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FREE 0,4$ on WTFSkins (code: nadeking) - https://www.wtfskins.com/ STEAM GROUP: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/supergeneral TWITTER: https://twitter.com/NadeKingCSGO MY HOMEPAGE (MERCH OUT NOW): http://nadeking.com SUBSCRIBE AND JOIN WITH FAM: https://www.youtube.com/NadeKing?sub_confirmation=1 CS:GO PRO KZ PLAYER - blasdfa https://www.youtube.com/user/MrIhatehax Today I will video about CS:GO trickjumps. These are hard jumps on the official active map pool maps like Mirage, Train, Inferno, De_Dust2 and so on.. You will see bhop, longjump and different strafing moves. If you want to learn how to trickjump in csgo, try to play some kz. You can find many KZ servers from the community servers list. Enjoy! 10 THINGS YOU HAVE NOT SEEN in CS:GO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQ2sna2iv10 UNCOMMON TRICKS PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGgyXmQEwD6vVUxPm0HO_2SybKWmtOiMT Intro visual credits: @CutInLaw (https://twitter.com/cutinlaw) Intro audio - NEFFEX - Fight Website: https://www.neffex.com/
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Text Comments (1206)
NadeKing (3 months ago)
how many of them you knew before? and tell me the numbers what you can land :)
SilentStorm ツ (3 days ago)
Jhan Gaming & More (9 days ago)
I can land numbers 10 to 4
NadeKing OMG, and where is cs_office? With that insane jump
Pavlik (20 days ago)
NadeKing can land 8, last 2 impossible(
x77z (20 days ago)
I landed once number 9, I can land number 10, I can land sometimes number 7, but I haven't tried number 6 and 3.
M i r o X (11 hours ago)
i have 122 subs :3
Lewis Deyes (12 hours ago)
Blasdfa is now a blacksquad pro❤
Moses Dionela (13 hours ago)
sv_gravity 200
erm1n (17 hours ago)
is blasdfa even a human ?
Rexxy6 (1 day ago)
I landed number 1 by accident in a comp match when I was bhopping down the stairs from cat.
nigga (3 days ago)
I once randomly tried jumpnumber one on fov_cs_bug 120 ( i forgot the command im sorry if its incorrect ) and landed it first try
Mevzu Rota (4 days ago)
Very nice video
Mantas OP (5 days ago)
8 just uze the rice bags instead.
keemstar (5 days ago)
it could be nice if someone does a workshop map with tutorial to do this jump (like tutorial to prefire for mirage)
BOXMAN CZ (6 days ago)
fuck you on cache jump is so hard
Armani (6 days ago)
i have been trying out nr 6 for 30 minutes now. its fucking hard :D
Vili leaner (7 days ago)
your english sucks
Ананасик 1337 (7 days ago)
Potato (8 days ago)
I be dead to make that jump lol
DC Joker (8 days ago)
Nailed Nr.2 after i think 1 month 5h/day
i knew 7 of them and i nailed all except 1,2 so i was sad but when i did theone on nuke i was acctualy not even trying beacouse t was 30 mins in as i tried so i turned my bhop script off and just joked aroun then accudentaly i hit the jump i was like wtf
sm1le lnd (9 days ago)
how to put gun on left side??@@?!!!!?!??
ahzerno (9 days ago)
the 10,8 and 7 i can manage to jump
pedro duran (10 days ago)
Wakanda for ever!!!
Saint Kat (10 days ago)
the jump on dust 2 can be done with no momentum at all...just jump on the bags right next to it lol
Im Your Cat (10 days ago)
7:55 The sound of success.
Alex Martinelli (10 days ago)
this is not tet hart
Meowshkin (10 days ago)
0:11 song?
La Trott' - CSGO (10 days ago)
nice sv_autobunnyhop 1 ...
STILL PLAY (11 days ago)
your intro and video both nice
Xtreme Steel (11 days ago)
and here I can't do the mirage to cat jump :(
Surprise 07 (12 days ago)
I really love your videos, your voice is so calm and relaxing :)
SπdR (13 days ago)
It's possible in 32 tick? wow.
I can't even jump to ladder from window on mirage...
Devon Jones (13 days ago)
The jungle jump on mirage from window too ladder room always gives me trouble.
neekeri (13 days ago)
I can't land any of these because i am very noob at jumping in cs go xD
Adrian Juravle (14 days ago)
8 is pretty dumb
Panni2000 (15 days ago)
some jumps you need your knife out. makes no sense if enemy is in front of you
LOFT (12 days ago)
0:07 pls music!
Federico Leschuk (17 days ago)
sv_airaccelerate 6357334589734 :V
Артур Рыков (18 days ago)
SidKillz (19 days ago)
is your friend god?
Schwanzus Longus (20 days ago)
dude the train jump from #2 is possible without pre b hopping.. thats the reason you werent able to nail it
Ebubekir İnal (20 days ago)
You can find these jumps at the link below. Especially i really wondered that train jump that blasdfa couldn't land. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYp0gsyqw_0
oddon96 (21 days ago)
My level: I have to press space to Jump?
