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How to Download Old Versions of Steam Games

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Text Comments (17)
saintsmat13 (19 days ago)
Good video and thank you :)
WhatisThisGuyUptoNow (18 days ago)
saintsmat13 (19 days ago)
+WhatisThisGuyUptoNow thx. Have a nice day o/
WhatisThisGuyUptoNow (19 days ago)
Thank You, and You are very welcome. Have Fun.
Caden Nelson (23 days ago)
Wait after you download the older version do you just move all the files into the newer game folder?
WhatisThisGuyUptoNow (23 days ago)
You can move the folder number to some other drive, and directory, and just rename it to whatever you like.
cz (1 month ago)
*oh wow i had 2 apples*
bezo (2 months ago)
Oh my GOD!!! THANK YOU!!! I was just about to give up on Life is Feudal Forest Village game, after yet again they updated the game! (Though they no longer were suppose to be in early access) the game had an official release date, yet they keep changing the game. Thus causing crashes on saved game with and WITHOUT mods!!! Sometimes with new updates they would not even let players of the game know they changed, of what the changes were! You could only guess when your game crashed! After carefully testing mods that work of not with the last version, I went to finally play the game and to my horror they put out yet another update, which of course the game crashed on me!!!!
WhatisThisGuyUptoNow (2 months ago)
You are very Welcome.
Panpere (3 months ago)
I don't have a content folder in my SteamApps folder.
Lone warrior (3 months ago)
whether its support Dbc14. if yes post a tutorial about it
Grapey (3 months ago)
I also have two big apples. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
His Holiness (4 months ago)
It won't let me use an older version of Skyrim SE. It says "The program can't start because steam_api64.dll is missing from your computer." Please help me out man. I've been dealing with this since April.
JustAllinOneResource (2 months ago)
That is odd.
His Holiness (2 months ago)
+WhatisThisGuyUptoNow yeah. They used to work fine but then they just didn't.
WhatisThisGuyUptoNow (2 months ago)
That is odd since downloading the files from steam should have that particular .api in the game folder. Are you sure you downloaded the proper files for Skyrim SE?
Alec (3 months ago)
download the dll and put in your computer

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