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Valve's Newly Released Game - Saliens

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VNN's New Steam Group : https://steamcommunity.com/groups/valvenewsnetwork Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Today on Valve News Network, we take a look at a recently releeased Steam game created by Valve for the Steam Summer Sale 2018. This is an incredibly interesting way to promote a Steam sale, and is a true return to form from years past Steam Sales. Music from Saliens OST : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hl17x1m7jjs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2g3lWAYvLrM My Social Media : Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/valvenewsnetwork/ Waffler Weekly : goo.gl/Fm28Ge
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Text Comments (569)
Lori (1 month ago)
Valve? Game? Madness.
Anthony Ianitello (1 month ago)
heh "dudrums"
DNHenry TØXIN (1 month ago)
I missed it
Fortnite Rage (1 month ago)
Where ca<n i play saliens!!!?
Nyne (2 months ago)
'Builds 900€ rig' 'Plays mobile games on it' PCMR
goobon (2 months ago)
lmao valve probably outsourced this
A.K.M (2 months ago)
When will i get my games?
Wood Stalon (2 months ago)
Plant vs Zombie valve version
High Dragon (2 months ago)
best valve game ive ever seen
Gordon R (2 months ago)
Hearing people get upset about "no half life 3" is uncomfortable at this point.
Pavle Vrabac (2 months ago)
I did't get any free games yet on one planet I have over 24h
Rogue Nero (2 months ago)
The moment when i missed this...
1176 (2 months ago)
He’s so starved that he’s promoting his own group. VNN is dead and we had nothing to do with it.
767 (2 months ago)
Waste hours playing flash garbage to have % chance to win some games for free , that I bet none are Trip A games, or just pirate and play everything for free when ever you want. Hmmm yea decisions gotta be made ! With this at least you can brag off with some garbage badge on steam, righhhht? Cuz fuck actually playing video games for their content when all you need is achievements and badges so others can see how big of a wallet your daddy haz and how much of real life you don't !
Mitza PG (2 months ago)
this is half life 3
Pro Meliora (2 months ago)
I could never get it to load.
Thebattle piggy (2 months ago)
I don't understand the way you get games tbh.
PaperMoon (2 months ago)
GASTRO GAMING (2 months ago)
Just go to a boss battle and quickly level up
Fire Master (2 months ago)
Use a script to level up in a day
h1 (2 months ago)
Finally, Valve releases Half Life 3.
Eren Kabukcu (2 months ago)
How can i join the lottery,is it necessary to join group or what?
Tasty Tinfoil (2 months ago)
Still better than a David Cage game
sulsty (2 months ago)
We will get sailiens 2 and that will be it
MicKy (2 months ago)
Good luck, there's only cheaters in this game now, and guess what? They're most likelly to get the games cuz your chance of winning one depends on play time on a planet so.. Once again, cheaters are rewarded..
sad truth
GhostShipSupreme (2 months ago)
It looks rushed and sloppy. There, said it.
WinterWolf (2 months ago)
Valve are you ok?................Are you sure?
maestro4202 2 (2 months ago)
I don't think it's Drumrums.. It's Duldrumz as in the summer doldrums I'm assuming.
Taky (2 months ago)
Its made by V4lve idiots
Ivan Braginski (2 months ago)
How did you get the HEV suit and head crab? i cant find them anywhere on the market
Bartekrabit (2 months ago)
if you go to the steam discord there's a botting community there and it makes me sad
Call Me Chris (2 months ago)
hold 1, that's it
Zone Tan (2 months ago)
And Saliens is a fucking way to get people to buy games, gg valve.
Worm Driver (2 months ago)
If Saliens is such a good game why isn't there a Saliens 2?
SYNTHS!! (2 months ago)
"VNN Offical Group" Some quality spelling there.
Derrick (2 months ago)
What's with the random zooming in on faces
LYG FR (2 months ago)
2015 not 2014 cookie clicker :)
Wade-Potato (2 months ago)
it's pronounced DULL - DRUMS
Kroniside (2 months ago)
Ya'll remember the Black Rose from TF2? I think I know how to get it...
JScafidi616 (2 months ago)
New game? Sound's nice, now enter to steamDB GitHub and look for a script bot... You're welcome...
CyberRaceR (2 months ago)
I used macros for the game and my watergun turned into a chainsaw i hope it doesnt get me banned
Hayter (2 months ago)
this is half life 3
REAP (2 months ago)
Valve finally makes games again! Half-life 3 hopes? Anyone hyped?
IBradFrazer (2 months ago)
All my friends think they be smart by using a clicker macro when they don't even know what kind of fresh hell is about to be descend upon them. This Alien Summer Sale game is absolutely nuts! It takes 2,400,000xp to reach level 11 and achieve the rank 4 badge. Level 12 is 3,600,000xp, level 13 is 4,800,000xp, level 14 is 6,000,000xp, level 15 is 7,200,000xp, level 16 is 8,400,000xp and will achieve the rank 5 badge, rank 17 is 9,600,000xp, and finally, rank 18 is 10,800,000xp and will achieve the rank 6 badge. Now the problem here is, just getting my alien to level 11 has took 30+ something hours, and to get from 11 to 12 will take me around 18 hours just to get up a single level. Unless we get more xp as the sale goes on, there is no way Valve didn't intend for people to utilize scripts to succeed! I am not even sure I will make it to level 18 even with 9 days left on the clock, it is currently that much of a grind.
Leftover Enchilada (2 months ago)
I don't see a single VNN group logo anywhere here lol
99,1 % (2 months ago)
I need the suit of HL and the headcrab, i need it!
