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Shroud's Top 25 Most Viewed CS:GO Twitch Clips Of All Time!

3136 ratings | 292600 views
Shroud's most viewed Twitch CSGO clips of all time, Enjoy! ┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉ 🌷My Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mellowcsg 🍉 Join the Discord: https://discord.gg/TmSRYuV 🌺SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu12c4rmcm_A3gI2ZTBYNRg?sub_confirmation=1 ┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉ 💽Intro Song: Flume - Warm Thoughts Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVG579ciMlM 💽Outro Song: "UP!" (Prod. KingWill Music) Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxKliyYYH-U ┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉ 💙Thanks for Watching!💕 (~˘▾˘)~( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )\ (•◡•) /
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Text Comments (156)
Gareth Walsh (2 days ago)
best cheat ever
youngredfox1 (6 hours ago)
Whats more likely? 1) He cheats His way through about a decade of playing, through numerous international and official tournaments and in several games without even being ever convicted of cheating let alone caught or 2) he's just that good
Proxolol (4 days ago)
I just won my first solo with 8 kills!
Diego Victoria (6 days ago)
RIP CSGO.......... nowadays its all fortnite
ConDor (6 days ago)
Adrian Klumb (7 days ago)
4:44 Stewie in all chat haha
Reze (7 days ago)
6:56 It's nice A site .D
Reze (7 days ago)
6:11 nice cache wallbang !
maroof khatib (8 days ago)
5:49 he literally hit the wall
Gia Khánh (8 days ago)
You missed Vintage Shroud 5man spray down at Dust2
KappaKatana (8 days ago)
3:36 whats this?
One Take (9 days ago)
mellow you clearly have never played csgo lol
Exo St33L (10 days ago)
fucking virgins
Bambon (11 days ago)
That wallbang at 1:50 literally made me choke and cough for 1 min straight
georgio20 (11 days ago)
3:32 what is this?
Niles Tube (9 days ago)
5uicide (9 days ago)
Niles Tube what?
Niles Tube (9 days ago)
rly october?
5uicide (10 days ago)
georgio20 coop mission rage or something like that. it's a community workshop map
DC universe (14 days ago)
What kind of kicking add was that
TheHive (29 days ago)
shroud calls stewie online? wow...
ShAdOw (1 month ago)
This just proves that shroud is the best csgo player
Kevin Holland (1 month ago)
he really added extra clips just to get to 10 minutes lmao
oof (1 month ago)
8:38 When you try too hard.
Om Kanekar (2 months ago)
I had my video set on 0.25x speed and the 1st clip was fuckin hilarious XD
Guillermo Flores (2 months ago)
5:40 5:48 Hyenas
KING (2 months ago)
4:45 is so fucking hilarious.
!Surnex (2 months ago)
Homeland Security (2 months ago)
What's Shrouds crosshair on 3:59?
Ethan (3 months ago)
Lmao at 6:10 right after the wallbang the screen displays ‘You cannot carry anymore.’
Yahiko Chaelisa (3 months ago)
That troll was sog good😂😂
Marcus Mitchell (3 months ago)
C9 logo = 3/4 of a swastika.
Daniel Ly (3 months ago)
When you need to add a bunch of clips just to get the video over 10 minutes
Error Error (3 months ago)
4:30 wasn’t his fastest ace, the dust 2 barrel with 1s is
Richii (3 months ago)
And shouts retake a Is supposed to be retakes b
pikasso plays cs (3 months ago)
It took me the whole video to realize that this video was "Shroud's top 25 most viewed csgo clips" not "Top 25 most viewed csgo clips"
Donuberry (3 months ago)
#7: cache wallbang *on mirage with a cz with no wallbangs*
Donuberry (3 months ago)
#7: cache wallbang *on mirage with a cz with no wallbangs*
Donuberry (3 months ago)
#7: cache wallbang *on mirage with a cz with no wallbangs*
Adam Haun (3 months ago)
0:43 My proudest moment ever was when I did the same thing, but with it was a collateral and with a galil. My least proudest moment was when I realized my recording software wasn't on, feelsbad D :
Adam Haun (2 months ago)
Toxic YT demo?
