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Geography Now! India

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Wow. I had to condense this video as much as possible, missed out on mentioning so many things and it STILL came out to nearly 20 minutes long. India is THAT complex. We now have a Public mailbox! Feel free to send anything via mail! Our public mailbox address is: 1905 N Wilcox ave, #432 Los Angeles CA, 90068 SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/1Os7W46 BTS info and tidbits? Check out the Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/GeographyNowFanpage/?fref=ts Twitter: https://twitter.com/geographynow Instagram: http://instagram.com/GeographyNow_Official Become a patron! Donate to help pay for production of GN! Brandon the Cameraman, as well as Ken and Ally, the Graphics team interns. You also get exclusive BTS footage, pics/ and access to other perks! Go to: http://patreon.com/GeographyNow WATCH MORE: Countries A to Z: http://bit.ly/1T8Z9JY Europe: http://bit.ly/1YoRaIB ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to Geography Now! This is the first and only Youtube Channel that actively attempts to cover profiles on every single country of the world. We are going to do them alphabetically so be patient if you are waiting for one that's down the road. CONTACT US if you are from a country that is coming up! Teach us! Email: GeographyLater@gmail.com Stay cool Stay tuned and remember, this is Earth, your home. Learn about it.
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Geography Now (1 year ago)
It's here. The giant has awoken. We don't even need much of an introduction, You all know this place. Welcome to the land flowing with color, conflict, spice, spirits, tradition, transition, and 1.3 billion reasons to make you curious to learn more. #INDIA!
Sorry to tell dude ...dalai lama take refuge in dharamshala (h.p , india ).... not in tezpur assam ....
Sexy Girls Universe (9 days ago)
For your knowledge Kung-fu came from India
kanav sharma (9 days ago)
Hello , could you pleas do video on https://youtu.be/Ge5i8XTfkJY
Saurav Roychoudhury (16 days ago)
Dalai lama stays at dharamshala....
Rup Ganguly (19 days ago)
+nabil chowdhury , Russia and India are already superpowers dead with it.
sagar koyya (50 minutes ago)
You forget to mention one thing. That is corruption.
Mani Mathi (1 hour ago)
I love my India 🇮🇳 From #TN
Der Schornstein (6 hours ago)
India sucks
himanshu gule (6 hours ago)
Phalaakkk phaanearr 😜😍
Ashish Kumar (16 hours ago)
Hindi +english = best part of video
Ankit Thakur (17 hours ago)
arunachal Pradesh is part of India
Joseph Williams (20 hours ago)
Varun Dhawan
Saurabh Kadam (22 hours ago)
Best video
Surendranath Soren (23 hours ago)
It's not Ganges,But Called Ganga
Mind Reader (23 hours ago)
You need a whole full new life to talk about India .
Mind Reader (23 hours ago)
India is the cradle of humanity. We owe a lot to Indians who taught us how to count. -Albert Einstein
Ikhwan Kacak (1 day ago)
India many rubbish..werk..
Varun Dhawan
techi deertha (1 day ago)
Very beautiful. Facts r not distorted. Truly presented.
usna si (1 day ago)
One thing living in such a diverse country has given us is our knowledge of languages. A school educated Indian will typically know 2 languages other than their mother tongue.If you work in another state, you learn a new langauge. It is common for south Indians to know minimum of 4 langauges.
GamingGodHD (1 day ago)
Also u forgot that we (Sikhs), kicked ass toward the mughul empire 😂
GamingGodHD (1 day ago)
Yes some one really mentioned field hockey f yess
rkb xyz (1 day ago)
1.7k dislikes from Porkis. Thanks and keep hating us. It will only make us better every day.
Steve Serpe (1 day ago)
If countries were people America and India would be like cousins that don't get to hang out as much as we should.
Steve Serpe (21 hours ago)
All that (#7 is so true) and we're both former british colonies, have a lot of religious+ethnic diversity, have a lot of regional diversity, and are obsessed with sports that aren't soccer/football. (American football for us, cricket for you).
rkb xyz (1 day ago)
We do have a lot in common. 1- We tend to get really loud, verbal and obnoxiously sensitive when somebody criticizes our country. 2- We are flexible people and are willing to adapt to the difficulties to try something new. 3- Don't dare speak against our army personnels. 4- Democracy is the best policy. 5- Love music, dancing & movies. Any time any where just play some music and watch people shake their bodies. 6- love eating big portions of food & sometimes it gets messy but that's ok. (those self-righteous "classy" Europeans won't get it) 7- Love our people but usually hate our government. 😇
Tweety 9 (1 day ago)
Japan should also be in friend zone part
Tweety 9 (1 day ago)
Oh my God you explained Pakistan and that jammu kashmir thing so well
Adarsh Singh (1 day ago)
Well done. Nicely made. Hindi hai hum Watan hai Hindustan humara
Cee Cee (2 days ago)
Aurangzeb over Akbar lol
rkb xyz (1 day ago)
Both were equally bad. Just History is whitewashed into preferential treatment.
bolly wood (2 days ago)
Love indian food❤️❤️😍😊
Joel Alvares (2 days ago)
Awesome video dude, very entertaining....subscribed.....
