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CSGO TERMINOLOGY EXPLAINED ► Counter Strike: Global Offensive Guide for Beginners

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A video explaining some of the most commonly used terms in CSGO Matchmaking. ► Subscribe - http://bit.ly/19ijs2D ► Cheap Games - https://www.g2a.com/r/GhostGaming ► Twitter - http://bit.ly/1yS1xsI ► Facebook - http://on.fb.me/1jy0UPd ► Twitch - http://bit.ly/1wzeklo ► BF4 Platoon - http://bit.ly/1mb32My
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Text Comments (151)
ESC (1 month ago)
You didnt talk about strategies like fakes or splits
SamuelGVlogs (2 months ago)
“Ak47 and a defuser”
TheBlueKnight (2 months ago)
Thanks! Why does walling and aimboting exist T-T
Blacktail92 (4 months ago)
Carhrihl Yuan L. Balubar (5 months ago)
much effort thx bruv
uglynoob100 (6 months ago)
when someone says the enemy is DEFAULT...what does that mean?
jeremiah mathew (8 months ago)
What is toggled
Complex John (8 months ago)
4:46 and Cyka Blyat
Spumby (8 months ago)
Lit in CS:GO, damaged the enemy a little bit. Lit in R6S, I shot him the fuck up, you could one tap him in the foot with a suppressed P90!
Spumby (8 months ago)
This video was alright but the only terms you really need to know are, Rush B and сука бляд
Beasty Gaming (9 months ago)
I was like what does lit mean? XD
Henrik Grip (10 months ago)
Really Nice video with good information!👏🖒
The Wanderer (11 months ago)
You forgot *RUSH B CYKA BLYAT!*
ZekromInfinty (11 months ago)
thanks a lot, this video was really helpful!
NotSoJake (11 months ago)
What is 'smurfing'??
Kittu 6697 (11 months ago)
what is car and banana?
Kuldeep Singh Rathore (3 months ago)
Banana is area in inferno which connects B site from T spawn.
Antto Määttänen (10 months ago)
kittu6697 _kush CAr is in some maps like dust 2 has few cars there Idk What is banana
SauceMan527 (1 year ago)
What is forcebuying tho?
Gamers Hideouts (1 year ago)
*refers to link in description... doesn't put link in description*
Curv 0987 (1 year ago)
someone told me to box mid, what is that???
Valar Morgulis (1 year ago)
He lit af fam
galahad38 (1 year ago)
eliel bergqvist (1 year ago)
Ur aiming to ground all the time
Jason Popov (1 year ago)
Thanks this vid was super helpful!
Quahs Lol (1 year ago)
Force buy?
Paradisio (1 year ago)
Thank you!! Ive been playing for a few weeks and wanna step up my game, this is a big help!!
ExtrusionX Designs (1 year ago)
Im nova 1 and i play better than this shit
briley carmel (2 years ago)
How do u know how lit someone is cuz I know the term but I don't know how to tell how damaged they are is it just an estimate or what?
Manjunath HS (2 years ago)
press console (~) right after you die for damage given and taken
SpakRak (2 years ago)
thank you so much!!
GhostGaming (2 years ago)
Lias (2 years ago)
What does "Im going cap" or "Im going cat" idk which one they say but please tell me what it means
Lias (2 years ago)
+Clint Eastwood Yea i know now but thanks
Clint Eastwood (2 years ago)
"cat" = Catwalk
OhhFG (2 years ago)
You forgot "smurfing"
Clorox Bleach (2 years ago)
smurfing is an many games
robcandraw (2 years ago)
Just started playing this a couple of days ago. Got into a Competitive match ( sorry to my team ) and had no clue. None. Thanks for taking the time to post this for the noobs. +1
GhostGaming (2 years ago)
No worries :)
Taowii (2 years ago)
Love the video! Super useful!
tdog (2 years ago)
What does flick mean... Sorry I'm new
GhostGaming (2 years ago)
Usually refers to sniping somebody by clicking flicking your aim onto their head on firing. For example if you weren't aiming in their general direction then they peaked a corner, you flick over there and bam, headshot!
kami (2 years ago)
what about punting?
