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FREE 0,4$ on WTFSkins (code: nadeking) - https://www.wtfskins.com/ STEAM GROUP: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/supergeneral TWITTER: https://twitter.com/NadeKingCSGO MY HOMEPAGE (MERCH OUT NOW): http://nadeking.com SUBSCRIBE AND JOIN WITH FAM: https://www.youtube.com/NadeKing?sub_confirmation=1 CS:GO PRO KZ PLAYER - blasdfa https://www.youtube.com/user/MrIhatehax Today you will see a video about CS:GO trickjumps. These are hard jumps on the official active map pool maps like Mirage, Train, Inferno, De_Dust2 and so on.. You will see bhop, longjump and different strafing moves. If you want to learn how to trickjump in csgo, try to play some kz. You can find many KZ servers from the community servers list. Enjoy! 10 THINGS YOU HAVE NOT SEEN in CS:GO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQ2sna2iv10 UNCOMMON TRICKS PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGgyXmQEwD6vVUxPm0HO_2SybKWmtOiMT Intro visual credits: @CutInLaw (https://twitter.com/cutinlaw) Intro audio - NEFFEX - Fight Website: https://www.neffex.com/
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Text Comments (1405)
NadeKing (5 months ago)
how many of them you knew before? and tell me the numbers what you can land :)
Enta Diga (4 hours ago)
I only knew 7-10 lol
XaBoss (4 days ago)
NadeKing haha nice hacks
Psycho (15 days ago)
Munirwary GG (21 days ago)
Unpopular map jump pls
Raluca Cret (22 days ago)
i can handle 6
M1lkyM4c (2 days ago)
Ok this is freaky this dude has the exact same pistol skins and crosshairs has me I have that one m9 bayonet but I don’t use it
Ali Raiymkulov (2 days ago)
I once did number 1 by mistake
pavlitho :v (2 days ago)
Sos un conchudo
Dilexro (4 days ago)
cant see anything positive with the nr 8, sry bruh. its high risk getting killed while doing the jump
error idk (4 days ago)
just go gmod style
JANZ (6 days ago)
The 7 I do that on roblox cS
swenoel YT (6 days ago)
Congrats on 300k bro u deserve it!
YAKU (7 days ago)
Somebody of you can do the long jump very well, somebody can do the bunny hop... me: Somebody of you cant do anything😂
Faysal Badaoui (8 days ago)
I can do only 3 of these jumps
YMPR (8 days ago)
Crosshair plzzzzz
fsdf wew faswaffaww
B8N [Fanny-Mikasa] (10 days ago)
This video proves that Skins doesn't prove skills
V_XW (10 days ago)
Does inferno
V_XW (10 days ago)
Dres internowany count firm yes from The plant to The well And on The plant wodonercze roof it got me 2 easy kills :)
WAIT A SEC isnt Silo nuke jump hard :\
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4 its impossible
CSGQ (12 days ago)
once thing i hear is "plasta can do it"
Sick intro bro
Emmet Sheehy (13 days ago)
I struggle jumping from stairs to balcony on inferno and yet as I’m watching this I keep thinking “man these look easy”
zitdum (16 days ago)
Did he crouch
Sirius YT (17 days ago)
Pls Part 2
hello friends (17 days ago)
Mirage jump lol 😂 how b short to chair hahahaha
Krasnal (17 days ago)
Do this with 64 tick xD
Jordan Holliday (17 days ago)
Tha fuck is "kayzee"
Tygo van Vliet (17 days ago)
On the last one you can probally do it if you bhop of that little ramp
ничего не сообразил, однако любопытно
JhP ' (20 days ago)
Admin hes doing it sideways
Visinedrip ็ (20 days ago)
jukesxd (20 days ago)
either 2 or 3 is the hardest
noname (20 days ago)
nothing much differente from cs1.6
Corey Shaw (20 days ago)
I tried these on wanilla settings... no luck XD
hasse (20 days ago)
are u from finland and btw awsome video thanks for the tips :)
Iliya Javadian (21 days ago)
NadeKing I'm your ****ing big fan dude! I love you so much. You're in the corner of my heart I love you man <3
Erik Bjerregaard (22 days ago)
Show to jumps into jungle, bouth in and out of windows bu also ladder room.
prasenjit auddya (22 days ago)
this kind of jumps u did space bar or scrolling? 🤔🤔
Leo Chan (22 days ago)
Train Map: No.2 jump on blue train/ then strafe jump on top of B bomb site/ easy jump
Korean Popcorn (23 days ago)
I only bunny hopped twice in my life
PlayerLeftTheGame lul (23 days ago)
I can do these jump like hardest 80% time without scripts, Its not that hard just practise it and easy
Julianio - CS:GO (23 days ago)
lmao the last two isn't possible without ahking. Should've asked wes for this kind of thing..
