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The Return of iBuyPower

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The hope of North America has risen back from ashes and will manifest their destiny Got some inspiration from this video by CheeKy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPQsSzK6isc Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheRickyRays Join my Steam group, or don't! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TheRickyRays Music: Jeff Beal - House of Cards (2013) Intro Credits Theme Thin Lizzy - The Boys Are Back In Tow Fatboy Slim - Rockafeller Skank Biggie Smalls - Hypnotize A Cruel Angel's Thesis Queen - Seaside Rendezvous
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Ricky Rays (1 year ago)
Hmm this felt too much like a fragmovie to me, I'll tone down the frags and increase the memes for next video, I just had to show the glory of iBuyPower and how Brax is smurfing against tier 1 teams.
Sven Lauryssen (26 days ago)
When is next video
Peter axb (4 months ago)
When is the new video comming?
Daunt Nicholas (4 months ago)
Ricky Rays It's may now take the Santa pepe off :/
Kocyk (4 months ago)
Andre Smithe (5 months ago)
Ricky Rays where art thou
Lanttu (15 days ago)
Come back❤❤
Yugo Betrugo (24 days ago)
Where is the 2018 video? :(
Ohbs (26 days ago)
So what the fuck happened to you?
NAPZ (1 month ago)
better than SuperstituM
Skatleet22 (1 month ago)
Please Come Back!!((
Training Wheels (1 month ago)
haha (1 month ago)
The Death Of Ricky Rays
SteGy_K (1 month ago)
dead channel
ZBYCHU ;D (1 month ago)
back fast pls
LFX Gaming (1 month ago)
Annnnd now they are all on shit teams :(
Idle (1 month ago)
Dang 1 year
Aurelia (2 months ago)
Mfw I’m too lazy to get hypnotise on YouTube...
Lyzerg Gama (2 months ago)
Ex-ibp back to csgo : What the fukk happened to our sticker?
darz (2 months ago)
The Return of Ricky Rays when :(
SequenceWerks (2 months ago)
more vdos pls
Kraken iOS (2 months ago)
We miss u come back daddy. Tbh I can't play csgo cus I cant play pc(I'm ass at them) but I really like watching your videos and they made me and many other people happy
comment guy (2 months ago)
Shazam suck
Dean (2 months ago)
12.800th like xD
Muffensi (3 months ago)
why is this beat so catchy
Patrick (3 months ago)
Where'd you go Dad? 😥
Matt Baker (3 months ago)
2:23 his guns we're suppressed but the sound was not.
Tai DaZeD Lopez (4 months ago)
Alex Pavlou (4 months ago)
Emmm , dude , are you dead?
Epsin (4 months ago)
Come back :(
Jack Anketell-Jones (4 months ago)
The only thing that annoys me is that no one ever talks about how ska never got banned and now he has a huge career he should not have
ceezy (4 months ago)
Ricky where are you? :( ❤️
Pr3d Pixlin NRG (4 months ago)
swag and steel are my favorite players ever.
Hallo Daniel (5 months ago)
doesn't matter if they are good. they've lost on purpose, which can destroy the whole e-sports scene. they should be banned for their whole life.
Dragonyyy (5 months ago)
Watching this too much cause its insane work bro 8)
Xylene (6 months ago)
Match fixing is ILLEGAL and can land you up to 5 YEARS in prison. These guys are lucky enough they aren't in prison.
Ian _ (3 months ago)
They cannot be charged because they bet skins against them, not money
KamKrzem (6 months ago)
The Fall of VP when?
Koen Morre (6 months ago)
Loved the end
Ionutz Stefan Zaharia (6 months ago)
Ricky Rays where are you?
nordlingg (6 months ago)
i miss these videos
nordlingg (6 months ago)
Ahmed Mohammed (6 months ago)
koreaneesee he is dead
GAC995 (6 months ago)
David Milosevic (6 months ago)
Dale Amodia (6 months ago)
I just want them to go back to the ibuypower.......
Jonathan Y. (7 months ago)
zector (7 months ago)
where are u
Hia dude (7 months ago)
Get oofed icheatskins
Is My City (7 months ago)
A video about how this game used to be gucci
Is My City (7 months ago)
Next video mb?
KAZ K (7 months ago)
4:20 song 殘酷な天使
n1n3ty (7 months ago)
NA doesn't need IBP anymore. Cloud9 carried NA all the way up to championship. But if IBP will return to proffesional cs it will be NA dominating Counter-Strike.
NuclearByte (7 months ago)
Kmah smith (7 months ago)
I think now is the perfect time to make a c9 video.
ITzz Slender (7 months ago)
cough *cloud9* cough
Joe Marley (7 months ago)
tamch (7 months ago)
Ricky... come back. We need you for another video. A Cloud9 video. You know what to do.
