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Play Valve's New Game - Portal: Moondust Explained

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Download : steam://install/887260 Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VNN Today on Valve News Network, we take a look at the newly announced VR controllers from Valve, the Knuckles EV 2, and the newly released game to best show off the abilities of said controller, Moondust. My Social Media : Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/valvenewsnetwork/ Waffler Weekly : goo.gl/Fm28Ge
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Text Comments (1321)
KinerSolo (9 hours ago)
This is fucked up
SuperLenny1975 (10 hours ago)
this video really made me think.....about what its like to caress things in vr
you're pretty good. (11 hours ago)
P-portal three guys its portal three were gonna see wheatley its on th-the moon guys its portal thRee guys it its it guys its portal three guys its actually im so happy guys its tottaly portal th- ... *_oh it isnt_* *_oh yeah thats okay_* *_...im uh...gonna go_* *_dont come looking for me._*
Tikoblocks (2 days ago)
I have PS4 sooo...
the Sun (2 days ago)
i think gaming is going wrong direction with VR
Inigo Diaz (5 days ago)
Wtf that title what what what! Automatically click
James Crusade (6 days ago)
When you hear about a new portal game but it’s just another VR demo
angpug1 (6 days ago)
p o r t a l 3
RealExivus (7 days ago)
Black mesa buggy.. HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED
Ty Michael (7 days ago)
Fuck Valve.
STUDIO 15 (8 days ago)
tj1990 (8 days ago)
The work that valve does is invaluable to the industry as a whole. The work they've done with steam, a massive gaming platform, the work they've put into the Vive, which would have never even been developed without valve. They are putting the first foot forward with VR and i greatly appreciate them for continuing to push the industry and innovate. They are pioneers. they have changed the industry, So what if they didn't make the games you wanted, better not make them at all than end up with a pile of shit. They are laying the ground work for others to make great games.
Hedlund (9 days ago)
When are you going to talk about the data mining? :)
Coco and Zee (11 days ago)
But did you look up??? Can you see Wheatley and Space Core? Or is this game set in the pre-GLaDOS era of Aperture? I must know!
Kyosukedono (11 days ago)
The beat up buggy and controller is probably to signify that Black Mesa went to the moon first and abandoned the buggy. Then Aperture had a chance to go and found it.
Carl Kenner (11 days ago)
I made two much better input templates which allow the portal gun, grenades, squeeze toys, and teleport to work. And the car works better. Still can't crush moon-rocks though. Please try it with my controller schemes!
Chriseurosong (12 days ago)
Down-voted. Clickbait. The video’s not talking about a new Portal game. It’s talking about hand-held controllers.
SEX-POSITIVE GAMER (12 days ago)
I expect nothing and I'm still let down.
Rta Hdh (13 days ago)
Knuckels controllers.... DO U KNOW DA WAEOF VALVE????
Baladár (13 days ago)
Calling this a new "game" is euphemism. New tech-demo for an overpriced VR-gadget sounds better. That won't be a successful project, maybe Valve should concentrate for making playable games, not plastic controllers for games. PC games are played with keyboard and mouse, controllers are for consoles. /s Thank you Valve for completing the Half Life "franchise", and not fucking with the gamers who liked HL and Portal. /end sarcasm
General Burnside (14 days ago)
I was hoping for HL3, TF3, or L4D3... but we got this
Ethan P (14 days ago)
Can we just get a Portal 3 already? (Or Half-Life 3. I just was never able to get into Half-Life as much as everyone else did.)
Eleanor Harris (14 days ago)
In moondist you are Wheatley
David Vangard (14 days ago)
wish I had them VR shits so I could play it =/
cptnsquires (15 days ago)
Also the RC dunebuggy reminds me of the remote control "Car bomb" from the cancelled Half Life hostille takeover game. I begin to wonder if this is to show off that mechanic as a possible tool in a future Half Life game. like a RC car with a camera to spy on combine installations or one with a bomb to blow up enemy encampments.
widgetphreak (15 days ago)
Will you're modified controller scheme working with WMR [windows mixed reality]? I'd like to try the demo.
Dmitry Granicin (16 days ago)
Spacedoggo (16 days ago)
3 is a number you know
DrNoVa (16 days ago)
yasss valve.... portal 2.5
Brian Parchman (17 days ago)
My God, man! You're tossing those grenades back into a Blue Portal! Use the portal gun to make the Orange Portal those would come out of!
Lore knight (17 days ago)
Don't thank them. They can never be forgiven. They don't care anyways. Hail Bethesda News Network
Otingokni (17 days ago)
It's a tech demo dude
Rednesswahn (17 days ago)
They should have been lemons 🍋. Valve, please, update!
Tactical Ninja (17 days ago)
The buggies look like wall-e and eve
Gaming with Rafail (17 days ago)
My little brother watches that kids show nijago if know know it you'll get what I mean it's like you are lloid and you expect some this more from your father the lord of shadows that's how I would describe valve expect if they make portal 3 them I would be ok
Lonely Wolf (17 days ago)
just make half life 3 !
Sjored778 (17 days ago)
If I see Wheatley, I'll shit my pants.
Jamezplayzgamez (17 days ago)
2moeR (17 days ago)
0MindSwept0 (18 days ago)
So it’s not really a game so much as a demo
HamPolice (18 days ago)
wait if we shot a Portal to the Moon can we shot one to earth ;thinking;
Solid Sneakers (18 days ago)
Portal: Moondust & Knuckles
F34R Gridlock (18 days ago)
You could shoot the portal gun at the Earth.
Jason (18 days ago)
Maybe the grenades can go inside the portal gun and launch out?