Snarks (24 days ago)
thats a phase 3 gamma doppler m9 bayo in the jumps right
FadedRose (24 days ago)
i can land 7 and 10 sometimes
White Drg (24 days ago)
onur özdemir (25 days ago)
gravity 600 is nice
GeometryDashBoi [GDB] (25 days ago)
I can do 3 of them every time I try..... It doesn't required skill at all..... Idk about you but that's for me
Emiliyan Yankov (26 days ago)
Jumps are EZ after you jerk off 100 times to this video :}
Stupid Monkey (26 days ago)
I can't even jump on dust 2 mid box/xbox....
Arthur Dayne (27 days ago)
you have to learn bunny first
Drag Box (27 days ago)
*Fallen <3 Confia no verdadeiro!*
Ilya the Creator (27 days ago)
Спасибо 😁
AthoZz (28 days ago)
Why do people dislike that ???!!!
AV57 G2 Esports (28 days ago)
Then I move mouse like you to left and right, I just get slower. Any tips or ideas ?
Spooky ÒwÓ (13 days ago)
I was a b-hopper as well and i hink they fixed it that if you do a multi Jump you get slower so the whole video is worthless now
Adam Smrčka (29 days ago)
6:32 What's CV?
Titanium Bullets (29 days ago)
Who agree's woke or zuhn can do better xD
i have a dig bick (30 days ago)
nah woke is the best movement player
Sinan Cicek (1 month ago)
Shoam camus (1 month ago)
Its saw like very ez but its very hard you are pro man!👍
title looks like pornhub
Andrew Sine (1 month ago)
I'm pretty sure you can crouchjumpnumber 1
TheGamers Hub (1 month ago)
DHW Heide (1 month ago)
i did 2 in 256 Tries and 1 in 879
Sơn Vũ Thái (1 month ago)
can anyone show me which keys used when he jump?
Crescent Moon (1 month ago)
It sounds like youre saying chump instead of jump.
Metri hraje (1 month ago)
3:44 Admin, he is doing it sideway
sick luke (1 month ago)
Like Blasdfa gotta get a life right?
Demir Demirnal (1 month ago)
sv_gravity 600
furkan sahin (1 month ago)
Sensitivity and dpi ?
Neloter59 (1 month ago)
Why are they just moving so quick their mouse while jumping?
Spook (1 month ago)
It's called strafing, they gain speed as they move their mouse in sync with a and d
PassangeR (1 month ago)
Berk Rip Tepeden gelenler
AhmetWi Seymen (1 month ago)
Zack Diehl (1 month ago)
Yo it hit 1,000,000 😃
Zach-Orijinaru (1 month ago)
Sv_gravity 600 hahshaa
Generic Spoofies (1 month ago)
inferno selfboost?
Emre Karacan (1 month ago)
Berkden gelenler? :D
Do it!!! just do it!!! (1 month ago)
Onur Sezen (1 month ago)
ITZ_darkpvpDK (1 month ago)
I Can do the 1
NewamapenW (1 month ago)
You need longjumpers not kzers
Hamsi 61 (1 month ago)
Berk Rip Tepe den gelenler :D
Arda (1 month ago)
berkten gelenler +1 hadi bakim
baranS - code name CJ (1 month ago)
Yayından sa berk bi yapamadın AMK @berktepedits
Sabaha kadar denersin artık :D
Talha ALTINTAŞ (1 month ago)
yayından selamlar <3
Nicolas Bautista (1 month ago)
Hisham Hanif S. (1 month ago)
*sv_gravity..* < thats what i do 😛
Gidion Versluijs (1 month ago)
De nummer 1# is gelukt =0 bij mij
itzPhantom XD (1 month ago)
Why not hardbass
ZDP (1 month ago)
Funny that you say you can do this is matchmaking when he is playing on a 128 tick server. You cannot strafe that many times in air and expect to gain speed in 64 tick
Eli (1 month ago)
Can't even do 10
v4led (1 month ago)
The blue door jump is very hard
0:04 I thinked it's opening (intro) But it was ad. :((
x NverEnd (1 month ago)
Jose DC (1 month ago)
u must see the conector's jump on overpass
Gamester SK (1 month ago)
Easy jumps 😂
Shooting blasdfa...
Baby Rage (1 month ago)
Lmao. “There’s no way I can land this without steroids “ 😂😂
FuLL-OpTionz (1 month ago)
allahu akbar !
ace iimov (1 month ago)
*BUT Blasdfa CAN DO IT*

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