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Some of The New Steam UI Leaked

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Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VNN Today on Valve News Network, we take a look at the recent leak of code and an image of the long awaited redesign to the Steam UI. Sources : https://twitter.com/SAVEME1112 https://twitter.com/SteamDB/status/1004120448362254337 https://github.com/SteamDatabase/SteamTracking/commit/9af82e91a7ecc573feeb891dbdf612254f66a4e4 Music : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nICWDlbQEKI My Social Media : Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/valvenewsnetwork/ Waffler Weekly : goo.gl/Fm28Ge
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Text Comments (726)
q碧君 (6 hours ago)
it's easy
Ben Dover (8 days ago)
Apostoliskf 98 (13 days ago)
is this update released?
BEASTXD Gamer (19 days ago)
You can see all of these when you change your steam to beta participation in the settings
Jonas Tisell (28 days ago)
This was correct :)
Irishman215 (28 days ago)
This UI update is out on steam Beta right now solid 7/10 maybe 8 if they change the chat notification sound back.
nousername757 (4 days ago)
i rate it a maybe 8 out of 10
ROGUƎ (29 days ago)
i just open the publisher page,studio wildcard creator of ARK,then the page looks the same as curator page
Just Your Shadow (1 month ago)
Solarius (1 month ago)
it says EASY not EaRLy
GuyInGrey (1 month ago)
it says EASY not EaRLy
Aniel (1 month ago)
Early E You that read wrong
mukul rajoria (1 month ago)
Name of the game ur playing
OOM- 8018 (1 month ago)
but i like my custom steam skin with custom fonts :{
3VER (1 month ago)
Finally out as a Beta :D
Syprene (1 month ago)
Don't get your hopes up. Those leaks just look like steam client skins. I even tried porting the steam client based on the files that the SteamTracking github released, and there's nothing big that I can see that has changed, big picture, small picture and large picture modes look normal. Edit: Scratch all of that off, opt-in for the steam client update. You'll get exactly what you saw.
Michael Harker (1 month ago)
New ui just landed on my system.
SharpShotGif (1 month ago)
You can use the new ui now. Opting in to the Beta changes the new UI.
René Stesl (1 month ago)
Bananagaming has a Video how to Install the Beta Chat Client.
Rainbowdemon 555 (1 month ago)
I like the steam UI a lot actually why would they change it
BladeWolf (1 month ago)
if you enter the beta steam client youll have that exact chat friends and steam layout, so what you found from that twitter account was someone in the beta client
Dayvo (1 month ago)
I don't think he's got the message yet guys. Remind him some more.
joyce kids (1 month ago)
Doesn't beta have it now? Cause I have it.
Flames Tornado (1 month ago)
the beta update is here now
Kit (1 month ago)
If a CSS and JS file got leaked, it wouldn't be too hard to make an HTML file to match the CSS instructions and then show it off...
ZarKeR ๑ (1 month ago)
Well they have done it and that the messages by friends to chat with. and a bit on the front steam page at the top and bottom
Stoozey_ (1 month ago)
Welp, it's out now for people using steam beta, enjoy................. ok
Pixel Guy (1 month ago)
That moment when it is right.
Raze The Gamer (1 month ago)
but you got it all wrong, VNN....I've just got a beta version that makes everyone think they don't have the newest beta update.
Butu Halder (1 month ago)
my steam is old help how to update
NecNix (1 month ago)
Alec Pizziferro (1 month ago)
it's out
Servine (1 month ago)
the new friends list is now in the beta!!!!!
PJDoesCS (1 month ago)
Steam Updated I got a new UI
Sniper Cat (1 month ago)
Lychy (1 month ago)
It's here now
Collin (1 month ago)
Hey, it's now on the steam beta.
Justin Y. (1 month ago)
when will the steam new ui release?
Jedi gamer tv (1 month ago)
This is hype i wnat new game
suicidal.banana (1 month ago)
easy acces = early acces?
Rico Raccoon (1 month ago)
Easy access. Not early access
harmony (1 month ago)
did you just center align code? wtf
Water Leaf (1 month ago)
Now whenever Tyler reads "early" or "easy" right we have to say it's wrong anyways
Unwoven Sleeve (1 month ago)
Who needs an overhaul when you've got metro
Officialpoiuytrewq4645 (1 month ago)
i just want my valve knuckle controllers not this ui thingamebob
Salvijus Aukštikalnis (1 month ago)
EASY not fuckin EARLY
Its been 10 years...
That Guy (1 month ago)
Not early access but EASY access
Cheesy Frog (1 month ago)
EaSy noT EaRLY
Le Moob Man (1 month ago)
Call me an uncultured swine, but what game is he playing?
Jone Nascimento (1 month ago)
It says EASY access, not early access. LOL.
