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Metro Exodus - Official Gameplay Trailer | E3 2018

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Text Comments (2006)
GameSpot (2 months ago)
When the music makes the trailer 👌
Cornholio (2 days ago)
When you pin your own comment
Dean Buzzwell (14 days ago)
Gor Mor old but gold
Paul Mateescu (1 month ago)
jawad00003 (1 month ago)
also it is in the movie snatch
Diablo Pesina (1 month ago)
Chip Douglas This song really made that scene lmao. It made the confrontation with the nomads really intense
E'raction !!!
CriticalHit (20 hours ago)
I just completed Metro Last light, Artyom kills himself when he blows up D6. So is this a sequel to that or is his child also called Artyom :P im confused.
General Fletch (22 hours ago)
Bruh artyom died because he sacrificed himself to set off D6 the fuck
Dame Tu Pacito (23 hours ago)
Wasn't Arytom dead?
Alpi (1 day ago)
Will it be on on Playstation or Xbox?
Илюха (1 day ago)
what the music?
irvanCrocs (1 day ago)
Metro series feel like The Witcher series, first two games are story-driven game with linear gameplay and rich story, but then in the third game they turned it into open world still with rich story and even more magnificent world, also not forget to say both developers aren't always hungry for money but instead they care a lot about their costumers. I hope Metro Exodus has same fate and great result when it's released..
cryptic chaos (1 day ago)
Reminds me of fallout
Lev Leon (1 day ago)
best soundtrack for the video ever
SHozab29 (1 day ago)
2:24 is that pavel from metro last light?
Boulder los gorde (2 days ago)
For Спарта \[T]/
This and RDR2 are the only games I’m looking forward to
i dont know if my pc can support this game since i got 50 fps in metro last light ......
Duch Pl (2 days ago)
That's game is very good!!! I love it!!!
Rocco Brutall (2 days ago)
CHEEERSSS !!! :))) ;)
Butt Sweat (3 days ago)
Come on, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Metro is catching up. Let's get S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 made already.
Shadowfury (3 days ago)
Machiave11i (3 days ago)
I just watched the trailer and I'm a huge Massive Attack fan so... <3
Clay Harrison (3 days ago)
When I saw everyone talking about this being an open world I was dreading this game. But now that I've gotten a closer look, I'm hopeful that it still has the same tight corridor frantic action of the first 2
homes24 (4 days ago)
Finally a new metro game
Duarte Silva (4 days ago)
If they ever take Metro into Open World, I must say that Fallout will die and Metro in Open World becomes the new STALKER.
hahaha no (4 days ago)
I thought artyem died?
Tomas Z (1 day ago)
Metro game has 2 end. Good and bad. The end depends on how you play. If Artyom dead it's you have a bad end.
hahaha no (3 days ago)
Well, its in the volga so I doubt he's that known in the volga as all that shit happened in moscow
Butt Sweat (3 days ago)
Maybe. Then again, I could see the kid being named Artyom in honor of his fallen dad too, possibly. It is also possible you could be someone claiming his name as he is a big and well known hero in the setting too. I doubt you would play as the son since it is just a year after. Will be exciting to see what they went with.
hahaha no (3 days ago)
he does have a kid because at the end of the game you hear his kid and his mom talking about how artyem was a hero but I dont think his kid would be called artyem
Butt Sweat (3 days ago)
May have had a kid. I seem to remember him entering the bone zone in Last Light.
Suripto Kiman (6 days ago)
Xbox one x here we go
Wildebear (6 days ago)
When Far Cry meets Fallout.
clayton harrison (7 days ago)
Massive Attack, Angel and John Murphy, In the house in a heartbeat. If I was a gamer, I'd play this for the soundtrack alone.
Kriston Skylinge911 (7 days ago)
Meon Krishnanan (7 days ago)
Angel by Massive Attack
Nick Zagorov (8 days ago)
Its looking Amazing cant wait to play this! Keep up the great work.
