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My Upsetting Valve VR Story

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Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VNN Today on Valve News Network, I tell a personal story about some things I've learned about how I could have received an HTC Vive for free. My Social Media : Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/valvenewsnetwork/ Waffler Weekly : goo.gl/Fm28Ge
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Text Comments (536)
Check your email guys!
Crimson Doodlebear (1 day ago)
This literally stabbed my soul, it's good you're still getting the Development Unit. But...shit wow I'm so sorry dude.
VMan_ 2002 (1 day ago)
Did you accept it
Hanniffy Dinn (2 days ago)
Retard auto flag your emails from important sources! We live in the future this shouldn't happen, we even have ai bots for email !
LetsPlayKeldeo (5 days ago)
Oh my god AHHHH I feelt it Tyler you definitly need a good hug and you now got a great story to tell
Tejo Hoekman (8 days ago)
Tyler, you dick.
Woodywoodmc (9 days ago)
You are a potato
lizardizzle (10 days ago)
I'm really happy they got back to you after you replied. I'm not sure I'd've been able to think of a reply after a gut-punch like that.
pillsbery (11 days ago)
This is hilarious 😆.
ᅚᅚ ᅚᅚ (12 days ago)
*Tyler McVicker is an ulgy idiot.*
Tabula Rasa (12 days ago)
dimitri wilson (12 days ago)
i feel your pain and stupidity
Da Kalisni (12 days ago)
Valve are true legends.
James Bryan (14 days ago)
I think is having been used by Valve kinda makes it more rare, don't you?
Jérémie Nicolas (14 days ago)
I can relate to your story, I almost missed the mail from the TF2 team telling me they wanted my map in the game for the jungle update. Fortunately, Heyo managed to contact me. I wasn't using steam anymore at this time and they sent me the mail on my old mail account... Not that it really matters when you look at the paycheck but it's another story.
Kebab Remover (14 days ago)
I'm the words of Spy: "You IMBECILE!" jk I love your content tyler
Dragon Arx (16 days ago)
I'm so sad for you man! That is so sad :C :C :C
EdisLeado (16 days ago)
So you're going to take it right? That headset could have been on Gaben's face.
Thijs van den Heuvel (16 days ago)
Epic fail
PixelPickaxe (16 days ago)
I would lose my shit.
Scoutdy (16 days ago)
Hope you don’t miss the hl3 email.
cheeseburger (17 days ago)
Tyler Mcvicker is an ugly idiot
Lord_Rodrik (17 days ago)
Upsetting but happy ending yay
Henrique Almeida (17 days ago)
Too hard use of zoom. Can't read anything! Love your videos, just trying to help :)
MrrQuackers (17 days ago)
This really hurts my heart.
acolyte (17 days ago)
Get the game Gal-gun now
suicidal.banana (18 days ago)
Daniel Petrie (18 days ago)
Valve news network. Please..
AHurdOfBronies (18 days ago)
Curb your VR Headset
Ayan Debnath (18 days ago)
KudSD (18 days ago)
You should really do a video on "project borealis", they are making great progress right now
Master Indigo (18 days ago)
YER (18 days ago)
That must have sucked hard
Peter Petrov (18 days ago)
That's what you get.
afuea8143 (19 days ago)
Random doggie (19 days ago)
O o f
Individu λambda (19 days ago)
Good side, you have a second headset to play with someone else? What about some pavlove stream with Electra?
Tyler Harris (19 days ago)
well at least it had a happy ending
Uber Dragon (19 days ago)
So how exactly are we supposed to relate to someone in the extremely convenient position be eligible to receive high tech devices for free but not receiving it in time due to their own mistakes?
lalalandd123 (19 days ago)
can uhhhhhhhhhh can i get that headset lmao
Chuckles (19 days ago)
Mr_Nexus (19 days ago)
Directed by Robert B. Weide
Rokon (19 days ago)
Literally any sad song used in memes would not be more fitting than on this video.
TAPGG (19 days ago)
Devlen Smith (19 days ago)
Tyler, I have found a "custom campaign" by Valve titled Dead Line 2.0 randomly added to my L4D2. I have taken pictures. How can I contact you to send you these images? Or is this something previously discussed? The Cold Stream thumbnail also changed. I know this is irrelevant but I figured you'd be most likely to read this on a new video.