Horep (1 month ago)
durinable (1 month ago)
what game is this ?
pedro lime (1 month ago)
this new ui comes out in 2 years
P_Duyd (1 month ago)
i dont like the new change
SonnoMaku (1 month ago)
Apparently everyone but my friends and I have been awaiting a steam ui overhaul. I guess we just don't care. I hope it's a good one at least.
knexfan100 (1 month ago)
Rip in piece my grey and blue steam skin. Seriously though, I don't see any point in making big changes to a UI that already works fine for most people just because literally any layout change by any company ever is basically just begging for a riot.... The UI is fine for most people and it's ridiculously easy to download and use skins/themes like steam metro. I personally like how everything is in lists with dropdowns next to most things for more options. I absolutely despise how every other layout change by any given company goes for this stupid overrated "minimalist" look that makes everything look like a mobile app.... I hope future UI changes take into account that there is an active community for custom themes and NOT EVERYBODY LIKES THAT MINIMALIST LOOK.
Atelier.si (1 month ago)
Wanted to play Realm Royale but its on Steam, no tnx go away Valve
Atelier.si (1 month ago)
Ugly. Get off the scene toxic fucking trash Valve.
GXP-10 (1 month ago)
Pacheko (1 month ago)
It says easy you uneducated swine
josue alpizar (1 month ago)
Its me or the friends chat had voice chat option
Alm Alden Hasan (1 month ago)
What was that game in the background? it seams really interesting.
Calvin_Coolage (1 month ago)
The new UI looks absolutely abysmal.
Firestarter (1 month ago)
Ewww, "Quake" Champions gameplay...
The Atomic Cherry (1 month ago)
Looks weird and confusing. As long as I can still use Metro, I’ll be good.
lord champa (1 month ago)
why the fuck copy and paste are not working for youtube?! a tweeter name dwickedplayer494 said csgo panorama script line have appeared on steam translition
BOXXY what (1 month ago)
there is already voice chat in steam
Timi (1 month ago)
it looks similar to dota2's style/theme
MEGAFUNTIME100 (1 month ago)
MMmm i didnt know you played BJ in QC, i wonder if i ever played against you? since QC community is so small you actually play with pro in a lobby XD
Sard Lorlade (1 month ago)
This UI sucks. It just looks and feels bad. Like 2008 UI.
iCrazyBlaze (1 month ago)
just download custom themes
EHNDEE (1 month ago)
Don't let the fact that Tyler misread easy as early distract from the fact that Tyler could've gotten a Vive early if he had actually just read his emails.
Nevel850 (1 month ago)
Omg why?????
Chris Theo (1 month ago)
Bonus points for QC footage. Add me: necropsy
Bl1ndGuardian (1 month ago)
it says easy, not early
Shifty (1 month ago)
Lol the twitter leaked imaged got DMCA by Valve
NovaDelta (1 month ago)
"let me know what you guys think in the comments below" everyone: ITS EASY NOT EARLY
NovaDelta (1 month ago)
1. Easy not early. 2. It looks like shit. 3. I want an option to use classic theme.
N00bvlog (1 month ago)
Hey, I don't think anybody has commented on this yet............ but it said easy access, not early access.
fix it retard
Arctic IceFox (1 month ago)
early guys, stop teasing him. it was probably really easy in the morning when he made the video.
Spark99 Gaming (1 month ago)
Da Doug (1 month ago)
i hope the new ui will be very early to use, how easy is it going to arrive?
Bassem Boustany (1 month ago)
G2zmo (1 month ago)
hey what game are you playing?
fireaza (1 month ago)
By the time Valve finally gets Steam up-to-date with a modern, 16:9 ratio and high DPI-aware GUI, 8K ultra-wide monitors will have come into vogue and then we'll be complaining for them to update Steam's GUI again.
Tacoman450 (1 month ago)
tbh, I would kind of miss the old UI, but at the same time, I would love the new one cause it would be better for interacting with people while gaming. Cause for me, Discord only works on like, 1 game.
monkeybear1 (1 month ago)
tyler is the new meme
RealityPublishing (1 month ago)
i think it looks prEtty cool! steAm haSn't had anY ui updates for a few years. i woN't be cOmplaining, buT i rEally wAnt foldeRs to aLlow the sorting sort out mY friends.
Dooge (1 month ago)
Pan of rama
Alucard Pawpad (1 month ago)
so, steam rip off discord and again fix what ain't broken instead of releasing new shit. make shit worse. and tyler makes it sound like it's a good thing. retard.
sYrup (1 month ago)
i feel like that mistake was intentional
AlphaEnt2 (1 month ago)
It wasn't easy, it was E
Barion (1 month ago)
Wow new CS:GO Panorama! Maybe Valve Super SDK Coming Soon.
Memeaggedon 2187 (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who doesnt want a change?
thatsamekid (1 month ago)
It says Early not Easy. Learn how to fucking read.
Mei (1 month ago)
TheMuhalefet (1 month ago)
Let's just hope that they won't break it and then release a fix half a year later.
Tallcat (1 month ago)
bruh the .2 seconds I saw it I read it properly

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