Toxic YT (2 months ago)
Adam Haun record the demo
David DeCorso (4 months ago)
Herman Villa Jr. (6 months ago)
Miss the old shroudddd :(
LL Lyricists (6 months ago)
He should probably start playing csgo professionally again.
Re L Rayford (6 months ago)
if u do that on regular mm, overwatch will fuck u up
Žan Carli (6 months ago)
3:22 whats the name of the custom map?
Urbina Just Urbina (6 months ago)
Shrouds crosshair at 2:46. what is it?
Orangy apple (6 months ago)
Default Static configured, just subscribe to the map" crosshair generator" on Steamworkshop, And just go - on gap
Jireh Climaco (6 months ago)
7:22 i dont understand, someone please explain as you would a child.
Orangy apple (6 months ago)
maybe he reached 0 velocity at peak air, and actually aimed at him.
bigoaf (6 months ago)
Shroud wallbangs Enemy:WTF , n1, ns shroud Me Enemy:HACKER, ENJOY YOUR VACATION
Kasdianto Yang (9 months ago)
10 the best lmao
NykeGant (10 months ago)
Sameol (10 months ago)
lol the karrigan 1v3
Fightik (10 months ago)
this kid is online as shit and i love it
AgiturLupus (10 months ago)
Seriously tho. “Who’s spot” is fucking hilarious
kincaid (10 months ago)
2 cache wallbangs
Wei Cong (10 months ago)
No 1 bullet, Dream?
Mellow (10 months ago)
Philipp (10 months ago)
when the video has to be over 10 minutes for the cash so you just take some other clips as filler
chicxulub (3 months ago)
Philipp you ignorant fuck kys
Mellow (10 months ago)
if you look at my channel i rarely do 10 min vids, if it happens it just happens i dont aim for 10 min
J (10 months ago)
#4 retake B moron
Vladimir I. (10 months ago)
Where is his 360 no scope on cache
Omni (10 months ago)
you gonna do c9 cyberpower grandfinals later?
lil pug (10 months ago)
6:09 wow what a cache wallbang
Tori Black The God Of War (10 months ago)
Do this but with scream.
Victor Mellado (10 months ago)
EL PAKETAXO papus https://wn.nr/s9cJ7s
Victor Mellado (10 months ago)
EL PAKETAXO papus https://wn.nr/s9cJ7s
Im Shred (10 months ago)
5th comment
Icey Pepe (10 months ago)
6:56 lol thats b site not a
RAWSOLDIER (10 months ago)
Shroud makes 2 Deagle HS ''REDDIT REDDIT!'' Shroud knifes someone ''OMG REDDIT REDDIT'' Shroud going afk ''REDDIT REDDIT!!'' Shroud takes a dumb ''HI REDDIT !!'' Shroud doing nothing ''GO REDDIT !!'' -__-'
good night moon (10 months ago)
the reaction of his teammate when he hits him on cache wallbang, he panicked haha that's so cute
Sush1TV (10 months ago)
I would take out rush, coz Tarik is pretty good but shroud will always be better
GoatMF (10 months ago)
Whats the song at the end with spongebob
Mellow (10 months ago)
should be description and nice avatar lol
Qyrius ? (10 months ago)
king of reddit :)
6:10 there’s a mistake, mirage isn’t cache and there’s no wall bang, im not trying to be a nerd and always say that’s incorrect on everything, I’m not trying to be rude either
Carter Evans (10 months ago)
Did anyone notice#7 is wrong
Rogue (10 months ago)
Mellow you called #7 cache wallbang second time again when it was cz ace
Mellow (10 months ago)
:(( my b
OturspojkeN (10 months ago)
Crosshair the white one?
sneed (10 months ago)
Haha cache wallbang *shows mirage cz 4k*
Acura X (10 months ago)
Sup mellow
Ep zAp (10 months ago)
Good Video!
jake (10 months ago)
6:11 Cache Wallbang?
