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How To Gameshare On PS4! Play Your Friends Games, DLC & PlayStation Plus For Free!

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Yes, it is possible to share your games with friends on PS4. It's actually quite easy and here's how it works! ► Twitch livestreams: http://www.Twitch.tv/Robinoyo ► Follow me on Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/RobinGaming ► Support me on Patreon: http://www.Patreon.com/RobinGaming ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ► Join the group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1518665298348972/ ► Updates on my page: http://www.Facebook.com/RobinGamingU3 ► Facebook Account: http://www.Facebook.com/Robin.Gaming.37 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ► PSN: robinoyo Subscribers have often asked me questions about gameshare on PS4. Is it possible to do gamesharing? This video goes in-depth on game share: How does it work? Does this mean you get to play other games for free on the PlayStation 4? This tutorial explains it all! It's not a glitch, your content won't have a lock, it's a real thing you can do with 2, 3 or more people. This 2015 tutorial tells you all you need to do and what you need to setup with your account to enjoy free games, dlc and PS Plus. Enjoy the video!
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Text Comments (258)
iDontNeedaName (1 year ago)
thxx m8 helpt alot
Aaron Azzcalibur (1 year ago)
best explanation video I found
The G.O.A.T (2 years ago)
wow i just did this to get my friend ps plus
Antonio (3 years ago)
Can you play a game at the same time with the other person?...if so how?
Ric Savage (3 years ago)
How many ppl can u gameshare with??i need to kno lol
yeet fyb (3 years ago)
if i had a game on ps3 for example gta 5 and i signed into my friends account on ps3 and downloaded it on ps3 would it show up on his ps4?
Adam Bm (3 years ago)
Can you set more than one primary account in the ps4? Because I have an account in the ps4 that have 3 games and I dont remember the password of this account so I hesitate to do this because maybe that will desactivate the games
Jose Bori (3 years ago)
@RobinGaming After we download each other's games etc do we delete the profiles and put everything back to normal or do we have to keep the other person as primary
Brett Blodgett (3 years ago)
+RobinGaming can I get map packs too
Brett Blodgett (3 years ago)
Can I get map packs from friends
Omar Mohd (3 years ago)
Can games that u have on disc be shared please replyyy quicky
Manuel Mejia (3 years ago)
TheMickalekale (3 years ago)
I have Dragon Age Inquisition, Advanced Warfare, Destiny, Shadow of Mordor, Drive Club, Far Cry 4, InFamus First Light, The Last of Us, Hotline Miami, Assassians Creed Unity. Can prove it too. I'm looking for Dying Light,The Evil Within, The Witcher 3, Elder Scrolls Online. Also have video proof on my channel. PSN: Mickalekale KIK:Mickalechillin
chris barper (3 years ago)
I have a pre order for Arkham knight and I am looking for Minecraft and dying light kik me at harps1234
dannyboiiidead (3 years ago)
Hi there, My psn is DANNY_BOII_DEAD add me I need some fresh new games I can offer you many games with proof I have gta 5 mortal combat dying light lords of the fallen mortal kombat the last of us and many more .
Logan Singleton (3 years ago)
Willing to give minecraft and destiny Looking for gta cod aw
Jonathan franco (3 years ago)
+Logan Singleton yo i got AW add me weedster __420 two under scores when or just comment ill get the notification
NuKe leader 1 (3 years ago)
will someone give me elder scrolls ill give u gtav ps4 account name tyresethebeast2
Nerd4lyfe (3 years ago)
Anyone want to game share with me I got Battlefield 4 all map packs looking for Hardline Mortal Kombat X or last of us remastered
R Nizzle (3 years ago)
Me, add me Duhquan
Jaylon Dumes (3 years ago)
All i have is mkx
Jaylon Dumes (3 years ago)
Thats the games i am looking for
Ryan Montague (3 years ago)
I'm looking for mortal kombat x or nba live 15 my psn is groove032
TheTman6000 (3 years ago)
I have destiny , mkx, advance warfare atlas edition + season pass, minecraft , sky collection, drive club . kik : pvrple.gene I go first or dont text me  Looking for Battlefield 4 or hardline , or other games i dont have .
