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Check out part 2! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CbwK3GFhT0 A compilation of extremely rare and expensive item drops in CS:GO. ____________________________________________________________________ Music: Disfigure - Blank [NCS Release] ____________________________________________________________________ FAQ: Q: Do these items still drop? A: Yes, you can still get some of them by simply playing on any valve official servers. Q: Do the items in the video drop from cases? A: NO, in fact they ONLY drop in matches and that's the ONLY way you can acquire them(apart from buying them). Q: Are these from operations? A: Some of them are indeed drops from operation missions like breakout, you can still get them as drops from operations such as the new Wildfire Operation in February 2016 and maybe the upcoming ones. Q: Are these fake?!? A: Nope! They are all legit drops. Q: Did all of these drops happen to you? A: Nope again, this is a compilation of drops from different people. Q: gif me this drop plz'd now! A: Not a question, but go and play and one may drop, you never know! Q: What's the song name? A: Scroll up, I already said it in the description. Q: I got this drop in-game! yay. A: Best question yet! That's awesome, keep on being awesome! Q: Soooo, these are fake drops only from cases right? A: OH FOR FUCKS SAKE!
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Text Comments (270)
SkyTowerHD [DISS] (28 days ago)
the musi is awy to fucking loud
PiewDie Pie (1 month ago)
3 amber fade...p200ox1 R8x2 3=amber fade
NoodleDoodle (1 month ago)
TenOutOfTen (3 months ago)
got awp pink ddpat at hydra am pretty excited what i will get next year to operation
-VaLi- 2k (4 months ago)
What is your font name?
ItzVixey (5 months ago)
I’ll never get good skins like that lol the skins I have are worth like 50 cents😂😂
galih pratama (5 months ago)
Aniket Sharma (5 months ago)
I am ded inside
TenOutOfTen (6 months ago)
The first icarus fell drop why there is a sound of geting a covert drop its just a purple (sorry for my bad england :*)
ByleexS (6 months ago)
I got a sticker capsule 2 eyy boiii
Amano Keita (6 months ago)
Arrender (7 months ago)
Valve should bring back the good drops...
Elettrogame Mix (7 months ago)
Funny Badger (8 months ago)
It's actually only 45
Jacob Namod (8 months ago)
games rigged from the start, drops are bullshit.
Th3 BlackSku11 (9 months ago)
Ive gotten a m4a1 Poseidon and sold it for 100 ;)
Th3 BlackSku11 (9 months ago)
It was minimal wear
TommyNation (9 months ago)
Love that drops, big wallet at the steam market =)
FlameCano3 (9 months ago)
wow im jealous :(
3ffect YT (9 months ago)
This kid in my game got a karambit
Crusader Adonis (8 months ago)
Knives don't drop dumbass.
Mihai (11 months ago)
1 is fake
KRUSTY (4 months ago)
ur existance is fake :/
Isaac Woolley (1 year ago)
Just got a pit viper so I'm happy
Elias börjesson (1 year ago)
fake master piece look rank and wins
pat50345 xD (1 year ago)
lol i always get operation cases about 3 times per operation while they are worth 2-10 euro. Always selling it and buying some skin.
Joaco Sharpen (1 year ago)
Esta clara la edicion del video que cuando le toca el drop al "Distinto usuario" al revisarlo en el inventario siempre lo revisa el mismo player que sos vos. Pero el video me gusto y me incentivo mas a jugar csgo :P
Teslacoils (1 year ago)
The music was not bad
Teslacoils (1 year ago)
I mean it was bad it ruined the vid
Made Simple (1 year ago)
Nice video man!
zack (1 year ago)
and me i drop a beautiful P250 sand dunes
Music Wolf360 (1 year ago)
if you guys want the music name its disfigure-blank ncs like if you thank me :D
Vursuz (1 year ago)
I have gotten an AWP Medusa FT before :)
m0uka (1 year ago)
My best drop (not in-game) was 2 cobblestone souvenir packages
NiklasVFX (1 year ago)
my best was a Ak-47 Emerald Pinstripe.
남자김형준 (1 year ago)
what it is this song name?
Germán Liébana (1 year ago)
The poseidon one is just beautifull
Richárd Csernus (1 year ago)
Kyuuby (1 year ago)
My best drop M4A1 Nitro
Kommentar sein Vater (1 year ago)
i dont get why this idiots allways scream
Broba Jett (10 months ago)
Because they just won loads of cash dummy. They can buy a ton of games on steam or somehow transfer it into live money.
Nikita (1 year ago)
Kommentar sein Vater 1:55 this dude got a skin for 300$. Anybody would show SOME kind of happiness.
basstic hacker (1 year ago)
I got a spectrum case. It was on the first day. And the price of the case was €15.00 which I sold immediately
omaru. (4 months ago)
Yesterday I was on a community match, and community servers drop only cases, someone got the original CS:GO Weapon Case. (It costs €6)
galih pratama (5 months ago)
Now its.....nvm
››Nicraftien (6 months ago)
Arrender (7 months ago)
now its 3 cents kek
Muz (1 year ago)
basstic hacker cool story bro
Rasta Marcin (1 year ago)
i saw drop awp sun in leo ;D and for me case for 10e
Strange (1 year ago)
My best skin was scout acid fade
Jebronix | CSGO (1 year ago)
My best drop was $1.25 but lost it on gambling sites
Linkan (1 year ago)
i won an ak 47 hydropomic worth 50euros (still better than an blue drop)
Luizbrs (1 year ago)
Rares drop in competitive or casual?
