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CS:GO - Top 5 Most Expensive Blue Skins

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Some blue skins have actually become really expensive. My Twitter: https://twitter.com/OG_McSkillet Trade With Me! https://goo.gl/g7WkUQ Home Skillets Steam Group: http://goo.gl/8AVC8b Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/og_mcskillet My Sponsor: http://csgowild.com/ Music by: https://www.youtube.com/CHUKImusic
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Text Comments (763)
Ralf Sonntak (2 years ago)
Hey Mcskillet, you should do a video where you show your favourite skin for every weapon.
Lmaoski (2 years ago)
How much is a 90-95% Blue CH five seven MW worth?
Aidan Carr Clennon (2 years ago)
the random background music freaked me tf out
Pablo Perez (2 years ago)
that mic though...
klafonz (2 years ago)
Um Mcskillet, the m4a4 radiation hazzard is red and black, not blue
Narwhal Leaf 2 (2 years ago)
We need an operation that drops these obscure map collections, like how wildfire drops chop shop, overpass, and gods and monsters. I know overpass isn't an obscure map, but you never get its weapons as a drop.
iDillusionist (2 years ago)
Hey mcskillet good video as always but I think your voice was clipping a bit
Wrenhen 34 (2 years ago)
What about the flip knife Doppler? That's blue.
Teckzon (2 years ago)
i had p250/m4a4 modern hunter fn combo late 2015, they costed around 250e combined back then -.-
Flame (2 years ago)
do doppler price checking!!!
Ben R (2 years ago)
You should make a full gameplay video mcskillet
SailinSales (2 years ago)
Empire is my favorite fucking map
Ya boy (2 years ago)
rip cheese #dlores are cheese
pizza105z (2 years ago)
Hey McSkillet iv got an M4A1-S Nitro FT .15 float with 1 IBP non Holo 1 Reason Holo and 1 Mouse Holo. Asking 10% sticker or 100 keys. Friend of mine said you had many people on you friends list who might be interested and to comment on your video. If you can help hmu :)
Geometry Dash Bobcat (2 years ago)
How much is the AUG Hot Rod worth FN?
Z C (2 years ago)
Lol these skins aren't even good
Nate Andrade (2 years ago)
Omg i just hot scammed by some one who seemed completely legit can you make a whole video on how not to get scammed
KinkyKarrit (2 years ago)
I had a factory new black laminate, but I sold it when it was 12 dollars...
TheFinnyLion (2 years ago)
Skillet, someone is selling a p250 Modern Hunter Fac New on Steam Market and its 400+
xXMax0b3rtXx (2 years ago)
Dragon Lore is a lot more expensive!!!!!!!
rafaoioi (2 years ago)
You should put the collection within the weapons you are talking about
C H I L L (2 years ago)
for me the best skin is P250 Sand Dune
zack andrews (2 years ago)
my knife is not on csgolounge
IcemaN (2 years ago)
Theres a fn p250 modern hunter on the market now. $403
ProElectroPlays (2 years ago)
Do a video about "5 Cheapest Red Skins!"
-_-****** (2 years ago)
Eey man i got a question i buyt a ak-47 case hardened battle scared but i noticed it got a lot of bleu would you inspect it and tell me around what its worth i dont think its worth that much but i just want to be sure Steam:SmokingPatato
will! (2 years ago)
I still don't get why duping is so bad. Does lowering prices really hurt anyone except for high tier traders? Why should I be concerned?
paperwing (2 years ago)
mcskillet failed his mic trade up :(
Leglas563 (2 years ago)
hey WHATS going on guys *rip ears*
hulabulia1329 (2 years ago)
souvenir usp-s royal blue fn?
Robbiee _ (2 years ago)
I swear the Aug hot rod was expensive
Raphaël Ros (2 years ago)
Am i the only one who find the black laminate SO FUCKING UGLY??
Brandon G (2 years ago)
Awesome video!
TheDerpyFoxx (2 years ago)
is this real money
mathew chen (2 years ago)
Would you rather have a battlestar or Royal paladin?
Weldo (2 years ago)
RP is better
OodleMyNoodle (2 years ago)
+mathew chen royal paladin is nice, i used to have one
NorthSnipes (2 years ago)
+mathew chen P250 Dand Dune
Jason (2 years ago)
600 dollars for an pixel gun. and he calls it; its worth it. dude....