Dymund (2 years ago)
microwav (2 years ago)
Syazamm (2 years ago)
my ears hurt
Vinh Luu (2 years ago)
Very useful video!!! Thank you so much!!!
GhostGaming (2 years ago)
+Endless Edilawen (EndlessFQ) You're welcome :)
Shirox (2 years ago)
what is a forcebuy
GhostGaming (2 years ago)
+Shirox buying a weapon out of necessity when you should really be saving
alex alyo (2 years ago)
im yet to see someone buy AK and DEFUSE !!! it's not going to happen in this game, unless CT start planting C4 !
untypicalluke (2 years ago)
Still don't know what a Smurf is :(
GhostGaming (2 years ago)
+untypicalluke Somebody who has made a secondary account in order for their true identity or real rank to remain unknown.
RealJerryHours (2 years ago)
clutch or kick
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Klabob (1 year ago)
RealJerryHours ui
Bob Barker (2 years ago)
What does "ez win" mean?
GhostGaming (2 years ago)
No worries :)
tylerboy565 (2 years ago)
+GhostGaming Probably, but you never know. xD Thanks for the video, helped me a lot.
GhostGaming (2 years ago)
+tylerboy565 I honestly though he was trolling :P
tylerboy565 (2 years ago)
+Bob Barker It means the team that lost sucks ass.
Alpha's Dank Shit (2 years ago)
And I thought I knew everything in comp. Thank you for the video, man!
GhostGaming (2 years ago)
+AlphaLineGaming No worries dude thanks for watching!
What am I doing? (2 years ago)
No "toggling"?
What am I doing? (2 years ago)
GhostGaming (2 years ago)
+JoeJam Gameing That's why I said at the end of the vid that I most likely missed many terms :).  If you'd like to add some to the comment section feel free. I don't really feel like 'ghosting' or 'toggling' are commonly used terms that new players need to know right of the bat, there are lots of terms like that that I missed out.
What am I doing? (2 years ago)
Or "ghosting"?
Arsuendi Cahyadi (2 years ago)
what is meaning of nerf
GhostGaming (2 years ago)
+Arsuendi Cahyadi to make a weapon or item less effective, usually via a patch or server change.
Evolve Edge (2 years ago)
Im pretty experienced at the game but I saw and was curious. You covered pretty much all the major stuff. One problem I had with the video tho... Oh god the croashair placement D: Its so hard ti watch. But other than that, you play extremely well for a Silver :) Keep it up!
Ruze Illusions (1 year ago)
I hate people who just criticize the video on something that doesn't have anything to do with the video. your just trying to show off that your better for some reason and no one cares
Kevin Viktorsson (2 years ago)
+Evolve Edge who cares, wasn´t about mechanics,
Bobby (2 years ago)
This video was VERY helpful, now I won't look like an idiot in competitive matches lol
ZekromInfinty (11 months ago)
same lol :'(
GhostGaming (2 years ago)
+Awxis Great!
Ashes (2 years ago)
how about smurfing
GhostGaming (2 years ago)
+The King Good pointer :)
Ashes (2 years ago)
Yeah, I knew what it meant I just don't think he mentioned it in the video
Evolve Edge (2 years ago)
If you're not sure what it means, smurfing is when a player of a higher rank plays on an alternative account that is lower rank. For example, my friend is mg1 and has a silver account as well.
R E I I G N 治世 (2 years ago)
What is pushing and what is an Op?
R E I I G N 治世 (2 years ago)
LOL! Yes, you fellas are right! I just realized that the Awp is pronounced Op. Thanks guy :)
GhostGaming (2 years ago)
+vReign___ Indeed! Pushing is moving quickly forward into a certain area or bombsite. You're probably referring to an 'awp', a sniper rifle - one of the most powerful but skill based weapons in the game.
weaboo jones (2 years ago)
+isabella yeah an awp is a sniper so they were probably giving you one to play with
isabella (2 years ago)
+vReign___ an "op" is actually an awp, which is a weapon (i'm also new so i'm not good at explaining lol)
R E I I G N 治世 (2 years ago)
+awsomeguy665 Oh thanks :) and nah I meant op? I heard some people say "take the op" or something.
Podium Beast (2 years ago)
What is VACation?
