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CS GO - Zombie Survival Mod - zm_fly_cbble_ibiza_v1_ic_2 - Infection Club

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Zombie Survival mod online multiplayer gameplay on the custom fly cbble ibiza map. CS:GO ZM Playlist ► http://bit.ly/CSGOZM CS:GO ZE Playlist ► http://bit.ly/CSGOZE Previous Video ( CSGO ) https://youtu.be/ppV18trvDl0 ─── MAPPER ─── Creator of the map: ? ─── SERVER ─── Video recorded on the old infection club server. New name of the server is: EliteGamerZ IP: ── SKINS USED ── Negev | Power Loader Bowie Knife | Crimson Web (BS) ──── INFO ───── How to play / join zombies mode servers you can find in #axonek3 Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/axonek3 Video 1080p 60fps // PC Specs: Intel i7-8700K | Geforce GTX 1080 | 16GB Ram
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Text Comments (53)
BordNN NN (21 days ago)
Same server that I play
England is my city (21 days ago)
Can u teach me the parkour jump
Is the blue guy hacking or an admin?
glock 41 (21 days ago)
its glf? server
moonder belbachir (21 days ago)
oh good video i love this server
Wiljohn Kent Amor (21 days ago)
Sweet Epic (22 days ago)
Please sub spanish
GamingReviews (22 days ago)
Nice work ;)!
ZEENICE (22 days ago)
Survival is better than escape
Alpris Nakila (22 days ago)
Yu always make me smile when i see your videos
NA VI PrOz (22 days ago)
One 😜👊
Adam S (22 days ago)
The best channel
Shan Drell (22 days ago)
smartguy05444 (22 days ago)
Why don't you livestream
Viron (22 days ago)
I didn't even know 'Zombie Mod' existed and this looks so much more fun
By. Yankoo (22 days ago)
Looks like good map gg man :)
D4RK BL4D3 (22 days ago)
Why u no upload vdeo
Peter l (22 days ago)
Dang this map took a lot of inspiration from an old map from CS Source. Just changed everything from wooden boxes to cement textures. Edit: no it's the same map but different textures and the floor has those empty voids. This bring backs memories, I didn't think I would see a map made by Moo again (or an edit of their maps)
LORD GN (22 days ago)
Sebaa aa (22 days ago)
Link skinchenger?
priabernamadimas (22 days ago)
Thank you for granting my wish 🙏 Survival is yhe best for me
priabernamadimas (22 days ago)
+RED TNT I would love to watch someone playin csgo zombie survival online
RED TNT (22 days ago)
priabernamadimas ,yeah) z survival is really cool! But i like gmod z survival more)
zulacı genç (22 days ago)
Zula zula zula zula
Annop Kunapersiri (22 days ago)
Flash Man (22 days ago)
I love your videos
Matheus Siqueira (22 days ago)
Hello aim fan Nice canal
Blue Steel (22 days ago)
Buen video me entretienen, sube mas si puedes :).Like
Diego (21 days ago)
Ya somos 5
Sweet Epic (22 days ago)
Ya somos 4
Churritow (22 days ago)
Yo también subo vídeos de zombie escape xd
ŤÎŢØĞĐ 21 (22 days ago)
Vaya pense que era el unico español que veia este canal :O
Stanc3e N4ti0n (22 days ago)
i want good pc
Formidable Occultist (22 days ago)
That's one of the saddest anime endings I've seen.
_ЕНОТ_ О_0 (22 days ago)
Я одинешенек тут российский???
Triggo 99LVL (20 days ago)
Нет,естественно! Тут ещё и Бурятия кушать. >_>
RED TNT (22 days ago)
_ЕНОТ_ О_0 ,net
Game_ Online1 (22 days ago)
Long video
firefox thuwan (22 days ago)
SAO ALO (22 days ago)
How. Was your day guys
SAO ALO (22 days ago)
André Monteiro (22 days ago)
Slv só BR
CaioSoldier (21 days ago)
+Zé Povinho At, Mas como faz para baixar, Dsclp mas sou iniciante nisso, Dps me add para nós jogar umas partidas?
Zé Povinho (21 days ago)
É só baixar o mod
CaioSoldier (22 days ago)
Salveeee manoo! O mn, Tu sabe como faz para jogar esse modo?
ZERO Arias (22 days ago)
-Crixxproxx- :v (22 days ago)
Granny Tv (22 days ago)
Please gimme love
Dajayvier Tripplett (22 days ago)
Nice as usual blowing my ears up with gunshots
F1_ Killer (22 days ago)
Dajayvier Tripplett yeah is just went nut went they shoot at the same time 😂
Imlinungchet Imchen (22 days ago)
Wew atlast new vid frm axone..😂
是玩游戏 (22 days ago)
Truuxma (22 days ago)

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