Birdy (2 years ago)
+LauchusRexus You literally just stated why it costs so much. Because it's rare. It's like shoes. JORDANS DO THE SAME THING AS SKETCHERS. But they look better, so people buy them
King (2 years ago)
+jewbacca they're just mad they can't afford to buy skins
Birdy (2 years ago)
+The WastedPillow *You're and you CLEARLY didn't read my whole comment
Joseph Pantelidis (2 years ago)
+Jewbacca Ya cause something you look at and that doesnt even change the gameplay and an entire game which is not even 1/6 of that price is worth it. Your fucking autistic dude
MStar98 (2 years ago)
+Jewbacca fuck off
Epic Fortnite (2 years ago)
shitty af microphone..
Erick Guaman (2 years ago)
mcskillet, um im sorry to say but please next time take the mic out of your throat
Zaw (2 years ago)
https://opskins.com/?loc=shop_view_item&item=21135772 FOR THE STICKER MISTAKES, LOVE YOU <3
McRoyale (2 years ago)
Top 5 most expensive gray skins: 5. M249 Impact drill 4.Negev army sheen 3. PP-Bizon sand dashed 2. P90 sand spray 1. You know what it is :)
David Prachtbrot (2 years ago)
Next video: Top 5 P250 Sand Dunes ...
4 From The 401 (2 years ago)
Ersan Guney (2 years ago)
Can you make a video of the most expensive non holo/foil stickers ? :-D
Theodoro Abreu (2 years ago)
a blu to role them all
M8PEEP (2 years ago)
best  :)
SsSirpain (2 years ago)
Get a new microphone please, the mic is pretty annoying.
John Marhoefer (2 years ago)
0:32 McSkillet with a gut knife? My eyes must be deceiving me
Entity (2 years ago)
+John Marhoefer Its a st fn black pearl
Kasper Johnsen (2 years ago)
Icarusfell :D
Aden P. (2 years ago)
There's one P250 Modern Hunter on the market, going for $406
YY (2 years ago)
Jesus those aims....my eyes
GopnikRaptor (2 years ago)
Hey McSkillet, you should change your viewmodel as to see more of the gun.
GopnikRaptor (2 years ago)
+Oz Benatia Agreed.
turb0 (2 years ago)
+Товарищ Раптор Classic viewmodel is by far one of the most comfortable viewmodels in the game. Most pro players use it since it reminds of CS1.6. Even I do.
Ralleboi (2 years ago)
The sand dune is only like 40cent
Suvaq (2 years ago)
Tyrell Wiggems (2 years ago)
you need to move 12 feet away from your mic.
snowiblind (2 years ago)
+Dylan Lukan lmao
Electrxfied (2 years ago)
+Dylan Lukan your probably an 8 year old white boy who gets bullied
Tyrell Wiggems (2 years ago)
+Dylan Lukan no no no no no
prodvictor (2 years ago)
+Dylan Lukan not volume. if you get close to some mics, it makes the sound quality bad.
Ace Menzel (2 years ago)
Guys my Five SeveN Case Hardened look really strange https://www.mediafire.com/?39la0l6979p9h0k is there any special about mine?
eksde (2 years ago)
any one know a VERY battlescard collector
logik (2 years ago)
wowsuchwild (2 years ago)
McSkillet please talk about the new radiation hazard scam, warn your subscribers about it
igotthejuice (2 years ago)
+O WILD - GFX And VFX oh word lol. Cuz that would be funny. And yeah it does gett annoying. Specially that vikingtecho guy lol
wowsuchwild (2 years ago)
I've the same, im just tired of those shits, i didn't fall for it i just want to help xd
igotthejuice (2 years ago)
It's not a scam if you fall for it. Just look at there inv and its private then you know there just bullshitting. And if not you'll see if it's actually fn or just mw or lower. Then tell them what's up and they'll dip. Lol. Did you really fall for that shit.? I've had at least 10 ppl on csgo lounge offering me that shit saying there willing to over pay. Haha my ass
Fainted (2 years ago)
hello! Can I order a cyka nugget?