Hunter Sisk (8 days ago)
I really hope it's open world after u beat
Corbin Moore (10 days ago)
Fallout: Slav edition
Ryan Kingham (10 days ago)
Wonder if they guy talking at the beggining is a priest of the Great Worm
AJesusGuano (10 days ago)
That was a smooth transition
Random doggie (11 days ago)
from which ending does it continue?
amberwolf (12 days ago)
Angel: massive attack
Mike Qwert (13 days ago)
I like the interiors, looks pretty detailed.
The Pickle (13 days ago)
Petrescu Tiberiu (13 days ago)
Lets move out Artyom...i can t wait
NightWolf Jr. (13 days ago)
So blyatiful.
Aaron Bjorn (14 days ago)
У российских будто не таковой ударение. Кто вообщем этак убого может выговаривать английские слова, если лишь не в шуточку. Пародируют сами себя короче.
Aaron Bjorn (14 days ago)
At me, as Russian-speaking, simply ears bleed from this accent. I do not understand why this is so ...? The Russians have a problem, as for me only with the sound of "th". Why cultivate such ugliness to the native speakers of the language I do not understand.
Argon (14 days ago)
Its just sad this is the last Metro.
Haven Shaud (15 days ago)
Comment Reader (15 days ago)
Interesting they can go out now without a gas mask?
Jens Bols ex OVJ (15 days ago)
1:49 spider gave me a heart attack
John the Febreeze guy (16 days ago)
didn’t artyom die
Tomas Z (1 day ago)
Metro game has 2 ends. Good and bad. The end depends on how you play. If Artyom dead it's you have a bad end.
Exile (19 days ago)
i like how this game is shaping up but i really hope there are still large Metros and Metro settlements the are interconnected between the games various zones.
Ph.D Dylan (19 days ago)
Massive Attack - Angel
The Red Reaper (20 days ago)
Looks good
Josuke Higashikata (22 days ago)
Remember Artyom don't drink yellow water
Rag3cr1t1calz (22 days ago)
Man this guy speaks like father grigori
Benfreeys Lug (23 days ago)
This is what I was expecting fallout 4 to be like...
Brokenname (25 days ago)
This>>>>>>fallout 76
kris2097 (26 days ago)
Wonder what creepy, messed up places we will explore with Khan this time.
ItsDat MiniDude (28 days ago)
I don't get it, how are the people on the surface without a gas mask and without being bombarded by massive packs of them rat things and because u play as artyom this is clearly before he died and when he died all the things I've just listen were still a threat so how come they ain't in this one 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️
ItsDat MiniDude Artyom didn't die. The good ending in Metro: Last Light is the true ending where the Dark Ones save him from the Red Line. This game is based off the Metro 2035 novel and the reason Artyom and the rest of the Spartan Rangers don't need their gas masks is because they're going through wild Russia. Unlike the city of Moscow, there are very little targets in wild Russia that are worth bombing.
ItsDat MiniDude (28 days ago)
But don't get me wrong it still looks good tho
realizerealies (28 days ago)
light effects is very good
Abélard (28 days ago)
Take my money
Rustio (29 days ago)
Releasing August 8th
Carpet Creed (30 days ago)
I can't wait for this 👍
Francisco I. Suárez (30 days ago)
You know, New Game+ won’t be such a bad idea when it comes to the Metro series.
K B (30 days ago)
Can’t wait looks great
Jens Den Boer (1 month ago)
Same universe as fallout?
TheDarkestSoul (1 month ago)
Super excited but I have two problems 1 the previous metro games (especially 2033) where in my opinion so great because of how they mastered that claustrophobic feeling and 2 last light's ending showed Anna with a baby if I remember correctly with bags the question are the they going to drag a child along in this one.
Yung Mayonaise (1 month ago)
Well I might just like what im used to but idk if I want a metro set outside the metro
Chain S (1 month ago)
It's been long time
Moscow (1 month ago)
The name of the game is METRO but not about Metro. hope the downgrade is not
Praesidium Endominus (1 month ago)
I I hope this doesn't get a downgrade, the graphics looks perfect already but the gun sounds and voice needs to change.