Renan4455 (2 months ago)
Zack o'sullivan (2 months ago)
I’ve finished 3 planets and got no games
Dedrian Jarrells (2 months ago)
at least it's better than artifact
Gabriel Gvinda (2 months ago)
We waited sooo much for Half-Life 3...and what we got? a fu**ing indie game made by valve.... When you think that people died,really died,waiting for half-life 3...
CommanderLVJ1 (2 months ago)
"Ever since flash sales were taken away sales haven't really been that good": ..? Um...well firstly flash sales are pretty much scames disgined to try to lure and make people not only buy games for more then they would otherwise, but also to try and get people to "impulse buy" before it is snatched away again: secondly; I don't know what your talking about, if only because there are some VERY good sales for example the telltale bundle, the Microsoft RTS bundle, and the valve complete pack at 92% off!..If you don't consider that a good sale might I suggest that you are...mistaken: yes.;)
James (2 months ago)
The story sounds similar to half life..
Chris Olsker (2 months ago)
Does playin for a large group increase your chance of winning something or does it matter what group I play for?
Olika120 (2 months ago)
My raspberry pi running 24/7 has an use now
Knee Grow (2 months ago)
So when I "enter to win" one of the game is that a 100% garantee that I'll win one of the game?From each planet...?
lorcan kelly (2 months ago)
No, you have less than 1% chance
PetiteHam (2 months ago)
Do you have mega-dyslexia or something? "Drudrums"
Joshua Schwark (2 months ago)
So this is why we didn't get Half-Life 3
Wixzo (2 months ago)
i'm fighting for the magyarország group
Fact Core (2 months ago)
Look great, GLaD to see him get excited about this ! But don't let this video distract you from the time Tyler forget to accept an invitation for a VR headset.
Scottie Matthews (2 months ago)
sign me up boy
Fissure (2 months ago)
I love on how popular the hentai group is
Steve D (2 months ago)
I hope EA buys Valve and closes them off for good. It's time to put them out of their misery.
lorcan kelly (2 months ago)
They already tried and ea would fuck up everything, ea is a shit company
Simonium (2 months ago)
Steve D no Why No game company deserves that Also gaben has said they'd never sell out so I don't think that's gonna happen.
Steve D (2 months ago)
How did we get from HL2, TF2, L4D2 to this ??????
lorcan kelly (2 months ago)
It was just something to go with the summer sale
Why is your voice echoed? Please, remove this effect.
Koutanya (2 months ago)
wow! they put so much work into this when instead they could've been curating and actually controlling their online marketplace!
Retto Elbaroda (2 months ago)
So Valve was meant to be in making of 3 new unannounced games, correct? That's Saliens, the VR Aperture Moon Base and one more? Or is the last one Artifact.
And they say single player PC games are dead
dunca135 (2 months ago)
Joshua Ortiz (2 months ago)
you have a great wizard accent
TheGrouchyGamer (2 months ago)
Is....Is this one of those new IP's they were "working" on?
lorcan kelly (2 months ago)
Lucios1995 (2 months ago)
I'm pretty sure The Last Stand is better than this game
Supa Blank (2 months ago)
what the fuck, i just spent like 3 hours on a planet beat it and the fucking thing said cannot process your request restarting game, did i win a game or just a chance by beating that planet peice guys?
Adrian (2 months ago)
This is a game? Disgusting.
Wizardhacker 70 (2 months ago)
Saliens looks like a flash game that you find on armorgames
Rexen (2 months ago)
The absolute state of Valve videogame development
Brot (2 months ago)
lol lolson (2 months ago)
this summer sale, spam left click simulator 2018
Felixmations (2 months ago)
Spam left click and 1
StefannoTheConqueror (2 months ago)
Well , we cant take a single fucking tile to that shitty steam group
JustAnotherSpy (2 months ago)
Half-Life 3...Such Zen..Much Graphics... So innovate.
男考え (2 months ago)
So this is what happens when all your best writers retire...
Alberto_Valentini (2 months ago)
there are only 100 winners for each planet, that's almost literally nothing this event is a waste of time
Tokwatbaboy (2 months ago)
Valve: Let's make a game, not half life 3, nor portal 3, not l4d 3 either, a game with a Half life reference on it because why fucking not?
lame game
popeye (2 months ago)
freeeeee moneeeyyy
NebulousIdea (2 months ago)
duldrumz as in doldrum aka a state of inactivity (boredom)
UnusualBut ARar3Fag (2 months ago)
*N E W V A L V E G A M E*
Anderson Santos (2 months ago)
THE GREATEST HIGH (2 months ago)
WolvenSpectre (2 months ago)
Classic right to left Tower Defence for free games that don't look interesting, no thanks.
godofgaming 77 (2 months ago)
*free g a m e s?*
Big Smoke9 (2 months ago)
I sincerely doubt my computer could run it.
Gabriel Angelos (2 months ago)
Honestly I just don't give a shit about valve anymore
Mshojat (2 months ago)
In the video you pronounced them "drunrums" but it looks like it should be pronounced "dull drums" (probably referring to the English word doldrums)
markell tyrus (2 months ago)
welp lets help vnn guys
TheNewEpic (2 months ago)
Love all the drastic zooms in on the images
Jeffrey Vauxhall (2 months ago)
Steam sales the only time of the year where poor bastards like me feels like a kid in a candy store
Davis Darvill (2 months ago)
can anyone else not break 2300 as their score? I always seem to get this exact score every time I play on the high difficulty
b00ster (2 months ago)
Green alien FTW!
OOM- 8018 (2 months ago)
can i win half-life 3?
Fernando M. (2 months ago)
To win that you should earn level 420 in the real Life and Defeat Gabe Newell in the Valve headquarters...

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