Melvin Hall (3 years ago)
+TheTman6000 i got battlefield hard line and gta5 kik is melvin__hall psn the_kings904
Masku - Senpai (3 years ago)
+TheTman6000 I have The Last Of Us I'll gameshare you that for MKX BTW TLOU also comes with the main story and Left Behind
Joseph Hart (3 years ago)
Will you gameshare House of Wolves on Destiny? 😀
dannyboiiidead (3 years ago)
Hi there, My psn is DANNY_BOII_DEAD add me I need advanced warfare as I sold my disc version I can offer you many games with proof I have gta 5 mortal combat dying light lords of the fallen mortal kombat the last of us and many more thanks for reading please add me no scammers.
Redectr479 (3 years ago)
Give me your info
Nerd4lyfe (3 years ago)
Can I get Mortal Kombat and I will give you BF4 all DLC
Hamzeh Mahafzah (3 years ago)
Even if it was not downloaded but a CD????
Ur Daddy (3 years ago)
I would game share the last of us for cod aw or wwe 2k15 I go first
Rowland Bæ (3 years ago)
game share add me psn : lil_thug007
Jason Stone (3 years ago)
Im looking to game share I'm mainly looking for DESTINY OR DESTINY DLCS my kik name jasmc95 I go first or sametime but message me if you have any other games or just dlcs   I have:  GTA V AW hardline ufc with bruce lee dlc trials fusion the crew last of us need for speed minecraft metal gear solid infamous second light far cry 4 unity witcher 3  nba 2k15 watch dogs with season pass dying light injustice
zack labre (3 years ago)
Anybody want mine craft for ps4
zack labre (3 years ago)
what do you have?? +androidshadowz 
androidshadowz (3 years ago)
Danijel Beganaj (3 years ago)
Mumin Krc (3 years ago)
What is the name of that last game wich cars and soccer
darnell Wilson (3 years ago)
I have farcry4 , the crew and destiny for gta5. Psn and kik dj_wilson101 i go first
Zachary Meter (3 years ago)
Someone gameshare with me? ( i go first ) Looking for: Nba 2k15  Gta V Mlb the show 15 Mortal Kombat X What I have: Madden 15 Call of duty ghosts  Call of duty advanced warfare
BreathEasy112 (3 years ago)
Anyone wanna Gameshare PSN: Prince1-3-5 , P.S. I go first.
Emmanuel Teo (3 years ago)
so games that arent downloaded from ps store cant be shared? coz i buy the disc.
Juan Gutierrez (3 years ago)
Plz help. After i activate my friends ps4 as primary and download games, do I activate my account on my ps4 as primary again? Plz answer.
Azure Flame King (3 years ago)
+WarFaRE Sp33dy nah
BreathEasy112 (3 years ago)
Anyone wanna Gameshare i have PvZ-Ultra Street Fighter 4- -GS V-Infamous-Dragon Age- Minecraft- Terraria- PS+ games... PSN:Prince1-3-5 I want the Crew pls. 
young savage (3 years ago)
What does he mean "go to your friends account and make a new user then log in with yours" wouldnt we be logged in on our friends
Yassine Bouayad (3 years ago)
need someone to share with him games
GanjaMitch (3 years ago)
Werkt dit nog ? En moet ik nou op zijn ps4 met mijn acount inloggen en dan terug ?
Clady Apper99 (3 years ago)
Anyone can me share The Witcher 3? my name is PeppeZgamer.