Douglas W (2 days ago)
Every country that was colonized by European powers has been significantly better off because of it. The British built the railways and infrastructure and United India. If you look at the African countries that have been colonized verse not colonized the ones without colonization are still tribes and mud huts with 0 infrastructure or Unity
rkb xyz (1 day ago)
Lemme clear something out which they don't teach you in your history lessons at schools. You won't like them anyway. 1- India was one of the richest & most advance country in the world shared with China, before the British arrived. India had 40% global wealth share in the Gupta Empire 5 century AD. And 23-24% by 1700 after countless Mughal invasions. Its importance was evident from the very fact that all of European countries wanted to explore the sea routes to the so called "Golden Bird." 2- Yes it was a nation, there were regional provinces & empires with a common national identity 'Bharat' or the then 'Akhand Bharat' aka undivided India. Colonizers smeared its local culture with prejudices of race, color, gender discrimination & Witch burning practices onto to Indians. India had women work in every field from universities to head of the armies something which was beyond the understanding of 17th century Brits who only considered women as weaker gender more of a trophy piece. India also had gender fluidity and accepted transgenders in the society which was yet another despicable thing for the Brits that's why they stripped them of their rights as the very first rule during British Raj. 3- The British then massacred, burned alive, beheaded, tortured, enslaved most of the indegenous people and forced them to do their bidding after years of manipulations and implementation of "divide & rule" policy. 4- They plundered all the gold, minerals, spices, gems like diamonds (back then India was the world's only supplier of diamond) before Africans colonies started doing it as well. 5- Railways weren't made to develop the nation but to rather exploit its resources further and better administer the regions should there be a mutiny, almost all of the Indians except the officials under British werent even allowed to use the trains. 6- Churchill directly was responsible for the deaths of over 4 million Bengali people including kids who starved to death & were eaten up by vultures. 7- India became one of the poorest country and with a lifespan of only 25-30 years by the time British left. All the things I wrote can be verified by well documented survey & research both from Indian as well as foreign researchers in Wikipedia or any sites in Google. *So please spare us your British self-righteous elitist crap.*
Vihan Subramaniam (2 days ago)
madhu kumar (2 days ago)
Bro u didn't said name one of the great person is Dr "br Ambedkar"
os hi (2 days ago)
i wonder why they arent making vid for The Philippines?
venkat ramana (3 days ago)
Jai Balayya...
Prashant Tewari (3 days ago)
hockey is the national game not cricket i'm an Indian north indian to be precise*
Rajput Gaurang (3 days ago)
Maharana paratap
Bhaavya Chowdhary (3 days ago)
Hey, this is a wonderful video but Cricket is NOT the national game, it's actually Field Hockey, we're just really good at Cricket too 😛
DJ Jakey (3 days ago)
bro if u know that the people of jammu and kashmir want to wth pakistan not india
Gourishankar Panicker (4 days ago)
To all my compatriots who are saying that Hockey is our national sport not Cricket. Let me tell you with greatest possible courtesy and respect that neither Hockey nor Cricket is our national sport. Reference: https://www.indiatoday.in/sports/other-sports/story/hockey-not-our-national-game-sports-ministry-rti-query-112067-2012-08-02
Abidinator 12 (4 days ago)
6:29 this question was asked in my geography test and I had to write whole paragraph on it which you just explained in like one sentence.
Sarvagya Pandey (4 days ago)
You're the best Geography teacher I ever had!
Ishani Patil (4 days ago)
Ishani Patil (4 days ago)
u could have covered some Maharashtrian, Gujrati or Kannad (Western States) (is Karnataka Western?) delicacies like Modak, puranpoli, undhiyo, kothimbir vadi etc... After all our food is least known around the world
Engineer Brown (4 days ago)
16:14 Cricket is indeed played everywhere but no its not national sport,rather hockey is
Jayashree Srivatsan (4 days ago)
it's the taj mahal
A JK (4 days ago)
those famous people pronunciations slayed me lol
vikash kamde (4 days ago)
Kuch baat hai ki hasti mit-ti nahi hamari, Sadiyo rha h dushman daure jahan hamara...
hrushikesh siddhye (4 days ago)
You are just awesome man...
Mouney Nidhi (4 days ago)
Even for an individual indian it was fun
Satyam Sharma (4 days ago)
Dalai Lama lives in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. Not is Assam
hi sh sh !! (5 days ago)
Dr BR ambatkar
Barbara Ayleena (5 days ago)
10:58 Barby I'm asking 🤗 why did you go to jail ?