Isso Beats (2 years ago)
I got a Tec-9 Sandstorm Stat Trak Field Tested complete purple can some one tell me how much worth?
zorro221 (2 years ago)
Top ? Most expensive purple skins
fzntv (2 years ago)
Could you do a showcase of guardians inventory? 200k+
ReviloARTZ (2 years ago)
Thank u for uploading this! :D <33
FeelsFrenchMan (2 years ago)
oh that's why you bought that mp7 on reddit :^)
Remon Corbijn (2 years ago)
I found a fn mp7 whiteout in the market for 3 dollar
Chris S. (2 years ago)
shit mic
Adnan Malik (2 years ago)
saw a fn modern hunter on community market $400+
Raggiee (2 years ago)
I want to trade my Gut Ft safary mesh for any KNIFE
SehrKleineZehen (2 years ago)
What about the Souvenir Blues?
MajinCod (2 years ago)
theres a fact new p250 modern hunter on the steam market right now!
pavchito1 (2 years ago)
Next Video: Top 5 Most Expensive Restricted Skins
Mpeej (2 years ago)
how is the dragon lore not here? fucking idiot
Joseph Conte (2 years ago)
+ForeverElite he was being ironical
Raiinu (2 years ago)
+ForeverElite ikr XD
ForeverElite (2 years ago)
+MPEEJ It's a red, dude..
iain821 (2 years ago)
Black Laminate is disgusting
Lukáš Loukota (2 years ago)
wtf? 69 696 views srl? :D
Topi (2 years ago)
your mic is fucked
Dreamcast Dazia (2 years ago)
How to force others to give your fans knives and expensive skins?
Baska Biceps (2 years ago)
Wow that Mic
That Fuck Tonnato (2 years ago)
350$...golden frying pan is 5000$ its from tf the best hat simulator and pan is worth those 5000$.
AidyHD (2 years ago)
Seriously, do you not know anything about audio equalization. That fucking mic is clipping/peaking so hard.
xd (2 years ago)
Can you do "best cheapest good looking skins"?
simao bajs (2 years ago)
i had 2 p250 modern hunter and i even had the m4 modern hunter FN , i betted the m4 cause it was worth 200$ on shuffel and the p250es i traded it to Flip fade FN and m4 master peace MW FMLLLLLLLLLL
Lukas O. (2 years ago)
So some blues became rare after long time? Better keep my sand dunes >:D
FinnJD (2 years ago)
The pro teams have custom gloves now go check out the new I-league competition on twitch the teams have their own glove.
Mikachu (2 years ago)
+hYperWo1F its just for the stream dude...
crashkid3000 (2 years ago)
The last time I heard so much oversteer was when my headset drifted into a wall
H1XEL (2 years ago)
Please do setup video!
Krynex (2 years ago)
ear rape mic
Krozzr (2 years ago)
I have 60$ , I buy a knife or keys to trade or keys to open cases? thanks guyssss
nepoVG (2 years ago)
Plz explain why Dubai collectors buy skins that they don't even use
Neurotek (2 years ago)
No offense but when you play you look like a bot who trained a little before play
Wiscoo (2 years ago)
Congrats on 500k you deserve it. Awesome content and info
XenoMorphic (2 years ago)
Most expensive light blue skins?
Mono Chakram (2 years ago)
Can someone tell me why are skin prices going down so much recently?
zorro kitty566 (2 years ago)
Lemme guess mp7 whiteout aug hot rod the negev that trades up to glock fade um idk more cancer nuke collection weapons
Frederik Haugaard (2 years ago)
4:07 Cheap?!? no idiot ... this is really expensive for a skin in a game
Andrea Franzoni (2 years ago)
Please make a video on Top 5 Most Expensive Light Blue, Purple and Pink Skins :)
saim af (2 years ago)
CS:GO - Top 5 Most Expensive Purple Skins
Toon Van Bolderick (2 years ago)
i got hacked an now i cant get my €300 back :( this hapent on march 4 a they repliet on march 15 :(
DWK (2 years ago)
i have an idea for a loadout can we have a privat talk?
Emizon (2 years ago)
karambit sapphire is blue xDdd
Frederik Mouritsen (2 years ago)
Why the shit mic?

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