The True Apex Gamer (18 days ago)
Glad to see valve is still thinking about portal
друг (18 days ago)
I would use it for vrchat to show the middle finger to people
imagine for an updating version of the existing doom vr and using the knuckles ev 2 for ideas such as the more pressure on the enemies, the more blood etc
sonicrashyugioh (18 days ago)
Next portal game only for rich peoples.....
Kakss (18 days ago)
It would be nice if developers made an actual good vr game instead of tech demos.
thedungeondelver (18 days ago)
I like how the game outlines the moon rock in ORANGE TEXT that says *CRUSH THE ROCK* and you keep trying to cram it whole and intact through the grid. 10/10 would watch you bungle again.
Yield Sign (18 days ago)
WE DON’T CARE ABOUT PORTAL, I love portal but I know it’s not what we want. You all know what we want. Pay up valve we’ve been waiting more than 10 years
Ryan Gunn (18 days ago)
So... They're Oculus Touch controllers with grip strength detection?
Justin Y. (19 days ago)
Part 5 confirmed and a new valve game...... interesting
Und3adCrows (19 days ago)
I haven't seen a Valve game worth looking at since Left 4 Dead 2. The game is still one of my favorite zombie games, especially when it comes to playing with friends. This tech demo is just proving they care less about games and more about their baby Steam and the dream of VR.
Mshojat (19 days ago)
Shouldn't really call this a game. It's just a sandbox demo like The Lab or Aperture Robot Repair that they made around the time Vive launched.
Jaguar Beatz (19 days ago)
Fuck valve I want my left 4 dead 3
Furvo haiyerm (19 days ago)
Imagine being really annoyed in vr... Accidentally crushing something because grip strength sensors
Juan María Ricardi (19 days ago)
ok, just clickbait. Not a GAME, just a TECH DEMO
zesty sauce (19 days ago)
when i get the knuckles will i know the whey
Jackson Eavey (19 days ago)
Wow thank God Valve is finally working on what Oculus has been doing for forever
Niki Gerrier (19 days ago)
I’m more of a creative/builder type, so that space station constructor thing sounds great to me. Also liked the car designs!
Pink Red (19 days ago)
Please tell me there is a Wheatly easter egg somewhere on the moon
7grims (19 days ago)
VR = squeezing people money for shitty tech. Cant wait for VR to die again, like it died decades ago.
Charles H. (19 days ago)
Kind of click bait title, it's not a game... you baited me here with a game...
sin sin (19 days ago)
Oh yes because everyone will buy a cr machine to play portal 3 or half-life 3.What,will TF3 be VR as well?
F L O W E R S (19 days ago)
Oh cool oh wait I don't have money welp I'm gonna read Blue Sky still better than this
TheHappyKamper (19 days ago)
Surely portal gun is so you can throw the grenades through portals you created in the distance
SirWambus47 (19 days ago)
Does this mean we’re looking forward to Portal 3 & Knuckles??
Mike Taco (19 days ago)
This is why they waited. Half life 3 is coming.
Pixel Pichu (19 days ago)
I thought this was going to be a new Portal game. You know, an *actual* Portal game. Proof that Valve could count to three. I'm such an idiot.
Niketats Channel (19 days ago)
Valve make games again.
oj ferrer (19 days ago)
It's a tech demo. Not an actual game
DaveMcIroy (19 days ago)
Why on earth is no one making a VR glove???
needforsuv (19 days ago)
mini turrets
RedStefan (19 days ago)
HL3 confirmed
JOKER (20 days ago)
What is the name of the Controller
JOKER (20 days ago)
JOKER (20 days ago)
Name of the game
zigdug (20 days ago)
i think valve is going in the right direction by developing mainly for VR. i mean, when i played portal i felt like i was in that universe. it felt so real, and im really excited to see what they make for the future. but for the love of god do not make portal 3 for vr. id vomit in under 2 seconds after going through my first portal.
McScreety (20 days ago)
I will FILL YOUR MIND WITH SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES! *Half Life 3* *Half Life 3* *Half Life 3* *Half Life 3*
Inkspec2.0 (20 days ago)
Portal is the best
A red spy (20 days ago)
Shoot the earth with the portal gun
K̊n̛̘̙̚e̗̚eˮ (20 days ago)
"Knuckles VR" is such a terrible name for the controller, well rather poorly timed because the entire time i thought valve was just reacting to the infamous dead meme from VRchat
The Major (20 days ago)
That portal gun is to get back home to Earth...
Dail 5805 (20 days ago)
Kust make portal fuucking 3
KalainsHouse (20 days ago)
Subbed now, love that Portal. Thanks for what ya do!
GD Mage (20 days ago)
So we can now flip people off now
Nareth Erakian (20 days ago)
That Black-Mesa buggy isn't just a reference. Portal and HalfLife play in the same universe. Both exist on the same planet. This might be a company-product. :P
NinjaSox7 (20 days ago)
I don't have VR but I really want new Portal games ahhhhhhhh
Ilikepotatoes :3 (20 days ago)
PancakeMasterWolf (20 days ago)
Rip Half-Life 3 & Portal 3
i cri at nit (20 days ago)
*pets dune buggy*
MaLoLHDX (20 days ago)
This is the power glove again... let's hope it lives up to the exceptations
Darth Buzzer (19 days ago)
MaLoLHDX Hardly. The Power Glove was terrible and never worked properly. This looks better than Oculus Touch which already is universally praised.
locus wed (20 days ago)
Terri Lee (21 days ago)
My wig is in SpACe
CebuliX (21 days ago)
First it kills Cave Johnson and now it gets it's own game. Disgusting.
*cough half-life 3 hint*
PortalGuy 9107 (21 days ago)
If you guys want to get portal 1 or 2 there both 90% off on steam!!
Mark Aldrich Soria (21 days ago)
Only came cause' the title had _Portal_ on it.

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