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CS:GO Neckshot Hitreg

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CS:GO's neck from the back used to register as a body shot, when really it should have been a headshot. I put the new beta update to the test to see if it fixes the issue. See the update post here: http://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/2018/05/20414/ Check out my channels: ● 3kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/3kliksphilip ● 2kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/2kliksphilip ● kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/kliksphilip Other information you might like: ● Website: http://3kliksphilip.com ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/3kliksphilip ● PC Specs: Ryzen 1800X, 32 GB RAM, Geforce 1080
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Text Comments (743)
Albin Grahn (7 days ago)
the gay comment at the end is not homophobic at all lol. he didn't use gay negatively in any way. if you watch the video where 2kliksphilip is being "gay and stuff" you will get it.
GoldBagelRS (10 days ago)
I haven't played this game in years but still enjoy these videos.
Shattered Mirror (21 days ago)
What about front neckshots? It a true nightmare, I'd call it "chinshot" to be accurate: Blood shows a hit on the chin of the player but it registers a bodyshot. Very frustrating.
Bachar Sabra (21 days ago)
THANK YOU!! I've been raging for so long when "I swear that was a hs" to check that I gave him -27 in 1 with the AK.
Geoffrey (22 days ago)
Hey i found a bug its nothing mayor but if you shoot your gun as you die the next person you spectate's gun will be smoking. Valve pls fix.
Mark Much (24 days ago)
I think valve should just make neckshots a 1 hit kill from any weapon
Everett (26 days ago)
Finally! I can't count how many times I've tried to scout someone from behind, only for it to bodyshot
FrigZ (27 days ago)
remove breathing
Ruben Ferreira (27 days ago)
That means the shots will hit more from the back and from the front right?
Plaahzk (28 days ago)
What about hitting a hand that's blocking a headshot, that's always been annoying as well.
Raz G (28 days ago)
Pretty sure Valve has enough money to solve literaly everything when it comes to hitreg.
Electric Toxic (28 days ago)
It is still not good enough. Why not makes the neck hitbox share the same damage modifier as a head hitbox does.
lilac edgy editor (28 days ago)
Why are you still doing this? Games dead and it's just filled with bugs n stuff
brand 02 (29 days ago)
Bubble_Flap HD (29 days ago)
It took this long smh
Chai Yew Jin (29 days ago)
Wait wtf oh cool m8 TIME TO PLAY MORE CSGO
The Cheaterman (29 days ago)
Spheroids is technically correct, but one could also call them capsules (which is less technically correct in this situation since they ARE stretched spheres and not double spheres linked by a cylinder).
Sturdy Saucepan (29 days ago)
"and heres 2klicksphilip being all gay and stuff"
sjain (29 days ago)
3kliksphilip In your newest video, with comments disable, you showed a clip of Half Life, but it was too zoomed. This is an issue with GoldSrc on all 16:9 resolutions as FoV is simulated. To fix, use default_fov 110 in the console.
Tristan C (29 days ago)
this update will work amazingly for me. because of my bad aim i usually aim for the neck when shooting from behind so i either hit a head shot or a body shot, instead of aiming for the head and either hitting a head shot or missing. before this patch i would frequently notice that i would be hitting body shots when i would be expecting to be hitting the head. honestly this patch probably benefits me much more then it benefits the average player.
Spartan War118 (29 days ago)
Nah i'm definitely gonna be a neck-shot pro now, totally changing up the strat
1üP (29 days ago)
Finally I can't keep track of how many times I've shot people from behind in the neck-head area and it was a bodyshot.
Ian Lu (29 days ago)
guyssss lets just aim for the head and try not to hit the neck damn this shit complicated😂😂😂
JaffaTheSilver (29 days ago)
699,696 Subscribers. Nice.
Crowborn (29 days ago)
To me it is super satisfying to see these minor things getting fixed. Only games this popular ever get such attention to detail.
Mythical Random (29 days ago)
Have you tried playing siege. Have you tried playing siege. THAT GAME IS BROKEN
Mythical Random (19 days ago)
HUS MAN basically
HUS MAN (25 days ago)
You mean "Getting shot with an smg through the window on the upper floor on the other side of the building simulator"?