BioWarfareGaming (3 years ago)
If someone has elder scrolls online plz replay for ganeshare i have gta v,destiny,far cry 4,cod aw,the last of us,and dont starve plz i go first but i promise youll get to download the games plz i really want elder scrolls online!!!
bryant mexia (3 years ago)
I have BattleField 4 EA SPORTS UFC GTA 5 LittleBigPlanet 3 Minecraft P.T. Destiny Batman Beyond Gotham 3 I GO FIRST OR NO DEAL Add XxDope_LovexX (PS4)
kevin Bishop (3 years ago)
+bryant mexia if you wanna do it leave your kik
Fade (3 years ago)
PSN: Unifyed Hello, I am willing to game share. Games I have: Battlefield Hardline, Mortal Kombat X, inFamous First Light, Last Of Us Remastered, Destiny, and Minecraft. I want any :P
Quentin (3 years ago)
Pan d4rk_quentinnes add me
Ryan Montague (3 years ago)
Add me my psn is groove032
Team PuRe Nation (3 years ago)
Hey looking for the new eso on ps4 Message Me my id is L_V_L-Scottie let me know wat ur lookin for
Daniel Brooks (3 years ago)
What's the game at 1:00 it looks like supersonic acrobatic rocket powered battle cars
Tim Farrar (3 years ago)
Do you get to keep games on your own account along with your friends?
jaden schaeffer (3 years ago)
I have: Far cry 4 Minecraft(with dlc) Cod aw Battlefield hardline season pass I want: Witcher 3 Mkx Nba 2k 2015 Cod aw season pass Kik: Xxthesnipa_980xX Psn: Xxthesnipa_980xX
BreathEasy112 (3 years ago)
Ill gameshare PSN:Prince1-3-5
361noscoper56 (3 years ago)
I have far cry 4 Bf4 Last of us Minecraft I want gta v Psn mrrock30 (Either same time or i go first)
BreathEasy112 (3 years ago)
I want Far Cry 4 ill give u Dragon Age Inq PSN: Prince1-3-5
it says it already registered to another account
Gameplay Required (3 years ago)
Looking for advanced warfare, I have the Last of us remastered and the advanced warfare season pass I will also accept gta v
UKNOWN (3 years ago)
I follow all the steps but every time when I do it my friends games become lock for him
xx Ultimate pikachu (3 years ago)
game share? i go first i will take any game my kik is ultimatemegaforce & my psn is bowdown987
Dylan Mathis (3 years ago)
I have aw,mkx,2k15,little big planet 3,final fantasy xiv,and destiny Don't msg me with bs I go first or no deal I'm looking for the last of us,the crew or battle field hardline or any game like the last of us ex: far cry 4 Kik me or add me on psn Kik:yvng_2k Psn: IIItakenotesIII
CoCLatinPro Toni (3 years ago)
Can anoybody gameshare with me ,i want gtav ,all i have is the last of us ,psn: Latin-Castlee13
London Pratt (3 years ago)
Anybody want to game share. Kik me and tell me what u got. I go first. Kik-London P
Ethan Montoya (3 years ago)
But if they stay logged in, then if they want to buy something, will it be on my account?? Please respond asap
Tavian Bowens (3 years ago)
I'm rolling to gameshare mlb 15 mortal kombat x nba 2k madden and mine craft for 20$ add me xmoswag
Ant Gaming (3 years ago)
Psn anthony123127
Ant Gaming (3 years ago)
Who wants to game share witcher 3
Fred Mello (3 years ago)
i only have fifa 15 i want anything u can offer...
pinto james (3 years ago)
KIK me please : pintowarge
c'est la vie (3 years ago)
Far Cry 4, psn: TLOUxHillz
11 AM (3 years ago)
Kik me @ gameshare_ig
c'est la vie (3 years ago)
I want: Dying Light,FIFA 15,The Order:1886,Call of Duty:Advanced Warfare or Assassin's Creed:Unity. I Have: METAL GEAR SOLID V GROUND ZEROES,Grand Theft Auto 5,The Last of Us Remastered,Far Cry 4,Mortal Kombat X,Injustice Gods Among Us. My skype: claudiogoes2 and my psn TLOUxHillz.
