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Metro Exodus - Official Gameplay Trailer | E3 2018

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Text Comments (1712)
GameSpot (9 days ago)
When the music makes the trailer 👌
Gamerz Home (12 hours ago)
Brandon Porter (1 day ago)
Maybe they just like the song...
Best use of music in a video game trailer since Danke Schoen in Wolfenstein 2
Sakuya Izayoi (1 hour ago)
anuuu chee- oops wrong game
Ben Richards (5 hours ago)
Remind's me of Half Life 2
boogerboy87 (5 hours ago)
Hold it! I thought Miller and Artyom were on bad terms. In the book, Miller tries to kill him because he hated Artyom for "Stealing" his daughter and knocking her up. To add to that, Artyom was trying to find the radio transmissions from other places that he heard up the news tower from the first game. This forces the "Invisible Ones" of the metro, a huge tycoon, have miller kill him. So after Artyom learns the truth, that the outside world transmissions are being jammed, is forced out of the metro for fear of safety of his child and Anna. So, I know the game doesn't always follow the book, but I thought that Miller would be out of the picture.
Ostego Lectric (11 hours ago)
The music reminds me of Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines. I'm just as excited for this as I was that game =]
Antonio Morozoff (11 hours ago)
Ну нужно же! Сам Виталий Мутко озвучивает трейлер! "Лет ми спик фром май харт!"))))))
Lenka Michalkova (15 hours ago)
oh dear god
Hello Their (15 hours ago)
Name of song?
Fire Brand (23 hours ago)
Excuse me, why russian characters talk among themselves in english with russian accent? This sounds like a parody, a correct dubbing should be in normal english
Shea swanson (1 day ago)
The movie "snatch" soundtrack.
Fernando Velazco (1 day ago)
I just finished "Metro: Last Light" and I came across this wonderful thing :'D Can't wait to play this xD
Keller Smith (1 day ago)
I will have it.
Westertin (1 day ago)
Being in the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter
Я бы аннушке вдул до 2 залета
Jonny (1 day ago)
I'm boycotting BGS until I play through or replay through Fallouts: 1, 2, Tactics, 1.5, Nevada, 3, NV, NV Directors Cut, The Frontier, New California, 4, Cascadia, Miami and all DLCs... so pretty much like 2 decades...
Artioom, juump!!!
Jimbob The Rambo Dude (2 days ago)
Those cutscenes though, we getting a Heavily storyline driven Metr o, I love it.
Alexis Aeon (2 days ago)
I have unopened bottle of Stoli ready for celebrate day of purchase.
Manuel (2 days ago)
Dude! The new fallout looks amazing!
slav knight gael (2 days ago)
Krasawa chuvak
Lazy Ryn (2 days ago)
Massive Attack 🖤
Thomas Veerman (2 days ago)
Loving this trailer for Fallout: New Moscow
Vspeed1000 (2 days ago)
I hope the devs will invest more time, money and effort in the story telling and horror part than Metro Last Light. This was kind of a polished storyless Ego Shooter Metro 2033 clones, with nearly no Mutant parts.
Kev Urbie (2 days ago)
Ai follower/s or get the fuck out.
Ghosteriz (2 days ago)
in Russia 20years after the bombs fell: Darkness/Harsh/Horror/Fight for Survives. in USA 25years after the bombs fell: Build settlements with your friends, trolls your friends with rocket launcher. Preston Garvey's grandfather mark settlement that needs your help on your map.
itsuharu -sama (2 days ago)
Kabaneri of Iron Fortress in Russia
Aldralyne (2 days ago)
People say it’s Russian Fallout... no, it’s everyday in Ukraine.
Fatur Rahman (2 days ago)
that fish reminds me of frankenfish and boss lake in resident evil 4
abdulrahman saied (3 days ago)
artyioum is alive how ?
paristmo (3 days ago)
That fish monster reminds me of Resident Evil 4
Dirty Bong Water (3 days ago)
Compression artifact, the trailer
Memorise2016 (3 days ago)
I never played the Metro series but it look a lot like the fallout series, I might try it if fallout 76 sucked
Nus Many All (3 days ago)
King Conker (3 days ago)
Fallout in Russia
AutoFox1 (3 days ago)
I do find it odd that more types of media haven't explored a post-nuclear Europe or USSR very much. This sort of thing usually takes place in North America for whatever reason, the Metro series being the exception to the rule. Would love to see more of this sort of thing!
james poopington (3 days ago)
Brought to you by Ukraine.
Caviar (3 days ago)
Better than fallout.
jorenz cayaco (3 days ago)
will they find khan?
Deon Williams (3 days ago)
The music????
Nathan Remix (3 days ago)
Man Usually Ana Arent Beauty In Old Metro Games But In This New Metro She Look Like Hots Slavic Girl
L0os1 (3 days ago)
*Me, American* Wait, so what date is that?
Maliberti (3 days ago)
Is this gonna be on Xbox?
Josh Ferrer (3 days ago)
Metro: Call of Pripyat.