Koichi's Pose (29 days ago)
w h e n ?
Leo the Grey (29 days ago)
Why not just count it as a headshot, because it's a shot to the fucking neck.
Marios Zlatanos (29 days ago)
"Just 5 years later" . Damn those niBBas are fast .
MutenRoscher (30 days ago)
Sander Norheim (30 days ago)
God damn, i miss insertion! Not the best map in the world, but i likes to take a brake from the cramped cities to the open swedish map.
Dirty Bong Water (30 days ago)
In games aiming directly on their forehead the bullet hits their neck or their hat and while awping i leg them in the chest when they randomly jump
Ed Kalb (30 days ago)
This is incredibly gamechanging. I hope Valve will patch it out soon before many people find this video and abuse the bugs.
Did you know crotch shot exist in csgo?
Rimis Rimantas (30 days ago)
– Added a new hitbox type for necks and applied it to the existing neck hitbox on character models. Bullets that penetrate the neck into the head will now count as headshots. This should make it more intuitive to tell when an attack from behind will result in a headshot. lmao
flawmore (30 days ago)
Can they please stop beating this dead horse and get on to HL3 and CSGO:2. I honestly don't care for CSGO any more, but I do love you 3kliksphilip.
Natsume Lippe- (30 days ago)
No bots were harmed for making this video
My Hentai Girl (30 days ago)
Always aim for the neck, your second bullet will hit their head
Marh Gaming (30 days ago)
So close to 700k sub's you only need 94 more at my current time
firendable (30 days ago)
ScreaM just got buffed.
Omar Nabulsi (30 days ago)
i think time to back to cs go ?
mason jokinen (30 days ago)
Hell yeah
Emiliyan Yankov (30 days ago)
Back on them 'roids again, huh, Philip? :}
Mihály Fehér (30 days ago)
pls next update 100dmg 1 hit m4 only front face hitbox pls
Matija Novak (30 days ago)
i want inception map back or whatever its called. that was fun
CBC (30 days ago)
What was that refernce at 0:16 ? 0.63???
Saulo Silva (30 days ago)
Sage (30 days ago)
Just 5 years later....
Parsa DOTgh (30 days ago)
Catullus man (30 days ago)
Congrats on 700k
Pink Power Ranger (30 days ago)
after 5 years of development, we hope it was worth the wait
Razor MAN (30 days ago)
Happy (nearly) 700 000 SUBS!
monkey dreamz (30 days ago)
People still play cs go ??
Quý Đạo Nguyễn (30 days ago)
Dead game
stfuna4b (30 days ago)
About fucking time they fixed this, even if it still doesn't look perfect.
Roland Augustus Garros (30 days ago)
People stay play CS:GO? LUL!
Orin X (30 days ago)
Roland Augustus Garros 200k-300k daily players | 11 million unique players this past month, plus Top3 most played games on steam.
Musa Çelik (30 days ago)
Mr. 3kliksphilip, please make wallhack dust2 v2 (on new dust2 :D)
OriginalCatfish (30 days ago)
Next update.. for the love of the holy lord, improve widescreen support.
Viktor Kunov (30 days ago)
I think I just found a glitch in cs go. If u crouch while passing through decoy grenade and stop on top of it, release ctrl key and try to move away from it, u become slower like u r crouching...
Viktor Kunov (30 days ago)
Dust 2, at ct base, where there is dust on the ground, not concrete...
Möjmir (30 days ago)
it only took them 5 years lol lazy fucks
Kichiro Hashimoto (30 days ago)
RoMMeL1337ak47 (30 days ago)
Best fix ever! I hate when you sneek up behind someone and take careful aim at their head and then still "miss" by landing a body shot.
jokupoju 12 (30 days ago)
In rainbow six siege if you shoot an enemy to the neck it counts as a headshot.
