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How to Start Game Parlour Business?

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Do you want to start game parlour business? Then, must watch 10 steps to Start Game Parlour Business in 2017. 10 Steps to Start Game Parlour Business in 2017. Step 1. Decide your capital cost for starting business. Step 2. Find the place around popular school/collage/market. Step 3. Write down business plan effectively. Step 4. Write down financial Plan for your Business. Step 5. Write down marketing paln effectively. Step 6. Check out game parlour machines as per your budget. Step 7. Open your game parlour/business account Step 8. Register your business on state government website. Step 9. Start Traditional Marketing into School, Collage & Cable TV ads. Step 10. Give free promotional offers & discounts to attract customers. If you've any questions on this topic then, feel free to leave your comments. Thanks for watching How to Start Game Parlour Business.
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Text Comments (12)
Dhumal Industries (29 days ago)
How to start ps4 business
Sreevenu Reddy (2 months ago)
How to register a gaming license center in india?
Sandip Sonune (2 months ago)
which license is required for this bussiness
aD PUNJABI (4 months ago)
nice video good place - #adikilife
Mugund warrior (8 months ago)
if i start a gaming zone will it be sucessful ?...coz nowadays everyone has their own consoles and pc's.
Jorge Santiago (11 months ago)
correct the spelling in almost all the steps. College No Collage Plan, etc...
Jst Looking (1 year ago)
I like this video but I can't Share it Coz this is a sacred Plan For game Cafe.
Meechi Carroll (1 year ago)
can you start a gambling parlor in the USA
sangita mishra (1 year ago)
Ajay Lagwal (1 year ago)
Correct the spellings in step 5 , Write down marketing plan not paln effectively..........good video......
Saheel Mondal (1 year ago)
how to start DJ business .. ?
DayneWgill (1 year ago)
Tips to sell in E-commerce.

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