GhostGaming (2 years ago)
+Podium Beast where somebody gets temporarily banned playing :)
THEFATHER (3 years ago)
John Deere (3 years ago)
Thanks so much for the video. I can finally make my noob friend feel dumb in combat. >:D
htc77789 (3 years ago)
Do you still use the m4a4? The m4a4 doesn't limit you as much and I basically use the m4a4 like a m4a1s. Practice with it and It will feel like a m4a1s. Sometimes even better as you can prefire, wallbangs, and getting aces or clutches without reloading. I recommend using the m4a4 for anyone below master guardian as it improves your recoil/spray control, if you can master the m4a4, you can easily master the ak later. Also I recommend to anyone not to play dust 2 speaking from personal experience (am supreme rank). Players are more toxic there as a lot of smurfers, hackers etc play it for a quick game.
GhostGaming (3 years ago)
+htc77789 Hey dude, thanks for the tips. I've mostly been using the silenced one but I'll do as you say and give the other one a go. I can certainly see how those 10 extra rounds could be useful.
Graphic .J (3 years ago)
Ghost, your input on the Spring Patch? Were the JDAMS changes transferred after all?
GhostGaming (3 years ago)
Yeah I know :/
nikolaiprotovski (3 years ago)
+Ghost Gaming Jdams got nerfed a bit. you can only shoot one at a time now
GhostGaming (3 years ago)
+Graphic .J I don't think so mate, at least not the new explosion/sound. I'll be making a video on this soon.
Marc Benitez (3 years ago)
Thanks, yes more please.
RedZoneOps Gaming (3 years ago)
Pro map callouts for inferno: http://i.imgur.com/YS1PxMv.jpg
BoneScripts (2 years ago)
+RedZoneOps Gaming Made me giggle .3.
Tord E (3 years ago)
Considering you are playing at silver/gold nova level hacking is not a relevant problem. New players wont experience too many cheaters unless they get placed in dmg or above which they most likely will not. Thats where the real hacking problem of this game starts showing it self, getting wrecked by a spin botter with a negev is far from fun. So new players you have nothing to worry about before you hit the eagle ranks (worst case senario bad wallers in master guardian)
Alpha's Dank Shit (2 years ago)
You never know. My buddy who is a Silver II ran into a group of walling hackers. 😕
GhostGaming (3 years ago)
Thanks man!
Tord E (3 years ago)
Its in no way harming :), just wanted to point that out to fill in new players if they where to come across my comment. Also keep up the good work really enjoying the battlefield videos :)
GhostGaming (3 years ago)
+Snizzle Dizzle Well most of the times these days were against MG's and have come up against a few hackers, not many though. In any case I didn't see any harm throwing that in there.
Ferg.16 (3 years ago)
How do I get past silver elite on CSGO. Do I talk to teammates? Do I have to get a lot of kills?
Ferg.16 (3 years ago)
GhostGaming (3 years ago)
+Optimeal247 Just win games in a row mate, but if your question is 'how do I win?' then that's entirely a different thing xD.
Kenza (3 years ago)
+Optimeal247 Win games in a row
ohM (3 years ago)
Damn. After around 800 hours in csgo I didn't even thought of being beginner... but you forgot about: "he's on nade" (less or 20 hp) and he's zero (less or 10 hp) ;) nice montage in background :D
ohM (3 years ago)
you should learn them :P
GhostGaming (3 years ago)
+ohM I've never heard those before :P.
luckySkillFaker (3 years ago)
nice video mate :D I got back into csgo again as well^^
luckySkillFaker (3 years ago)
for sure man ;D
GhostGaming (3 years ago)
ahh cool mate, we should play sometime, perhaps when I'm up to at least MG1 :).
luckySkillFaker (3 years ago)
no still DMG :)
GhostGaming (3 years ago)
+luckySkillFaker Awesome man, your LE or around there aren't you?
Rap Rabbani (3 years ago)
Yeah ghost walk every popular map and show us the locations please, thanks!
BeastmuthINFNTY_HD (3 years ago)
Step 1 - Play A Little Step 2 - Stop Playing  Step 3 - Go To A Psychiatrists Step 4 - Force Yourself To Get Cooldowns  Step 5 - Addiction Confirmed Step 6 - Uninstall CSGO Step 7 - Destroy PC Step 8 - Play Wii U  Heli Gabe Newell!