JerreX (1 year ago)
When i ranked up to Legendary Eagle Master i had Chroma 2 Key drop wtf i was like omg this is the best time in my life
Qikk (1 year ago)
My best is AWP Pit Viper
LGG TuPaC (1 year ago)
Hehe gaben loves u
vaibhav prabhudesai (1 year ago)
With my luck I don't get drops but items are stolen from my inventory and distributed.
Taha Ekbersoy (1 year ago)
ı drop howl wtf
x Elliptic (1 year ago)
I have never seen drops better than purple are there certain servers with better item drops
patik304 (1 year ago)
ist fake
salman rahman (6 months ago)
patik304 ??
stoptakingusernamepls (1 year ago)
my most expensive drop is the falchion case which turns into a fucking knife
MarvinMfz (1 year ago)
Best I've seen in person was a Bravo case which is about 10$
:D Technocracy Gaming (1 year ago)
Sick video. I wish I could get a drop better than a mild spec.
Australian Illuminati (1 year ago)
I saw somebody got dropped a AWP Pink DDPAT and it looked ft or mw from the picture so that was like 11 dollars. Best I ever got was this random 35 cent light blue
Tallarix (1 year ago)
fucking music
MershKer MershKer (1 year ago)
o got noob drops lika a p90 sand spray
ツGoodGuy (1 year ago)
This is not real Photoshop look he level.
SubtitleDude (1 year ago)
so everyone's just gunna disregard that one dude who got the csgo weapons case 3??? which is super old and rare
Nathan Bodet (1 year ago)
hah, liked the description. a friend got the auto-noob chronos 2 times in one month (16€) and the best item i got was a P2k amber fade, it was my very first drop lol
Nathan Bodet (1 year ago)
+Random Video the dream is real
Random Video (1 year ago)
Nathan Bodet well maybe same with you , i got P2k Amber Fade and M4A1-S Nitro, just these the best drop i got
brother Sdems (1 year ago)
1:20 I WANTTHAT AUG ! ! !
KRUSTY (4 months ago)
brother Sdems fucking weeaboo :/
Tim Kobe (8 months ago)
brother Sdems Aug noob
Vecto Designs (2 years ago)
Almost 100K views :3
Spiralbigboy (2 years ago)
anyonr elses jaw drop when the guy got a FUCKING DRAGON LORE?!!??
Creampupp (2 years ago)
wait do u have to be a certain comp rank to get these drops
WenisTV (1 year ago)
NonstopChannel (2 years ago)
medusa is 4000$ noob
AVauMelien64 (2 years ago)
my Best drop is bravo case 20$
SlainZ (1 year ago)
+Cuddly Rock 17, and i know those shit
Cuddly Rock (1 year ago)
+SlainZ dude how old are you to not know how the market works?
AVauMelien64 (2 years ago)
+SlainZ its on 2015
SlainZ (2 years ago)
The case is only worth 8,30 $ SHIT LIER!
TAKIMLISIM (2 years ago)
Were these skins dropped for contracts, or they can be dropped to anyone?
Pau1 (1 year ago)
SpagettyCraft during an operation, buy the pass and you have a chance to get a drop like this
TAKIMLISIM (1 year ago)
how the fuck can be someone so lucky?
SerencyLp x (1 year ago)
To anyone
ExZDious FTW (2 years ago)
I once got a P2000 Grasslands FT ._.
Muzzex (2 years ago)
Do the top fraggers never get drop...wtf??
Ash Tail Gaming (1 year ago)
+SerencyLp x Do you have to be doing missions to get these drops or is it anyone in any game?
SerencyLp x (1 year ago)
Its a random person who gets chosen but if you are top your chance is higher to get any drop
Kuzkay (2 years ago)
if i would get dlore i would give an 5$ skin to every1 that played in my team ;p
Lukas (1 year ago)
if you get 1 give me 20 dollers ok ?
Kuzkay (1 year ago)
+Lukas xD
Lukas (1 year ago)
only 5????
-〈YS〉- (2 years ago)
Does anybody know what year those drops happened?
Guaxinim (2 years ago)
ja vi nego dropar medusa ao vivo na operação wildfire, quase chorei de raiva ahsuashuashu
Shattered Mirror (2 years ago)
Can we get stattrack ?
_ ouim2424_ (2 years ago)
Oui on peut mon ami a eu un p250 startrak
UNdefined (2 years ago)
RoyaltyGang (2 years ago)
Just to let u know I was the last guy
vaibhav prabhudesai (1 year ago)
So I suppose you sold the Lore not that I want it because I am a rifleman not a Awper.
