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24 HOUR LIVESTREAM!!! (Hunt2334) 🕗9 hours left🕗 PART 1

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Hope you enjoy the LifeStream leave and come back anytime you want because I'm going to be doing this for 24 hours you can either keep watching me (hunt2334) or you can watch some of Freddy's content while you wait for this livestream to be done (it's going to be a long time) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are just some of Freddy's videos Bo3 fun (with mic) https://youtu.be/CO4qtiSYkbg Playing Minecraft mini games (I don't have mic) https://youtu.be/zsL1ghxDjEU ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Or you can watch some of my content right here Try not to laugh https://youtu.be/htlfcl35YV0 Guardians of the galaxy the telltale series part 1 https://youtu.be/RV896KtVjO ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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OMG ALMOST 300 VIEWS... might make another one, who knows 😉

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