Fatima Zaria (5 days ago)
India is great together ❤️🇮🇳 Superpower!!
Fatima Zaria (5 days ago)
Very nice video!
Aashik Lohani (6 days ago)
Bro Knachanjunga lies in Nepal not in India!!!!!!!!!!11 Do u really do good research? You cant say one country Prestiage as others.
Aashik Lohani (5 days ago)
i know bro..but he said 3rd highest peak lies in India..but actually it lies in Nepal..
rkb xyz (5 days ago)
Kanchenjunga isn't a small thing lol. It's a huge mountain range, some parts of its peak lies in Sikkim India. Google it.
Rohan Koche (6 days ago)
Cricket ain't the national sport it's hockey🙄
Gourishankar Panicker (4 days ago)
Neither is Hockey Check : https://www.indiatoday.in/sports/other-sports/story/hockey-not-our-national-game-sports-ministry-rti-query-112067-2012-08-02
amir sadeghi (6 days ago)
Love India from Persia🇮🇷❤🇮🇳
rkb xyz (5 days ago)
Even the flags look similar 😁
Jennaro Ao (6 days ago)
thanks for the knowledge .I didn't know my race (Mongoliod) covered only 3% 😂😂 in India that's why we are very very less known to the world .🙂 anyway I can speak about 5 languages .love from North East India
Jennaro Ao (1 day ago)
+rkb xyz guessing us as Chinese is not a problem after all we are decendents of Chinese so why should there be a problem ,my ancestors are Chinese why should I look down on them but what bothers me is 'even after knowing that we are Indians' the actors were portrayed as Chinese ..is it not wrong? is it not hight time to show if not the world atleast Indians that we are Indians by identity ? If we make a Tamil actor act as an African ..would they be happy about it ?
rkb xyz (1 day ago)
+Jennaro Ao You can't blame them for wrongly guessing your identity as Chinese. You do have mongloid features how will they know where you from? You could be from Nepal, Bhutan, NE, China, Korea etc. Can you differentiate between a Marathi from a Gujarati based on their appearance? Previous govt were bad for all the states anyway, you should be lucky you people weren't dragged into the riots and stuffs or the bombings and wars between India-Pak. Current central govt is trying a lot to bridge the gaps and join the people. Rest aside, remain positive and spread love. 👍
Tejasvi Joshi (3 days ago)
Bangladeshi muslim problem is not only limited to North East anymore. they are in every Indian city. in Delhi alone they are more than 1 million.
Jennaro Ao (5 days ago)
+rkb xyz I know an actor from my state Nagaland who acted in Bollywood movies but seriously every movies he acted ,he is either Chinese or other South East Asian .it clearly shows that India cannot accept our features as Indian ,even that Arunachali kid in the movie "tubelight" played as a Chinese ..these are little things to add ..our govt doesn't even care that NE India is slowly dominating by Illegal Bangladeshi,states like Tripura and Assam is already gone ,Nagaland and Manipur is at the red mark ...why is govt blind?? it's not us who doesn't want to be at spotlight but it's the govt that is totally ignoring us .
Jennaro Ao (5 days ago)
+rkb xyz I know an actor from my state Nagaland who acted in Bollywood movies but seriously every movies he acted ,he is either Chinese or other South East Asian .it clearly shows that India cannot accept our features as Indian ,even that Arunachali kid in the movie "tubelight" played as a Chinese ..these are little things to add ..our govt doesn't even care that NE India is slowly dominating by Illegal Bangladeshi,states like Tripura and Assam is already gone ,Nagaland and Manipur is at the red mark ...why is govt blind?? it's not us who doesn't want to be at spotlight but it's the govt that is totally ignoring us .
Sagar Patel (6 days ago)
I love palak paneer😋😋😋
Sagar Patel (6 days ago)
I am vegetarian and that is perfectly fine. India rocks
Akshay Shendre (6 days ago)
nehru don't deserve to be in that list. bloody pervert
Akshay Shendre (6 days ago)
bro Kumbh Mela happens once every 12 years
Riti Aggarwal (6 days ago)
60% of us are non vegetarian. So yes, a lot of us are vegetarian too, but 60 is more than 40 last I checked. Which means that doesn’t make us the “remainder” of the population.
technoamb (6 days ago)
Having been going back and forth to India for most of life I've noticed how Hinduism has warped in India into a superstitious, regressive, caste dividing, money making, male dominated, mob culture Ideology, and very non liberal easily offended relgion ! This is more obvious in North India in UP, Bihar, and even Delhi. It feels Hinduism is going the wrong way !!!