Bob The Top (30 days ago)
I have an opinion! CSS is better than CSGO
Bob The Top (30 days ago)
Yes im a fanboy
luc0 (30 days ago)
You should have used the model with a stance where the head is more hidden behind from behind
Maks (30 days ago)
Omg publishing video about shooting when school shooting happened omg YouTube support pls ban 3klisk Ps just kidding
innerFire (30 days ago)
FINALLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY , I AM SO ANNOYED BY THAT. Especially with the deagle. I am aiming exactly at his head but no.... 41 in 1 ffs.... Now Volvo fix the CT models of the ISDF and this game is perfect for me.
Dufrense Joseph (30 days ago)
Will there be an operation update this year?
Eli (30 days ago)
Oh yeah just took a bullet to the neck and I'm bleeding out of my throat, but it's cool.
Moesef (30 days ago)
One less tilting aspect of the game in a sea of them. But at least it's improvement.
Das Oschi (30 days ago)
I had serious problems hitting headshots from behind and adressed to this problem so often in my streams. Now I've got no probs anymore, gg *-*
iwnkms (30 days ago)
Cs models having scoliosis lmao
Ax Aurum (30 days ago)
Just 5 years later.....
Ratul Ghosh (30 days ago)
I didn't received the update.... I'm from India
Arty Yum (30 days ago)
I'm sure if any real human was shot in the neck or spine it would die.
Zahir khan (30 days ago)
100 years to fix hacking in csgo
ootypooty (30 days ago)
i haven't played this game in 2 years, yet i still watch your stuff.
Orin X (30 days ago)
ootypooty nobody asked you.
Jackson bermingham (30 days ago)
Mobin AA (30 days ago)
This issue came out as a fix now, bcuz John McDonald answered many of their fans' questions almost everyday. He said he wanna take a look at the problems we were reporting. That means the neckshot topic was included.
hehe LEX (30 days ago)
Sucks that csgo is dead
SKRMZ (30 days ago)
Well shit if we're going realistic then let's make everyone drop and moan after one shot anywhere. Two and the player starts praying to Jesus (or equivalent).
Spookyman (30 days ago)
Guys, i'm buyin a new CPU.What should i buy?The intel i7 8700k or the ryzen 7 2700?
nep nep (30 days ago)
Even then shooting someone in the neck would kill them, either the bullet would hit your spine, or it would hit the blood vessels in your neck.
UraiFen44444444 (30 days ago)
Nice Video :)
GameSquid (30 days ago)
this is silly all neckshots should be as bad as headshots.
HeXenD (30 days ago)
So Source 2 has existed for 5 years now, When are Valve going to stop their slacking and stop making us play a 5 year old game?
Midlow (30 days ago)
thanks philip
Adenis (30 days ago)
This is a cool update. But panorama is going to be amazing.
Strider (30 days ago)
That gay part at the end really caught me by surprise
Ellipsoids, not spheroids
Corzappy (30 days ago)
What about collaterals? Does this mess with it? I mean valve can’t be that dumb right?
GenAdams (30 days ago)
ahhahaha 2011 game gets a update for gamebreaking flaw in 2018 csgo has a 1000 page list of shitty problems, starting with 64 tick all the way to server side, client-advantage hitreg which awards shitty ping players with invincibility and peek advantage. I'll just go play Bad Company 2
Cosmic D (30 days ago)
wouldn’t it be as simple as applying the highest damage multiplier of all the hitboxes the shot passes through? it seems like valve used a more complex solution than they needed
Minty Cold (30 days ago)
Midget Boy (30 days ago)
just shoot the head
John Primo (30 days ago)
idk y valve care so less about cs . this game have so many bugs nd glich . OP weapons . cheater . sad
ShadowBeast (30 days ago)
Even if I crouch and shoot at the head 50% of the time I don't get a headshot or I do no damage at all
Yoganand g nair (30 days ago)
0:13 just 5 years later.......lol
pingwen hung (30 days ago)
I hate to say............ i can't really see clearly those dark blue lines.
TipsyTheVigilante (30 days ago)
What's that map at the end of the video? It looks like its from an old operation

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