A Horse (3 years ago)
+Cláudio Goes I have FIFA 15, Mincraft, and Battlefield 4... add me on PSN and we can chat: xINFERNOx02
Samuel Silva (3 years ago)
I would like to get mkx
Samuel Silva (3 years ago)
Any body wana game share I got last of us
Samuel Silva (3 years ago)
Ill gs with u
Samuel Silva (3 years ago)
+361noscoper56 wat games do u have
361noscoper56 (3 years ago)
I do, what game do you have to offer
Samuel Silva (3 years ago)
I Wil share gta 5 for mkx
Yung Banana Bread (3 years ago)
Any body wants surgeon sim or how to survive contact at NinjaB-Assassin9
ohhLZR- (3 years ago)
I bought camos on my second account and I want to get them on my main account any ideas? This is on ps4 and aw
yamaan ubaid (3 years ago)
Can we share a game that I buy in CD (DISC)
PeterRDeVries (3 years ago)
who want gameshare  aw cod or fifa 15 or nfsr ?
The Top 8 Channel (3 years ago)
hey guys is someone willing to gameshare with me. I got a lot of games and im only looking for cod aw with season pass: ) please kik me
The Top 8 Channel (3 years ago)
+hmodi zubidat Sorry didn't see you reply I added u on psn :)
mohamed zubedat (3 years ago)
The Top 8 Channel (3 years ago)
On Psn or kik ?
mohamed zubedat (3 years ago)
+The Top 8 Channel add me : Viper__zu
Dylan Mathis (3 years ago)
Any wanna gameshare I have 2k15,destiny,and advanced warfare I would take any game like the last of us and or mk x....I go first or no deal don't message me with BS psn: [IIITakenotesIII] those are i's
Dylan Mathis (3 years ago)
Or kik me yvng_2k
Moe Salem (3 years ago)
LBC (3 years ago)
dd Luke_bc if you want to gameshare. On PS4 I have GTA V, NEED FOR SPEED, BF4, FIFA 15, TLOU, TRIALS FUSION, SURGEON SIMULATOR, SLEEPING DOGS, PVZ, MINECRAFT AND GHOSTS. (I have more games but these are my favourite ones.) On PS3 I have GHOSTS, GTA V, BF4, FIFA, NBA 2K15, MINECRAFT, (ALL CALL OF DUTIES EXPECT AW.) AND PLENTY MORE. All I Want is PS4 Games. Preferably Triple A. AW Or BF Hardline maybe? Im Open to anything so just Add Luke_bc and we can come to a conclusion. I go first.
shykonaruto (3 years ago)
Can you use your friends dlc or season pass by doing this
goat lol (3 years ago)
Does anybody want to gameshare with nba2k15
Johnny Castor (3 years ago)
I have the last of us anyone want to trade any game
Jonathan franco (3 years ago)
+Johnny Castor yeah i have a lot of games lmk
Clady Apper99 (3 years ago)
I have just trials fusion can you share the last of us
Shiraz Shermohammad (3 years ago)
I have the last of us. Who wants to gameshare? I go first though. I am looking for gta 5 or fifa 15
Frankie G (3 years ago)
Who wants to gameshare I only have gaucamelee turbo edition and the games coming out for ps plus
daniel lerebul (3 years ago)
this also counts for season pass ps plus etc?
Austin Franc (3 years ago)
Do you have to keep your friends account as your primary ps4?
kool9927042113 (3 years ago)
So if i were gamesharing with my pal, would he have to have my account as primary in order to play my games?
Keith Cronin (3 years ago)
Games I have Gtav Advanced warfare Dying light Destiny The last of us Minecraft games I want UFC NBA 2K15 WWE 2K15 Fifa 15 if interested add me on kik johnpaddy21
x OhDannnP x (3 years ago)
Does this work with dlc??
jaden schaeffer (3 years ago)
Renzo Rapadas (3 years ago)
Guys i need gta v for infamous second son. Anyone?
