590&token=DIG7fLrM merry christmas :)
Mariusik Powa (7 months ago)
Hello All if you have something to donate me and help me you can put here ! Tnx and Respect all https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=455456373&token=w4dGH6eK
J&M Gaming Sk (7 months ago)
Give me your cases or shit skins here https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=461363185&token=k55Cpy-k
Fatsas Fatousolous (7 months ago)
PLS TRADE ME A KNIFE PLS MY NAME IS ApoG..mias trade me a knife i need it
Crzy Nerd! (7 months ago)
Shubham Hulamani (7 months ago)
Pls give me skins or knives on https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=470856119&token=C1rg7Acx
DanNikChr (8 months ago)
why no one wants to give me such a thing like that xD
Super Rekt (8 months ago)
NvT PrismaticLunatic (2 months ago)
Can i have 1 card
Sazzi (8 months ago)
Give me skins please ;( https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=349418702&token=JCNhX_Ov
McDonald's Jr. (8 months ago)
Why is phantomlords mic so cancerous
Abliskarian (8 months ago)
L00P should’ve been in hete
Abliskarian (8 months ago)
Marius MD (9 months ago)
http://steamcommunity.com/id/MDGNG pls donate me
KarlssOn (9 months ago)
You are so good i love to look at your videos
xFIXXY (9 months ago)
Can someone pls trade me something on csgo my name on csgo is urhhi pls i have nothing pls atleast key for gamma case 2
Appnana Codes (9 months ago)
MIND Giving me a 3 Cent skin? Pls https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=449680039&token=KiB3SqA1
ShadowFabi YT (9 months ago)
Nice Video
Aleph (10 months ago)
Lmaooo second Guy was dutch it was sop funny to hear him
Rod Speed (10 months ago)
And I'm stuck with my single skin worth 3 cents
RYAN DIANGO (10 months ago)
someone donate me skin please https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=219577761&token=agBjm971
RYAN DIANGO (10 months ago)
Give me skin please :(
Liav Alon (10 months ago)
Give knife too please
Ninøü Gamę Øver (11 months ago)
Give Me Donate To Even Item 0.03
Desmond Soo (11 months ago)
Why no one even give me like the ugliest and cheapest knife :')
H S (11 months ago)
i got donated 550$ in skins one time but i lost it all gambeling
Yorick Grabaż (11 months ago)
Jebac disa
Thunder koz (11 months ago)
Hey Enveeh I fully love you
Arti Spahija (11 months ago)
can i gift 1 knife like this pls
Zamana dam (11 months ago)
Hi guys do anyone have skins in Csgo and you whant ro give IT away Can you give IT please to me please guys
L m (11 months ago)
why no one donate me a knife
raging pope (4 months ago)
L m because your a beggar
PT Films (6 months ago)
then sign up for giveaways then.... u cant just say "I want kneiv" then sparkles fly down from the clouds and give u what u want...
SaucyD (11 months ago)
Bruh, my whole inventory is just 4 pages of ingame drops worth 3 cents a piece
Rosen Rosenov (1 year ago)
Cool Video dude Keep it up bro
Deadblast (1 year ago)
If sparkles gave me any knife, he is going to make my life, not my day
Deadblast (10 months ago)
I lost my knife by getting hacked a year ago, too bad
dotDolphin (10 months ago)
Deadblast I'll give you one if your that desperate chill
Efe Akgün (1 year ago)
give me knfie man
I-ARE-ANT (1 year ago)
Enveeh inluv u bud PLZ LEMME WIN GIWEAWAY plzzzz and Nice new Number thing song
RYG (1 year ago)
someone donate to me ?? xD
Waxierbutton 0 (1 year ago)
2nd one puuure orgasm
Andy SpeeltGames (1 year ago)
Knight Plays (1 year ago)
I like this pls more
Dxvid ST (1 year ago)
U forgot about sparkles donating 6000.00 $ to Loop
ten cesky prizvuk
Mika Hennekam (1 year ago)
Die 2e was nederlands😂😂😂
SubtitleDude (1 year ago)
That thumbnail is me whenever i take a shit after taco bell
Diogo Lobo (1 year ago)
give me 1 skin?