Thiên Phúc Lê (1 month ago)
metro exodus mutiplayer mode and battlefield v...which one is better ? anyway i will buy just cause 4 first
John Vlad (1 month ago)
Hell yeah Bastard Gun still in the game!
Meon Krishnanan (1 month ago)
LOL he threw the oar at the shark salamander thing
Lochlyn Gilberd (1 month ago)
Nice. Brought both 2033 and Last light for Xbox 360 and remastered on Xbox One, reading the novels and hopefully this will be ready to go by the time I'm finished. So excited for Exodus.
bloodwing 1012 (1 month ago)
Turned me Russian in 3 minutes
Çınar Selvi (1 month ago)
In soviet russia Metro series plays you
Çınar Selvi (1 month ago)
Opa Tak tak tak tak tak Artyom dont turn your light off ha (Pavel)
The MetaGamer (1 month ago)
*H E R E T I C S !*
dannytheman1313 (1 month ago)
So this is assuming you picked the good ending and no one died in a horrible blast.
Nicholas Williamson (1 month ago)
Looks like the villains might be based on the Cannibals/Great Worm cult from the first book.
NUXflix (1 month ago)
the song name?
king lich (1 month ago)
This could be a really turning point for the Post-Apocalyptic genre. While fallout 76 is multi only and not even out yet it already recieve a lot of blacklask and critism . I got a feeling that Metro is going to topple fallout this time
thenightrider95 (1 month ago)
BRB! Installing Metro Redux
Artem Kuliy (1 month ago)
Oh wow it says my name im not russian
Onyx VII7 (1 month ago)
Is Sasuke in this game too?
Gage Bublitz (1 month ago)
hooray... zombies/ghouls and giant catfish... as if mutant shrimp and huge hairless rat apes was enough.
daniel azouri (1 month ago)
Man I wanted that song to paired with the game clips since the first one came out and it actually does go great with the game’s atmosphere
is there gonna be Metro exodus redux ?
Shadow (1 month ago)
So fallout basically?
fuck no !
Oğuzhan Özcoşar (1 month ago)
İt looks very good.I hope it gets released as soon as possible.
Yes, I am! (1 month ago)
Can't wait for another awkward section of Russian tetas swinging on my screen as my Mom somehow coincidentally walks in right as it starts.
Richardsen (1 day ago)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
DragonNomak (1 month ago)
i can't wait to get my hands on this, i played the first Metro game back when it came out 2010 and it was at that time the most amazing game i've ever played and the 2nd one blew my mind, also i,m gonna sound like a nerd but please tell me that there will be Notes in this one i mean i enjoyed reading them so much for some reason
Toxic Man (1 month ago)
Looks like a cross between Fallout 4 and FarCry 5
Kaan Bozkurt (1 month ago)
Teodoro Santos (1 month ago)
Dafaq at arthyom is still alive
A9900960 (30 days ago)
beat last light without killing anyone and make good morale decisions, u will get a surprise, or just search up metro last light good ending.
Поехали блять
YXUNG TRASH (1 month ago)
So you don't need a gask mask on the surface anymore? Smh
Dead Apple (1 month ago)
Now this, this is awesome!
Seazcv (1 month ago)
The song reminds me of VM: Bloodlines
Anomalous (1 month ago)
can i use tracksuit and squat? no? then to hell with this! im not gonna risk my life with tose mutants if i can't do it properly
Mr Chaz (1 month ago)
This was an religious experience !!!!
он неон (1 month ago)
выключил на 50 секунде.....умиляет британский с рязанским акцентом.
Fermin Eclavea (1 month ago)
I hope nazi still in this game
Pygmy (1 month ago)
Step 1) Ranger Hardcore difficulty Step 2) Language set to Russian Step 3) English subtitles Step 4) Profit God I love the Metro series. The last two were amazing, and I can't wait to play this one.

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