Devon Ortiz (19 days ago)
Beppi The Clown (19 days ago)
*u l g y*
hydroseal (19 days ago)
Tyler McVicker is an **ULGY** Idiot
THEwed123wet (19 days ago)
that's cool that they're giving you the headset 2 years later!! , man that end made me laugh a lot!! xd
Andrew Davies (19 days ago)
You should totally give away your old one to a subscriber :^) a really poor one without a VR headset already -wink wink- ;)
CodedTechless (19 days ago)
tyler mcvicker is an ugly idiot
tonton9598 (19 days ago)
o dear lord
Ringo Doom (19 days ago)
TYLER IS AN ULGY IDIAT But he stands up to his mistakes and takes the right steps to apologize and make evrything better again. Tyler is a cool dude.
mrgurth1 (19 days ago)
put it on a shelf! that is a cool collectors item if its an internal test model that was used by the Valve team.
Rivery Jerald (19 days ago)
thats why you need 2 emails, for specific stuff instead of 1 email that has everything
TheCipherBoy (20 days ago)
You're an ulgy idiot
XenoWarrior (20 days ago)
I mean, you can feel like an idiot. However, at least you still get the developer kit they intended to send you! Lucky!
Alec+Productions (20 days ago)
so wheres that hl2 ice video? was that deleted?
Zerinth (20 days ago)
sorry all i heard from pretty much the entire 3.04 minutes was blah blah e-beg, e-begging etc etc on and on and ON! then whinge whinge oh i missed out on getting a free headset...wow entitled much?
FlashLight (20 days ago)
VDavid003 (20 days ago)
I kinda feel you... I registered for Nvidia Geforce Now and I taught I didn't get my beta key... A week ago I just found out that I got it nearly half a year ago...
VDavid003 (20 days ago)
Roblox death sound.mp3
NicolBolas2 (20 days ago)
we all make mistakes dont get too hung up on them
NicolBolas2 (20 days ago)
idiot? maybe Ugly? nah.
Generally Everything (20 days ago)
w o w . Tyler why
BULLYHUNTER_77 (20 days ago)
Umur YILDIZ (20 days ago)
Tyler McVicker is an ulgy idiot.
ZeroTheEro (20 days ago)
"Whoops!" indeed.
Elvis Presley (20 days ago)
Great story, Tyler. Keep it up. I'm proud of you.
Omar Austin (20 days ago)
What's the moral of this story? Check your email daily.
Ahmad abdal (20 days ago)
Brupcat (20 days ago)
H3VR > Pavlov
O A T E (20 days ago)
what is the game
Alexander Fritz (20 days ago)
Bigus Johnus (20 days ago)
Ray Winata (20 days ago)
*Evil Morty Theme plays*
Dorian Pillari (20 days ago)
remember when VR was relevant? yeah neither do I
sga96 (20 days ago)
XD 0w0 (20 days ago)
NiteZtheGamer (20 days ago)
Noobly (20 days ago)
Joe (20 days ago)
So that vr headset now has hair and sweat of possibly newell and some other valve dev Or you can just say VALVe time
Armalight (20 days ago)
Mr. Poot (20 days ago)
The Sad thing is Valve is still focusing on a Fad that will never go anywhere.
Neo (20 days ago)
Zach Bruce (20 days ago)
That’s incredible
Slawomir Chmielewski (20 days ago)
How about you just fucking BUY one, like everyone else? What is it with people expecting to be given free shit just because they made a few funny YT videos?
Gary (20 days ago)
Caleb Booth (20 days ago)
Click bait
The Deadly Gamers (19 days ago)
Um... how?
Hillman Hung (20 days ago)
Well you done goof
Draken (20 days ago)
Ouch mate.
Sleepy. (20 days ago)
Nelson Chen (20 days ago)
Inbox Zero FTW.
Yes Man (20 days ago)
*_O O F_*
alumGray (20 days ago)
Are you planning to giveaway your other HTC Vive though?
Derpæy (20 days ago)
God, that must be the saddest thing ever
Lord Jaraxxus (20 days ago)
"you imbecile! you doomed us -all!- yourself!" -the spy

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