SMuggSpeed (3 years ago)
my friend need gta 5 pls help, no scam
SMuggSpeed (3 years ago)
anyone? Driveclub or Fifa 15
SMuggSpeed (3 years ago)
yo accept :)
SMuggSpeed (3 years ago)
added you, psn: abangdhika1971
Martin JohnnyK (3 years ago)
Got scammed? I don't wanna be like everyone some people even lie about being scammed when their the ones who's gonna scam, yes I have been scammed but I still gameshare because I know how to counter and get your account back;anyway add me I got both the games u want
SMuggSpeed (3 years ago)
have you get scam before?
Martin JohnnyK (3 years ago)
+SMuggSpeed I got both kik me thebunny591 or psn emmanxx
Revelino Leons (3 years ago)
Who wanna gameshare with me I have nfs rivals , the crew, watch dogs, call of duty ghots, wwe 2k15, metal gear solid v..
RM BROOKS (3 years ago)
+Revelino Leons please gameshare wwe2k15 my psn is duhhitsbrooks my Kik is swaggabrooks I have good games I just want wwe2k15 really badly
BreathEasy112 (3 years ago)
I will PSN:Prince1-3-5 
swaggy rich (3 years ago)
Would any want to gameshare....I have no games
Elias (3 years ago)
Would anyone like to gameshare with me on ps4, I have the last of us remastered, cod ghosts and bloodborne. My psn name is ElliotWilliamz
Renzo Rapadas (3 years ago)
Guys infamous second son for gta v. Anyone? Psn: suntukan NOT A SCAMMER OR HACKER pls add me badly in need of gta v
Ahmed Abdi (3 years ago)
Hey whoever has bf hardline or the crew add me on kik ahmedbossman20 I got lots of games like gta fifa 15 tlou aw bf4 etc.
Juan Mata (3 years ago)
I got the last of us ill take any game add evilxjustice
Aj Wood (3 years ago)
Looking for GTA V (PS4) gameshare. If anyone will be willing to share pm me USERNAME: immethenig
Ciaran Collins (3 years ago)
How do u have rocket league can't see it on the ps store
zombiekingPAT (3 years ago)
+Ciaran Collins cause he played the beta and the game is not out yet
OMGits alcatraz (3 years ago)
If i use this can me and my friend till play together ? If i have dying light and my friend uses this to get dying light can we play dying light together coop ?
Glo Kc (3 years ago)
Can me and my friend play that game online at the same time if we game share
iSnags (3 years ago)
Kik : iSnags If you want to gameshare with me I only have dying light but I'm a great friend lmaooo
Fauwaz Marjan (3 years ago)
Add mee notigamer :3
mohamed zubedat (3 years ago)
+cody smith add me : Viper__zu
unknown (3 years ago)
Can someone gameshare aw with me
VaDz (3 years ago)
Can somebody please gameshare thief, the last of us remastered and/or the witcher 3 ? I don't have any games :(
Kazi Kalenga (3 years ago)
+Juan Mata do you have cod aw
VaDz (3 years ago)
Juan Mata (3 years ago)
tell me your psn
TunaManCan (3 years ago)
Hey does anyone have battlefield hardline? I'll game share: Mlb the show 14 Destiny Need for speed rivals War thunder Psn is TunaManCan. Reply here or message me on ps4
SpaceCat ™ (3 years ago)
Is my friend still allowed to play to on the same time
SpaceCat ™ (3 years ago)
+EpicExp in other words if i deactive him on his ps4 so i can get the games, will he get it too?
Mahfooz Gul Abbasi (3 years ago)
Anyone wanna gs psn id moizshooter321
Calum Torrie (3 years ago)
Want dragon age:inquisition MKX warframe volt p access (if possible) will give p.t

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