FRIED MonsterCH 13 (21 days ago)
!donate 1000$
Zarela (21 days ago)
6:34 dont try this at home? xD K
cs:go algeria (21 days ago)
kacper adventure (23 days ago)
hes not even human
Use This jumps on thrid person
HipsTeris (24 days ago)
U using skin changer at 2 ;DD was M9 byonet with skin when u paused skin changed to default ;DD
Scarlet_Breaking (25 days ago)
I did nr 1 once by accident while trying to bhop from short to catwalk
CoPT3RRoR (25 days ago)
Wow i got the jump on 8:40 in mm and got killed immediatly xD (after almost 5000 trys)
Silon (25 days ago)
How to do "vanilla" jump settings?
Legnym HD (26 days ago)
Русские кушать?
KikoGamer TV (26 days ago)
I do number 2 but i try number 1 and its hard but number 2 i do it 5-10 times
Abhinava chakraborty (26 days ago)
i cant even jump from nest to bshort quickly in de mirage and its not even in the list xd
Michael Simandihardja (26 days ago)
5:19 am i the only guy who think he said smooth weird 😂😂😂
Nani ? (27 days ago)
A useful one is where you go into sniper's nest and jump onto the boxes and jump into the ladder room to get on cat easily.
Player Yo Ki E (27 days ago)
Number 1, Honestly I do it few times. But I cant do it again I Don’t know why. I though im bad at jumping because I cant jump on that anymore.
unity (27 days ago)
you can't prestrafe on matchmaking btw, 250 max no matter what
Rares Oance (28 days ago)
how do you know the last 2 are even possible?
O (28 days ago)
really really edge
Chevi (28 days ago)
u talking like knuckles :D
Color Red (28 days ago)
clash of games (29 days ago)
nuke is the easiest one
Sridhar Tantravahi (1 month ago)
There is one in Overpass from Connector stairs to the steel roof, I have seen pro players take boost for it. It's easy to do it I believe.
LaBass666 (1 month ago)
The hardest jump used to be in mirage from the cart to the entrance of b apps from tspawn...So many people used to miss it and get stuck there, it is sad that they removed it now, and removed yet another high skill jump
Official Smokeeey (1 month ago)
#4 is insane to land that's like a 290-300 unit jump
Gewoon Paul (1 month ago)
u cant start an offline (server)
dkgray wexa (1 month ago)
nade king mirage jumps xD
Adam (1 month ago)
"This really really edge"
[ Thermopylae ] (1 month ago)
If enemy already take banana!
[ Thermopylae ] (1 month ago)
There is no way I can land this without steroids xD
Frost Mourn (1 month ago)
NadeKing how many units between yellow and pass on the map de_train
BUDDHADEB DUTTA (1 month ago)
Superb jumps
Krattan plåt (1 month ago)
This is a very useful hjamp
xaTix (1 month ago)
Dis a hard one hmmm....
LolThijs Gaming (1 month ago)
Tip in bombsite a on chace u cane jump on the highest box so u cane walk on the barrs out of the wall
Wooden axe (1 month ago)
stable 400 frames/second + stand-up bunny hop + some skills == successful jump
Prabhdeep Singh (1 month ago)
4th one is impossible how to do it bro
W1zarD (1 month ago)
Нихуя не сообразил
Juice Patrol (1 month ago)
kz master holy shit
abdelrahman amer (1 month ago)
anyone can tell me what phase is this knife? Thanks!
Valentine Shapoval (1 month ago)
what about 3 ways to jump in mirage jungle, left box bhop is hard enough:)
kogoro mouri (1 month ago)
Croses Killer (1 month ago)
I can land number 1 easily
aVØ1D (1 month ago)
1:30 Green???? That's yellow blud
Boris Just Boris (1 month ago)
0:27 Oh god my brain! My brain!!!
Informkilioo (1 month ago)
wow there are no hard jumps in csgo i guess.
Kinx (1 month ago)
What are the vanilla settings and what's the difference? Can someone explain me?
Birol Ç. (1 month ago)
Mirage catwalk to chair Fake .d.d.d
Jayakrishnan Nallappa (1 month ago)
Its really difficult for me to hit the jumps which involve strafing as Im playing on really low sens. Low sens has helped me achieve really good aim but my movement is average because of it. Any suggestions?
Tengri Biz Menen (1 month ago)
Or you just say: "BOOST ME BLYAT!"
Tengri Biz Menen (1 month ago)
Or you just say: "BOOST ME BLYAT!"
THE_KAK Chanel (1 month ago)
All is hard
One Eyed Rohan (1 month ago)
I'm so jealous about your specs, mine is a shitty one Pentinum(R) Dual Core CPU T4400 @2.20GHz 2.20GHz 2.00 GB (RAM) 32 bit Windows 7
İzlerken başım döndü amk
Gustavo R.Carvalho (1 month ago)
NadeKing, where are u from ?
Dannis184 (1 month ago)
He plays cs:go just for parkour
No0b (1 month ago)
Sam 5 Retro (1 month ago)
top cs go champs, featuring, katarina, the sinister blade
DyziovskyGames (1 month ago)
Darkeloff 733R (1 month ago)
Mr. R (1 month ago)
Can you do it with steroids?

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