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Steam Download Stops And Go's FIX!

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=============================================== Welcome to my channel my name is Sam and I'm 17 years old. Most of the time i stream on twitch that will be my mane platform were you guys will see or find me. I will make video on fixes, gaming, rants, reviews, and my own issues. I hope you guys like my content. Like, Subscribe and Ill see you guys next time =============================================== Also Follow my friends LoweCase: YouTube.com/LoweCase666 Rene: YouTube.com/dutchnfsgaming
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Unicorn_ Rad (9 months ago)
Hi, Found a better fix that worked a bit better for me, it decreased the chances of the 0bps. First go to settings then find Shader - Pre Caching. After that usually people have it tend to have it check marked since it helps framerate with OpenGL and things of that sort. Disable that and you should have a better working Steam download speed. If not, this problem tends to usually happen with Windows 10 users, Steam and Windows 10 rarely get along, so there are better fixes but they are extremely hard to find. People may have the same problem but in different variations. -Uni
BarronVonSchnitzel (30 days ago)
Danke, this helped alot but didnt fully fix the problem it still goes to 0 while downloading but the downloading duration's last much longer and go way higher
v4l_c0d (1 month ago)
Man, thank you so much. My download went from 1.8mb/s to 5.8mb/s just by doing that.
Steve Walker (1 month ago)
I could hug you. Pre shade fixed it, and I'm now rocking my downloads like a champ
gentlewilliam3 roblox (2 months ago)
Everytime I uncheck it , I close settings and reopen and it's sill checked
Iarba Matzei (2 months ago)
Thanks man, youre a savior! cheers! big up!
420 Netherlands
Deyan Kanev (4 days ago)
hey man, wanna play csgo together with one other dutch youtuber?
Heerlijk Appelsapje (5 days ago)
Heel erg bedankt!
Chewyshoot (5 days ago)
Auto dislike ear rape intros
Niromanti (8 days ago)
Wish i could say this worked for me. I feel like ive tried everything
Tijn Dijkhuis (19 days ago)
worked perfectly for me. thanks bud!
I was trying to ubdate my binding of isaac rebirth but it got stuck at 100% and did not move it still doesent what do i do?
John Cena (1 month ago)
dankjewel gast het heeft voor mij super uitgepakt veel game plezier bro
biton (2 months ago)
ty mate u help me 2 much!!!
Ole Isak Hoff (2 months ago)
I was trying to download payday 2 and had the same problem. Then i went down to get my internet wire and now it work 100% Note: This might not work for all, but if you have a laptop then i recommend that you get a internet wire rather then connecting to your internet.
bob pootis (1 day ago)
another payday 2 issue
+1 for payday 2 :)
Cosmin Negreanu (1 month ago)
holy shit i have the same problem with payday 2 ..
Scorpio (1 month ago)
Yea man i had the same issue with payday 2 and now its fixed
Isolated Gamer (2 months ago)
Thanks bro,I subbed :D
KFC (2 months ago)
its so funny how this retarded bug is still not fixed since 2012
Tajus Pikturna (30 days ago)
It cant be the internet cuz my internet is fast, so its a bug
DeathBones (1 month ago)
KFC maybe it’s not a bug it could be your internet or your computer but hey it can still be a bug
AF GHANO0 (4 months ago)
I have download speed 1000 mbps but steam is download the games att 8 mbps max like 25 mbps dos somone know how to fix this
cheezitupp (2 months ago)
Just a quick note. Internet providers give you your speed in Mbps. Steam shows downloads in MBps. 1000 Mb is 125 MB. If you have an internet provider with a good host ratio (COX), you should be downloading at about 125 MB. If you have a provider like comcast, (ratio is 1:16) you'll get anywhere from 7.8 MBps to 25 MBps download speed. Not many people know this so I just thought I would share. And yes, I know this comment is a month old.
Anthony Wang (4 months ago)
Can you talk?