Crashidy690 (3 days ago)
All hail the basted gun
JpShawn 015 (3 days ago)
Boris will like this XD
Marco Burino (3 days ago)
What fallout will never be
RyoMassaki (2 days ago)
Great game with impressive graphics, fluid animations and polished gameplay?
Chris 1 (4 days ago)
Read the books the great
Vlad Pryshlyak (4 days ago)
Whomever was playing Metro series not on a Hardcore difficulty, didn't get what this game is about. Ain't no FPS, its a survivor game + no HUD, makes any game look good, this one especially.
Misha Krasnoshchekiy (4 days ago)
Martini Henry (4 days ago)
Looks pretty cool but wish more of it was set in the Metro system and had a little more horror elements to it.
Liam Sweeney (4 days ago)
Terrible trailer. Sound was really badly mixed, edits were sloppy, sound edits and samples in the wrong place and not levelled, EQ'd or compressed correctly. Shit production value.
John McHaggis (4 days ago)
If your not hyped for this game, then I don't know what else will lol
Carguy 2204 (4 days ago)
So this is where the Bastard son of Fallout and Wolfenstein has been hiding.. This child will bring us Joy!!
My prayers answered! The new stalker game is here!
Lock (4 days ago)
The game is set is Russia but everyone speaks English. How lazy
GTS Revolution (4 days ago)
I am moist
Andy W (4 days ago)
Ranger Hardcore playthrough here I come
Virgil Jianu (4 days ago)
Wait,didn't Miller lose his legs?
Rainbow Freak (4 days ago)
when is the beta coming?
MonoBoxers (4 days ago)
get this shit off my screen. I am sick of seeing ads for this
Andrej Witkowski (4 days ago)
I love this trailer! I can not get enough of Massive Attack in this trailer.
Wait, I thought Artyom had died in the last metro?
Artyyyyyoommm chump!!!
Rabitti _ (4 days ago)
Is it single player only or will there be co-op too? The game looks great
XAnonAdviserX (4 days ago)
Wait, would we be able to meet the Dark One child!? LET IT HAPPEN DAMN IT!
ernst de waal (5 days ago)
that background music....vampire: the masquerade
Alex Doherty (5 days ago)
Although this looks like a well made game, I found the first two games very boring in terms of storyline, hope this one improves on that
_Frosty_ DeadMeat (5 days ago)
So, it has nothing in common with the book, feels like STALKER Clear Sky and customization is like in Escape from Tarkov. Hmmm.
Mel Spaulding (5 days ago)
I fookin hate pikeys
*Music sounds like Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines main theme.*
Grim Plissken (5 days ago)
Explore the Russian wilderness across vast, non-linear levels and follow a thrilling story-line that spans an entire year through spring, summer and autumn to the depths of nuclear winter.
Richardsen (5 days ago)
That priest looks like Aleksadr Solhenitsyn!
crazyinsane500 (5 days ago)
I knew Bill from Left 4 Dead didn't die! He just moved to Russia.
linux750 (5 days ago)
Fallout meets Far Cry
Burak Keles (5 days ago)
open world?? maybe?
SnookySnook420 (5 days ago)
IS NO ONE GOING TO TALK ABOUT HOW THIS MUSIC SOUNDS LIKE THE THEME FOR VAMPIRE: THE MASQURADE - BLOODLINES??? It's almost identical... Edit: Apparently, that's because it IS the same song... well damn
Ajaws2414 (5 days ago)
*Russian fallout
1500 1851 (5 days ago)
The beginning of the music really reminds me of Vampire the Masquarade
justin leckey (5 days ago)
Such an underrated series I remember I thought the game looked weird got the original free with Xbox live gold had a blast and enjoyed the series since
Nasty Hydro (5 days ago)
My god this is so fukking exciting!! I LOVE the metro series best single player shooter with a story imo
Captain Koopa (5 days ago)
I can’t wait to stealth punch every goon I encounter.
Alexey Savushkin (5 days ago)
Daniel K (5 days ago)
Release date?
Artem cha-a-a-a-a-n!!!
Joni Kujala (5 days ago)
Is the first guy the same voice actor as in Witcher 3 intro?
This looks more fallout than fallout
Shin Drad (5 days ago)
The only good thing about making a gameplay trailer on consoles is the smooth camera movement instead of mouse "i rest my case
aWildHooman (5 days ago)
It's almost as if you can use a controller on a PC....
Jeff Caligari (5 days ago)
Why games are popular: Attach a controller to an action movie.
Lt.Hunter (5 days ago)
Another game my pc cant run, yaay
owen davis (5 days ago)
New Fallout or New Metro?..........
m aa (5 days ago)
ZeOverman (5 days ago)
I would have preferred a Ultima Underwold style Metro experience. A journey into the deep dark heart of the beast known as "Metro".
Петр Иванов (5 days ago)
Farcry 2 trailer....
alvaro Trigueiro (5 days ago)
Pewter Schmitt (5 days ago)
Hope its not 100% Surface because i loved the Dark tunnels
Tyrannus (5 days ago)
Tyrannus Aye lad.
Tyrannus (5 days ago)
we few, we happy few, we band of brothers
Meine ehre heißt treue

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