Adrian Duka (3 years ago)
Funny to see a silver surfer teach people how to play lel.
Kara & PotStickers (4 months ago)
GhostGaming whats with the K at the end of words? “Carryingk, wallbangking”
GhostGaming (3 years ago)
+UnPawsed BF4 I'm not teaching people how to play, I'm explaining what the certain call-outs and terms mean.
ohM (3 years ago)
He's GN3 atm. Old video m8 ;)
Harvey Kong (3 years ago)
Ghost, can you a guide on the csgo marketplace please? I just started playing and I have no idea how to trade knives and guns and what to look out for when trading
GhostGaming (3 years ago)
+Harvey Kong To be honest I'm not really the person to make it. I don't really do any trading of CSGO Skins. I just open the cases I get and sell the skins I don't want for whatever the going price is.
Althios (3 years ago)
Get that crosshair up! :)  Happy to see you playing some CS, even though they don't have jets! :O lol
GhostGaming (3 years ago)
+Althios Cheers mate! It's since gotten better, I'm actually GN3 atm but this footage is from the silver days :).
Bryce A (3 years ago)
I would love to see more CSGO info. I'm going to try getting into it next month.
BOT demon (3 years ago)
You should do a "road to global elite" :3  I wanted to start on it, but I got promoted really fast after I came back from India ahha. Silver 3 man... Good luck when playing solo haha. :P Edit: Nvm, I smell gold nova soon :D
BOT demon (3 years ago)
+Edwin Svensson yea, I saw that later on hhaahahha
Edwin Svensson (3 years ago)
He is already gold nova :P old footage xD
skelletet123 (3 years ago)
I've played CS:GO since last fall and I've learned most words but not all until now. Great guide, especially for new players, more CS:GO content please, and keep up the good work :)
skelletet123 (3 years ago)
Part two could be advanced terminology, I would definetly watch that. Also, I'm a Silver Master Elite, but I have terrible aim, so a video on basic and advanced strategy on the most popular maps would be great, that way I could do the strating and my friends the fragging ;)
GhostGaming (3 years ago)
+skelletet123 Anti-eco is actually something I considered putting in, but wanted to keep it as simple as possible :).
skelletet123 (3 years ago)
+Ghost Gaming Also, you could make a part two sometime, adding things like anti-eco (buying shotguns/SMGs to get more money next round, often used when you have won the pistol round and know that the enemy will go full eco or force buy (you could explain that too ;D) since SMGs are pretty much only useful when the enemy has no armor). Thanks for quick reply at this hour :) (in Europe at least)
GhostGaming (3 years ago)
+skelletet123 Thanks Skelletet, I'll get working on some more ;).
JP (3 years ago)
Does anyone know when the next cs game is coming out? (I don't want a new game, but I really want to play CS:GO and I don't want it to be in its downfall, abit like tf2)
chelseafanbro (2 years ago)
u got it yet m8
EnjayK (3 years ago)
It's not xD when source 2 comes out valve said that they put it in cs go instead of making a new game. Cs:go is going to stay for a loong time.
BOT demon (3 years ago)
Ahh, yea, controllers aren't really the best option for FPS games hahaaha. Yea, me and my friends pretty much are trying to get into competitive CSGO now haha. Good luck on your new build :)
JP (3 years ago)
+SiTH demoniXblood that great to hear... I play on PS4 but I am so bad at using a controller, when I was young I had a pc and that is all I gamed on so I developed my gaming co ordiation with a mouse and keyboard. Then when PC's got expensive, I had to go to console. Now I want to get competitive again (the reason I want to play CS:GO) and I have tried on console but I am just so bad XD (also CS isnt on console :P)
BOT demon (3 years ago)
+JP4Cryies Videos I doubt there is going to be a new CS game for a very, very long time, mainly because of how successful the market economy works at this moment. Don't worry, it's never too late to join :D I thought the same too before haha.
Fallout Night (3 years ago)
Thanks alot Ghost! Was really confused about some of these terms.
Fallout Night (3 years ago)
Wouldn't mind if you made more CSGO guides!
GhostGaming (3 years ago)
+Fallout Night No worries mate, glad it helped!
First 😴😴😋

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