GsTSaien (8 months ago)
They dont deserve to play after what they have done. It truly hurts me to see so much people put spectacle before integrity. The message this conveys is that pros are allowed to do anything and in a few years they will be forgiven.
Isengrim the Second (7 months ago)
What's your opinion of cheaters?
Panda ARM (8 months ago)
Ребята! Вам же не трудно!!!Оцените мои видео, лайком! А также,подпишитесь если вам приглянулись видео! Пишите комент что я вас тоже патписал
aB (8 months ago)
the swag clips at the end were like ditto of superstitum's video on brax. maybe a coincidence, but still... exact same clips in a very similar order as well?...
Sumbuddy (8 months ago)
It's just a shame they threw for skins in the first place, because of all these players at that time of them throwing, were easy all top 10 players in NA and easily the top 3 team in the world.
Ducky (8 months ago)
Like the new picture glad to know you havent died
Open Rift (8 months ago)
Wait 2 years I'll show you ibp will be nothing
Hamza Patel (8 months ago)
Who else noticed Ricky changed his logo Look 🎅 is here
João Vitor (8 months ago)
I Love Brax ♡
StripesGames (9 months ago)
At least valve puts more updates out for Csgo then you put out videos LUL
Mirva Yrjönen (9 months ago)
2:22 plz
MHProductions2014 (9 months ago)
What the fuck is going on?
Lalit Naidu (9 months ago)
Finally a video which shows frags from the other IBP players other than swag. swags good and all but it was annoying that they showed him as the only good player in other videos.
hi94037 (9 months ago)
lol they lifted the ban on my birthday
Zipppyy (9 months ago)
every time i watch a video or stream with swag in it, i just can't help but wonder... *why does brax have gloves but not a knife?*
Shredow Daggers (9 months ago)
Swag have ak with 4 IBP holo but no knife wtf
TotallyNOTaWeeb (9 months ago)
crashniels (10 months ago)
that ibp anime op though
Alban Veshti (10 months ago)
Furoki (10 months ago)
Wtf it looks like the whole team is using a shitty fov aimbot
Kasper August (10 months ago)
This 1000 comment!
Kasper August (10 months ago)
Right now there are 999 comments
TheSamiG (10 months ago)
what is so funny at 3:18 - 3:22
Tony Thepenguin (10 months ago)
Ive come 180on Tarik holy shit. Hes so funny “hes like dude theyre throwing theyre throwing and im like chill chill we got this. Were back.”
iCallOfDutyDog (10 months ago)
Where can I follow how's the team doing? Where can they play at except at ESL's tournaments
SWAG SWAG (10 months ago)
Ns braxit
Braiden54 (10 months ago)
Remember when there was an IBUYPOWER tribute that had clips of everyone and not just swag? Yeah me neither.
Who else to destroy?! (10 months ago)
This brax kid should see the sun somedays, dayum he looks half dead.
Riski Putranto (10 months ago)
Abdirahman Yusuf (10 months ago)
the neon genesis reference at the end tho LoooL
Peace Frog (10 months ago)
Holy fuck you put in a queen song, much respect
stusHay (11 months ago)
this should be the return of swag
TryZoid (11 months ago)
faze adter roster changes
Aceony 007 (11 months ago)
They got unbanned on my birthday LUL
Davis1337 (11 months ago)
Wtf is this ending XD
fish can't drown (11 months ago)
lol there is a water mark
ElDinko (11 months ago)
Tbh they couldve gotten away with it if they made it elss obvious. Losy by like 16-10 or something or make it close not 16-4 thats making it so blatant
Thar (11 months ago)
I'm just happy for AZK and swag the boy just breathes skill, the rest are toxin
Nolan Jones (11 months ago)
The Ricky Rays profile picture is... different?
Fanzach (11 months ago)
You're so fucking good making videos, you deserve more suscribers +1
Mohammad Fauzi (11 months ago)
top 10 anime endings
Dice Row (11 months ago)
turok must be said thank u to swag.
diemoN (11 months ago)
FaZe Clan after roster changes?
HDX ReZin (11 months ago)
Brex Autismo (11 months ago)
Expecting a fall of virtus pro video
innerFire (11 months ago)
I love how ppl idolize other ppl who actually tried to cheat the system and make profit on the back of others. They should stay banned forever from everywhere..
Ted Eriksson (11 months ago)
Superstitum, Vital and Ricky Rays must be the three best csgo highlight channels
-one of the best youtube videos
Coronarena (1 year ago)
When I first saw they were unbanned, I threw my phone.
PAPike (1 year ago)
they're not coming back anytime soon
Akura (1 year ago)
Solid Stake (1 year ago)
hey Ray. Will you make video about Argghhhtifuct?

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