Karambit l Ice & Pee
VinnyPlayz (1 year ago)
if i could get one of those skins ide be happy af
SPABQ Chop (1 year ago)
You deserve many more subs
Renzgard OW/CSGO (1 year ago)
this guys the ones who traded items for free has golden hearts ;)
AstroGamersDay (1 year ago)
i love your video i wish i get a knife someday
Ray (1 year ago)
Nice mal was Deutsches :D
Pan David (1 year ago)
Sparkles is really good guy .. That what he's doing for streamers/players is impossible. Wish him all good. :-)
:Dave02 (1 year ago)
Man der 4 habe ich es irgendwie nicht gegönnt😂
:Dave02 (1 year ago)
Der 3 irgendwie richtig :D
N2EX like (1 year ago)
sparkles is good human
KillerRedX (1 year ago)
This never happens to me.... SAD ;-;
longLive PrinceX (1 year ago)
I liked how the last one would say friend
Kho Yin Xun (1 year ago)
wish i was the 4th guy :)
KillerBee (1 year ago)
1:26 thank me later
ChroniKnight (1 year ago)
In like 20 seconds it sounds like hes having an orgasm
ThePhantomSlayer (1 year ago)
wow that's way to many donations!
Mister Bean (1 year ago)
2nd guy only told how rich he was, didnt care about the knife
bram lasoe (1 year ago)
Piet Piet ik ben rijk ooh mijn god Piet Piet karambit fade fac new OMG wtf sparkles i rly love you dude
Bence Fodor (1 year ago)
first 3 dont big...
Emre Akkaya (1 year ago)
noob kids duh
Enveeh (1 year ago)
stop ask (1 year ago)
Such a nice streamer ^^ Lovely,
Omar Mohabbat (1 year ago)
why do kids get the knives we work so hard so kids can have it? they get enough stuff a day that have a crap ton of stuff. i really want a knife. =(
Semmert (1 year ago)
Die ene guy was nederlands lol
shortyy (1 year ago)
Immer wieder schön ein lächeln zu sehen von Leuten die es verdienen. 👍wer ist der gleichen Meinung ?
Alex Svendsen (1 year ago)
put your trash here https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=323750234&token=xv_1lH6R
Mike loweL (1 year ago)
wait, did phantom ever do that 100k giveaway
Cosmo (1 year ago)
fr3j † (1 year ago)
ghahahahha that kid was dutch so am i
Nicholas Habakus (1 year ago)
karambit tiger tooth wtf
KnackieGamer (1 year ago)
als ob du krowny und jorgo in die liste getan hast. 😂
That Guy (1 year ago)
4th kid just kept asking for more. " Oh can you also sign my profile.."
Slayx (1 year ago)
Sparkles is like, why did I give him this knife
Gimme That Rp G2L (8 months ago)
Slayx He seemed to feel the opposite. looked like he was about to cry happy tears for bringing the joy to that kid
neggy (1 year ago)
Slayx hes like why the fuck did i give it to him xD
ChroniKnight (1 year ago)
Contemplating life choices
OGUZ Oynuyor (1 year ago)
they get 19000 dollars and I get 0.03 cents
Karlzki (1 year ago)
i wish i could be donated like that
Katyusha Voroshilov (1 year ago)
my friend...my friend
Katyusha Voroshilov (1 year ago)
+Clorox Simple my friend what the fuck is this bullshit
Legend Dab (1 year ago)
Katyusha Voroshilov and I love you
O (1 year ago)
Now I have to make an OG twitch channel and do something dumb to get Phantom attention lol
Wee Aboo (1 year ago)
pasha is such a good guy, mad respect for him <3
Legend Dab (1 year ago)
Wee Aboo and I love you
CarismalaTV (1 year ago)
WTF im in the Video ???? WTF
CarismalaTV (1 year ago)
Krass danke ;)
Enveeh (1 year ago)
Ja mann! Verdient!
Pomfritt66 (1 year ago)
So MUCH clickbait
JuSt1cE (1 year ago)
Ok. There are rich people like them, and there are the... other people. And there is me... cuz i got scammed my whole 350$ inventory ahahah
Enveeh (1 year ago)
Deajnn (1 year ago)
Tyfus Pieter.

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