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CS:S - kz_bhop_badg3s in 24:22 by remilia scarlet

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Counter-Strike: Source Bunnyhopping - Watch in 1080p! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Player: remilia scarlet Settings: Legit scrolling - 300 fps, 100 airaccelerate, 100 tickrate Map: kz_bhop_badg3s Time: 24:22.68 Runner's notes: ahimsa can a-only this ♥ Server: FAP BIHAPZOR - Music: 1. Vazha Dvalishvili - Curve Of Skyline 2. krusseldorf - High Nights 3. Nuage - 'Haunting' 4. Lapalux - Don't Mean A Thing ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ► Submit a run https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5_eomBuKjU ► Steam group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SourceJumpOfficial ► Discord https://discord.gg/pGxf7x8 Any run uploaded onto this channel isn't necessarily the fastest for that map/category. Made with SDR - https://github.com/crashfort/SourceDemoRender
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Text Comments (68)
SAE (3 days ago)
remi said he never bhopped and came from csgo kz or so. IM BEVER FUCKING GONNA BELIEVE IN THIS SHIT, SHAVIT
SAE (3 days ago)
if u beat dudes who play 10+ years you either a cheater or you actually played 10+ yrs too
Styx Hellmouth (3 days ago)
good to see you still active bro
Bob The Top (4 days ago)
SHADOW css (6 days ago)
crazy bhop
trippin (6 days ago)
ebyssal (7 days ago)
Plasmic (7 days ago)
Aart van Werven (7 days ago)
How alive is kz on CSS and any major difference between csgo kz and CSS kz?
Aphex (2 days ago)
Aart van Werven dead and deader
bmoju (8 days ago)
Why are they fully stopping at times?
Nicole Erel (8 days ago)
the map shows a roughly 10 second video on your screen between stages, so you cant see anything. the server i ran this on doesnt have !pause
ChapsTV (8 days ago)
imagine thinking jeho isn't the most mechanically gifted bhopper ever in 2018 lmao
_max (8 days ago)
the fact that it's on this channel means that it's a pro no-checkpoint run (probably) which makes it so much cooler.
Rwhite025 (8 days ago)
Crazy strafes.
hystereo (8 days ago)
Too many traps/femboys and trans playing cs bhop now~ >\\<
ForestBHOP (10 hours ago)
you know who to thank
Aphex (2 days ago)
hystereo it’s been this way since 2013
Stearious (8 days ago)
24 minutes
Eleventy (8 days ago)
every time I watch a vid on this channel ill try and go to the comments to see something positive, or interesting, but all I ever see is community talk that I have no idea about so I just get confused while scrolling
Metric (8 days ago)
Luna1337 (8 days ago)
ого это этак длительно глядеть нужно
w (8 days ago)
such a sick run remi
turbojack03 (8 days ago)
Kuba Slendí Majdl (8 days ago)
Is this map on csgo?
terrycs (7 days ago)
Kuba Slendí Majdl the map exist in css and csgo, like many maps do, but originally it was made for css
stip h (8 days ago)
XTN niggas be like
Noname (8 days ago)
I know its good but fuck these are boring
nzgroller (8 days ago)
glitchy recording why is the floor moving
James Crick (8 days ago)
KZ the land of !top10 consist of 1 man
James Crick (8 days ago)
"im not a kz player jAe"
James Crick (8 days ago)
Different boy
4MATT3R (8 days ago)
cool story bro
Leohgyon (8 days ago)
rng run 🤢
KM (8 days ago)
Aphex (8 days ago)
You just trying to flex on XTN??
Commenter 24 (8 days ago)
Wow I never played source, but the movement look easier. Except for that thing that slows you right down once you land after a jump
Matan (8 days ago)
Its called stamina and it’s a setting that’s being disabled on autobhop
Bjord Svennson (8 days ago)
Wormy can do this crouch only, hes a much better tranny
asakura (8 days ago)
LOL when shavit actually manages to troll everyone to think he is a girl n1 nulls script run, just like all your others
Omer Balter (8 days ago)
asakura waitt what remilia is shavit?
Zpamm (8 days ago)
TriHard 7
YureeV (8 days ago)
Remilia <3
roger haha lol (8 days ago)
my luck is better than yours i got 23:59 sry
Asko (8 days ago)
crazy bunny
mybe (8 days ago)
Never watched full kz scroll uploads but this is actually pretty cool
Clackdish (8 days ago)
That scripted crouch before every jump is fucking 100% pure SKILL SON
purdy (8 days ago)
yes rem!!!
kaemn (8 days ago)
69th view
Bob The Top (4 days ago)
kaemn kool
Vash (8 days ago)
wow gj remi
Nallieheai (8 days ago)
terrycs (8 days ago)
ahimsa can cringe-only this*
4MATT3R (8 days ago)
i agree teppn
Ted Godfrey (8 days ago)
shane (8 days ago)
Nicole Erel (8 days ago)
Tuğrul C. (8 days ago)
dab 🙅‍♂️
Wrathzinor (8 days ago)
wormy (8 days ago)
Love ya remilia
The Cat Goes Meow (8 days ago)
Love me
Edit Kid (8 days ago)
Issa dude 😂
0 (8 days ago)

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