Tejasvi Joshi (3 days ago)
draw mohamad's cartoon in India they talk about your so called fibralism.
technoamb (5 days ago)
rkb xyz I am Hindu. Read my comment properly! I'm saying how Hinduism today has drifted away from its better past, to what it has become for worse today!!
rkb xyz (5 days ago)
Lol no you don't know anything about Hinduism. It is the most advance, tolerant, liberal, scientific way of living. Most it has been tarnished by invaders and colonial propagandas. Research a bit on real ancient Hinduism and you will know how advance it was.
Mahitosh ray (6 days ago)
i am happy that you mentioned about andaman noone actually mentions about my hometown and actually there are more than one mud volcanos the baratang one is famous because of more no of tourists and they dont go to the north andamans
sadiqe ahmed (6 days ago)
Hockey is the national sport.. cricket is more popular
sadiqe ahmed (6 days ago)
Dalai lama lives in dharam shala..not tezpur.
Akash Patil (7 days ago)
Khurram Ali (7 days ago)
The four towers of four towers?? 🙄🙄
rkb xyz (5 days ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 just like chai tea aka chai chai or tea tea.
Sneha KG (7 days ago)
Very nice and informative video, u missed yoga......
Feed (7 days ago)
Freaky Shaky (7 days ago)
To the dudes out there.india not only have slums,poor people.we also have gtr's,buggatti's and lamborghini's
Aviral Gupta (8 days ago)
Cricket is not the national sport hockey is
dibyodak pai majumder (8 days ago)
I am from Siliguri..
Private Donot (8 days ago)
Rann of kuuutch
Esther Lalmuanzovi (8 days ago)
From Mizoram 😀😀😀
matan ! ISRAEL (8 days ago)
matan ! ISRAEL (8 days ago)
OUR BEST FRIEND IN ASIA. booked a flight in two month from now. LOVE FROM ISRAEL :)
GAURAV SANKAR (3 days ago)
Love you Israel \m/. #hinjew friends haha
kunal nagwanshi (7 days ago)
rkb xyz (7 days ago)
Would love to see your travel vlog. If you do. :)
Rao Gayatry (8 days ago)
I love my India
Debayan Biswas (8 days ago)
Sexy Girls Universe (9 days ago)
Do u know that the Kung-fu came frome India.
rkb xyz (7 days ago)
That's right, both Martial Arts & Buddhism came from India to China.
P vision (9 days ago)
Am from andaman and nicobar islands
Mukul Naidu (9 days ago)
Cricket is not the national sport man....!!!
Ravi Teja (9 days ago)
Ramesh Hansa Ravendra (9 days ago)
. Love from 🇸🇬
Ameen Ajwad (9 days ago)
But this moron looks down at Taj Mahal , in fact 87% of the European tourists flowing to India is only for Taj Mahal.
rkb xyz (9 days ago)
Taj Mahal is overrated. Ellora caves and the kailash mountain cut is a work of art which was made 4000+ years back cutting the pieces of mountain n rocks.
Larry Alexander (9 days ago)
Full of Indians.
Jennaro Ao (6 days ago)
don't be surprised 😂😂2nd most populated country in the world which means every 6th person in the world is ans Indian 😂😂😂
kanav sharma (9 days ago)
Anyone having any idea on https://youtu.be/Ge5i8XTfkJY
KAPIL GITE (9 days ago)
Unity in diversity
Praveen Kumar (10 days ago)
He is man or Google Super viedo
Bass Guite (10 days ago)
That italy map tho..😂
Lelend (10 days ago)
14:15 Tokyo???
rkb xyz (9 days ago)
There's a Street like that in Bangaluru/Gurugram, India or could be Times Square, NYC
I am 100% Indian, from Hindu family, born, raised and resides in India; but we do eat beef. Hinduism doesn't prohibit the use of beef. It is like an open source software. Just a case of personal preference and habits.
saswat mohanty (11 days ago)
Cricket isn't the national game of India ... It's hockey
Kapil Gehani (11 days ago)
Cricket isn't the National Sport, Hockey is.
Nina Lastname (11 days ago)
Wow 😮 it’s so big love from Georgia 🇬🇪
Fadindra Bahadur (11 days ago)
Gautam Buddha was born in Nepal he isnt a notable person from India. Love you India!!
aashutosh chauhan (8 days ago)
We know. Don't worry I am sure when he will do nepal episode he will correct his mistake.
Mayo is an instrament (11 days ago)
Lilly Singh. She counts as famous, right? She has like 13mil subscribers
fnaf dude 100 (11 days ago)
3:19 That's Italy
Ranger Gold (11 days ago)
When and why did you go to jail, Barby?!
Ritesh Luitel (11 days ago)
Kanchenjunga is in Nepal!
Ràñdøm H!T (6 days ago)
Lol 😂 but seriously Nepal hates us now .
rkb xyz (9 days ago)
Everything is in Nepal. India is also Nepal. Happy?
Parag Patil (11 days ago)
hey man you know far more than me 😂
Nanhe Ag (11 days ago)
india ❤

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