RoyaltyGang (2 years ago)
+Crisp I'm not joking it was me
Crisp (2 years ago)
No offense if it actually was you , can never be sure on the internet with all the liars out there :D
RoyaltyGang (2 years ago)
Crisp (2 years ago)
show off xd
TenOutOfTen (2 years ago)
the icarus fell Looks nice
Trinity99 (2 years ago)
master piece isn't 1.2k
John Säljgård (2 years ago)
i got a fn knight in drop check my acc zemil
MR DONGLE (2 years ago)
I couldn't imagine getting an awp dlore
xᗒ ͟ʖᗕ x (2 years ago)
can you get keys at the end of a match?
xᗒ ͟ʖᗕ x (2 years ago)
Michal (2 years ago)
Antony Courtade (2 years ago)
i have drop icarus fell :D
Shitty Granny911 (2 years ago)
and howl?
Tasteless Cupcakes (2 years ago)
I just played a dm right now and a fucking russian got M4A1-S Knight I wanna kms...
Saucy (10 months ago)
those fucking russians
Elite Gamer (2 years ago)
how do you get this fucking crazy weaphons
UNdefined (2 years ago)
you need to buy a operation pass to have a chance GE this drop but if you don't have you will only get shit drop from lale,bank,dust,dust2 etc
Zero-Percent (2 years ago)
I was in a server when I saw a guy get a Dragon lore. The lobby went cray.
Just Azod (2 years ago)
Best drop 1.60 Ak Emerald -_- was so happy to see thé price and today after an ranked one Guy just drop M4 Master piece.. Now im sad x)
Geralt Avalon (2 years ago)
must i got the wildfire coin To have the Chance of Getting this drops?
Shai Cnaan (2 years ago)
+PlasmaNutsV2 nope just no i dont have it and a r8 revolver amber fade factory new dropped for me
LovingTurtle (2 years ago)
+Troy Conce yea
Jumps (2 years ago)
Best i ever got was a tec-9 Toxic fn
ezu (2 years ago)
best i ever got was aug chameleon fn..
IIMvdKII LOL (2 years ago)
tec-9 red quarx 30 centz bedt drop xD
Aleksa Rodić (2 years ago)
best i ever got was fn acid fade scout
Anonymous YT (2 years ago)
my best drop is 5 cents ... fuck you
Jonifer Aften (2 years ago)
То чувства, что даже пушка за 1 руб.,не выподает :(((
Naitrek (2 years ago)
You can get this bestialy drops just with operations or it can be just pure luck? =)))
GamingMaster & More (2 years ago)
i get drop AWP | MEDUSA And Trade It And Iget 2 Karambit And 3 Ak-47 and awp ASIMOVE And 3 HUNSTMANE KNIFE
KRUSTY (4 months ago)
nice lie
Bot Harvey (2 years ago)
can we get a startrak or a knife in the drops?
Shadow Terror (2 years ago)
+YG Harvey No.
Hayvan_BeastTV (2 years ago)
My best drop was a FN Icarus Fell With Rare Pattern and 0.01 Float value. xD
NyX 17 (2 years ago)
steam ad ne panpa
Hayvan_BeastTV (2 years ago)
+JJ Lowe is not a lie i could show u a screen with the guy ho scammed me the Icarus Fell.
JJ (2 years ago)
Nice lie
Tiwanacu (2 years ago)
why the music? wanna hear reactions....
BroitsConnorr (1 year ago)
Göktan Şengül he didn't ask what the music was, you dumbfuck
NyX 17 (2 years ago)
disfigure blank ncs
MIK3LIK (2 years ago)
Im cheering for the weapon case 3 in the first one
Marcin Krasowski (2 years ago)
My best skin drop was 10 cents yeah
Rainbow Dashie (4 months ago)
Yeah like AUG Storm every time
GD Megastar98 (6 months ago)
My best drop was 20$. Fuck off if you think I'm lying, i got dropped When i was watching the tournament (cobblestone package)
Simko (7 months ago)
Ak Emerald Pinstripe MW 2$
Nikita (1 year ago)
Spectrum case for 1,10€. Sold for 1,05€ (was sold right after I put it) and made 0,92 profit.
Yo Sour (1 year ago)
Diminish that's more than 10cents
Shadow Terror (2 years ago)
Hey guys! Check out the second part, it's 9001x times more MLG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CbwK3GFhT0
Mr Nightmare (2 years ago)
KRUSTY (4 months ago)
Mr Nightmare weeb
Ben bir kahinim.O skinden sende düşürdün bir zamanlar.
ruby (2 years ago)
Can you get knives out of these?
KusKusPL (2 years ago)
Well, but if you get a Knight for example, you can obviously trade/sell it for a good knife!
ruby (2 years ago)
+Shadow Terror ahhh that would be sick!
Shadow Terror (2 years ago)
+e n z o h h ⁹⁰ˢ Nope!
RamoN (2 years ago)
I received an Icarus Fell yesteeday :/

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