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How to install and play counter strike BTE Final Ver

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i recently played CS-BTE and i have experiencing error. i finally found out what is the error. and i want to help you guys as well
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Claruzu (3 months ago)
for you that are wondering. i forgot to put on the link, so here you go https://nicoblog.org/pc-games/counter-strike-breakthrough-edition-final-ver-usa/ P.s: i will try to do better in my next video
c0re (3 days ago)
can you show some gameplay???
c0re (2 days ago)
+Claruzu thanks, you earned a new sub.
Claruzu (3 days ago)
c0re Oh,yes of course. i will make a 5 min video about it!
Dang Pham (30 days ago)
The game doesn't work It stop while loading validating game resources I need help pls :(
zZGhostZz ¿¿¿ (1 month ago)
I think you will not help me but do you have other link exept for adfly beacuse i just cant open anything IT always stucks on Please Wait...
Claruzu (1 month ago)
Like what? Your games run slow? if so. right click on the game, click compatibility. check the "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" It usually smoothen your game. even though not 100% maybe around 50%. I also use Advance system care. and turn on turbo mode. Hope it worked for you
zZGhostZz ¿¿¿ (1 month ago)
Claruzu Ok thanks i will try and last thing do you know how to boost games very fast?
Claruzu (1 month ago)
zZGhostZz ¿¿¿ You could either wait, or just google one for yourself. They mostly have a very updated weapons.
zZGhostZz ¿¿¿ (1 month ago)
Claruzu wow cool so what IT looks like? can i download IT?
Claruzu (1 month ago)
zZGhostZz ¿¿¿ There is! I'm planning to do it, very soon. its the SME version
zZGhostZz ¿¿¿ (1 month ago)
umm before i download what game modes are in game sorry if this is stupid question
Claruzu (1 month ago)
I do remember some. I think zombie mode 3, zombie mode, normal mode, Joker,gun deathmatch(?) sorryi only remember those
Samuel Kissula (1 month ago)
Very Nice!! But, don't have all weapons :(, can you teach me how to put a weapon on this game? I want PP-2000 http://cso.wikia.com/wiki/PP-2000 & PP-19 Bizon http://cso.wikia.com/wiki/PP-19_Bizon
Samuel Kissula (1 month ago)
Great!! :D
Claruzu (1 month ago)
From my research. I think you have to add it through mods. since the game itself are not updated.But i will make one for CS SME soon. Since there is lots of new weapon!
Claruzu (1 month ago)
I will check again tomorrow as im using my mobile data. :D
Claruzu (1 month ago)
Samuel Kissula You can watch the video for exact weapon you want by searching it through the list. Also if the weapon you are looking for is not there. that means the game are not updated. But dont worry! As i will make a tutorial for CS SME 6.2 :D
carlvencent abulencia (2 months ago)
what is the cd key?
Claruzu (2 months ago)
carlvencent abulencia therr wasn't supposed to be. if so you could try to search cs 1.6 CD key
Remynx (3 months ago)
hey does this still work m8?
Claruzu (3 months ago)
Remynx (3 months ago)
Okkayyyy! thanks I subbed!
Claruzu (3 months ago)
Khalil Agbisit yup! its still work
Yamashita Taiki (4 months ago)
Gw suka karakter di menit 1.32
Naufal Sameer (5 months ago)
where the link
Claruzu (4 months ago)

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