Mellow (10 months ago)
Daniel Warda (10 months ago)
6.15 it says cache wallbang but its on mirage ??
Mellow (10 months ago)
ik ik my b:((
Daniel Warda (10 months ago)
This channel deserves more attention
Vincent Tanuwidjaja (10 months ago)
What's next? Scream's?
Sameer Khan (10 months ago)
Viivek Xiio (3 months ago)
Ayeeee lole guess whoooo 😂
Sameer Khan (10 months ago)
hello again xd
Sameer Khan (10 months ago)
ayy xd
Commenter 24 (10 months ago)
#7 and #8 are titled the same
brendan dempsey (10 months ago)
hearing how stewie would look up to mike makes me melt lmfao :(
Zafer Altuntaş (10 months ago)
outro music plz ?
Mellow (10 months ago)
should be description
brendan dempsey (10 months ago)
the one where he thru the guys skinned m4 lololol
w1emo (10 months ago)
6.12 Cache wallbang? A 6.55 Retakes a site?
shade -iwnl- (10 months ago)
7:02 A site? Seriously? Its fckn B
Igneous Rock (2 months ago)
yeah i think it means 'a' as in the indefinite article (as opposed to 'the') site.
Mellow (10 months ago)
Orestaboy (10 months ago)
he doesnt mean A site, he means a site,he doesnt show which site,,he just says a site,one random site...idfk how can someone explain it xd
jaap ten dijk (10 months ago)
Mellow I know what you mean and @ 6:11 it also has the wrong title, not that it matters but just so you know
Tebby (10 months ago)
some bonus clips to reach that 10 minute...
Mellow (10 months ago)
+Tebby lol seems that way, normally don't do 10 mins, but there was so many clips so idk
Ne0n (10 months ago)
Number 8: cache wallbang but Number 7 is cache wallbang........ valve please fix
Ne0n (10 months ago)
Mellow (10 months ago)
MooTube (10 months ago)
Oh Baby Shroud 1v4
James Pineda (10 months ago)
Can we get the vod with mango in it
Bogdan Egorov (10 months ago)
Give me the skill of shroud and I'll kill any hacked in the game :D
Timothy Yau (10 months ago)
We miss you shroud... but it’s always good to see you happy in PUBG
Johnnie Leong (10 months ago)
zaya (10 months ago)
#7 cache wallbang error
Mellow (10 months ago)
zaya ya Im a bot
iera (10 months ago)
Did you fix the intro? I subbed this time
Koshish K.C. (10 months ago)
hi mellow
Ong Jun Yi (10 months ago)
Dude number 8: cache wallbang number 7: cache wallbang fix pls
Filip Polák (3 months ago)
Ong Jun Yi (10 months ago)
Edward LV I'm just calling out the fact that there was a mistake and next time when he makes a video he knows to check again, wtf is ur problem kid go back to sch
Edward LV (10 months ago)
Ong Jun Yi you can't fix it dumbass.. it's a video
Ong Jun Yi (10 months ago)
Wayne Austria that's a bit exaggerating
Wayne Austria (10 months ago)
litereally U N W A T C H A B L E
Joshua Digos (10 months ago)
Damn I miss shroud and nothing on c9
zs zs (12 days ago)
Nothing cock sucker
CoCo (10 months ago)
Was that the video of Banks And Alissa in barley when they got assaulted that i got as an ad.Jesus
Mellow (10 months ago)
CoCo wait really loll
Device (10 months ago)
ur world revolves around c9 only
Mellow (10 months ago)
Device ehh
H4MMY (10 months ago)
I love watching your vids especially when that smooth ass outro slides in. Instrumental is dope asf 🔥
Alex O (10 months ago)
2 cache wallbangs OOOOO
Mellow (10 months ago)
Alex Omiya Ya I'm a bot don't worry

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