ZoomTheFroom (1 month ago)
Anthony Wang His first language isn’t English
iiVe (4 months ago)
worked perfectly, thanks man. My DL is around 15-20 MB/s so the 25 limit was no issue and worked wonders
Jam Rojo (4 months ago)
Mine was just changing the region and it worked
Xd Nuke (5 months ago)
mine does mine at a specific time like at 732.4 out of 1.8 GB
RequiemUK (5 months ago)
Thx worked perfectly
d3moex (5 months ago)
intro song?
Dean Brown (7 months ago)
cheers mate, think you fixed my issue but fuck me your video is shite
Tommy Hvalen (7 months ago)
good vid Works for me
Debow (8 months ago)
Thx for the help mang
Dat boi (9 months ago)
living legend right here, if this didn't work for other people then try disabling firewall as well.
WindyTuber (10 months ago)
Roast Beef (10 months ago)
did not work help me
beter games (10 months ago)
Try to close any apps that are open while your downloading.
Nick Heyart (11 months ago)
thx fam
fizen (11 months ago)
holy fuck ur a legend
fizen (11 months ago)
still drops to 0 sometimes but jumps right back fuckin up to 7+
Dekoes (11 months ago)
Discord, Skype, Or Teamspeak may also be the problem so if your downloading close those fully.
RequiemUK (5 months ago)
Thx :)
Ciprian Ciprian (11 months ago)
not working
THE IMMORTALS GAMING (10 months ago)
Where is the pinned post?
Dekoes (11 months ago)
Look at my pinned post
Ciprian Ciprian (11 months ago)
IT working!!!
dylan m (1 year ago)
zit nu op 34mb per seconde op steam.. hoogst was 62.5 maar daar heeft hij nu geen zin meer in.. weet je hoe ik t kan fixen?
beter games (1 year ago)
Het wil ook wel helpen om tijdens het downloaden programma's zoals Discord of Skype uit te zetten
dylan m (1 year ago)
heb geen limiet aanstaan. anders zou ik geen 34mb krijgen. ik krijg gewoon 500mb up en down binnen. alleen steam wil niet mee werken het is niet altijd even stabiel.
Dekoes (1 year ago)
Dan moet je even bij settings kijken of je geen limiet hebt staan voor je downloadspeed zo niet dan zou ik even je internet snelheid checken bij je provider of die wel het goeie aantal door speelt.
Mathias W. Bødker (1 year ago)
doesnt work
TheHawkGamer (7 months ago)
well you could have done a better video it was very small (dont say just like my dick) and it didnt really say anything a gamer on steam didnt already know so thank you but no thank didnt work for me i found another youtuber who actually sent me pics on my gmail so friendly he was (english i speak) yoda i talk like XD bye
Dekoes (1 year ago)
Well the thing is its a fix you can try yourself and if it doesn't work for you thats a shame and I would recommand you to look futher on youtbe for antoher fix tht works for your.
Weedy (1 year ago)
fake !!!
Weedy (1 year ago)
wtfff 99 % stop downloading fucking stupid steam !!!!!!!!!!
The FerretXD (1 year ago)
I'm absolutely done with steam now I have literally watched around 15 videos about this and none of them have worked well looks like I lost around $200 in games thanks steam I just enjoy steam so much now
The Imposter (7 days ago)
+Honoka Kousaka for me it stops forever
Honoka Kousaka (3 months ago)
How though? These are issues with it slowing and stopping for only a bit. I'm pretty sure as irritating as it is you can still download them and play. lol
DangerCrusader (8 months ago)
Unicorn_ Rad (9 months ago)
The FerretXD look at my pinned comment.
rereire wewert (1 year ago)
wel dikke 350 views pik
rereire wewert (1 year ago)
cool man !
Adrian Chavez (1 year ago)
I restarted in Safe Mode with Networking and did the throttling. It worked perfectly. Constant 7MB/s. thanks sooooooooo much!!!!

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